Dumbo The Dog

Dumbo The Dog

By Reza Ganjavi

Dumbo is a great dog. So full of joy. The most important thing for her in life, besides the necessities like food, is her ball. She went sailing this weekend which she found scary -- but coming back, she was thrilled to see her ball. We went outside and played and after dinner, she insisted to play again but it wasn't a good time -- so her ball ended up on top of the bookcase. Later with no words, she conveyed that she missed her ball so she got it back and went to bed happily.


After the boat experience, Dumbo is really appreciating her nice stable comfy bed.

Dumbo tried to crawl over me on the chair but she's very big. Everybody's watching a movie. Dumbo is watching me. "Why are you staring at me?" She wiggles her tail as an answer.

Morning greetings are like kickboxing or acrobatics. She jumps giving me high 5's -- and I touch her paws back mid-air... She can't smile but you know she's smiling, especially after her risotto breakfast she gets organic raisin bread crumbs and finishes them at lightning speed.

Discovered on the walk that Dumbo is really a chicken, not a dog. She was terrified by a peaceful uncaring cat who was like, “I don't care that you're a dog, I don't care you're 5 times my size, you're too sweet to bother me, plus your "owner" is a vegetarian, so between a chicken and a vegetarian, I don't feel any threat!”


Selected Feedback:

Peyman Azad II: Surprising, magic, miraculous and wonderful!

Reza: Well Alice, Dumbo only smiles by wiggling its tail.