God / Universe / Wholeness

God / Universe / Wholeness

By Reza Ganjavi

He’s gone… or is he? Do prayers make a difference? Can the nature of the one you pray to, be explored, beyond a model based on beliefs?

There are many images of God... different names... in some religions it's a he, in some, a she, in most, a he, portrayed to be sitting up there, watching every move of every creature, taking notes with help from assistants to punish or reward creatures someday. In other traditions, God is integrated into daily life, and heaven and hell are supposed to be in existence on this Earth - now, or in a later life. And others who believe there is no God yet are stuck in that belief -- some atheists have even made a church and go to it on Sundays to preach about their belief!

Putting aside all belief, all cosmologies, and looking at the whole subject afresh, it seems that wholeness cannot be denied. All things are parts of a whole. What is the whole? With our limited minds, the best we can think of is a sphere that has limits. Let's go along with that as a model, though that wholeness may be infinite itself. But let's capture a segment of it, into a sphere, and call it whole...

What are the characteristics of that sphere, within which everything is? Two words immediately come to mind: LOVE, INTELLIGENCE. And its contents, things, us, nature -- if are intelligent and love, they're in tune with the whole. That's the key idea.

Perhaps it could also be thought of as a chord... comprised of notes. So what is it? If the universe is a chord, what kind of chord is it? minor? major? diminished? augmented? :) -- if I had to guess, I'd say an E Major :) (sorry, just being silly and poetic).

Hrishabh Singh: Your Rumi-like rumination on things is always a real pleasure to read, Reza uncle!

Reza Ganjavi: Many thanks dear Hrishabh.

James Evans: I like E major; it's easy for guitarists. But seriously, a post on my blog relates to this. On insidegod.net, search Big Bang Theory. Very short piece, and mind-warping. InsideGod.net – God for Grownups

Reza Ganjavi: Nice job Jim. Laura van der Schaaf, what do you think of this? :) http://insidegod.net/2015/01/26/big-bang-theory/