If Only Trees Could Smile...

If Only Trees Could Smile...

by Reza Ganjavi

November 26, 2016


At night I hiked from town to Chalet with 30 kilos of shopping -- the last bus only went to the train station, and I decided not to take a taxi since I took one the night before, and I was in an adventurous mood. The bus driver said it's only 15-20 minutes. It took me more than one hour (with that very heavy load). I feel like King Kong (just arrived)!


It usually does take about 20 min to hike up the forest route -- it's at 2000 meters.

I was very careful about not shortening the neck (which can kill the back)....... and had to take regular breaks -- had a lot of food on me (all the load was food) but it was cold so breaks were short... and I ate a lot. :)

It was very very hard -- but i was also smiling ... i really didn't know if my body can handle it any more..... and my brain was freezing..... so I wrapped the head with my sweater (my body was sweating and hot).

About 3 cars went by and I tried to hitchhike but no chance.


Back to the town... for start of Christmas season (it's November still!!) shops are open late and serving food, etc.... one offered me goolaash no thanks. Another, racklette -- had two pieces -- it was soooooo good !!

Shopped again but this time checked the bus........ the guy said, yap, 17:35........... sure enough it didn't come........... oh because it's Ssaturday - well of course..... So back to supermarket to return the stuff ... she was very nice and agreed...... but kept the bananas, being a bananaholic -- the mountain man saw the bananas in my back pocket and thought I'm stealing them -- but we had a friendly exchange......

Yogurt in my side pocket -- an explosion would be too funny !! Walked back inside the cloud -- this was not fog but cloud. Took the forest way back... lovely... especially while eating organic peanuts... Hugged, kissed, caressed a tree. I KNOW it felt it and was reacting positively ... only if a tree could smile!


Lots of HUGE mountains here -- deep in the sequence -- far away from the sea -- but they were once part of the sea -- and now their reflections on the minds is just limiting the horizons... self- made mountains in mind ... but a mind that has seen horizons, Californias, can never be limited.