Immensity & Dignity

Immensity & Dignity

By Reza Ganjavi

It's a blessed night at 2000 meter. The mountains, trees, the Earth and its creatures are finally being blessed by much anticipated and welcomed heavy snow.

There's a feeling of immensity inside and outside. Inner and outer are one and the same movement.

Long walk to town today, recalled how as a child, one would feel this heavy feeling of stability, in quietness, or perhaps with a song, but a feeling of strength and beauty and dignity. I recall it most when walking in a contemplative mood -- clarity, dignity, and wonder.

Sometimes there would be an immense feeling of expansion -- as though one's aura would expand -- it felt like a wheel of energy. Often in bed before falling sleep. And recall it even earlier, as a tiny kid, that feeling which can be best described with the words, immensity and dignity, were there, despite outer noise, guests, not formal but close friends of grandma, as they gathered in her room, and in the winter she had a Korsi which was all about coziness and love. (Korsi is a table with a blanket on top and charcoal below it and we'd sit around it in winter and ... what a feeling! :)

Despite all of life's difficulties, that otherness seems to be immovable, total security, and that which nothing can take away.

It doesn't seem to have a cause that brings it about -- but it is the cause, perhaps the cause of everything. But it seems to be related to order, and quietness, and those two factors are very much related.