In Search Of The Lost Green Smoothie

In Search Of The Lost Green Smoothie

By Reza Ganjavi

Realized the smoothie was missing. The train had also gone. The timetable indicated it wasn’t going back to the city so where is it?

Showed up at the station when the next train came – wasn’t there. The controller said it’s not coming back – check with lost & found tomorrow. He didn’t know what was missing and that a smoothie won’t be rescued as a lost item and ends up in trash.

As was going home noticed another train is coming so showed up. It wasn’t in there either. Luckily had ridden first class (a gift upgrade) so an easy-to-spot search area. Asked the driver about the timetable: What happened to the train that arrived here at 20:10? Mystery solved! It’s in the depo. Please can you open the train in depo? “What did you lose?” – it’s not important – I mean it’s important for me but if I tell you what it is you’ll say it’s not important (LOL). He got it! Nice man. He said come on up.

We rode the train to the depo where he had to go anyway and opened the train and turned on the light, and sure enough the big bottle of my dear green smoothie was hiding under the seat. Yay! I got my wallet – he insisted “not that’s ok”, thinking I wanna pay him. Gave him a card to send him some music.

The smoothie was just a big bag of spinach, tomato sauce and several kiwis with skin. All organic.

Negotiated with the taxi driver. He wanted 20 – offered 15 – he accepted. Normal price is around 17 or 18.

Back in the chalet but this time with like 38 billion bites of classical music. It feels like reincarnation! Nobody has been here since I left b/c there’s not enough snow. Said hello to the river which is still humming along and can be heard from the silence of the living room -- free from the travails, brutalities, dishonesty, and stupidities of the world.


Went in a coal (steam) locomotive from 1910 still used to play heavy snow - more powerful than modern electronic locomotives!!

He was a very nice guy and understood -- well I explained to him it's a special drink (LOL) with spinach and... these people are health conscious and understanding...