Italian Heart-melt

Italian Heart-melt

By Reza Ganjavi

Listening to Stravinsky's Suite Italienne from Pulcinella sounds like an attempt to sound Italian (LOL) but it sounds somewhat artificial. Sounds like a Polish or Russian guy speaking Italian. What do you think Maestro Angelo Gilardino?

Incidentally, Polish is one of the most beautiful languages. The best way I can characterize it is "humble" -- it's a very gentle, humble language where when people talk you can hear humility, unlike some other languages which are so harsh you hear a “Hello” it sounds so abrasive in melody and tone. Of course Italian is the most beautiful language in my opinion, and Polish is pretty up there in being melodic with those end of phrase dropping intervals, and sweet phrasing -- very hearty and emotional like Italian. Anna, do you agree? :) (and Anna S? :) Matt, how's your Polish these days? :)

Talking about Italian heart-melt, as soon as the train arrives in Milano Centrale and the PA system announces in Italian my heart goes BOOM! And deep in the South it's of a totally different character. Go to Torre Annunziata, Pompei, Amalfi, Sorrento, and hearing people talk is heart explosion because not only they speak this melodic language they exaggerate the syllables until that melanzane rollatini finishes cooking. It's not Reza, it's Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeza :) Right, Bia, Elio, Daniele, Simona ;) ?


Bia Gargiulo "Ahaha, you're right Reeeeeeeeza!"

Reza Ganjavi: Thanks Bia -- is that what we had in Amalfi when we went with Pepe racing boat, parked it in the ocean, got picked up with a taxi boat and went to a restaurant that can't be reached by a car? I know it was Melanzane something but couldn't remember exactly... do you?

Bia Gargiulo "Yes, I remember very well, it was "involtini di melanzane""

Reza Ganjavi: Thanks Bia, That's It! Yum Yum!

Angelo Gilardino "I think that Stravinskij was a very skillful composer, and I like his Pulcinella."

Reza Ganjavi: Thanks Angelo. Your opinion is Gold.

Simona Gargiulo Ahahah, merry Christmas Reeeeeeeeeeeza!! ;)

Reza Ganjavi Grazie Simona. Sei divertente Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo, etc., etc.