Kindergarten In The Sky

Kindergarten In The Sky

Kindergarten In The Sky - there were lots of kids on that flight and we had a great time.

By Reza Ganjavi

Dear E:

I am on your airline.

Sold 2 CDs at the airport. One to one of your colleagues - she asked for a personal warm autograph. Her friend had light green eyes like a field of young spring grass. The lady sitting next to me works for one of the world's biggest record companies. I have a feeling I can learn a lot from her... she made useful and interesting comments about the artwork on the CD.

"Sleepers" are potential buyers who do not know about a particular music. In a way my CDs have gotten to some of these sleepers - people who'd would not otherwise know or buy a classical guitar CD. Many of these sleepers she said are young people. People whose parents did not educate them on classical music and did not take them to concerts.

There's something amazing about traveling! To leave everything behind. I am traveling extremely light. My handbag is merely this tiny PC and a guitar which I brought in the plane with no hassle and fed it 2 bananas for the flight (put bananas in the case to protect it against low humidity - even the airport was a dry 33%).

Better shut down for takeoff.


Befriended 3 babies: 21 - 17 & 14 moths - such delights - almost makes you want to have a kid!


These kids are such delights. We have a great time with them. Nina, a 21-month-old has a brother, 3-year-old, Stefan. He jumped on the seat and faced back and told people: Hello! Such delight – so free from fears and ambitions that adults have. His teeth look like Dracula :-) and he still sucks pacifier. Meanwhile Nina's shyness is diminishing and she's offering us her pacifier.

There is compassion. Sorrow and compassion go hand in hand. She has only one wrist & hand. They're going to the USA to get an operation - if she can move an attached bone, they'll give her a hand with 4 fingers. It's a common problem in modern nations - they think perhaps due to radiation - in USA one out of every 1000 kids is born without a hand or fingers. In Germany one of every 1500. In developing countries there are no cases of it.

It seems ironic that this lady next to me is such an important person in the recording industry. She's told me stories about flying with these world-class artists in private jets...

My headphone only works on one channel. My neighbor’s channel works - we both want to see James Bond - so we did a James Bond-style operation - she had some gadgets and I had some engineering background - so we fixed it up!

She's really a nice human. She delights in children & is sensitive and intelligent. She could not imagine doing what she's doing for any industry than music. Another nice person in music world. Her boyfriend is a lawyer.

Nadine, 17-month-old is extremely sweet and friendly. "Does she speak English or German?" – She doesn't speak at all. But she nodded to my questions with her head... "Do you want more apple juice?" - yes (nod).

Now Nina's awake and she's exposing the food in her mouth. She's the youngest recipient of my business card ever. And she wants to keep it and not give it to her mom. Asked them to send me a note about Nina's surgery and wished her the best. There is young Dracula again - always eating!

Nina's mom bought my CD for twice the price I offered! Now Miles is here. 14 month old - nobody's ever sat on my computer before! He is a ball of joy - marching around in the airport - he has 5 months of walking experience. He claps for no reason other than joy.

Now Nadine and Stefan (Dracula) are aquatinting. This is more interesting than James Bond show that's on.

After Stefan showed off his teeth and played a "I'll byte you” game with us the 3 munchkins are having a conference. He came back saying (in German): "I know everything about the world. The train-ways too!" Roared "like a lion". 'I don't like milk but she drinks it every morning'. "Do you speak English" she asked him. 'No, I speak Sheep language'. "I can bite bigger" he told her and as he showed us his big bite he accidentally spitted on me! "He's obviously proud of his teeth".

You can learn a lot from kids about posture: head/body/neck relationship.

Now Nina, Stefan, Miles and Nadine are all together - a Kindergarten In The Sky!

Kind Regards.