Letter to a Young Girl who has Unprotected Intercourse

Letter to a young girl who has unprotected intercourse

By Reza Ganjavi

Let me know if you don't want these. I can trust you with this 100%: communication.

Why are you laughin?

"Because you're happy", she said.


Broke another record and got to airport early - nevertheless, after got on the plane the captain announced: boarding complete, yellow door selectors on.

Just the day I told the lady at the Swiss Army Knife shop - which gave me a knife as a present in <> for playing guitar outside the shop - that they've never bothered me about having a Swiss army knife on flights - they searched my bag and STILL said nothing!!!

- Switzerland is easy

She: they should be more difficult

- No, they always look at you - and not just your bag!

My tape recorder that's not been working for days is suddenly working. I think it's the cleaning I did last night.

Cornering the virus - trying to understand its behavior. Changing from Outlook Express to Eudora.

It will not be unlikely that you'll get pregnant by him. Just because you're not using protection and even a tiny bit of sperm can get a woman pregnant - and you're not timing your cycle. Anyway, a man's possessiveness is a major reason he'll get a woman pregnant - a silly claim of ownership – especially when they’re not married. This happens in the animal societies who are closest to humans’ as well. At least for the next 9 months she will not be able to bear another man’s genes.

The god of music protects one!


Chose to continue writing this than playing guitar!

Now your mind is unburdened. As long as you have food to eat, a warm place to sleep, and an internet connection, you’re fine, bouncing joyously on the trampoline of life. Your angelic aura is related to this uncommitted state. If you have a child now, from a man who may or may not be there, that will change your life – you’ll suddenly have large amount of worries – for the rest of your life. This is not to condemn having children, but I know too many single mothers – some very young – who did not think!

They had unprotected sex, and in love with the man who seemed, at the time, to be in love with them. But soon things changed. In many cases the guy takes off because he does not want the commitment – morally, and, financially. After seeing all this, I tend to think that the number of responsible males is few. Those guys all seem to be sincere in the beginning. The problem is, they don’t think either! They don’t look at the consequence of having a child, and what it takes to raise a child in the crazy world - responsively.

Being a single mother, especially when young, can be very difficult. The worst case is if one does not have financial backing of parents, because in many cases the man refuses to provide support. Too many factors can drive the man to bail – this is purely statistics. So, my advice is, be very careful in unprotected sex, and look at the consequences of your action because your present, freedom and joy is the fathom of your beauty, happiness, and well-being.

The train’s now arrived.


Zurich is the most cultured city in the world, and then perhaps Vienna. There are far fewer tourists in Zurich than in Vienna which contributes to the authenticity.

Getting off the train a young woman gave a nice smile just from having seen the guitar. An older gentleman in the post office asked with admiration: is there a concert tonight.

A baby in the cradle further fueled the subject of this afternoon – a young mother who cares for the impoverished children of the world will have energy for only her own children when she has to worry about all the details of diapers.

An older lady was courteous enough in this wonderfully cultured city to try to close the train door behind her but she did not have enough force so one helped her. The young rebellious, irresponsible kids don’t do it. A big part of growing up is learning to be responsible, to another, sexually, and otherwise.



PS - whatever you do, I hope you'll have your beautiful problem free..........


Got an email today - a friend had gone to Barcelona to have a surgery. That sounds strange! Talked with her later - she had an abortion. The guy who took her to India to do non-profit work trapped her and they had sex - she consented to it just to get by, but did not enjoy it, she said. They did not use a condom but he was supposed to not... but she's not sure what he did. s t u p i d. I’ve told her for years not to have sex w/o condoms and now she learned the lesson the awful way - a very hard way. She had periods for 3-4 months and then took test and found out she's been almost 6 months pregnant!! Her country's laws didn't allow abortion so she went to Spain - it was painful she said, and expensive, and of course morally challenging. She said she would have committed suicide if she had not done this because a kid would have destroyed her life. Now she says she will carry 10 condoms around. I haven't seen her for ages and probably won't and have no desire for her. It's not just pregnancy but also danger of disease in irresponsible sex.