Love & Peace

Love & Peace

By Reza Ganjavi

Reducing input is increasing space

it seems intelligent

key is to have inner space too

which is related to outer space

but most people are too busy inwardly and lack space

they're too full

and they don't know the art of emptying.

When they have problems they go to therapists which sometimes fills them instead of emptying them

Because nobody can do the work for us

we have to do it on our own

take the bucket and empty the waters out

writing is a great way

talking to a good friend

it has to be done playfully - without making it into a problem

if it's approached as a problem it gets worse

the problem-solver is the problem itself

happiness lies in the ending of the psychological me center self I... and not making it stronger.

with inner quietness comes space

and one can be in a noisy place - and among influences - but still be quiet - still - nothing - just be.

to think clarity is important in this insane world

otherwise thought just adds to the neurosis that's around us

thought is a sharp knife - for practical technical mechanical areas it's perfect

in psychological areas it's deadly

it is the very structure of the self

it needs to see its own limits - the mind to see thought's limits - and naturally get quiet - not out of choice or to reach something.

Space is also needed for love

Things of the mind kick love out

Not just because they take space

But also because they're divisive in their nature

The nature of thought is to bring division

The manifestation of it is the outer world with increasing nationalistic and religious divisions

And more and more therapists and suicide and misery (In the last 45 years suicide rates have increased by 60% worldwide).

And endless wars in a world which has always spoken of peace

It seems this is related to a corrupt tradition

And love is whole