Moving With The Movement Of Love

Moving With The Movement Of Love

By Reza Ganjavi

There was a happy girl on the bus – it’s not often you meet happy people (except younger people / children who are often happy) – especially before Thursday (people who don't like what they do think of Wednesday afternoon as being "over the hump" on the way to “Thank God It’s Friday”). The mood change is significant – it’s in the air – I literally feel it – between a Monday for example and a Friday when many people are smiling. If you happen to be singing on a Monday -- because it doesn't matter what day it is if you love life and love what you do -- you get strange looks (LOL) from fawning people.

Anyway, she was sitting there with a large exotic colorful bag fully occupying 2 seats and the two seats in front of her and behind her remained unoccupied despite a few times people sitting there then getting up to move. I wondered why. So it was a good line to spontaneously start speaking. She noticed the same after the last woman sat there and moved away.

Maybe it’s your aura – strong – and wants to be undisturbed (LOL). The bag is from Peru not India and reminded me of Ashley posting pictures from Peru yesterday showing she was eating a cow’s heart! I’m sure she’d never have the cruelty to kill that poor animal and drag its heart’s out and cook it, sauce it, and “enjoy” it!

She tried going to university two times but couldn’t handle them telling you what to do. Wait! If you love the subject then it’s not them-telling-you, you want to absorb it. But here the university system is not as good as the US’s which is the best I know, which allows people to change their mind about their degree while they explore different subjects and those all count towards the degree. But one can do many things without a university degree too, although I recommend university for anyone – at least for the challenge of getting something big done – but there’s a lot more to it than that.

When I started university I was like a man who had not drunk water for many a days. I was dead thirsty for wisdom – and I could smell the water… That thirst led to much learning, not just in the university, but also through independent study, the book of life, and the laboratory of oneself.

She had this calm peaceful aura about her. Was just moving back to place of her birth after travels and she mentioned the “B” friend which I’m allergic to (LOL): Boyfriend! Boyfriends is the most annoying concept, sorry! It usually connotes jealousy, possessiveness, and all those non-love things we call love – and a movement of pursuit and trying to impress and all that, which is so uninteresting to me. There’s a totally different approach – which is the movement of love and innocence itself – like a fearless child.

I used to be jealous too. (Notice I am not separating myself from jealousy as you-are all that you experience and dividing the seer from the seen is a recipe for disaster and guarantee for there to not be any change and freedom from what-is).

But it died out with seeing of its ugly head – it used to have a big head but it shrank and didn’t come up that much but still did – for example, when she wanted to go rock climbing with 9 men (LOL). It was like, ok, fine… but :) – always a good opportunity to see and grow.

It’s important to understand that people can’t be owned. We are not property, however, dysfunctional traditions – and that’s what they are – have tried to instill security where there can possibly be no security sought – security only comes when one stops looking for it. With the annihilation of that which is not love, love can fully be, un-pressured, unadulterated, uncorrupted, uncompromised, with no need for security whatsoever.

She said she’s read Krishnamurti and found him to be a very wise person. I met him when I was very young – we shook hands different times and once he gave me a flower.

She said, “The world would be a better place if more people chatted with each other” – like I started talking with her – something that they say is not often done here but they have an image of the US & California as people being more open and doing that.

The best teacher is a child, uninhibited, and unburdened by the impositions of tradition and image making and those things of the mind which block the heart. A child has no fear in talking with strangers. It knows not the concept because it’s not locked in an ego, a set of images, memories, ideas – and lives in the present, free from fear, moving with the movement of love.

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