Not Married -- Sorry?

Not Married -- Sorry?

By Reza Ganjavi

Usually, it's not an issue -- but sometimes the thought occurs: Did I make a mistake of not marrying? Usually the answer quickly comes: NO! The other day it happened. And I went out and saw this couple with a little baby that was crying its lungs out -- and the poor parents looked so desperate. I was like, thank God I don't have to deal with that.

Of course, kids can bring a lot of joy too and I LOVE kids. But back to marriage -- it was one of those things that I always avoided. Perhaps b/c I cherished freedom far more than entering into a PERMANENT contract -- like an annuity or bond -- or selling of a call option that expire 100 years from now (LOL) -- in other words: OBLIGATION.

It sure brings positives as well -- it's not always about divorce and fight and alimony and other miseries I witness many of my friends go through -- some of them have a good time -- a good wife and family. I have utmost respect for men and women who start families. It's just not my cup of tea. It has its ups and downs... joys and sufferings...

Anyway, the punch line is this: reconnecting with an old friend yesterday on FB she wrote: "I can't believe that you, handsome, smart and talented....etc, etc... no marriage how did u manage that?"

MANAGE? Glad somebody is seeing it as a positive (LOL).