On Eating Meat

On Eating Meat

By Reza Ganjavi

I wrote the following comment about a video a friend posted about the Canadian Veal Industry: They don't let the poor creatures move so that human who like to enjoy their veal can have it tender. If the poor creature moves it builds muscle and deprives the humans from their tender veal. If only those humans knew what is going on behind the scenes... And I'm sure none of the people I know who eat meat have the heart to murder one of those animals with their own hands because it's cruel, ugly, brutal, and inhumane. It's absolutely not necessary.

I haven't eaten meat for decades. I'm not a vegan -- still eat organic probiotic yogurt sometimes preferably from goat or sheep -- and I like eggs though I try not to eat them much and I feel better when I don't eat them. Cheese, I minimize but love and only eat organic cheese made from raw milk, preferably goat or sheep, and without animal rennet (microbial or vegetarian enzyme is not from animal stomach lining).

But there's no need to eat meat. After I quit for a month, years ago, couldn't handle the irony taste of blood anymore. And I feel so much better.

One of the key things meat eaters don't realize is that their bodies is always in a state of mild fear but they get used to it so it's not noticeable -- that's the fear that comes through the meat because when the animal is killed it's afraid. And, all the talk about compassionate killing is utter nonsense. Come here sweetie, and zap. There's no such thing as compassionate killing.

Killing is killing but it has different degrees. Killing a carrot is a lower form of killing than killing a cow. I have the heart to kill a carrot but I don't have the heart to kill an ant let along alone a cow.

There are many reasons not to eat met. I discussed it more here: https://www.rezamusic.com/health/vegetarian