On Image Making

On Image Making

by Reza Ganjavi

Can we live without any psychological images of others, ourselves, etc.??

Letter below touches upon one aspect of this subject. I led a workshop on this topic which I'll post the notes here in due time. There are many aspects to the dominant process of thought as image making which is important for practical purposes but psychologically it’s a hinderance to freedom.

The brain needs to make images in order to work efficiently. But habitually, and because thought is over-emphasized, and building blocks of images are thoughts, images are made unnecessarily. A supple mind doesn’t need to make unnecessary images, as it can be with what-is.


The main problem with image making is that when you see another through an image you don't see them as they are!!


Hello F:

I checked next weekend. It's not possible.

You should read something by J. Krishnamurti - very brilliant. You can read in Dutch (check your bookstore or write to: ...) He goes into the nature of mind very deeply and points out the dangers of common processes of our thinking such as image making (making pictures) verses living with what is - with facts...

It is very important in relationships to not have an image - of another - of yourself - of another's image of yourself, etc.

To not have an image of another in the highest form of respect I can give to another. Similarly, I expect this level of respect from another: to not make an image of me. Respect, in the sense of space. Freedom means you can do whatever you want as long as you don't take away from another's freedom. To create an image is to intrude into another's freedom at different levels. In the energetic/psychic realm, if the other person is sensitive they feel it.

It's ok to think about another as long as it is *practical* thought - about something practical, specific. But to hold another in mind - to "brood" on another as a chicken broods on an egg, is a violation of another's freedom. Non-practical, psychological thought, is limited in the realm of time and experience and is therefore illusory.

It is even more interesting to not have an image of oneself either. Can one live without a single image of oneself? It's fantastic.

Take care of the body



Hi S:

i want to share with you something i found very important in my life

is it possible to live with no mental images?

no images of yourself of another person, etc.?

it frees the mind from a lot of illusions

also it brings freedom

in yourself

and to another person

because when we make images

we remove freedom

images are anti-thesis of freedom

images are of the past

freedom is of the now

to do this the brain has to be quiet.

and understand why images are made

for pleasure

for security


and when it sees itself making images

which are really thought forms

that seeing brings an end to it.