On Wisdom & Values

On Wisdom & Values

By Reza Ganjavi

A conversation with a great philosopher


(Reza's comments in quotes. Dr. said the rest.)

It's a beautiful spring. I am apologetic to you because the last time you asked me about Zoroaster and the Gita and I was rusty with the dates. "Well, you answered the question profoundly... it makes sense - it seems the westerners were more materialistic thinking good and evil was out there".... Thank you for the CD we have not listened to it yet but congratulations... "your name is in it... and the quotes are inspired by your collection of quotes" [he'll send me the intro to his history of philosophy book]. These are our creative babies. ... "it doesn't matter for me (to make myself immortal by making a work that lasts)."

"When I was starting college, I was thirsty for wisdom, and wanted wisdom for power - not power over others - but to know what mankind has thought.... and thanks to you - what you and your colleagues taught me... 20 years later I notice that it is great... it makes a difference... I am very thankful to you..."

Well, wisdom IS power. It's a power within you and no one sees it. Wisdom gives you power "and helps eliminate fear". It gives you a special mastery of life and helps you sort out your values so you know what you're doing. People without wisdom have their values all screwed up. They're after material things because society tells them, “Be concerned with material things and find your satisfaction in them.”

I always go back to Socrates. He said other people ask you how you make your living. I ask them: “Do you know what you're thinking about? Are you wise? Are your values in place?” Come, I'll show you...

"I just saw my Swiss tax accountant and it's finished and I'm happy it's done. What's your philosophy of taxation?"

[and he told me]

"I look forward to our next talk... and to see you."

Our love is always with you.