Psychological Crisis Pandemic – Letter To A Loved Relative

Psychological Crisis Pandemic – Letter To A Loved Relative

By Reza Ganjavi

Funny I was just dreaming of you. I hope you're ok psychologically. There's a global pandemic in psychological crisis. It arises out of identity issues

With management of the sense of "me" which can't be managed because it's fictitious to begin with. Its salvation is in its ending -- psychological death -- ending -- which means being inwardly very quiet.

Quietness can't be forced or positively brought about. It naturally comes from understanding of noise - letting it flower - seeing what the noise is all about - which is usually about disorder. Good luck bringing order to your practical aspects of life.

Seeing how the self arises and gets itself tangled up requires space. When the room is full and disorderly it helps to empty it and then most of the junk doesn't need to even be put in the right place because its right place is trash.

Psychologically, the nice thing is this "trashing" action is not an act of will. It happens effortlessly with seeing. That's why a great sage said "insight is action"... Seeing what is occurring, very clearly, can bring a change to it.

This thread goes on into the art of seeing... It's important to see what we are, without separating a "seer" because the seer is included in the seen, it is the seen. Traditions have taught us to separate the two which is the basis of control... but that traditional approach has led to the pandemic of psychological crisis we have in the world today with rampant confusion and increased suicide rates.

So the intelligent approach is to see what we are - bring order to daily life - to our bodies - etc. - empty ourselves, e.g. through writing, and see the fact that thinking, which is the building blocks of the psychological self, is limited -- while the present, which is the space the psychological self is built in, is an unlimited space -- the present moment is not finite - is not of time - it is of another dimension altogether - the same dimension as love.

Seeing its own limits (based on past experience which is always limited), and having order in practical aspects of life, it quiets down naturally -- no force -- no repetition -- no mantra -- no drugs – no hypnosis -- and in that quietness the self is not. The death of the self is the birth of the magic of the present which is of an entirely different quality, movement, dimension. dynamic -- that is the eternal. It's not some esoteric or theoretical concept -- the eternal, unlimited, measureless, infinite, is very practical -- it's love which envelopes and is the essence of all things.