Reasons for Dreams

Reasons for Dreams

By Reza Ganjavi

There are many reasons for dreams:

  1. Overeating or eating late – stomach signals hit the brain (e.g. 5-HT2C receptor and nearby receptors for example).

  2. Mind cleansing itself or past, perhaps incomplete experience in which it was not fully attentive (of e.g. conditioned responses, some of which can be very subtle in the form of a flash of thought or feeling).

  3. Psychic connection: if another one thinks of me, I usually pick it up in dream, maybe because the brain (the receiver) is quiet. The most amazing example of this was when my father and I (who are one!?) dreamed the same dream at the same time when he was 3000 miles away!

- related to that, I don’t like to make psychological images of others. One reason is it’s a violation of their space; and if someone makes image of me sometimes I pick it up in sleep and sometimes depending on what it is, and how certain I am that it’s from that source, I pick it up with the person indirectly and subtly but they get the message and it stops. Hard to believe but it’s worked.

  1. Intuition – getting hints from deeper layers of intelligence (for lack or better words).