Senseless War

Senseless War

By Reza Ganjavi

Our friend Yossi is under constant bombing in this terrible, stupid, senseless war between Palestine and Israel.

Let's send a prayer for peace for him and all people involved except those stupid useless politicians who are completely inept in dealing with this crisis and have failed to solve it for 60 or so years. It's time for people to take things in their hands. I have a big idea about this.

This also applies to the terrible situation our friend Pete reported yesterday. I started writing this yesterday but didn't finish it... now I had an email from Yossi that they're getting bombed.

What a tragic story. What a shame that people are killing each other over ideology and fanatic beliefs. No other creature in the world does the havoc humans do, to themselves, and to the nature.

What's happening in the Middle East for example between Israelis and Palestinians. The blame goes 100% to politicians who have chosen war as a way of life and are sustained by it. They are so stupid, so cunning, so bad, so wrong, so ignorant, so void of wisdom, that in this particular case they have not been able to solve this problem for 60 some years. How many more lives have to be lost for these bozos to realize what a bunch of useless jokes they are.

I have an idea for the Middle East peace. Collect 100,000 signatures from both sides -- the people not those useless politicians -- and demand that the useless politicians come meet us around the table in a closed door room and not leave until the problem is fully understood and a solution is found. No problem is too big for light of insight.

The solution has to be holistic. A ceasefire agreement for 2 hours is equivalent to nothing. And part of that solution has to be addressing the issue at the core level: Education. So no longer children on the two sides grow up learning to hate each other.

The useless educational system in the world is ultimately responsible for this mess. Physics chemistry math and so on are emphasized but hardly any child grows up ever hearing in a class room about the importance of paying attention to his own thoughts and feelings -- to his prejudices, assumptions, images, and love of truth, which is the essence of all science, is hardly ever spoken of.

Through right education a child learns that to hurt another is to hurt yourself -- that there's no need for some psychological entity "I" to protect through identification with a group which automatically becomes opposed to another group. We are all humans and if we can't live in peace, we're failures as a humanity.

Peace starts with everyone -- to end tribal, fanatic, reparative thinking in their own minds -- to end inward conflict -- and to live in peace with oneself and one's own conscience -- have a body, heart and mind which are in harmony with each other, other humans, and nature...