Uninvited Meditation

Uninvited Meditation

By Reza Ganjavi

Just watching one’s internal reactions is so fresh – the same freshness as watching when I was a 17 year old. The same quality of “now” – the same smell and flavor and texture.

What is watched may be an old habit -- an insecurity -- a vulnerability -- but it can be looked with new eyes – and suddenly there’s that marvel of the presence which is so fresh – like a moving train which every moment is in a new spot.

And all that insecurity is wiped out – and gives way to that weight of stillness of the presence, in which is all time, and no time.

This is how meditation comes uninvited – like the breeze that just comes in the room through the open window, with no effort, no practice, no method – wiping away all traces of insufficiency, longing.

With the brain being totally made quiet by the intensity of that presence – not “made” quiet as there’s no maker – but itself transforming into a state of quietness, stillness.

From the drop to the sea. From seeing of an inner reaction, to swimming in the sea of infinite silence.