Those Who Have Gone – Universe: Conscious Mind, Love

Those Who Have Gone – Universe: Conscious Mind, Love

By Reza Ganjavi

A spontaneous essay about love, death, mind, universe...

There's an expression in Persian which Mr. Hafezi used to say when I was a child: “Asle Haalet Chetore?” Means, not just how are you feeling but "how are you really feeling?" or literally "How's your REAL feeling?". It was an expression of caring and affection. As the song goes, it was just a way to say I love you. They were all so loving. His wife who was my aunt, and her sister, and her kids, were all so incredibly loving at a degree of worship. In Persian that expression is used, worship, in fact, to express affection. Now my cousin is here and recalling her parents who are long gone -- but their resonance remains in love.

Met a 18-year-old friend last night -- a Who fan -- and bright! Uncorrupted by the society's selfish ways, ways of the self and its psychological isolation, and walls that are made of thought, as most of the modern world is too thought-dominant. Her friend, a young girl, suddenly passed away, from a virus which gives no warning. Another friend of hers, 19 years old, has a brain tumor and doctors have given him 5 years max -- which might become 50 years for all I could guess given miracles exist.

It is clear that love does not die.

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake argues that memory survives as resonance to a certain point, in morphic field, even when a body dies. That makes sense. I've always viewed memory as a dead thing, a thing of the past, vs., love, which is fresh and factual -- it is.

When someone we deeply love dies, that love does not die.

Even if memory continues, there's still an element of time and a limited dimension to it, and it's often manifested in thought form. Whereas love is a powerful force which is there, embracing everything and everyone, it's universal, boundless, and as far as our little limited brains can speculate, possibly the glue for the entire universe.

A scripture calls love God -- artists, philosophers, mystics, and wise people have referred to love as the ultimate in human experience and more.

Watching a talk by a wise person last night, he was equating MIND with that as well. On one hand we have the brain, thinking, memory, which are all limited. On the other, there's a dimension which is beyond time -- it's measureless, love -- perhaps omni -potent -scient -present but those are concepts which are too big for a little brain to grasp in real experience so those are used ideologically -- whereas the measureless can be experienced by this little limited brain when it is absolutely quiet.

And if that otherness is mind, and, love, and if nature is conscious, unlike the materialistic standpoint of modern science which considers it all as dead dumb matter, then maybe the universe is conscious -- maybe it loves -- it is love -- and it is mind! Would that be surprising, that the sun and the stars and the galaxies to not just be dumb random matter but conscious mind which loves??