Virtue Of Simplicity

Virtue Of Simplicity

By Reza Ganjavi

Simplicity is important -- we can then tune into the magic of the present. Words are so limited. To be more precise, tuning implies a tuner. but when one is inwardly simple, quiet, uncomplicated, there is no "I", self, there is just the body, senses, being, breathing, and no bundle of ideas running in the head as "ME"... so to say "I tune into magic of present" is technically wrong because "I" is absent -- there is just the present -- with inner quietness.

Most people as they grow older -- and having gone through some "relationships" they get more and more complicated. The key reason for that is thought entering where it doesn't belong: over-thinking... and that's tempting because the "I", that mental bundle, is there as thought, and is rooted in memories. So thinking gives continuity to the "I", the self, the ego, the psychological sense of self, which by its very nature is divisive, divided, separate, isolated, because it's made from thought, and thought is divisive because it's limited. It's limited because it's based on memory/knowledge, which are both limited, and it's a physical, material, movement (it's in the brain cells) and matter is limited.

It's a virtue for the mind to learn the right place of thought, through being aware of its own movement in the mirror of relationship, the mirror of everyday activities. And from that awareness, it learns where it belongs and where it doesn't. It belongs mainly in practical mechanical technical areas of life, and not more. For the rest, it remains quiet. And everything is simpler: no unnecessary images, fears, etc., etc. And in that quietness, love flowers.


Reza’s answers to replies:

Yes, indeed, Sue. There is a right place for ego, mainly for protecting the biology.

The answer is no. There's no such complex, and I don't call myself baba or swami or something (LOL). Maybe you're reacting b/c you have that? Don't know, just wondering. Anyway, the purpose is sharing.

Interesting question. I don't think it's one OR the other. Of course, "walk in nature and see everything without thinking to see things clear, fresh, beautiful" is very important. Now you're asking, is it important to think about thought and thinker? I'd say seeing the whole process of thought is important.

Not all actions are self-centered, Baba. What were you in jail for?

This is a sensitive area and it's important to keep it simple. Yes, the ego can do what you say but not all actions are self-centered. Action can be born out of love, insight, etc.

Excellent question: "Is seeing part of thinking?" No. Senses can operate independently of thought. In fact, thought can distort sensory perception.

Thanks for the post. Do you really think a day when you don't learn something is a wasted day? Wouldn't that be some kind of greed? Just wondering...

It's very important, in my opinion, to distinguish the practical from the psychological - that allows understanding of the right place of thought and the wrong place of thought, and with that, the death of psychological self which is very important, else one is always living in thought and time.

NOOOOOOOOO! I don't buy it sorry -- Not all actions are self-centered or arise from thought.