Alex Jones Defamation Conviction / Sandy Hook Massacre / Conspiracy Theorists

Alex Jones, a Dishonest Hate Monger Was Convicted of Defamation In Multiple Trials -- And On So-called Conspiracy Theorists

By Reza Ganjavi

So-called "news service", "infowars" host evil scum, Alex Jones -- an arrogant, stupid, cunning guy who thrives on fooling some of his audience who may be simplistic, uneducated, small minded who fall for his dishonest rhetoric -- was found guilty in more than one trial for defamation and other causes of action. He's ordered to pay over a billion dollars in compensatory and punitive damages to the families he attached by his lies.

In the Sandy Hook school shooting massacre, 26 people died including 20 children. And Alex Jones lied and lied and lied about it. There are real conspiracies in life, and Alex Jones is not a conspiracy theorist -- he's a lie factory -- a dishonest man who promoted falsehoods as facts. Now law has caught up with him.

Alex Jones abused his First Amendment right of free speech. Lying about the Sandy Hook parents, FBI agent, the incident was not constitutionally protected speech. The juries made this very clear, and they showed their disgust at the in my opinion disgusting Alex Jones by issuing heavy verdicts.

The Sandy Hook parents suffered tremendous emotional distress and damaged in their life because of Alex Jones' lies. They may never collect the large sum of money because the scum will claim he doesn't have it, but the verdict was a huge moral victory against a man who spewed evil hatred and lies to harm his subjects.

Truth matters. Justice Matters.

Typical for in my opinion disgusting people, these verdicts were not enough to tame his arrogance. He went back on the air boasting that he will continue to fight ...LOL... fight what? How could he prove a lie is a fact, especially after multiple trials have determined that he lied?!

He promotes his bullshit show, as "The #1 Independent news service in the world, battling globalism and promoting a pro-human future worldwide." So uneducated he capitalizes Independent ... LOL... and touts of battling globalism which he probably doesn't even understand and nor his audience -- and battling it with what? Lies about school shooting???? Is that how you battle globalism sucker?

On his channel he pushes supplements he sells at outrageous prices, and to cater to patriotic sentiments for his own profit, he touts his loyalty program as "patriotic points"!!! What an abuse of people's tribal sentiments.

So to listen to his lies is patriotic?

He's also said plenty of lies about vaccines. Because he's a loser and talking about controversial topics like vaccines gives him something to talk about but he even lies about the vaccines. He said "the shot gives you covid" so everyone who's gotten the vaccine should have gotten infected with covid! Wrong! This is how evil this chap is. He doesn't just lie about Sandy Hook but also about Covid and a host of other things.

As Einstein said, human stupidity is infinite. Alex Jones is circulating the idea that he was sued for his unlawful lies about Sandy Hook tragedy, because he's a Trump fan !! So the "cabal" sued him. First off, the Sandy Hook parents were not "the cabal". Secondly, he can't even spell out who the so called cabal is. If you get down to it, most idiots who think the world is run by a cabal who is against Trump (not to mention Trump is under multiple criminal investigations and is an immoral sub-human who's lied more than anyone in recorded history) -- if you ask who the cabal is, a couple of names always come up: Rothschilds and Rockefeller. I asked a woman who was pushing this idea to me the other day, "who is they" !! She said Blackrock and Vanguard !!!!!! I said how about Rothschilds? She said oh they're the same -- so Rothschild family owns Blackrock and Vanguard? ...LOL... Not!

This shallow thinking and stupid beliefs is so typical of these so called conspiracy theories which give a bad reputation to the term because real conspiracies do exist. At the heart of the false conspiracy theorist is a human weakness to always think the world is always is control. Fact is the world is an our of control mess -- if you look at what humans are doing to the environment, and the proliferation of DNA-damaging genotoxic wireless radiation, Putin's crazy war in Ukraine (which some of the same conspiracy theorists have the nerve to sympathize with Putin -- I guess some people also sympathize with Hitler!)

Consequence of all this is truth taking a back seat.

The same woman told me that THEY want people to eat bugs instead of food so they're putting bugs in kid cookies in super markets (NOT)! And she believes Princess Diana is still alive and it was a conspiracy to make it look like she was killed (NOT) -- on that note I do believe King Charles III whom I find despicable, owes the world some answers about Diana's death!

And of course she also believes in chemtrails and views them as cause of her not feeling good even on days where the sky is pure and clear ...LOL... and she believes in every other conspiracy under the sun.

She believes THEY want us to use gadgets like computers on internet because they are purportedly bad for us because they want to destroy us, because THEY don't want to pay pension to people -- and oh, that to THEM, everyone is a commodity worth "hundreds of billions in gold" -- oh really? I had to confront her as much as I don't like wasting time on it. So a drug addict who sleeps in the street is worth hundreds of billions in gold??? Give me a f'n break!! How can people believe this crazy shit -- at the center of it is an imaginary THEY, up there. Sounds almost schizophrenic!! People who suffer from schizophrenia also believe there are people up there...

And of curse she also believes the earth is flat!! Which defies all science.

The key take aways from this, philosophically, are:

- many people, especially the uneducated, do not care for truth; and they do not have the ability to think independently and clearly and critically -- so they believe everything they're told. Just because a flashy post on Telegram says it is so, they believe it. Just because Alex Jones says so on a flashy screen, they believe it.

They don't think for themselves so they want others to think for them. And part of that weakness is to believe there is a cabal, a THEY, up there, on top of the world, controlling everything and everything it purportedly stands for is purportedly bad for people -- so it needs to be fought -- an imaginary fight against an imaginary entity -- but people like Alex Jones capitalize on it and make money off the stupidity and naivety of people.

But justice sometimes catches up with them. Rush Limbaugh was the same story -- but he died, thank God and if you believe in heaven and hell, he'll surely in hell for having spewed so much hatred and said so many lies and abused so many people who naively listened to him and believed his lies -- he catered to their so called conservative and patriotic (tribal) sentiments -- he abused those sentiments like most politicians so.


Someone posted a video by conspiracy / master of delusional stupid false ideas, David Icke who is kind of like Alex Jone -- I view both as scary, disgusting, falsehood factories, and at least intellectually dishonest. These guys thrive on the idea that alternative media is a good thing - which it may be -- but alternative media that lies is a bad thing!


10 Nov 2022

Alex Jones ordered to pay $473M more to Sandy Hook families.

Judge freezes Alex Jones's assets. Judge Barbara Bellis issued an order: "With the exception of ordinary living expenses, the defendant Alex Jones is not to transfer, encumber, dispose, or move his assets out of the United States, until further order of the court."

Alex Jones must pay another $473m to Sandy Hook families in punitive damages on top of the previous judgment, bringing the total to $1.44 billion!