Cyber Fraudsters Targeting Freelance Job Site Contractors

Cyber Fraudsters Targeting Freelance Job Site Contractors

By Reza Ganjavi

It’s disappointing to see growing penetration of cyber scammers in more ways which I dare call ‘creative’.

Like crooks abusing Zelle, or fake Microsoft support calls to scam people wasn’t enough. Now they’re trying to scam contractors in economically weak countries who are willing to work what’s below minimum wage in many other countries. These contractors are mostly younger people who are inexperienced in dealing with fraud, and they fall for the scam.

In one case I came across, a contractor told me she got scammed by someone who got her to do a huge job for free and at the end not only did he not pay her, but he also wanted her to pay him to get some purported license to receive payment.

I looked into it for her in trying to help her, because at first, she said the customer didn’t pay. Looking deeper in the email exchange, it became clear the scheme was a scam. Here’s how he scammed this poor, young woman.

First he sent her a job that involved typing up a whole book from PDF to WORD. The contractor didn’t know that she could just use a program to convert the PDF to WORD or even copy/paste after doing OCR.

It took her forever and she typed 100 WORD files for the scammer.

The scammer had promised to pay her once the job was done. And promised her $4100.

But, first he wanted her to send him $300 which would be refunded.

The scammer used the email address, and name, loremipsum jobs while pretending his name was Brendan Macary.

LinkedIn states the real company as: Lorem Ipsum Corp. Design Services New York, NY, Interactive Design, Multimedia Storytelling, Exhibition Design, Media Planning, Interactive Installations, and Experience Design - 114 West 17th Street New York, NY 10011 -- 131-151 Great Titchfield Street, London, GB -- 2/14, Bryusov Per. Building 4, Moscow, RU

I was 100% sure it’s a scam. Nevertheless, I called the company to see if they’ve seen this happen before and to make them aware that their name and fake email was used to scam people. They were appreciative and have never heard of Branden Macary!

The young woman learned a lesson; vet people better next time, or at least make sure they’re real before she engages in a business deal with them. Going through the freelancer platforms is a safe way since they vet people but going direct is also okay if proper due diligence is done to make sure the person is real. I recall before I was given a contract, at Credit Suisse and UBS, they both did a very stringent background check and vetting which I totally supported because I understood its importance.

Here’s the scammer’s email to the young contractor. He also contacted her via Telegram with a hidden phone number. All these should have been red flags.

From: loremipsum jobs <>

Sent: Friday, December 23, 2022 2:11:36 PM

Subject: Payment Info

Dear Remote Worker,

You did a great and commendable job; your payment will be delivered to you soon and we hope to continue this good working relationship

Remote Employee Business License Card (Remote Permit Pass)

Unfortunately Considering the amount which has been Sent from our Trust Financial Cooperation, the IMF Authorities have mandated that the User of the payment must own a Business License Card and Show Legitimate Statements and Proof of Employment with Wisconsin Press Corporation

Before the payment of $4,100 can be issued to you, you are obliged to get a License Card from the United States Department Of Labor which is a Remote Permit Pass (which will be clarifying you're a Remote Employee and possesses a Work Permit in United Kingdom), which will cost up to $300 to create and originate. This is to establish that you are a remote employee of the company


A Remote Work Permits which clarifies that a Non-residents or Alien has access or it's liable to work and earn From United States Firms and organization. With a Business License Card, you can legally receive remote payments in accordance with IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and U.K Department of Labor

-You should contact your parental company if you have any queries regarding how to continue with your Remote Permit Pass.

This will enable the gateway to receive the payment without us having to worry about a Money Laundering case involving your payment dear Remote Employee.

Kindly contact The Project Director assigned so you could make the payment for your Business License Card via their support.

Mind you, this fee of $300 you’re to pay will be refunded back to you.


Loremipsum Jobs Limited