Donald Trump's Criminal Conviction, Elon Musk's Political Myopia

Donald Trump's Criminal Conviction, Elon Musk's Political Myopia

By Reza Ganjavi

31 May 2024

Trump’s First Criminal Conviction Is A Victory For Justice. Elon Musk Is Too Dumb To Understand That


Donald Trump is a chronic liar who is on record for saying more lies than anyone in history, an immoral man convicted in a civil case two times, against E. Jean Carroll (journalist, author), has stiffed many people, has filed many bankruptcies, is willing to throw his kids under the bus if it’s convenient for him, a selfish man who does not give a darn about anyone else including the USA, but being a chronic liar he lies that he does.


Donald Trump is the most incompetent President in US history, with no desire to learn, no interest in daily national security briefings. He’s a dictator wanna be who is willing to use the justice system to retaliate against his rivals. He’s gotten away with unlawful activity throughout his life because he’s privileged and spoiled. He’s claimed he is entitled to grab any woman he wants by their private parts. He’s catered to the low educated, fanatics by race mongering and religion mongering and fear mongering. He’s a proven racist.


Do you want a man like that to be your president, and a role model for your children?


The clear answer is a NO.


But who doesn’t get it? Elon Musk. He tweeted after Trump’s conviction that


“Indeed, great damage was done today to the public’s faith in the American legal system. If a former President can be criminally convicted over such a trivial matter – motivated by politics, rather than justice – then anyone is at risk of a similar fate.”


Trivial matter? Falsifying business records is cheating the people of State of New York. Nobody should get away with that crime. Doing so to manipulate elections is a bigger crime. Paying off a porn star to be quiet is not a crime but it’s not a noble thing to do! Having sex with a porn star or prostitute is just as bad, in my view. But they’re not illegal.


Biden also doesn’t get it! Biden needs to step out of the race and let a younger stronger person without so much luggage to take the lead of the Democratic Party.


Biden staying in the race means probably Trump will win, which will be the end of the American Experiment. Elon Musk is too dumb to understand what dictatorship means. Maybe he’s smoked too much pot. He was my friend’s tenant and my friend said he smoked pot. I guess he still does and that’s how he gets these delusional ideas?


Trump’s low educated supports are no surprise. There are always ignorance among masses, but you get a business leader like Sequoia founder Shaun Maguire who donated money to Trump after he was criminally convicted ! It’s probably too much pulsed high frequency electromagnetic radiation that’s making these people so stupid!


Can’t they see beyond the end of their nose: that if such an incompetent, egomaniac, dishonest, immoral man becomes your President, the country is finished! The war criminal Putin, and the Chinese communist leaders are thriving for Trump to be US President because that’s the end of the American Dream.