Fox News Has Major Legal Troubles For Spreading Lies

Fox News Has Major Legal Troubles For Spreading Lies

By Reza Ganjavi

Fox News defamed the daylight out of Dominion around the topic of the integrity of Dominion's voting machines. Fox knew what they were saying was false, that no election fraud had happened. Their internal communications indicated that. Their talking heads like the scum, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, et al. intentionally lied on the air, and promoted Donald Trump's preposterous, despicable Big Lie that the election was stolen (it was not) because Fox is in the business of feeding the lower-educated, fanatic, so-called "conservative" sector of their viewers malarkey and cockamamie, to keep them on the hook.

Fox only cares about money. They want to brainwash their viewers because they want a good rating, and rating means advertising, and that means revenue. Fox doesn't give a damn about election integrity which is the core of a democratic process, Trump, and even their viewers. The behind-the-scenes exchanges proved that. They just care about money.

Part of the Big Lie was to say Dominion's machines were faulty and compromised, which is a shot in the back of Dominion whose machines are great, well tested, with a very low error rate.

Dominion did a great job of suing Fox for about 2 Billion Dollars.

Rupert Murdoch, an old seemingly senile man who owns Wall Street Journal and Fox News, is freaking out. In an internal memo at the time, he told staff not to talk about Trump and that he didn't support the election lie, but the network still promoted the lie, so it keeps viewers/ratings.

The trial is about to start but chances are high that Fox will settle the case and pay something like 700 million. Fox has around 4 billion but it may sell shares that can dilute the float. Dominion is going to want an apology. Fox issuing an apology which means admittance of guilt, will cause Fox shareholders to bring derivative lawsuits, and this can really damage Fox.

Fox not admitting guilt, means no settlement probably. Dominion is motivated to go to trial because it can win. They already have had a win in the early stages. The judge already ruled it's obvious Fox News lied to its audience. Dominion just has to prove malice or negligence or knowledge that it was false, which is easy to do given Fox's revealed internal communications. 

Dominion deserves accolades for its great self-defense. Their motion for summary judgment is a great piece of legal authorship. They have their act together and all the facts are on their side. Multiple leaks from inside Fox have been a big help to Dominion.

Fox deserves to pay a huge amount for Dominion's damages, and hopefully, the scums that are stirring division and hatred among the lower-educated fanatic masses will learn a lesson.



Shortly after I wrote this article, just before the trial starts, Fox and Dominion reached a settlement deal – a historic amount of $787.5 million! (Not a bad guess – I thought it would be in the 700m vicinity).

This is very bad news for Fox and very good news for truth, integrity, accountability, and for Dominion for whom this amount is a great financial boost that they well deserve after being a victim of Donald Trump and gang’s incessant lies. 


Good News: Fox’s Chief Racist, Liar, Tucker Carlson was fired today, 25 April 2023. Fox probably kicked Tucker out because he admitted to his unlawful activities in the sms he sent to his colleagues, which Dominion got a hold of. I much welcome this news. Tucker is worse than Hannity who is a huge racist and hate monger. Fox has a history of giving rise to terrible, divisive, racist hate mongers who thrive on catering to the lower-educated who cannot think critically. They include Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and other dishonest, divisive, despicable, divisive, racist hate-mongers. Tucker also admitted privately he hates Trump and that he knew some of the lies he was saying to the public were not true!

Karma is a bitch! 

Fox’s problems are not over. Another major lawsuit remains about their election lies.


Trump being the absolute idiot that he is, tweeted that Fox should just admit the election was stolen and that will get it off the hook !!! NOT! 

Also in the news: Trump's solution to school gun violence is to arm every teacher with a gun! What a stupid, crazy idea. 

Also in the news: Another rich idiot bigmouth, Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow, who is so incredibly ignorant, arrogant and stupid and illiterate (he calls defamation deflamation), got hit with a $5 million arbitration ruling for election fraud debunking by a software forensic expert. 

Last year a friend showed me some of the data reports Lindell was promoting as proof of blah blah (election cheating). One look as an IT expert who’s had extensive experience in software forensics, told me that Mike was absolutely wrong. He was promoting something fake he didn’t even understand. More legal troubles ahead for Mike. Dominion is after him! 

UPDATE: The racist scum, Tucker Carlson sent a text that said "Jumping a guy like that is dishonorable obviously. It’s not how white men fight."  What a horrible person and a bigot!! And millions of Americans view him as their political guru, who thinks for them!! They should learn to think for themselves. 

UPDATE: Tucker Carlson like Donald Trump shamefully calls lies as truth. These guys are toxins for morality, and have fast tracked moral decadence. And they are so evil in their disrespectful truth, that they have the nerve to even boast about the lies that they promote as being the truth!