Jaguar Jerk

The word "jerk" here is used for artistic purpose because it rhymes with Jaguar. The root meaning of "jerk" is "tedious and ineffectual person" [1935, American English carnival slang.]


by Reza Ganjavi

Jaguar Jerk broke Swiss criminal insult law twice, totally unprovoked. Probably another case of Swiss Supremacist sentiment thinking he can insult a “foreigner” and get away with it. Because he was being such a jerk, I reported him to the police.

I decided to drop the case after the police interrogated him and sent the case to the prosecutor’s office, for the following reasons:

1) I believe Jaguar Jerk learned a lesson by getting interrogated by a police detective from the criminal investigation unit. That was my main aim for filing a complaint. If I did nothing, he’d do the same vulgar act to others. He’s probably done it before and got away from it.

2) Therefore, I achieved my goal. Pushing to get him a criminal conviction would take energy on my part because I’m dealing with a “justice” system that I don’t trust, a system that’s shown to be extremely biased against people of foreign origin, a system that’s highly corrupted by Swiss Supremacist sentiments, a system in which honesty and truth seem to be matters of convenience and not core values. With exception of course.

3) The assigned prosecutor was in the next office to another prosecutor who’d cooked up falsehoods in the past to allegedly help a native-Swiss attacker get away by almost killing a Swiss man of foreign origin – moi! And she had lied multiple times on legal documents – big small-minded lies that showed she didn’t even fully understand the facts of the case, the evidence, the statements of the defendant, nor the police report! Now my complaint is assigned to a prosecutor who’s in the same division and works for the same guy who is also on record for stating falsehoods and so on – all to the disadvantage of the foreign-born Swiss citizen whose rights were violated by a native Swiss. An environment that I didn’t want to have anything to do with.

4) Therefore, the wise move, now that I had achieved my goal, was to drop the case.

So I called up the prosecutor. I can speak German but English is easier. I asked if he speaks English. I’m sure he did. He said in German: “The official language here is Swiss German” which is not true because the official language is High German. Anyway, he spoke fluent English and we spoke. We arranged that I drop the case against the guy by sending him an email, which I did. Case closed.

So I wrote an email – for the record – to make sure all the facts are there, and no attempted falsehoods / lies have a chance -- and dropped the case, citing the above fact and reason that I think he’s learned his lesson. I didn’t want to expand that also it’s because I prefer not to have anything to do with you people, because of the unconscious bias. This prosecutor seemed like a decent man. I was happy that at least he’d taken time to read the case and understood it -- in a generally biased “justice” system where facts are often overshadowed by bias and racism. But nevertheless, the risk of made-up false fake stories is high for anyone in this society who is of foreign origin, and his or her right is violated by a native-Swiss -- given deep rooted racism and "Swiss Supremacist" conditioning that's prevalent -- which then ends up sucking your time if you're interested in standing up for your rights, and you'd have to bang heads against small-mindedness and dishonesty.

I included in the original complaint to the police, the following:


I'm sure you know that Swiss law was written to protect everyone in Switzerland, including those of foreign origin, in the same and equal manner as native-Swiss. Unfortunately, this is often not the case, due to norm of rampant bias in the justice system (with exception). I do not know you and whether you have unconscious bias against non-native-Swiss people, but just to be clear, I know my rights, and I am very determined to fight for my rights, and will not tolerate bias. I trust you will act fairly. The same goes to the prosecutor who gets the case assigned to.

I feel very strongly about this case, given the evidence is unambiguous, and the behavior of the defendant is absolutely unacceptable in our civil society... His vulgar behavior should not be tolerated by the justice system, otherwise, such behavior is endorsed.

  • Just like if a prosecutor helps a native-Swiss who almost kills a foreign-born-Swiss to avert prosecution, by the prosecuting fabricating falsehoods as facts, etc., is an endorsement of that crime;

  • Or if a court doesn’t even allow a prosecutor to be investigated, by the court repeating a falsehood fabricated by the prosecutor as fact, knowing it contradicts with the evidence and is materially false; the court is endorsing dishonest conduct by prosecutors by signaling they can get away with it. Justice based on dishonest conduct, rooted in bias, is moral corruption.