Dalai Lama Perversion

Dalai Lama Perversion

By Reza Ganjavi

In April 2023, a video revealed that Dalai Lama asked a boy to suck his tongue. This is a sexual act and when done with a child, it's a perversion. Sucking tongue is absolutely not part of the Tibetan tradition of sticking out tongue in greeting. His "Holiness" engaged in this attempted act of child abuse and perversion for nothing but his creepy, sleazy, perverse pleasure. His trying to cover it up and rationalize it made it worse. He put out a statement saying essentially he was joking. That's not a joke and it's not funny. 

Think of all the pervert stories of child abuse in the Catholic churches -- they were not jokes. His fanatic followers tried to rationalize it saying it is part of the tradition, but it is not and you can be sure a) if it was, the official statement would have stated it; b) any tradition that calls for a child to suck an adult's tongue, is perverted. It's absolutely baffling how fanatic followers try to rationalize the unrationalizable!

Words lost in translation? But he doesn't explain how, why, or what, and if that were the case "his holiness" could have clarified it as " a linguistic misunderstanding". Instead, JigJag veers into irrelevant conspiracy theories that absolutely do not justify his "holiness" creepiness. If it's tradition, why didn't his "holiness" say it in his statement?

The raw video is a dead giveaway -- you can see right through how "his holiness" is in his lower chakras moved by perversion -- and he wants more -- so he goes for the tongue. Nothing mysterious about this in my view.

I respect Buddhism highly, but let's call a spade a spade. The attempt to sugarcoat this perverted action with this child is unforgivable. And notice once his vulgarity hits reality, he tries to cover it up with laughter -- but still doesn't want to let go -- so he goes for the kids' hand and hugs the kids' hand.

Buddha was opposed to fanaticism. So fanatic followers should look at their reaction to what contradicts their blind belief, and learn from their reaction, instead of making it worse by also engaging in immoral acts of cover-up, lying, attacking those who disagree with them, etc.

And if someone wants to believe this was pure fun and entertainment and innocent, you're entitled to your view, but JagJag's rationalization hugely comes short of reason.