Horrible Customer Service At Tradingshenzhen

Horrible Customer Service At Tradingshenzhen

By Reza Ganjavi

The front office people were nice, but the company management, represented by a man called "Chang W." was horrendous. Here's the email I sent to him after I got the refund (minus 80).


Mr. "Chang W.", you are the most stupid, arrogant, ignorant, incompetent bully I've ever come across.


To refresh your memory, I bought a OnePlus11 phone from your company in Hong Kong/China, and it was sent to me in Germany by your representative there, Daniel Behrendt of "Desktronik.de" whose website does not work and the email associated with it bounces.


Needless to say it was a huge mistake buying something off a Chinese seller Tradingshenzhen with a German one-man rep whose website and emails don't work! But I didn't know.


The issue with the phone was that except for the volume, none of the other sounds were fully mutable. I am an IT expert so this wasn't a question of competence in usage. It did NOT work. They were not mutable all the way -- 10% or so would remain unmuted. I consulted with a OnePlus expert who admitted it was a problem.


I reached out to Tradingshenzhen and they said you have two choices:


1) Send it back and we try to repair it and if we can't we give you a refund and if we can we send it back to you. This would cost postage, and a long turnaround time. And from my perspective, I did not want to engage in any discussions -- so this was not such a good option.


2) We give you refund, but you have to pay 80. I agreed to this option just to avoid discussion and delays.


I paid the 80.


The case goes to this W. Chang guy who writes to me the most ignorant, arrogant email saying the phone is perfectly fine and there's nothing wrong with it.


How the heck did he make that assessment. He had not seen nor touched nor troubleshot the device.


When I pushed back on his stupid statement, he said well it works because we sell a lot of phones. Great.


So his stupid analysis assumes every phone they sell is perfect, while even OnePlus expert admitted there's a problem.


He started arguing with me and I just did not want to engage in a stupid argument.


Cheng sent me a paper to print to send to Behrend -- on that paper it said the phone is perfectly ok blah blah and had the wrong description of what I reported. Are you kidding me? You want me to sign and send a paper that is false?? Of course, I went through and changed Cheng's lie.


The phone arrived to Daniel Behrend who messages me that he needs my password!!! He messages me from a Tradingshenzhen email address, and he expects me to send my password to a Chinese company, and in particular, one who's acted so arrogantly and ignorantly!


I reset the device before sending it back. If it had a password still, that's not my problem -- and the tech could have just reinstalled the phone. I had to tell him that I guess because he couldn't think of it himself before asking for a password of someone else in Europe via a Chinese domain -- are you out of your mind?!


So he got himself to reinstall the phone.


Then I get a message from Cheng, in his usual arrogant tone, saying, I told you there's nothing wrong with the phone!! How the hell do you know? I bet Behrend didn't even verify that because Cheng had a wrong description of the problem I reported. I think even Cheng didn't understand the problem but was arrogantly just spewing the BS I bet he spews onto other customers that the customer is wrong.


Behrend said this and that are missing. Are you kidding? Nothing was missing. He send me a video that said THIS is missing and THIS is missing, but he didn't say what the THIS was because he had no clue either otherwise he would say it. He just saw the holder of the paper and the pin.


The fact is, I included EVERYTHING I received in that box, including even the SIM card remover pin which is worth zero, just to shut them up. And they still accused me of not sending back "THIS and THIS" while there was NO "THIS and THIS" that was missing. I included in the box the phone, SIM remover, charger, cable, back cover, and I had a witness and took video and photo because I didn't trust this company.


Now imagine if I had chosen the first option of not paying the 80 -- it would have been ten times worse of a nightmare.

They did issue the refund -- which means nothing was missing! But Cheng still sprayed me with his stupid, ignorant, arrogant, poisonous remark that just proved how clueless he is. He was denying the problem I reported even existed OMG sooo funny and sooo sad -- the problem that is known and is reported by others too, and you can see it on the OnePlus website and OnePlus knows about it but in Cheng preferred to be in denial at the cost of my time and distress. NEVER AGAIN will I deal with Tradingshenzhen.


Chang's response to my review proves my point: "Everybody who reads it, will see, that the phone was in perfect condition". He repeats the same untrue mantra. Unbelievable!

Chang's delusional arrogant irrational response is very telling: "Everybody who reads it, will see, that the phone was in perfect condition". IT WASN'T!

The arrogant guy, without ever examining the phone, just contended that it works perfectly fine. IT WASN't. And I wasn't the only one with that experience: 


Absolute Terrible Return & Refund Experience


Warranty is rubbish, they not responding after repair attempt

Trading Shenzen holds my phone under warranty repair for five months now. They ceased to respond on mail two months ago, so I ended up spending 650 Euro (Mi 11 Ultra), having phone for half year and now they holding it and not responding on messages. Definitely not recommended seller. 


TradingShenzen should apologize but instead insist in the error

TradingShenzen is so bad that after the first bad feedback and insisting on not assuming their error, they come again asking for a rating.

My experience has costed me 30,20 EUR from bank comissions for no product.

They want to compare to Aliexpress. The petulance!

As I said before, the worse experience with a China supplier.


You sent us a defective device, a Xiaomi mi13 ultra.

This unit was defective and they require us to pay for it

We cannot and will not accept that.


Customer service was very bad

Customer service was very bad, exactly Yini B. The product xiaomi mi pad 6 pro came opened, it is not new, 


When you threaten them with a PayPal dispute, they close your account. So you're taken hostage.


You sold me a defective product.



55 after i received an opened package, missing phone from inside. Isent police reports, i filled 2 times insurance docs, still nothing.

All the time they said dont worry.

747 euro and doenst matter for TRADING SHENZHEN


There was supposed to be a problem with OTA updates, unfortunately updates do not work. I do not recommend shopping. After posting an opinion, they additionally blocked my account on which I made the purchase. It claims that there is no problem with OTA but there is data downloading to 99.9% and a message pops up that the download failed and I have to try again, again and again.


Here you go: another example of an ultimate THUGGISH MINDSET:

Stay away

After my phone got lost in shipping (as this company claims that), they said that they will re ship it. I just got an email that my order has completed with OLD tracking link. Their support dont answer me, and guess what? They have suspended my account! :D I have paid €1500 2 months ago, and I received nothing but nonsense support messages.

I will talk to my lawyer today and take legal action. Stay away, they are scam.

Edit: And now they are threatening me that if I don't take my review back, they won't send MY phone. They claim that they lost €1500, not me. Because I gave them 1 star review :D Never seen that nonsense argument before. Anyways, I will keep trustpilot informed about this case.


Customer support from hell.


And on and on -- about 500 negative reviews on just one review site ! 

There is a clear trend where this horrible Chinese company denies the defects and bullies you by forcing their opinion that there is no problem. In my case, they did that without even examining the product, which absolutely had a defect, but they just say it doesn't have a defect, but it did! So arrogant and horrible. AVOID TradingShenzhen or get ready for headaches and waste of time and engaging in discussions against stupidity!