OJ Simpson Killed Nicole Brown

OJ Simpson Killed Nicole Brown

By Reza Ganjavi

OJ Simpson killed his former wife Nicole Brown. I followed the 9 month televised criminal trial intently, as many people did, but also because:

It was a very interesting trial with lots of interesting twists about police planting evidence, etc. - and the neighbor hearing Nicole's dog wailing dog for 6 minutes. OJ escaped the police in a high speed chase on 405 freeway.

The timeline of the killing is documented here: https://edition.cnn.com/2007/US/law/12/11/court.archive.simpson14/index.html

As most people who watched the trial, I believed OJ was guilty. He had an amazing lawyer who got him off the hook: Johnnie Lee Cochran Jr., who died in 2005 at the age of 68 and his net worth was about $50 million but he couldn't take any of it with him when he died! 


OJ got away with murder but went on to live in hell. He was later convicted in a civil case for the murder of Nicole Brown, which means he had to pay up all his money for the rest of his life to Nicole's survivors. 



And in Nevada, he was criminally convicted for robbery, kidnapping, etc. and sentenced to 33 years in prison and got out after 10 years in 2017. OJ had tried to take away his memorabilia from a sports memorabilia dealer in a mafia style armed attack in a Las Vegas hotel.


OJ died in 2024 from cancer. One less horrible person in the world. 

People close to the Nicole case came out speaking after OJ died, and it turns out that OJ hired a mafiosi to kill Nicole, and he was there when it happened.  So all of us were right that he had murdered Nicole.