Pilot Smoking During Flight

Pilots Smoking During Flight

Pegasus & Bosnian Airlines

  • I flew a multi-legged flight with Pegasus. On one of the flights the pilot smoked in the cockpit. Several of us smelled it. Cabin chief checked the restroom (so did I) and there was no smoking smell coming from there so it couldn't have been the passenger). The small was only in the front of the airplane. No ovens were in operation. It wasn't food smell. It was clearly and without dispute, cigarette smell. SHAME ON PEGASUS that it tolerates its pilots smoke in the flight.

  • Avoid. Also, SAW airport is extremely polluted with massive levels of RF-EMF so during your transfer time, you'll get biologically damaged.

  • Pilot smoked in the flight. Pilot smoked in the cockpit. Then after he came to go to the restroom at the back of the small plane he passed by me and he stank of cigarette smoke. This is VERY bad.