Andrew Cohen

BY REZA GANJAVI (with quotes from Wiki)

Andrew Cohen is a superficial American Guru. Actually I met him in a small event and was most unimpressed by him. Even his own stories appeared to show his shallow depth of understanding of big facts he claims to have mastered. And what he teaches is an incredibly made-complicated model of the universe because he lacks virtue of simplicity. The most profound facts must be approached simply.

Papaji himself claimed Cohen to have been shallow, and said Cohen's so called enlightenment was just the arrogance of his ego (I believe it).

"The mental, physical, and financial abuse Cohen perpetrated against former students, which he justifies as "crazy wisdom" are documented in books such as American Guru, Enlightenment Blues, and Mother of God, What Enlightenment, EnlightenNixt.

Some of Cohen's former followers, including his mother, Luna Tarlo, have viewed him as a manipulative guru.

Cohen demanded large sums of money and extreme and unquestioning devotion from his students.

"allege authoritarianism, financial manipulation, physical and psychological abuse in Cohen's community".

"Cohen was accused of being a cult leader.

In 2016, over 240 of Cohen's former students signed an online petition titled "Stop Andrew Cohen teaching again", including detailed explanations of why they believe him to be unfit to teach others.