Komaja is a cult started by Serbian self-proclaimed guru, Franjo Milicevic. I was invited to an event. Went to the singing session. Then to their mountain place, which is a property by Maria Ursula Frueh. Then the guru came and they had this spookiest cult event for the guru where they worshiped him, in a dark room, and the instruments had to be played exactly according to the formula, etc. -- I walked out after 3 minutes when they went into this totally cult mood, and never went back.

At the singing event before, I was talking to one of the attractive woman who's part of the cult. I can't tell 100% but my guess is the guru probably enjoys the various women, and like Osho inspired cults, it seemed, based on what they were saying that they are quite liberal sexually.

In principle, I don't have a problem with communities around spiritual ideas, but these groups often get corrupted and turn into a cult which not only hurts the followers but also the leader despite all his inflated egotistic claims of godhood.

I was also not impressed by the guru at all -- he had nothing of value to say, nor was his personality impressive.