UG KRISHNAMURTI (not J. Krishnamurti)

UG is a new age guru. I wrote about him in one of the J. Krishnamurti circulars. While J. Krishnamurti was a man of great wisdom, UG was a clown. I couldn't stand being in his room more than 5 minutes. Details to follow...

Here are a couple of stupid quotes by that madman copycat of J. Krishnamurti who succeeds at fooling gullible followers (mostly from USA) by sounding fancy but his quotes clearly show he hasn't got a clue on depth of the subject he's addressing. He also repeats a lot of what J. Krishnamurti says but I doubt he grasp their depth. Majority of his available quotes are his copying J. Krishnamurti (but not the few ridiculous ones below -- reality of what he is sometimes creeps out with statements like these, as exceptions from directly quoting J. Krishnamurti.

  • "The questioner is nothing but the answer." [Reza Ganjavi: Another false statement by UG. So if I ask what time is it, I am nothing but 3 o'clock! :) ]

  • "You Live in misery and die in misery." [Reza Ganjavi: He's probably talking about himself :) It's a false statement, it can't be proven to be true, and it can easily be proven to be false. Have you ever known anyone who died beautifully, peacefully? ]

  • “Don't follow me, I'm lost.” [Reza Ganjavi: Exactly you are!! - contrast that with J. Krishnamurti who said to me in person, as he told several others, don't follow me, not because he was lost but because he wanted every person to be light to oneself and find things out first hand.