Won Cases Against Swiss National Radio & Television (SRF)

Won Cases Against Swiss National Radio & Television (SRF)


  • The court administrator told me 95% of cases against SRF are dismissed; there's only a 5% chance of winning. That's if you're a native Swiss.

  • When you’re a foreign born person your chance of winning against a native-Swiss person or entity like SRF, in Swiss justice system, reduces to almost nil. So my chance was like 0.1% at best.

  • And if you have a lawyer your chance is much better especially against SRF’s high powered lawyers who have lots of money and political connections supporting them.

  • I went heads on against SRF's dishonesty, propaganda and disinformation, without a lawyer. And I won both my cases.

It was not easy. SRF lied through its teeth in its broadcasts, and it lied to its own lawyer, and its lawyer used all kinds of vicious, disgustingly twisted and incoherent arguments to cover up for SRF's lies. But because they were lying, they were inconsistent. And because they were lying, they were weak.

Someone characterized it as a fight between a dwarf and a giant. I was the dwarf. Now SRF is the dwarf! It got crushed under its own lies and futile attempts to cover up its lies with more lies and irrational arguments. It lost.

My tool was reason, logic, truth. Truth has tremendous power. All I needed were judges who were not corrupt, biased, blinded by small-mindedness, xenophobia, racism -- which is so common in Swiss justice system (with exception).

There were 9 judges. They generally crushed SRF. Three of them were not bright -- they were caught in small mindedness, industry bias, or whatever their trip was it's for them to know. 6 of them crushed SRF. They called out SRF's reporting for what it was -- how I had characterized it in my filings: as trash, tabloid, junk, cheap reporting that called itself "science".

I didn’t need to have a lawyer because fundamentally it was an easy case which was made complicated by SRF's attempted coverups of its own dishonest conduct. SRF lied on the air about EMF pollution, in a totally pro-industry program where they disparaged me as an activist and they disparaged other scientists and my colleagues, including top world-renowned professors, just to bat for the mobile-phone industry. I had enough knowledge of law, ethics, logic to successfully argue the case myself, pro-se, without a lawyer.