Jiddu Krishnamurti References


  • Angelo Gilardino: He taught freely, he taught freedom - he taught lovely, he taught love - he taught beatifully, he taught beauty - he taught simply, he taught simplicity. He was a gift of heavens for humanity.

  • Franz Beckenbauer: I keep a copy of Freedom From The Known by my bedside... you should also read that book.

  • George Bernard Shaw called Krishnamurti "a religious figure of the greatest distinction" and added, 'He is the most beautiful human being I have ever seen."

  • Khalil Gibran: "When he entered my room I said to myself, 'Surely the lord of love has come'."

  • Van Morrison: "I feel the meaning of Krishnamurti for our time is that one has to think for oneself and not be swayed by any outside religious or spiritual authorities."

  • Professor Bohm (associate of Einstein), after meeting Krishnamurti said: “The sky is different; it’s bigger.”

  • Pepe Romero: "He was the essence of love."

  • Henry Miller wrote, "There is no man I would consider it a greater privelege to meet". "I know of no living man whose thought is more inspiring." "There is a name . . . which stands out in contrast to all that is secret, suspect, confusing, bookish and enslaving: Krishnamurti. Here is one man of our time who may be said to be a master of reality. He stands alone..." "[His] language is naked, revelatory and inspiring. . . Instead of an obstacle race or a rat trap, it makes of daily life a joyous pursuit. There is something about Krishnamurti's utterances which makes the reading of books seem utterly superfluous."

  • Aldous Huxley, after attending one of Krishnamurti's talks, confided in a letter, ". . . the most impressive thing I have listened to. It was like listening to a discourse of the Buddha - such power, such intrinsic authority. . . ". " The reader will find a clear contemporary statement of the fundamental human problem, together with an invitation to solve it in the only way in which it can be solved - by and for himself."

  • Times (London), Literary Supplement: "There is nothing vague about Krishnamurti's teaching. It is precise and penetrating."

  • Joseph Campbell: "…I can scarcely think of anything but the beauty and wisdom of my friend(Krishnamurti)..."

  • Deepak Chopra: "Krishnamurti influenced me profoundly and helped me personally break through the confines of my own self-imposed restrictions to my freedom."

  • Joe Lewis, a world Karate champion and student of Bruce Lee said that two of his favorite books are Talking about Think On These Things, and A dialogue w/ K. He said that Bruce Lee applied a great deal of K’s teachings to both martial arts and acting.

  • Atlantic Constitution: 'The author's reasoning is so clear, so straightforward, that the reader feels a challenge on every page."

  • Alan Watts: "A strong ally who awakened responsive chords in me by the freshness of a way of thinking that was quite outside the usual ruts of moral and spiritual teaching."

  • Richmond News-Leader: "Mr. Krishnamurti has written a most revolutionary book. With a sweep as wide as Gibran's The Prophet, he investigates such universals as 'The Individual and Society,' 'Self-Knowledge,' 'Fear,' 'Simplicity,' 'Awareness' and 'Self-Deception.' "

  • Anne Morrow Lindberg: "Krishnamurti's observations and explorations of modern man's estate are penetrating and profund, yet given with a disarming simplicity and directness. To listen to him or to read his thoughts is to face oneself and the world with an astonishing morning freshness."

  • "One of the greatest thinkers of the age" Dalai Lama

  • Time Magazine named K, along with Mother Teresa, as "one of the five saints of the 20th century".

  • The Personalist: "A thought-provoking book, Life Ahead represents a first-hand account of the struggle to transcend human limitations. In its wider context it is an attempt to answer man's gnawing recognition of his own fear and his personal inadequacy."

  • Fairfield Osborn "Education and the Significance of Life expresses clear and untrammeled thinking regarding some of the profound cultural problems of our people."

  • Margueritte Harmon Bro: "Here is the work of a free mind curiously intent on truth without self-interest."

  • Francis Hackett: "Krishnamurti is no other than he seems, a free man, one of the first quality, growing older as diamonds do but the gem-like flame not dating, and alive in these Commentaries (On Living). It is a treasure."

  • Rollo May: These calm searching thoughts of an eastern thinker pierce to the roots of our western problems. A profound and fresh approach to self-understanding and deeper insights into the meaning of personal freedom and mature love.

  • I've read the works of all major Western and Eastern philosophers and in my humble opinion K is the greatest philosopher who ever walked the earth. Reza Ganjavi

  • It's beautiful, expresses thoughts i have, just didn't find the words for them yet. Judith Hess

  • His thought provoking passages are unceasingly everlasting. Jay Evans

  • He was just a freelancer, didn’t belong to any organization, ideology…, just a very intelligent human looking at the problems of living and he had amazing insights into the nature of the mind. Reza Ganjavi

  • K has had a huge impact on my life. I, probably not unlike many of us, was raised very confused. I also suffered from tremendous fears. But much of this has been cleared up by the last quarter century of exposure to K's work. What a relief! Russ Wesp

  • He was the biggest soul that I've ever seen in my life. W. Adelson

  • Maslow was influenced by J. Krishnamurti and wrote an essay based on K's work.

DEEPAK CHOPRA, M.D., AUTHOR: My first encounter with Krishnamurti was in the mid 1980s. He was giving a lecture at the Felt Forum in Madison Square Garden. lt was a cold wintery morning, there was sleet and snow and a thousand people were waitin9 outside. I was one of them. Krishnamurti spoke for two hours. He was direct, profound and ruthlessly honest. When I walked out the sleet and snow had stopped and there was bright sunshine. For some reason I was feelin9 that the sun was bright and warm because I was feelin9 bright and warm inside. I never met Krishnamurti personal1y although I have been close to many who were close to him and I see the remarkabIe effect this man had on their lives. In my own life Krishnamurti influenced me profound1y and helped me personal1y break through the confines of my own se1f-imposed restrictions to my freedom.

Looking at your website, you obviously are deeply interested in Krishnamurti's teachings. You were very fortunate to have met him in person. I have studied a number of philosophies, but none compare to Krishnamurti. He was a true artist of living.

Parricia Tiller - From Futures to Fenway by: Russell Wasendorf, Sr.

SFO Feature Interview with John W. Henry, Chairman, John W. Henry & Company Owner, Boston Red Sox

John W. Henry, today the owner of the Boston Red Sox and of Boston’s famed Fenway Park, is on the very short short list of the most successful futures raders ever….

JH: Actually, there was a fellow named Jiddu Krishnamurti who was a mentor in this regard. He was an iconoclast who really believed that what is was all that was important – at least with regard to making decisions. If you can put aside what should be, what could be, what ought to be, what would have, could have, should have occurred and just pay attention to what is actually happening, the act of paying attention transforms what is. The greatest action, the wisest, the best action that you can take in almost any situation is to stay with what is, instead of jumping to conclusions or trying to come up with conclusions. Just pay attention. And that has had more of an impact on my trading and my life than any other thing. I only knew him briefly – and “knew” him is probably too strong of a word. I met him and was around him briefly, but he had a major impact on my life.

"It’s not just reading it, you read it, and then it starts. I really like this guy, he’s amazing.”

"Really great book. It describes stuff in a real simple way but really deep and thoughtful, and really makes you think... it's great." Thomas Meister

Dr. Theodore Kneupper, one of the philosophy professors who takes interest in the work of Krishnamurti said the following in a video interview (paraphrased). He recalls meeting K and had a similar experience as I did when I met him.

David Bohm, one of the most profound physicists of the century. He went much further than Einstein, Heizenberg, etc. Most other physicists at the end of their career say “we don’t know what the hell it means – we know it works but don’t ask me what it means. Bohm is one of the few people who tried to make sense out of what modern physics is saying…”. He came across a K book (Awakening of Intelligence) in a bookstore and paged through it and saw K saying the known and the knower are one… a theme K talked frequently about that you are one with what you know – there’s no difference between you and what you know. Bohm thought this is what I’ve come to realize in physics, and he sought K to talk with him. They became very good friends till death… More on this in Youtube video called “Outer Streams Jiddu Krishnamurti, part 5 of 6” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGxbaMO_0YA

"I cannot think of a more important thinker in this century than J.Krishnamurti. While Whitehead, Wittgenstein, Heidegger, and Sartre in the West, and Radhakrishnan, Aurobindo, Suzuki, and Fung in the East have all given us very important analyses and syntheses that continue to shed light upon the important issues of the day, there is none, in my estimation, who has penetrated those issues with such depth and simplicity of language as Krishnamurti. His thought will remain a most important source for insight relating to both the intellectual understanding and practical solution of the most important philosophical questions that mankind is facing in this era."

Dr. Ted Kneupper Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania.

“A profound and fresh approach to self-understanding and deeper insights into the meaning of personal freedom and mature love.” Rollo May

"The contact with him changed my life forever and this was the biggest event of my whole life". Ambassador Magda Botez

"Don't accept, if I may suggest, what the speaker is saying. The speaker has no authority whatsoever. He is not a teacher, he is not a guru..." Krishnamurti, London, 1969

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Reza Ganjavi: "Krishnamurti was one of my best friends. He was one of the most passionate and wisest people I ever met. He has touched my life so deeply that I wanted to tell my other friends about him. So I wrote this flyer, not to propagate a personality, but to share something beautiful that I have come across. It is like telling you about a beautiful flower with sweet fragrance down the road. It added perfume to my day.

Krishnamurti was an author/educator/philosopher/psychologist. He died in 1986 at the age of 91. He traveled the world for over 65 years and held public talks, discussions, and private consultations. His work has been compiled into more than 40 books and numerous video and audiocassettes, and translated into almost 50 languages. The titles of his books include Think On These Things, Freedom From The Known, The First And Last Freedom, Life Ahead, The Future Is Now, The Awakening Of Intelligence, On Relationship, Education And The Significance of Life, On Nature And Environment, Beyond Violence, Commentaries On Living, You Are The World, The Wholeness Of Life, and Meditations. His books are used in over 100 universities in America. In 1984, Krishnamurti received a United Nations peace medal.

Krishnamurti does not offer any systems, methods, ideologies, or beliefs. He encourages the listener to question and doubt everything - including what he says - and to find truth for oneself. In his talks and dialogues he explored many issues such as education, freedom, love, awareness, relationship, responsibility, conflict, disorder, self-knowledge, suffering, conditioning, habit, sorrow, greed, psychological time, nature of thought, aloneness and loneliness, observer and observed, dependence, desire, pleasure, death, attachment, fear, energy, change, creativity, insight, order, beauty, meditation, religious mind, and art of living."

One of the five saints of the 20th Century.

~ TIME Magazine

Few modern thinkers have integrated psychology, philosophy, and religion so seamlessly as Krishnamurti.

~ Publishers Weekly

J. Krishnamurti is always fresh, he is always surprising.

~ Sunday Telegraph

For those who wish to listen these books will have a value beyond words.

~ The Observer

Here is a remarkable philosophy of education and peace… Education and the Significance of Life is an excellent book, one that should be read carefully by parents and teachers.

~ Fellowship Magazine

One of the greatest thinkers of the age.

~ HH The Dalai Lama

Krishnamurti is a religious teacher of the greatest distinction who is listened to with profit and assent by members of all churches and sects.

~ George Bernard Shaw

I feel the meaning of Krishnamurti for our time is that one has to think for oneself and not be swayed by any outside religious or spiritual authorities.

~ Van Morrison

In my own life, Krishnamurti influenced me profoundly and helped me personally break through the confines of my own self-imposed restrictions to my freedom.

~ Deepak Chopra

Krishnamurti gave me a great deal to think about, and set me on a quest for something which I scarcely understood.

~ Joseph Campbell

If I could only recommend one book to help improve people's everyday life, just a few pages a day from Krishnamurti's Notebook would be a great investment.

~ Terence Stamp

Hearing Krishnamurti speak was like listening to a discourse of the Buddha… such power, such intrinsic authority.

~ Aldous Huxley

Here is one man of our time who may be said to be master of reality.

~ Henry Miller

I was struck by the great ease of communication with Krishnamurti, which was made possible by the intense energy with which he listened and by the freedom from self-protective reservations and barriers with which he responded to what I had to say. As a person who works in science, I felt completely at home with this sort of response, because it was in essence the same quality as that which I had made in contracts with those other scientists with whom there had been an especially close meeting of minds. And I think here especially of Einstein who showed a similar intensity and absence of barriers in a number of discussions that took place between him and me.

~ David Bohm

Krishnamurti's Notebook, with its matter-of-fact descriptions of Krishnamurti’s almost daily experiences of mystical states, was a privilege to read… This Notebook seems sometimes to paralyse my thought and allow Krishnamurti to work on me on a deeper level.

~ John Cleese

Krishnamurti’s observations and explorations of modern man’s estate are penetrating and profound, yet given with a disarming simplicity and directness.

~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

More than any other living person, Krishnamurti inspired a consciousness community that transcends the world’s political boundaries.

~ Milton Friedman

A profound and fresh approach to self-understanding and deeper insights into the meaning of personal freedom and mature love.

~ Simon Callow

A clear contemporary statement of the fundamental human problem, together with an invitation to solve it in the only way in which it can be solved – by and for oneself.

~ Aldous Huxley

Krishnamurti’s words offer the intimate spirit of a truly remarkable presence; poetic, gracious, vast like the sky and wonderfully wise.

~ Jack Kornfield

When he entered my room I said to myself, 'Surely the Lord of Love has come'

~ Kahlil Gibran

Krishnamurti’s language is naked, revelatory and inspiring. It pierces the clouds of philosophy which confound our thought and restores the springs of action.

~ Henry Miller

A profound and fresh approach to self understanding and deeper insights into the meaning of personal freedom and mature love.

~ Rollo May

I’m a Krishnamurti guy.

~ Jack Nicholson

What I like about K is he's soooo bright -- one of the most intelligent

people I ever met - also I've never met someone with more energy -- I

stood next to him it was like a nuclear reactor ! and we shook hands

etc. - he gave me a flower once. I don't agree with everything K said --

and am skeptical about some things, and am certainly not his follower.

He had weaknesses -- but also that was part of his greatness. He was a

human - but a most amazing one in his incredibly insightful mind, big

heart, and the most energetic body I'd ever touched or seen.

~ Reza Ganjavi


1. Flame of Learning

2. A Timeless Spring (K at Rajghat, India)

3. A Wholly Different Way of Living

4. All The Marvelous Earth

5. Beginnings of Learning

6. Beyond Violence

7. Books in Demand

8. Commentaries on Living 1 st Series

9. Commentaries on Living 2nd Series

10. Commentaries on Living 3rd Series

11. Education & the Significance of Life

12. Eight Conversations

13. Exploration Into Insight

14. Fire in the Mind (w. P Jayakar)

15. Freedom From the Known

16. Freedom, Love and Action (Pocket Edition)

17. In the Light of Silence...

18. Krishnamurti 100 Years (paper back, illus.)

19. Krishnamurti for Beginners

20. Krishnamurti in Greece

21. Krishnamurti On Education

22. Krishnamurti Reader (Penguin)

23. Krishnamurti To Himself

24. Krishnamurti's Notebook

25. Last Talks At Saanen 1985

26. Letters to the Schools Volume One

27. Letters to the Schools Volume Two

28. Meditations (Pocket Edition)

29. Meditations KFI

30. Meeting Life

31. Mind Without Measure

32. On Fear

33. On Freedom

34. On Living and Dying

35. On Love and Loneliness

36. On Mind And Thought

37. On Nature and the Environment

38. Questioning Krishnamurti

39. Reflections on the Self (R Martin)

40. Second Penguin Krishnamurti Reader

41. Talks with American Students

42. The Awakening of Intelligence

43. The Book of Life

44. The Ending of time

45. The First and Last Freedom

46. The Flame of Attention

47. The Flight of the Eagle

48. The Future is Now

49. The Future of Humanity

50. The Impossible Question

51. The Network of Thought

52. The Way of Intelligence

53. The Wholeness of Life (KFI edition)

54. To Be Human

55. Total Freedom: The Essential Krishnamurti

56. Tradition and Revolution

57. Truth and Actuality

58. Understanding Ourselves

59. Washington D.C. Talks 1985

60. You Are the World

"What are you Doing with your Life?" by J. Krishnamurti, Edited by Dale Bick Carlson.

Table of Contents:

Section 1

  • Your Self and Your Life

  • What Are You?

  • What Do You Want?

  • Thought, the Thinker, and the Prison of the Self

  • Insight, Intelligence, and Revolution in Your Life

  • Escape; Entertainment; Pleasure

  • Why Should We Change?

  • What Is the Purpose of Life?

Section 2

  • Self-Knowledge: the Key to Freedom

  • Fear

  • Anger and Violence

  • Boredom and Interest

  • Self-Pity; Sorrow; Suffering

  • Jealousy; Possessiveness; Envy

  • Desire and Longing

  • Self-Esteem: Success and Failure

  • Loneliness; Depression; Confusion

  • Self-Ending--Not Self-Improvement--Ends Suffering

Section 3

  • Education, Work, and Money

  • What Is Education?

  • Comparison and Competition, or Cooperation?

  • Work: How Do You Decide?

  • What Is the Basis for Right Action?

Section 4

  • What Is Relationship?

  • Love; Desire; Sex; Dependency

  • Family and Society: Relationship or Exclusion?

  • Nature and Earth

  • Marriage: Love and Sex

  • Passion

  • Truth; God; Death

  • Meditation Is Attention

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