Letters to Nasser Shamim and why I believe he acted cowardly and unprofessionally

Letters to Nasser Shamim and why I believe he acted cowardly and unprofessionally and should resign from Krishnamurti Foundation Trust (KFT) / Brockwood Park

January 2021 by Reza Ganjavi

The reasons why I and several others believe he should resign are far wider in scope than his cowardly, immature, unprofessional (non)handling of a communication. The entire topic will be addressed by a task-force.

22 Jan 2021 Message sent through KFT's website

I wanted to make sure Nasser has no excuse to later say he didn't know, wasn't asked, blah blah. I went out of my way to get his side of the story on the Inwoods fiasco, but he unprofessionally, rudely, cowardly, not only didn't respond, but blocked my email Lol...(as they're reportedly done to other people as well). Read below for analysis on why his move reeks of mismanagement, and yet another example of acting, in my opinion, contrary to Krishnamurti's teachings).

To: Mr. Nasser Shamim

Hello Nasser. I sent you an email on 19 December 2020, and a follow up on 8 January 2021. You ignored both emails and didn't have the courtesy to even respond or acknowledge receipt which I asked for. Moreover, not only you ignored the messages, but instead of replying you apparently turned around and had my email address blocked. For the record, that is what happened -- the marvels of your management style! If this is not accurate let me know.

Those two emails are listed below, so you can't say we didn't try to reach you for comments the implosion and disintegration of Inwoods, an important school which was flourishing in line with K's educational philosophy. Not to mention similar fiascos, and alienation of various parties.

I started this totally neutrally, but am of the opinion that it's your mismanagement of the events that led to these unfortunate outcomes. We're still looking at the topic and our inquiry is ongoing. A small reminder: KFT is a charitable Trust and not a private club, and K was a public figure, so questioning certain things that are matters of public interest are welcome, and in your role, you should handle them, instead of shutting the door on it, and then, so unprofessionally (the way you mishandled my inquiry). Do you need a lesson in professional communication? Call me up and I'll give you some free lessons.

Unfortunately that was not an isolated case. KFT also ignored a letter signed by over 40 parents. And so on.

Your decision to block my email was foolish, and showed your apparent fearful and dictatorial style which blocks scrutiny. Getting through such a block is like drinking a glass of water (you understand that Persian expression since you're from Iran).

Lastly, I am not X or Y or Z so be careful about what you say. I will not tolerate lies and slander -- ponder on the Persian saying that the wall has mouse and mouse has ears.

By the way, if you're so unhappy with your salary, why don't you get a job in a brutal competitive environment where you can apply your style. But I doubt even there you can get away with the kind of behavior "management team" has allegedly exhibited on your watch: e.g., bogus "gross misconduct" threats. Bogus, because if they had substance the reply would not have been "we can't tell you". You can only not tell someone what they're being threatened with when the threat is bogus!

With regards to your quoting K, talk is cheap. Read up, ponder, inquire, test his ideas on so many things that are apparently missing from your repertoire -- and which constitute a core of the spirit and values Brockwood was built upon.

If you want to come out of your hiding, call me up and we can chat. Is it possible to live without fear? That's a great challenge K poses.

You can reach me at the email above. You should unblock it -- if I want to email anyone at Brockwood, I have a 100 different options -- even Putin wouldn't try your strategy!


Reza Ganjavi

8 January 2021 Email

Dear Nasser

Kindly confirm if the message below from 19 December 2020 arrived.

Thanks & Best Regards


19 December 2020 Email

I sent the following letter requesting a call so as an investigative journalist I get their side of the story. I had a totally open mind but our objective fact checking later gave us the opinion the implosion of Inwoods was a big management screwup -- and related fiascos that are very alarming... instead of answering my email the coward blocked my email address for the entire domain! That's one way of saying "I'm a coward, I don't want to face the facts or answer questions and I'm not professional or polite and civil enough to write and say I don't want or can't answer, so instead I play a coward and block you" -- and that's so contrary to Krishnamurti's teachings which he's entrusted to lead its Trust!

Dear Nasser

Hope all's well and you're keeping healthy in this pandemic. I'm doing well -- super busy -- too busy -- big backlog -- lots of projects...

So definitely not looking for new things to do -- but I've been called on to do some fact checking around certain points that are in the airwaves regarding the Inwoods situation. Given K was a public figure, his work is public, and his organizations seek public funding, what happens there is of public interest.

My objective and interest is to get at the truth -- in the true spirit of philosophy which should be driving all of us who take an interest in K's work. I met him about 15 times including personal contact. He gave me a flower - which symbolizes what his teachings mean, in my heart. As a philosopher (with academic credential/endorsements in the field), and professional business analyst, management consultant, I have a totally open mind about this topic.

I have spoken to a few people familiar with the situation -- very discreetly. I understand you were very involved in the review and subsequent actions. Someone I fully trust said I should speak with you.

I have some concrete questions. I respect if you don't want to or can't answer some of them, but as an old friend of this work, I'd like to ask that we have a call and go through some things -- no pressure at all -- you can tell me what you can, and what you can't, we leave behind.

It's not urgent - so at your convenience. I can set up a zoom call or we use Skype. Looking forward to it.

Best wishes