Response to Bill Taylor

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Response to Bill Taylor

By Reza Ganjavi

Dear Bill

Yes such problems can exist in any organization. I have worked for umpteen organizations, private, public, non-profit, international, in a variety of sectors, and where there are people there are politics and problems.

However, Brockwood is not, or should not be, an ordinary organization -- given it's the vision of one of the greatest people who walked this earth. As you well know, K's vision is unique, his demands have been clearly documented, and his ethos of the highest standards.

All those have been thrown under the bus in the last years. The testimonies are very consistent and they portray extremely unethical conduct.

You have been at the center of this scandal if one can call it that -- unfortunately. You're part of the "Old Boys", part of the Management Team, very close to Mr. Grohe and his "Gang", and you have reportedly been present where grave injustice has been done and you did nothing about it. So at a minimum you're going with the flow.

I was not optimistic that you'd want to talk about this -- but since it was suggested, I took a chance. Your response is very troubling and testifies how deeply engraved you are in the problem: "why not assemble complaints from the full 52-year span of Brockwood’s history". You and I both know that what has happened in the last few years is at a new low and very different than the past.

How many times in your 36 years there, management fired someone, threatening them that if they don't sign the settlement agreement and agree to the terms, they you would charged with "Gross Misconduct", and when the poor chap asked why, the response was "we can't tell you" (because there was no gross misconduct -- it was just a fabricated lie). I don't know if you grasp how unethical this is. And that has reportedly happened at Brockwood -- more than once. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

When you say everything is ok -- I am sure it is not so if you use K's standards for what OK means. He spent a lifetime talking about the importance of truth. When Brockwood management lie through one's tooth as we have credible indication of, things are not ok. Again, these are the tips of the iceberg.

By the way, this is not "my project". I didn't start this project. But one of the habits of the rotten status quo which has infested some of the K organizations, is to personalize things and try to discard the message by discrediting the messenger. Such cunning moves, and lies, and so on are fully at play as consistently demonstrated through the testimonies we have -- and that's far from ok. Perhaps for you by now mediocrity is ok. K had a very different vision.

Take care


PS-- this might be interesting for you Bill since I heard the level of pollution at Brockwood is quite high and kids are recklessly put in wireless harm when wired option is easily available:

On 5/13/21 1:47 PM, Bill Taylor wrote:

Dear Reza


Dear Bill

Jean Michel suggested that I speak with you. We know you're in a

sensitive position. But we both like you :) and he thought you could be

helpful in this tough topic we're dealing with.

We have a vast number of very disturbing testimonies about Brockwood

management and are weighing our options. Would love to discuss with you.

If you're available on phone please send me your number and a good time

to call.

Thanks & Kind Regards


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