ReZa's Quotes

Quotes, one-liners and miscellaneous ideas By Reza Ganjavi

I can only be friends with someone to the extent that they’re friends with themselves.

It takes courage, to say sorry, and brevity, to stand behind your word.

When all else fails, have some cheese!

Making love is like painting or making music. Making love is making music as love is music.

I don't want to relate to people partially. I am only interested in holistic relationship.

It's very difficult to evaluate someone else's experience because we only see a fraction of it. (but people like to think grass is always greener on the other side).

Have you ever seen the same sunset twice?

There is plenty to see just by looking rather than looking-for.

God didn't make bed to be made up.

It's easy for flamenco players to get lost in just fast runs and leave the soul behind.

Never worry about money. Never suffer Every minute spent worrying about money is waste of life….

Small steps can cost you a lot in the long run (for system development).

“it's so easy to break up, any idiot can do it. like making babies.

to learn and build is a different story.”

The generation doesn't matter the sound doesn't matter as long as it's a strong melody.

A dream job nobody would even dream of dreaming of.

i think we can't help but to stay friends - that's already sealed

Just being married having a kid and a wife and another kid coming a and a job and obligation for next 20 years and a mortgage is enough to make any man think twice about life.

I prefer playing music than eating :)

If there is ever a test it’ll be: how kind have you been to your fellow humans, creates.

It seems that I am most attracted to those from whom I can learn the most. (I first wrote this sentence using "women" instead of "those").

The golden rule of psychological health: Keep It Simple.

The secret of happiness is inner quietness. Quietness comes naturally with order.

when I get two times a promise that is not fulfilled I am not interested in the 3rd.

I am beginning to look like the internet !

The right to breath clean air is a basic right of every human.

The center of the universe for me is... Liverpool :) [not really, I changed my mind -- it's Bern Switzerland]

I'm not first class -- (well) I am first class - but I don't have a first class ticket.

dentist: and you are! "I am not" :)

A true artist is a true outsider.

Mother’s prayer is the highest blessing.

In a world dominated by divisions of every kind, one of my charters in life is to bring people, minds, and hearts, together.

If u want your word to have power you have to speak the truth.

Time is the biggest gift life has given.

i cry for love not for sorrow.

key to order is when everything has a place - a right place - to be stored or positioned in.

I can see how it sparked – your smiles are very compatible.

Never be worried if she likes you

If I take responsibility for something it won’t go wrong.

I am nothing; I am a bundle of memories; and when my brain is quiet, I don’t exist

Affection rules the universe.

I am sure our future is bright because our present is bright.

The highest good is consideration.

there’s always hope for the individual

When your heart is washed from hatred, hatred can never come back.

Thought: this is not something to think about, it is not my realm, I am conditioned and my outlook is habitual, based on the known -- I must leave it for spontaneity.

thank you god for this meal and the ability to cook it.

In painting the picture, life may not always draw straight lines. Change of direction is the essence of art. What would a picture be without curves?

Thought was not made to speculate the future of relationship.

Love is the bridge of friendship.

I love nothing in life more than playing music for people.

The key to change is what-is. The seer is the seen.

Clapping is sooooooooo obnoxious. [after the Mozart opera it was obvious that the people were clapping for themselves -- in a loud rhythme -- "now it's time for us to make a sound"]

We must not get attached to and dependant on the gifts that life brings.

Greatness is to live without fear, without pretense, and without the need to be great.

I hate cell phones – they definitely have a bad effect – I very clearly feel it.

you can not hold the key to everything but if you stop looking for a key you may realize there was no lock to begin with!

Nothing is more fun than making music with others.

“if we would have talked about it we would not have had a problem but since we used email we have a problem so the problem is to a large degree the medium of communication.”

Mom is an inspiration. In my darkest hour, her light shines rays of comfort and a soothing voice saying: everything is alright. Her love heals. But she must not be my anchor.

Gossip and double-faced-ness are vain, however tolerated by some cultures.

Music is the ultimate white flag .

The key to psychological simplicity is seeing the limitation of thought as an echo of the past, and therefore to be free of images.

Stress-management & enthusiasm are the keys to "success".

It is very very strange that a man's love for an attractive woman is primarily lust. that's a fact. until the relationship matures and lust takes the back seat and love drives.

I'd rather have 1 woman who wants to really love me than a 100 women who want to sleep with me.

Sound (good music) is purifying.


I can kiss you till the end of time.

Do it


There are those who believe in God - those who believe there is no God - and those who live with facts and perceive that there is a dimention which is beyond the limits of thought and time.

Everytime you enter a situation with a quiet mind you’re allowing magic to enter that situation. Magic knows all pretences. You have to be earnest about things. [or : Everytime you enter a situation with a quiet mind you’re allowing magic to be. Magic knows all pretences -- you have to be earnest.]

life is toooo short to deal with people who don’t know the beauty and art of communication.

I respect people who deserve respect. He lost my respect when he used his position of power to demand respect.

I can only love if I am free. I want to neither cling to nor be clung onto.

Singing is instant joy.

conflict gives the self continuity

Silence is the mother of sound.

If I can live without a car why can’t those drivers?

Friendship is the most important thing in a relationship. Everything else is icing on the cake. Friendship is the only thing that remains. [Friendship is the most important thing and only thing that lasts - everything else is icing on the cake!] [Friendship is the only thing that lasts – everything else is icing on the cake.]

Rules are for you not you for the rules.

writing is life.

if you're invested, give it time - if you're trading, don't do it.

The stronger you get the more important it is to be rooted in nothingness - be anchored in silence.

The ultimate respect I can give another is to not make image of them in relationship - thus not intruding into their space and freedom.

you can even learn from your own shadow. Directions rule – a long spine sliding down the mountain – what could be more fun?

As long as I have a guitar to play and bananas to eat I'm happy.

“if you are studying to be a teacher you are doing the right thing”.

Tired of people who stab another in the back - it goes hand in hand with gossip - a weed of our culture and mind.

- Good night guys, don't forget to go home :)

- Persistence and perseverance is a very important characteristic. I've seen a lot get accomplished with these qualities which would not have without them,

You need a license to breathe is CH.

Time will not make anything that's pushed under the carpet to go away.

Death is the end of all knowing.

I’d much rather carry a guitar than a baby

[translated by Reza Ganjavi: A mediocre person marvels at the extraordinary. An extraordinary person marvels at the ordinary. ]

There is always time for attention

By asking, the impossible can become possible.

Goodness is to make another happy.

“a fresh quality comes into existence when you let go of the past”

And our minds make love in the bed of understanding.

Nothinng is sure till it happens.

...when life gives gifts it is not to be turned down

The most important secret of youth is laughter.

- To test the greatness of a person, give them power and see if they can remain great.

Music is the movement of the unknown.

what do you mean "who cares" -- if everyone starts lying the world will go to pieces.

I have this persistent part of my personality. Persistent people don’t mind rejection.

ego is the most unattractive thing

I prefer to be driven by affection than anything.

A sincere smile is the key to most doors. An artificial smile, with no heart-power behind it is ugly.

If it wasn't for listeners there would be no music.

It’s art, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Youth and health are the most precious assets -- both of which you can have at any age.

That talking about people is ok as long as we say in front of them what we say behind them.

Never go into a relationship assuming the other person will change.

Three of the most beautiful things in life are: Persian carpets, massage, and live Beatles recordings (Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl is the greatest record of all time - so much love there........).

Rushing is greed (for time).

I don't think of birthday as a reason to celebrate any more than every day is a perfect day for celebrating life's richness and love's abundance.

Pain is lesson of humility

My Drummer is playing Drama.

there are signs that jealousy is wiped out forever just as hatred got wiped out when one was 18 or so and never came back to the extent that one thinks one’s capacity to hate has been decommissioned.

Every day is a new life - a new opportunity to use time intelligently.

We’re here to make history. The history is to not let history repeat itself.

What's the point of money if we can't use it for making another happy?

Be careful about who you befriend. Good ones uplift you, bad ones can break you. Same with partner.

There’s a lot of other things that need to match up other than the age…

Intelligence is to learn what makes one feel good, what is renewing, and what is not.

Cigarettes and cars (except Ferraris and other cool cars) are the curses of our civilization. I also hate leaf-blowers - they create air and noise pollution.

You need intelligence not too many principles

Parents should minimize the number of No's they say to the child to the utter bare minimum.

If you can't travel yourself, listen to the stories of one who's traveled.

Every moment spent in happiness is a blessing to be cherished.

Questioning is the greatest action.

You're my friend so what's good for you is good for me.

love helps. everything else doesn't.

Love does not die (by itself). It can be murdered by thought, and that’s the tragedy of our (thought-dominated) civilization.

Lying is not cool even if in the movies they do.

WHAT'S THE POINT about quality of life when you live in a refrigerator - ?

There is no friendship without freedom.

The enemy that pretends to be a friend is the worst kind.

People with chains scare me. Chains that they call love! You know, possessiveness and so on -- people are not property to be possessed. True love can only exist in freedom.

Be khodet naresi be khoda nemiresi (if you don't take care of yourseld you don't reach god) (taking care and reaching are the same word in Farsi)

The guitar is an intimate instrument; it is held like a baby or lover .

Being late is against my religion [in project delivery]

I know how an angel smells.

To be a light to yourself is the ability to rescue yourself from such mental impasses..........

Your happiness is the most important thing for me – that is the ultimate respect I can give any creature.

It's not a question of being right or wrong -- it's about understanding each other.

Goodness is to not cause harm and to try to eliminate harm.

If you don't ask you won't get. If you ask, you might get.

What's good for you, liofe does to you, if you're good to life.

My soil got enriched by their smiles and loveliness.

We have a lot to learn from children, or rather to de-learn as adults.

A religious mind is one which does not live in conflict (with others or with oneself), that is aware of thoughts and feelings during daily life, is clean (has a healthy body and orderly relationships, integrity, etc.), which empties its content (meditation, which is not control), which lives with facts.

Communication is light that illuminates relationship and dispels images.

I’m quite experienced in making and losing money

Albion was right, “if I’d listened to doctors they’d killed me 20 years ago”. Doctors killed my father.

Just go natural - it's the easiest. Nature does't get it wrong

This is not a cry of sorrow but of love - of joy

Never forget to be kind no matter how much being unkind might promise.

Why is it that the people with the worst shaped bodies (overweight etc) are most insistant on letting it all hang out!

I am not capable of hating.

Trying to show worth shows worthlessness.

Internet has become everything I ever dreaded about TV (which made me not want to have one around) -- a waste of time.

[to Judith]: Shit happens because you eat shit.

when you’re awakened with the power of awareness, it is hard to go back to ignorance.

the hills are swelling, the earth is blossoming in greenness.

Always look at what is else you're trying to make what is what it is not based on what has been or what should be.

No-tolerance for nag” policy

You can never take what bureaucrats say as having much significance. Their role is at least half political, and politicians say thing for other reasons than ordinary people.

Learning has its own life.

You can do everything right but still without hatha yoga you age faster.

A beggar might tell us something and walk away. Human conditioning is to say: “he doesn’t know what he’s talking about – he’s just repeating”, or “he is god, I will follow him”. He is not important, but the message might be.

There's a lot of happiness waiting for her in her natural, balanced state.

Self pity is selfishness.

I like babies because aside from extremely cute and innocent, they’re a new chapter. They’re embodiment of new chapters, new beginnings, new opportunities – a baby’s main task as it grows up is to break free from senseless aspects of tradition and find out what freedom is – and an educator’s task is to help open doors for the child.

The process of freedom involves a lot of deletions.

Breathing is usually more helpful than and less harmful than eating yourself (your finger nails).

Your SELF is made from thinking - when brain is very quiet the self is not...

First to market helps second to market

Thanks for the complements but I'm afraid I have to inform you that I too am a human and make mistakes and am never afraid of admitting and never afraid of apologizing. In my book apology is a sign of strength not weakness unlike the general culture of macho mentality which says do anything to cover up, justify, and not admit to your errors.

Sharing with greater numbers for greater good is a sign of a great person.

Only thing funnest than singing beatles is to be in a room full of beatles fans –Reza

I don't want to call it God because the word God is so misused -- There are those who believe in God yet act contradictory to it --they kill in the name of god and do awful awful things which are so ungodly -- and there are those who believe there is no God which is still a belief --- and those who live with facts and perceive that there is a dimention which is beyond the limits of thought and time. (Reza Ganjavi)

There are those who believe in God - those who believe there is no God - and those who live with facts and perceive that there is a dimention which is beyond the limits of thought and time. Reza Ganjavi

Be compassionate to everyone and everything - even the smoker who blows in your face - he is but a victim - to talk in gentleness - to not utter a single word of unkindness is my prayer.

Nothing is uglier than the smell of dead animals (meat) being cooked - specially the bloody type (red meat).

Car owners miss out on life.

Before you buy anything, assume it'll go to zero. Can you afford to lose it?

Your children's happiness and capacity to love and be loved in the future is directly related to how much love you give them.

Music is the universal language!

The greatest teachers teach in conversation, dialogue.

I was born to play music.

Lover of order.

If you love me, don’t think about me.

How are you related to your mobile and computer? This one is the slave and i'm the boss but sometimes it’s the other way around

Don't sit in the back of the bus!

I never forget it when someone does me a favour - but I do not believe in immediate payback - love is not accounting.

Care like a mother's care when carrying a newborn sleeping baby.

In the present there is no sorrow.

Take care of the environment, it’s the only earth we have.

Your hair has taken my brain away.

Oboe cello violin etc etc all have their own sound and character but guitar is the crown prince of instruments. When it comes it's like king of love having arrived.

It takes a lot of lonely nights to be a good musician.

Healthy goes happy, happy goes lucky.

Whip of kindness...

Love can not be found. What is not love must be eliminated, then love may come. All you can do is to leave the window open, and breeze may come, uninvited.

Where thought is not, music is.

The problem is that conflict is in the very nature of division, and any labels and categories are limited and therefore divisive.

When you’re in the hands of love there is nothing to worry about.

Actually it was a nice … nice the glasses but I had to say something.

Uneducated people always pay a high price for their mistakes. Of course education is not by the book only. Dell technician said: there is a term called an “educated fool” that refers to one who has all the book knowledge money can buy but not the common sense that god gave to a gnat.

Alternate version by reza Ganjavi:

An “educated fool” has all the book knowledge money can buy but not the common sense that money can’t buy.

That’s what sucks about email for communicating emotional subjects: you get zero immediate feedback.And you’re left wondering how the other person took it. And sms is just as bad.

sometimes simplicity is worth more than money

“when you’re healthy you feel good”.

Everytime I come back to Switzerland I immediately feel good.

Friendship is timeless and love of friendship doesn't die.

If you’re truly nothing, you’re truly happy.

Optimism is your biological conditioning and financially, sometimes your enemy

learn to spell on your way to hell.

I am one step closer, to next step :)

The channel is there but the radio may be clueless…

The taste of success is sweet no matter how little.

To raise kids is not easy but to do so with stress is worse.

You should never tell a customer my manager will tell you the same thing. That’s bad customer service.

But my eyes are set on the divine – on the ocean – not a drop of rain - which also contains the ocean.

I was whistling – she: so nice – too bad you stopped. “I’m not a train ?

it's never too late to become friends :)

stupid people think their images are the truth.

coffeee makes you faster than your universe

The world was not changed by people who sat back, criticized others, and did not take action.

best thing u can do for your life and future is to quit smoking.

You don't need to be a philosopher to not suffer.

I'm down to earth but down on earth time is limited and life too short for wasting it on nonsense :)

Absolutely honey. It's easy to become human and takes something special to be an angel

Relationship is the most important thing. If you don’t have a good relationship what’s the point of music?

love is the best medicine. I've seen cases love curing things psychiatrists couldn't.

how much will you pay me to do another sneeze? :)

If phil colins and springsteen and Bob Dylan can sing I can sing.

Silence speaks even that which words can not say with certainty.

There is an element in life which is magical. You can not predict it. It comes when you stop predicting the future based on the past (except for practical matters of course).

awareness, once awoken, can not be killed again...

Regarding live performance: all u have to do is to love what you’re doing. When you love it, others will love it and you look up and they love you and there is nothing to be afraid of.

without psychological death life is a game of misery.

What gives rise to psychological pain, is usually thinking too much about things thought was not made for, and sorrow is created by thought and there is always an element of time in it: it's about the past or future. But in now, there lies magic.

My biggest interest is the “other” movement.

THINKING in terms of an end, we have created myths of the beginning

The world was very different at that time but people weren’t.

I like to have a working system more than a working document.

To crying kid outside supermarket: What’s the matter? What do you want? I think you want your hat…. Now she’s smiling

Blessed is the person who masters the art of wondering; one who settles with nothing but the truth.

when you understand what you are you're no longer the same !

I changed my plans instead…too lazy to change trams….i’m joking

Gratefulness is a quality of a great human,

In love itself I trust

Good food is better with a good friend

Trading sucks because the market is rigged. The only chance the little guy has is to buy and hold.

jealousy is a dangerous road

I never trusted women (when it came to “relationship”) and didn’t know I didn’t trust them but I do trust you, for now.

Writing is my best friend.

some women are so beautiful you even want to eat their handwriting.

observing is an art. to do it sloppily one sees and judges etc. - to do it artistically it's done without an observer!

Never sell your musical instrument, and if you have to, sell it to a friend so it doesn't go far, and maybe you can buy it back some day.

The less cultured have less trust and more fear.

When there is understanding, no problem is difficult.

Do for love.

my body looooves tofu

Entheusiasm goes a long way.


Most people are poor communicators - it comes from lack of time, lack of empathy, lack of love, or lack of communication skills.

The guitar is a white flag.

I love completion - whether it's a school project, a work project, a university degree, or learning a new guitar piece - completion is ending - which means a new beginning, a new chapter.

As long as there are children in this world I can find happiness.

you're never too old to see how the self comes into being and how it can end with quietness of thought.

When dealing with unclear arguments, I ask the person: do you understand it yourself? It really works - because it exposes them - in a way you're saying: your argument is not clear, I don't understand your explanation, don't make it up, first have it clear in your own mind then try to explain it to me - this demand for honesty always works. It's amazing how many times, specially in a customer-service culture of pass-the-buck - people try to get away with nonsense.

We know every song except the one you ask :)

The bird whispers something. We can listen or not.

Awareness IS strength.

What's the difference between the dead and an alive man? The dead man cannot smell the fragrance of spring.

My day is worthwhile if I have a good guitar practice, and if I have deep contact with another human, if I make another happy, and if I take care of the body (e.g. a good walk).

"Did you ever love a woman?" - I love all women :-)

Looks is a big part of showmanship. Love brings its own looks.

It's the most unmanly coward and weak thing to go shoot innocent unarmed animals for fun and then feel like a real man of strength.

Are you married? "no, still waiting for the right woman to find me :-)" [C.W.: fish don't look for a partner - they need a woman to say, this is my man...]

I am not lacking nor seeking nor craving nor chasing anything.

traditions are made to be broken.

I have to start to stop over eating.

Maybe the seemingly unused portions of the brain are used for Extra sensory perception, etc. When quiet it gets active.

There's a lot we can learn from "lower" animals - to just be - to be utterly still...

The day is at your service.

Mondays are specially good because they set the tone for the whole week!

“doing all we can to counter the crooks. they have big money we have pens”. Reza

I enjoy watching anybody's whose talented in what they do.

It's important to let a woman do what she wants in sex.

regarding fear in relationship that it could get serious, is this what i want: stay in present. live it in the moment. the future takes care of itself.

Nice eyes - are they yours?

What prevents our growth? I wrote: "Dissipation of energy needed to allow total silence in which and of which the Other movement can be".

One of the best things in life is meeting new people.

Dismantling a circus is a big step which only great men can take.

You're modern art.

Philosophy 101: stereotyping and generalizations inherently inaccurate.

Two stupid people fighting each other doesn’t mean one is better than the other.

to be truly rebellious is to rebel against the self itself and to question, understand, and thereby allow the possibility for the self to end, moment to moment, to all its longings, means and ways, that often hide behind the facade of tradition and it continuity.

I like nothing like being home

if i die tomorrwo, i don't wanna have any unfulfilled desires

thanks for the words anyway. it's always nice to hear things which are along the path - of the pathless land.

People are great here (in Switzerland...) - they delight is just seeing the guitar - in USA people are great too but you never have contact with them - you only see them through car windows.

Aside from being bad for the physical environment and physical body, cars separate people - you think tey bring people of physical distance closer, whereas in fact they bring distance to people who'd otherwise be close if they rode in a bus or train.

Often those who condemn sex are those who can't get it!

many people look for outward changes in order to compensate for lack of inner change.

Human has an innate urge for the otherness. They look for it in concerts, in sex, and in escapes.

There is something holy about coming together and singing.

Favors are never forgotten.

so many times before I finish the page my problem is solved. I’ve seen a totally diff aspect of the problem.

Have a smiley sleep

to be happy is an art- not to suffer is an art - it's so easy to suffer - brain is used to it – it’s conditioned to suffering - to pull yourself out of it - or rather not to get in - that's the art part.

let truth run you

My execution style is to stride as far ahead as currently possible when the “momentum” is there and come back and clean the dust left behind. The key is to come back and clean otherwise you end up being unorganized.

Everybody tried to open the door but they couldn't. I just pushed it and it opened.

I believe in gifts. I don't believe in tests. Life or god does not test you.

Maybe because you live in a small village you don't know how small the world is. Peace goes a much longer way than aggression.

Your hair is the park and your lips are the benches.

Leave a place (at least) better than you fund it.

Writing, as a means of expression is one of the most important skills.

One difference between an educated and uneducated person is that the educated thinks for oneself while the uneducated lets others think for her/him (and so, is swayed by others' opinion).

I like people who force [computer] systems.

I do and mean what i say

You're a human - that's all that counts !!

Life is about music.

when i see you i lose the sense of time

One of the best parts about academically studying philosophy was to read Hegel’s long sentences. Long wonderful trains of thoughts from a extraordinary dimention.

the nice thing about life is that when you’re not ready to turn the page the page turns back on you.

Where there's division there is conflict. The attempts of major religions to find peace has failed and will always fail for this reason.

The ultimate difference between the human and machine is that a machine can not smile.

I have to remember you’re not a computer.

Love is not binary.

The “one day” is now. The “one day” is today.

if you can do, do

it you can't, don't stand on the way of those who think they can

I prefer to have less money tax kosher than more money not.

Superhuman is superanimal.

Any act of unkindness is wrong no matter how right you are

patience is virtue specially these days when you work with the computer and you’re so fast.

About buying a guitar: just like a wife: you fall in love; his than a lot of money

...the purpose of my life became clear - to end suffering in myself (and thereby) in others.

Gravity is against you. Stand on your head.

It's important in conversation to acknowledge hearing the other person - even if you don't think what they say is relevant.

if they give me a free car and 10,000 francs for gas and insurance a year, I would say no thanks - I want to ride trains and trams and buses -- (well, maybe I'd take it and sell it...)

You lick my brain with your mind. :-)

When all else fails sing a song.

There is an answer to a restless mind, but it's not control - it's understanding!

It is important in life to be nothing - perhaps the most important thing - and to be ok with being nothing. Psychologically, one is nothing: it's important to be what one is, or not be what one is not.

happiness is in goodness.

Money is not my god.

tomorrow never comes it’s a trick of your mind

A big part of growth as a human is to eliminate that which makes you suffer

Making a CD is like giving birth to a child, but you have to decide the color of eyes, shape of ears, and how big the nose should be... and there's always the element of unknown - also: baby is carried for a long time, suddenly it happens very quickly.

Music reflects the peace inside - and so it's special. Peace is special in a world driven by conflict.

Stupid people are always frightening. You never know what they'll do.

I’ve always had an affinity for Egypt – the 10 commandments is still my favorite movie of all time.

Keep inquiring... to know is to be certain and have security. To not know is to be open - vacuums get filled - life is great.

I want to sing to the world - to bring happiness to it. There's too much sorrow.

You can kindly point things out to him. It's amazing how far love can go... to learn with him

My last name is contact.

We don’t need unload mental weight on everything.

if you don't ask you don't find.

moods: there are underlying reasons for moods: psychological and/or physiological/chemical -- and the important thing is however you feel is alright and you don't run away from it - though it can be disturbing - when there is understanding then change can come – within limitations of chemical state.

It’s not about reaching - we have a habit of wanting to reach - It’s not something to be reached

I am not a man of memories

jealousy is a dark thing that plays a big role in many relationships

The roots of conflict are in the structure of time-bound thought. (K inspired)

Time is money and more - money can't buy time.

Conclusions, however comfortable, makes you miss out on the vibrating alive happening presence.

A day spent without music is a waste of time.

Not knowing (not ignorance) is not a problem, it is a blessing.

"No" is sometimes the easiest and the lousiest answer.

(some things you just have to) live it and leave it.

The world demands that you declare that you’re something. It makes an image of you or an image of your image of yourself – which you may not even have – and want to shoot that b/c it perceives you to be successful happy free clear.

I like foreplay better than sex.

Every day I need another 24 hours.

Let's see what life wants.

dont trust your virus checker b/c it might be one day out of date!

from time to time she caresses my ears with her sweet voice.

Let the woman drive. Then you don't have to worry about driving too fast.

Live more, discuss less. (also: Study more, discuss less.)

Never say: "this is not my day".

Fat man near closing time of shop: Do you know where the salami is? “No but I know where the tofu is…”

Everything in life is negotiable – almost everything.

People are ok but cars I can't stand.

Your health and freedom are the most important things.

Pay attention & release tension.

most people who can't handle love is because they don't have the capacity to handle love !!

I am against all forms of fanaticism (except Beatlemania

may there be peace in hearts minds bodies and the world.

Everything in life is negotiable except life itself.

The difference between first and second class train ticket in a country is indicative of the social structure. In UK it's a huge difference. In Sweden it's very little difference. In Switzerland it's somewhere in between.

Psychological fear is instantly ended as it arise as the mind sees first hand, not according to some theory, how thought/time is responsible for producing and perpetuating it.

Generally speaking, if everyone assumes other will take action nobody will.

Music is for love not for money

Sanity is the biggest turn-on

love is the greatest motivation and motivator

A child comes from the place of void. It’d been cleansed by void. It knows of void. It is comfortable with void. It was there choicelessly.

Void, nothingness, no-thing-ness – no-thought-ness as thought is thing, a material process – is strange to most adults who are incessantly in the field of the known, thought, words, time, with its images, travail, and utter limitation. It knows not the perfume of spontaneity which is the essence of living and love – the unknown and unknowable.

The biggest lesson not taught in Swiss schools is the dangers of prejudice.The biggest lesson not taught in American schools is to do what you say you would.

Instead of accusing, share how the other's action makes you feel.

Greatness is in one’s values.

If it happens I believe it until then I believe nothing because girls are unpredictable. "it's a good philosophy"

what’s the purpose of complaining if it is not backed by action?

Corruption is rooted in competition.

when your heart feels whole by itself then maybe we can relate

..this quietness is an art.

I am trying to avoid litigation. Not because I can't or won't but because I believe the legal system should be the last resort for problem resolution.

Just being related means nothing - being friends, having uderstanding is first, being related, second.

Sorry, I am usually very short on time to write too much but you know there's warm feelings of friendship.

Happiness, aside from physical health, is knowing that you are adding value to humanity.

Tofu is much better for you than beef - better for the cow too!

Space is a blessing.

In the psychological/relationship field, making conclusions are stupid. It completely takes away spontaneity. Living by conclusions is even more stupid.

Many doctors are hopeless

Outer movement can be an escape when inner state is in disorder.

For me, being alone is like drinking water (necessary)

She asked about my love life. “I love life, I am in love with life”.

To live and relate with no image is amazing - to have no fear - that is to live. Else, life in a prison of thought with its images and conclusions is ugly.

Every lesson has a price - and some of the biggest lessons in life have a big price-tag. Looking back, what seemed as an expensive lesson turned out to be one which helped one grow and be a better person and live more intelligently and trust the father - and mother...

Singing rules!

You can judge the greatness of a society by the amount of fear that's present in people's behaviour.

Follow your dreams(literal) quickly - don't waste time.

My heart beats for the heart of Orange (California).

A rose connected one, the body, to the land - the holy earth.

It's important to know, to learn, that there are certain things that nothing can take away.

Distrust is rooted in fear.

summer is a time when you can make love to the universe naked. Your skin touches the galaxy.

we got to ride the wave of the unknown.

I don't like people who keep blaming others for their misery.

Each person thinks their point of view is the truth, is absolute. And they find a couple of others that have the same idea and that strengthens your belief that your opinion is the fact. How you feel, how you react is reality. But your opinion as to right and wrong is merely an opinion.

In any form of gathering, be it a 20th anniversary, or a wedding, it is important for the participants to come together as one mind - maybe through listening to a speaker, to a piece of music or engaging in a group discussion. That group conciousness empowers love.

Greed is wanting more - beyond your means.

Why do many women have to wear so much perfume and strong smelling cosmetics I suppose -- such an act of disrespect to other passengers on the train.

The important thing is to be creative in the way you live

One of the most intelligent things about the American lifestyle is eating an early dinner.

The worst trait of character is to not do what you say you would.

The solution to illusion is communication.

Happiness is knowing if you were a millionaire you'd still do the exact same thing as you're doing now!

The greatest skill of a service provider is listening.

Stock market is life's way of teaching one patience.

The greatness of this country is that credit rules.

I've been reading your website it's very interesting. It looks like you lead a very interesting and adventurous life, I would love to hear some of your stories some time. Pam

your website is very cool. Pamela S.

Pornography is evil.

The more sleeping pills you take the more painful the wakeup call.

"legitimate opinion" of a crook is hardly legitimate.

Give me your wings and I’ll fly.

Meditation starts now

we need a few leaders who are free from the chains of tribalism.

I can not show a blind man light.

Thought of the day: Imagine if you could talk WITH a flower. Would you want to?

as long as you're truthful you can practically do anything you want and it's going to be ok

playing guitar for fingers is like hiking for legs – when you keep going all problems get solved.

Sometimes sincerity is not enough !

what not to do but not what to do.

Someone I know said K said what he says was said before!

It’s better to correct wrong action than to continue doing it.

Good to ask: is this an action in goodness? Good to live a life in which one flowers in goodness.

I love writing. It’s a great way of looking at what is.

dropping it in this case required writing it

Mediocre minds solicit others' opinions in order to form their own.

a good lawyer’s priority should be ending of the conflict.

a lot of our pains are self-inflicted by excessive thinking.

Ending of conflict is always good even if not doing so could yield millions later.

it's so easy for 2 people and so hard for one.

mutual understanding is the fundamental of good friendship.

It’s all about relationship.

That’s the magic of music – it makes people quiet – it even makes kids quiet

I have a feeling that if i can clean up my act first, bigger action will come out of that.

I love singing like nothing else. Those who gave us songs to sing are among the most important humen.

It doesn't take much intelligence to see that gambling is not a winning game.

Communication is rooted in caring.

It seems like an appointment with god could get cancelled by a pair of lake-blue Russian eyes.

I just want people to keep their words.

Good friends talk to you. Others may talk behind you.

A quite mind makes one like a stable ship in a turbulent sea of change.

Best marriages are those in which the two don’t depend on each other for happiness and are whole…dependence breeds misery.

The right to be alone is in the forefront of the basic human rights.

It is easier for people to assume than to ask.

I live my life without thinking about what people think.

Children always have something for everyone who comes in contact with them specially those who love them and are children themselves and children have an amazing ability to detect that while adults often miss it.

The most important thing in life is not to forget the glass of water god asked for!

Though I have not played guitar for a couple of days, singing has been watering my soul.

i'm a sucker for good communication. it's the least we can do

Getting ignored is not fun for a man of communication.

[lg tips] if there is a disagreement or dispute, when you feel you've been treated unfairly, and the other party is willing to give you something for it, take it., however small and close the case ASAP.

first you need to understand why they did what they did, and then you can contest it.

At all time you should have your hands around scope.

Don’t tell me what you can’t do, tell me what you can do.

If only people would keep their word and did what they said they would, the world would be a much better place.

William: "So with the Japanese girl more happened in your head than for for real....!" "For me, it's either real or non - I don't make pictures in my mind - in that sense of the word, I am celibate!"

To be a channel for Nothingness in a world dominated by thought is very important - that is a primary way of "bringing peace to earth".

What is is goodness.

I was born to perform.


one of the valuable trainings you get as a computer programmer is that you always check the boundaries. This by itself enables you to a) check a process’s logic b) understand a system, as a system is not understood if its boundaries are not.

A professional system analyst / one who understands systems - deserves to go around the system’s loopholes as long as it is moral.


An artist is one who makes people one mind.

Singing is light - singing is joy - singing is love - the time I spent away from the Corporate world, in Europe, in music, added a refreshing perfume to my soul.

I prefer to be honest and communicate than to worry about losing something that can never be owned anyway.

The sense of self is not necessary - there is no self when you're not thinking. You think therefore you are!

Try explaining to her. Sometimes kids, when they hear an explanation, even if they don’t understand, it calms them down.

When it comes, sing it. Let it flower.

When a woman wants to hide, let her be. She will call when hiding ends.

If a woman doesn’t call, let her be, do not get insecure. Feeling of rejection or speculation of another guy in the picture is most probably conditioned – going deep in animalistic roots. Be cool be cool be cool.

The guitar is an instrument of peace.

If we want to find contradiction, it is found everywhere - but sometimes what appears as contradictory is merely a lack of proper understanding.

Guitar brought happiness amidst the misery of the world. (Guitar was instant happiness in a world of misery).

Art grows in relationship.

Part of friendship is to be forgiving of the other's limitations.

I will not make pictures of you in my mind because that would be violating your freedom.

In any meeting, a pre-conceived conclusion potentially prohibits the dynamic magic of the moment.

The whole world is my home.

A quiet brain lets the angels rest and be comfortable! (just a thought)

Life is travel.

I'm never bored or lonely.

you're a heck of a dream realitor too :-)

stairs were made for lazy climbers.

Facts speak for themselves. Bashers sometimes speak for others.

I do 2 things - and that's in the order of love not money...

Patience is a big lesson life teaches you in a major way...

It IS my business - this is my world.

I am a person who perseveres. I don’t drop the ball due to hard circumstances. I stick around to do the job I came here to do and this may require taking beatings. I persevere for the sake of the task and sake of the relationships however others may not regard those relationships as cherish-able and be quick to judge and condemn. Often it’s a lack of understanding which results in mainly lack of space, lack of time, stress, and a resultant rush to conclude. Writing is therapy.

Sleeping late is like over-eating - you tax your system.

You and the water are the best part of this restaurant!

I am driven and motivated and not ambitious. Ambition is becoming. I am happy with where I'm at.

What is is holy.

I don’t know any girls who don’t want to get married.

The real [guitar] master is a kind master. And they do exist.

50% of the do's and don't you tell him are probably unnecessary. If you reduce do's and don't the kid has more space and freedom...

What the music does to the performer is what makes a live performance more interesting. (seeing music move the young Julliard player made me cry).

Please don't tell me no.

The guitar – with the new strings – gives so much joy – like a child would – and no diapers to change.

We're the first generation of computer/internet infested creatures who spend hours on end on the computer/online. The computer has become our god, our alter. We wake up and go to sleep to it. My non-digital possessions other than my clothes is insignificant while the majority of what I own is in the form of ones and zeros in a device smaller than a cassette tape.

It's easier to stay out of trouble than to prove innocence.

I have a bitter memory of cold war - it's ugly - but the ugly don't mind it cause they make money making missles.

Slopes of insight!

In general I would always vote for communication vs. no communication.

<>going at a problem head on means not being shy of facing the most difficult part. Once those parts are solved that’s taking the bull by the horns – the rest becomes a piece of cake.

Nothing is difficult if you enjoy it.

"Boredom" does not exist in my vocabularly.

Company does not resolve misery it only deferes it.

Before emailing your boss, think "will it help him?".

I am Mr. Flexible

Scan my ashes and put it on my website [joke]

You should never compromise a disfunctional relationship <>

You look too happy to be married <>

Any relationship can not co-exist with with fixed ideas. Relationship, as

life itself, is dynamic and can not co-exist statically, however safe and

secure "fixed" may appear to be. At the deepest layer, that which craves for

safety is the sense-of-self, ego, I, which is a bundle of memories.

Confidence has nothing to do with the search for security, it comes when

that whole movement has ceased.

it's much easier to learn german than to try to change swiss laws [joke]

ice-overdosed by swiss girls [joke]

Tell her boss to remind her that she's a person not a computer, and she needs to treat people like people not computers. <>corruption goes hand in hand with psychological following and hierarchy

Computer takes a lot of attention - like a bad servant who washes the dishes loud...

For some reason I love old people - and tiny kids. They seem to be the most innocent...

Don't believe anyone who tells you to believe him.

A money-worshipping, far-hearted culture.

I like to teach my partner, my lover, my friend, not to make image - in order to respect the freedom of another.

I want to live without the clock - this clock has become the enemy - an authority.

"I" is only born when you think.

My computer's alive !

I am from everywhere and nowhere.

it's been a hard days night but it's getting better all the time (those are titles to 2 Beatles songs :-)

The problem is not whether you have a chance or not. Your search for a chance is the problem.

It doesn't matter What you teach, it's How you teach.

Don't take no for an answer - unless you're convinced it's so. Most people say no too quickly.

The idea of having another electronic gadget in my life bugs me. [re: Palm pilot]

When life put you on hold it usually has a happy resolution.

Many rules and traditions are made by fearful people for fearful people.

You're never not in relationship.

Since we're condemned to listen to this cheap stuff called music could you turn it down please?

"Falling" is such a pathetic word to be associated with love as “falling in love”

If your brain is totally quiet when you meet the other person, whether your boss, teacher, or parent, you see them as they are right there and then. That brings magic to the relationship.

I have a special affinity for traveling youngsters as I was in the same boat before!

It's nice to be an apple.

The Beatles are great enough to afford many covers. Look at how many covers of Beethoven were done!

I view people I know, my friends, as the most precious hting in life - more precious than money certainly - and anything else I can think of.

thinking is not the same as typing.

Anything is better than holding a gun

<>the great thing about singing is that it makes others sing.

Jealousy and desire to be something are some of the most crippling factors of the psyche.

<>Half the problems in the world is due to people not going straight at them and the other half is due to people who try to solve a problem w/o understanding it first. Knowledge Management s of crucial importance to any organization and a crucial part of KM is communication / and making sure responsible personnel have are exposed directly to correct information.[lg]


Don't mess around with the "D" word. To call it is to invite it.

You have to be good to life if you want life to be good to you.

I am going to scream at you. Your smoke is going in my face. You’re violating my right as a human being. Go sit somewhere else.

Don't eat too much [any] meat, keep your nature pure.

Best gift is a (psycologically) mature woman.

my world is your world.

It's important to make you partner understand the dangers of image-making - that if she thinks of you (beyond the practical matters), you'd feel it and it'd be an intrusion of your privacy and freedom. As part of qualifying you need to make sure she'd understand this. Most wise women do.

I never attribute anything to lack of luck.

Kids seem to understand the joy the best.

you're in my heart as echos of having seen you. maybe i can hear you sing instead of hearing echos?

Lies is a horrible energy.

If you say yes and it turns out that this is not what you need or want then it's my problem. (an analyst's respnsibility is to make sure the user knows what they're asking and what they're asking for is rally what they need.

Music fed the soul.

My outlook on life&metapysics has not changed much since I was just a kid - that thought is limited - my scope of perception and understanding is limited - there is the limitless, the immeasurable, god, otherness, love, truth, whatever one may call it -- (in the west they may call it Allah, Father, Jove, Ahuramazda, and in the East, Tao, Nameless, Brahman and 100’s of thousands of other names -- which I can not comprehend but know that it exists because I feel it. And as I grew up it became more and more clear that Otherness is very real and it’s not merely a theoretical thing that is separate from the daily life…

The organization is for us not us for the organizations.

Death brings love to life.

I am here because of you.

Some people "can do", some people "can't do".

I am here because of you.

The most difficult thing in life is to play the guitar. The only thing more difficult than that is making a beautiful guitar recording.

I do not have fixed ideas of what I want from life therefore I am hardly ever disappointed.

gratefulness is a sign of a sublime being.

I hate telephones - it’s like talking in a jail. [a joke]

Part of my (personal) culture is that I don't think in terms of give & take. When someone gives me something I may not pay it back right away - but it's never forgotten. Similarly I may give and give and give without expecting a return.

I am more worried about the world than my job.

Big things don’t come if you don’t dream about them first. [not always true because there is always the element of the unknown.

There's no punishment - only consequence.

One-way love is good for the toilet.

You can change that [in them] in the way you communicate if you don’t hold that as an image.

The world needs more people who make others sing.

Nothing gets done properly without proper management.

To respect another’s freedom, I do not hold an image of another. If it’s a practical thought it’s ok. Also when someone touches you very deeply they become a part of you. But to hold an image and brood on another is a violation… Similarly, it is great to live without a single image of yourself.

You’re a person first and then a woman. Identifying with a gender is still an act of the self.

A noble man thinks for himself. A mediocre man lets others think for him!

We have to re-engineer the whole world.

Writing is my revenge.

Old friends make life even more fascinating.

Politics is inaction.

The biggest problem I have with the American culture is that it does not give worth to integrity of words. Many Americans have good integrity and are careful about the routine promises they make, but many often say what they do not mean. My second biggest problem with the American culture is that many people are very paranoid and lack basic trust. Perhaps these two items are related!!

Your professional charter is to do what's best for the project under the circumstances

Moods don't mean anything to me.

Unplug the world on yourself.

If you stop comparing time is not the enemy :)

I never broke up with anybody. On very rare occasion fired a person or two from my life.

Mind's natural tendancy is to want to describe what it perceives. When it perceived the unnameable it tried to describe it: “field of silence” - “land of silence”. When one is describing silence, silence disappears! It’s important to observe without naming…

The world is full of people who complain silently and never communicate.

I could never (or hardly ever) allow myself to ask a person what s/he thought of another.

“Don’t try to change yourself. Trying is the act of the very self you are trying to change and is conditioned by the past. Just see what you are with a quiet mind without judging and it’s a natural law that seeing brings change.”

I'm a citizen of the world.

Egotism is insanity, however polished and functional the ego maybe. This explains why we live in such an insane world. Insanity has degrees. There are clinically and legally insane ones. It’s interesting how circumstantially insane some legally sane and apparently socially functional people can get. How shrewdly this insanity can be hidden!

One of life's greatest gifts to me is a happy father , and a great mother. - and intelligent,. etc. etc.

Is there a lesson? Have you learned somethiong yourself no matter how right you are?

it's impossible to live without [at least physical] fear as long as one eats animals. it's impossible to live without physical fear as long as one eats meat.

How great it is to end jealousy, anger, fear, frustration.

You look like a song!

I much prefer traveling second class even if I was a millionaire.

take care of the body and that'll help stress..

Winners are not followers.

My life is last minute.

My ornaments are pens :-)

One of my purposes in life to give back to my parents in every possible way the love they gave me.

The problem with early morning trains is that they contain plenty of grumpy looking people - like these two older women who are frowning at life with out of shape bodies and thought-enslaved minds.

Happy being a puppet. Never complaining about my lot.

It was tough today… I'm not the kind of guy who gives into suffering … I'll get the guitar out and have a go at it.

she: "you're very special". I: "I've been exposed to a very special teachings."

You’re first a human then a Kurd.

it’s ok to tell another what is, but not what should be

It's much more important to be free from hatred than to be a millionaire.

I still believe marriage is an act of weakness.

Throw books not bombs.

When you have silence you can understand noise.

It is so extremely important to setup the frame of a conversation properly, such that it is crystal clear you have no interest in convincing the other…

I am psychologically simple.

Playing music together can be the highest form of making love. Lovers often are not good performers. yearned to her ears.

I don’t think of myself as a man – I am a human. Man and women are equal. Just as women must not be treated as inferior, they also should not be treated as superior.

Beware of some secretaries and cops who can be good at making a big deal out of just about anything to assert the self.

May it not be a problem for you that whether your problem is a problem for me or not.

pornography is evil – and when television shows it, television is and instrument of evil.

I ain't taking crap from noone.

Beware of he who claims to be honest and integral.

The computer makes me fast - I need people to slow me down.

Grumpy old people are common. Their stress is magnified by caffeine; always pointing fingers outside.

Gotto uproot sorrow – gotto take it by its legs, turn it upside down and hang it by its tail.

I've worked with some very fine x, but the majority of x's I worked with had a value system that did not match mine AT ALL. If I help someone I don't go announcing it. I don't backstab people. Cunningness is not tolerated in my book.

We got enough chores in our lives than to be grinding flax-seeds.

Trusting is a very important human quality.

Silence is the language of god.

Love at its pure sense is something every child with zero education understands.

The deepest and highest form of relaxation and release of tension, is the utter silence of the brain.

I want to go smell the universe.

When you consider being truthful as a must - as a constraint in decision making - cunning action is eliminated.


"Children are the next best thing to music"

Dear Farid - thanks for the feedback. I will add your comment to my one-liner file.

I love children - and didn't mean to compare them with music, though it sounds that way - it was more of a poetic remark -

perhaps shows how deep rooted comparison conditioning is. Interesting note however about not having anytime for yourself !

Best of luck and warm regards, Reza

>Subject: One of your thoughts doesn't hold water!

>... It is nice to get a note from you from time to time. I sure don't have a lot of time to myself

>these days, so when I get you notes of wisdom, I cherish it, reading a bit at a time every day.

>HOWEVER your one liner which reads "Children are the next best thing to music" Noway buddy.

>A child can make music. Music can not make a child. My baby (going on 4!) likes to stand out in front of

>everyone and with her terrible lisp (kind of funny actually) sings her little heart out.

>Second reason: see enclosed picture. Doesn't get any better than this. I highly recommend them... Farid H.


Meditation is giving the opportunity for left brain to be quiet from its habitual expressions.

My biggest mistakes in life were done when unmeditative.

Meditation is the naughting of everything.

Meditation is that which is not supposed to be.

Need to meditate for guidance on all aspects of life.

Meditation comes naturally in gratefulness.

My outlook on life&metapysics has not changed much since I was just a kid - that thought is limited - my scope of perception and understanding is limited - there is the limitless, god, whatever one may call it, which I can not comprehend but know that it exists because I feel it. And as I grew up it became more and more clear that Otherness is very real and it’s not merely a theoretical thing that is separate from the daily life….


love rules.

love makes the mind quiet.

love needs no rules.

love is simple

love needs no security

love needs no possession

love is spontaneous

love is not what the society and tradition think of it to be.

love is driven out by thought because love is whole and thought divides.

To do big things you have to say no to a lot of average things.

love is a universal force. ask your dog!

Once those self-imposed shadows are removed, there are the shadows of stupid people who create problems for us. Stupidity and ignorance seem to be pandemics.

playing music , performing for people , was like being in a mother's comfortable arms (aaghoosh)

There's a cultural inhibition here against doing things you don't have a degree for.

glowing ground of glory

the present is where god is and a mind free from the past can abide in that.

You're saying no to something I don't disagree with.

Never underestimate the stupids. You can't expect them to behave according to your own rational, intelligent behavior and values.

Lesson is never leave it in specialist hands w/o getting intellectually involved yourself.

AVOID tattoos. Everyone I've met in their 30's and above REGRETS having got tattoos... and for other reasons...

Anyway she’s a closed chapter in my book

If in doubt, don't decide till you have to :)

We live in a hypocritical world where most meat eaters don't have the cruelty to kill those poor animals with their own hands, so they

commission some butcher (hit man) to do it on their behalf. They don't want to see the cruelty, the gruesome pain, misery, blood, cries for mercy -- but want it done behind the scene, on their behalf, and then a happy face of McSht is put on it to hide all that cruelty.

Have to choose between the battles you're called in to fight (and never choose to fight a battle if you can avoid it - and never look for one, which you don't need to do if you're friends with yourslef,

Creating clothes is truly an art, and everyone should be acknowledged/ rewarded throughout each step of the process; especially the people that actually construct our garments, whom are unfortunately taken advantage of the most (by receiving unfair wages/ working conditions, so companies can maximize profits). Shout out to ethical: brands, factory workers/ ateliers, and designers.

✨Be an ethical creator in all areas of life ⭐️ we are all made of the same stardust, so be a good human, and let's creatively help each other out.

you will dance to the rhythme of life

my biggest accomplishment in life is a clean heart …….

No thank you. I like civility, reason, and rational, intelligent discussion.

OMG it's raining soooo hard here. Mother Earth is crying about Dumb Scum Trump!

where there is life there is love

I really want world peace - and I really need to piss.

I'm proud that FINRA tied hands of reverse conversion abusers, based on our our research and report. I held two conference calls with FINRA. We never saw reverse conversions happen again.

love comes uninvited ... like breeze. we can't invite the breeze but we can leave the window open!

You are ignorant about history. It was the "pissant" little guys who changed the world, and definitely not ones like you who sit there and

feel helpless, and even worse, preaches "can't do" to those who are doing something.

007 with help from the universe

in search of the last unfallen mosquito at 3 am

You’re an embodiment of infinite love.

My fear is not of facts but of his stupidity and vicious attempts in fabrication of non facts to circumvent facts which are against him.

Happy birthday Sunny. May your heart always be sunny, and your face always glowing with beauty of the sunshine inside :) [what a beautiful message. Thank you Reza Jan.]

I disagree. Feelings are not out of the blue. They have a reason. It's important to understand the reasons, roots of thoughts and feelings. When you have a certain feeling you are that feeling. There's no "you" that's separate from it to let it stay o…See More

I disagree. In most societies traditionally when you're sad you deal with it -- I learned in 10th grade to write a diary. That helped me solve my own problems. Or you talk to a good friend. There's a right place for therapists but I've seen too many people get screwed up by it b/c of the therapist's own confusion or desire to continue the confusion of the client because it's profitable. Of course there are good therapists out there too.

I've never had to deal with a bank with so many incompetent people, stupid nonsense processes, total disaster of a bank. Shame on me for staying with them. They've wasted godly amount of my time due to their incompetence. They couldn't get anything right. One screwup after another.

I gave up on multi-effects. they suck -- too digital sounding and too many sounds you don't need. For 1000 bucks you can buy 4 top of the line pedals that kick ass vs. having a 1000 useless sounds of a multi-effect.

but everyone in this extremely thought dominated world have to be very careful -- thought really needs to be guarded like a wild dog that chews and destroys everything

every moment with you is like eating a fig

music is the language that all living beings understand

Ya, the word sex like god is misused. Good example: song: "I wanna give you every inch of my love" !! and the commercialism, and image making... and many people are stuck in their second chakra. but it can also be beautiful, artistic, when no ego involved (selflessly).

Walz brings a smile to my face

fast driving is therapeutic.

Trump beat Hillary because people thought Trump has substance. Now we've realized he's a chronic liar, a sexist, racist, and highly incompetent, watches TV more than he works. #DumpTrump

my neighbor is a famous German racecar driver - he was mowing his lawn on a mower car going max 6 mph. Asked him how fast he's driver the race cars. In Formula One his top speed was 230 mph 😂

One can ask for the world; getting it is a different story.

Will freeze the rest of garlic/onion. It takes away my peace. It’s a good medicine but I’m not sick any more. It helped a lot in kicking out sinusitis. I’m grateful for it. Didn’t have to take antibiotic. But it’s too “rajasic”.

build up the C gradually and take the same amount every day for a while and when healed, ramp it down and keep it at a maintenance level (according to Dr. Pauling).

so we can get that topic out of the way (or get out of the way of the topic) 🙂

please don't send me anything Trump. He makes me want to puke.

About confidence... it's a deep topic. We can talk about it sometime -- there's a confidence of ego, and a confidence of innocense -- very different .. the confidence in universe -- not having fear -- being free, open, fearless, intellienge, loving, a whole human.

A D leader hires an F team

creating good music needs a big mind

"When there’s peace inside a person s/he doesn’t pick fights with others. that peace permeates to the neighborhood, and bigger circles, and impacts the whole species."

2 possibilities: you're either stupid, or your ego is too big. Ego doesn't grasp that since that means its own ending.

Autobiography of a yogi has several fiction tales to allure Westerners -- e.g., that mermaids are real. Come on! Sounds sexy but it's fiction. Gullible Westerners are all in awe. Yogananda was a great man, no doubt, but I wouldn't say A.o.a.yogi is realistic.

But one can try to remove that which causes suffering.....

Carl Rove is a huge fat ugly cockroach. It was his unethical, terribly manipulative, fear mongering campaign that sent the world down for 8 years by George W. Bush presidency. I'll never forgive this weasel.

Evil power doesn’t ever come dressed as evil!

i could tell he was guessing b/c he was guessing

I feel like an ant compared to a jumbo jet when it comes to not knowing

I hope life helps you the way you helped me.

i know you're a loyal man and I respect that. I'm not loyal but I go for quality. i don't go with junkies

i want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think. rumi

Jealousy: an animalistic, lower-brain emotion which as humans we can be free from when we realize love is not exclusive, it can't be put in a box, people are not property to be owned, and the only sense of security is when you stop looking for it.

"I will avoid loving you until you learn to love yourself." indeed -- those who are in conflict with themselves start conflicts with others. So I saw a long time ago that I can only be friends with someone to the degree that one is friends with oneself.

music is the glue that keeps the society together. An archeologist

my Philosophy degree has been the one I used the most in life -- though computer science and MBA also helped. It's great that you're getting a phil degree pre-law school! Great foundation that helps you think freely. We need more free thinkers, independent thinkers.

our love is a new age symphony

pen is my best friend

People would be better if they watched stars at night - it'd give them perspective

Persian proverb: when danger approaches, kick it in its private parts :) LoL ...

power doesn't mean strong tone -- it can be very subtle with a strong undertone

the ocean is holy

What motivates you? Reza Ganjavi: Love, nature, beauty, insight, urge to find justice, possibility to make a positive change in someone's life / in the world, pheromones :) , money, ... ???

When thieves are manning the police station you can't expect to be safe.

you're so cute 🙂 take care take it easy everything will be better in a week. don't make any life changing decisions when on period 🙂

the day I stop being optimistic I will probably die! It's better to die than to live without hope, without motivation to do something great, without hope that the world can change for the better.

size of enemy should never be considered as a criterion on deciding if one will fight or not.

People have the right to be racist. Problem is when they act on that and violate another person's rights.

This universal love is a strange thing... I even feel love for my worst enemy!

I think the world would be a better and more mentally clear place if not so many people smoked so much pot !

I take a woman over a man for a job any day

That's so profound -- didn't know that line -- but was just thinking yesterday that still, in this age, I am laughing at myself as I did as a little kid! "Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves for we shall never cease to be amused." -- but is it from a scripture?!

Kate Shemirani is a total idiot for saying Corona is not a virus. Hippies like her are responsible for the mess we're in (by prompting people to not take the subject seriously, and therefore spread the damn virus).

Integrity is number 1 in life.

sorrow is to be uprooted and hung upside down

People who changed the world NEVER thought they can't do it. That's the lazy person's way.

For you, I’m willing to do anything, cause you make my heart melt – like butter on an organic buckwheat pancake.

I'm a human UFO

I never get into a state of mind which is not open to dialogue

Reza Ganjavi Happy birthday Sunny. May your heart always be sunny, and your face always glowing with beauty of the sunshine inside :)

beware of force of habit and problem of fear -- and as long as you eat dead animals you will have fear.

my heart is snowing love for you -- but it's so hot that it's more like rain (LOL)

There's nothing dangerous about me, except my kiss :-)

:-) It's true :-) -- I have a very soft heart -- and I cry easily from joy and beauty, like good music, but there's less and less of that beauty in our world.

Most people in their 30's and higher regret having gotten tattoos when they were younger. Get something you can erase easily if you change your mind or get tired of it or change yourself or if it fades etc.

I would never ask you to do something i would not do myself.

Moving on up!!!! Your gut instinct about today's direction was right.

Right on target, Reza. Preach on!

I helped another one of these so called activists quit smoking and drugs and clean up. It's not me -- it's God, love,

love is organic

love is bio

I have a very soft heart for sincerity and genuine apology

Catalina Island is beautiful but Apple's Catalina OS sucks bigtime. I'll NEVER upgrade to it until they bring back 32-bit support.

awareness with a quite mind is important -- in understanding reactions -- so this is the important thing for me in my relationships to people, etc. -- it reveals my programming, habits, influences, conditioning, and so I can act more freely and not according to some past dictate...

I've cried many times from perceiving beauty -- often of music -- or scent of nature.

With a name like Reza, it gets them bigots' blood boiling.

I am nobody's slave except love itself.

She says one of the things that she finds attractive is that I’m friend with himself (united within).

As the saying goes don't let your wife pick (buy) your tie. I don't have a wife so don't have to worry about that.

Bodies know each others' language fluently, without words. Also, love and caring has its own language which is beyond words!

Actually, the sound that a good musician's good ear demands of the instrument shapes the sound the guitar produces. Therefore, the wood shapes over time according to that sound. So a good musician can take a average guitar and make it sound sweet...

One key tip: psychological time is an illusion: the brain plays a trick on itself: "I'll quit later" -- that later never comes and is a trick of the mind to defer change for future. But change always happens in a now.

There cannot be dignity without justice. There cannot be justice without love of truth.

Don't even make an image of others' image of you -- or of yourself -- or of them.

“Btw. what are you doing when you are feeling anger inside you? Writing? Punching something? Or you don't feel anger?” Reza Ganjavi: I try to understand all my emotions -- give it time and patience and space to observe them deeply.

It seems to be very rational logical sane conclusion that someone like you with a history of problems with alcohol, and someone who's very sensitive, emotionally fragile etc. -- that the best thing is to NOT drink at all. Everytime you say NO to alcohol you are celebrating your freedom !

I used to live in Baden -- never thought if I called it Baden Joon it becomes .... eggplant (aubergine)

sorry to babble -- I'm a writer so my fingers do their own thing... runaway fingers.

I go for walk everyday. A cardiologist friend says we have to do cardio (run 25 min/day or walk 50 min) -- I do about 45 min walk every day - more or less...

Your best bet is legal action. File a lawsuit, and be ready to take it all the way to the Supreme Court. You will get help from activists groups. I believe that is the only way to tie up the hands of these scums.

just matter of ethics -- if 2 people's ethics are not compatible then friendship is weak…

I can't stand being around smokers.

Loving, empathetic, caring, respectful, charming, affectionate, compassionate, one-faced, humble, spontaneous, creative, sensitive, strong, artistic, intellectual, pragmatic, witty, fun, fearless, charismatic, romantic.

I can't stand smell of dead meat, especially when it's cooking (I'm a vegetarian).

our social network (real not virtual) is very strong. Mom can get app at best doctors of Tehran who have months waiting list instantly

I sing xmas songs all year :) jingle bells in summer :)

Yes! Even when you can go outside, also go inside :-) "Your inside is out, and your outside is in" (from a John Lennon song). Inner and outer are the same movement, but most people are educated to only pay attention to the outer world...

I never trust a woman when it comes with "love" -- that's a lesson I learned from life experience of myself and seeing others.

No can't do's around here ;-)

Often you'd be surprised what asking will do -- doors often don't open if you don't try.

If you become free this weekend and wanna meet, drop me a note - I'm swimming in work but would love to jump out of it all and dive into your fantasy world 🙂

This is your habit -- this is how u operate -- and as soon as you see a foreign name your chauvenistic swiss supremecist emotions blind your reason -- f-o-

We are on this earth to help others -- at least that's how I see it -- I'm a helper.

Never underestimate the power of ignorance combined with arrogance.

We need love not psychologists!

life is a moment - life is a moment in eternity

robots don't recognize unrobotic (humans who are not robots) moves

your eyes remind me of a friend in calif who had big eyes. and we had a vietnamese colleague who said in vietnam they spoke of persian women's eyes as huge and beautiful

It's my vision - my baby - nobody else can give birth to YOUR baby -

I’m 57 – I’v had more than enough experiences. I want to write some books. – move on for the remaining years as an empty vessel in service of music and charity.

And don't forget to smile. Never underestimate the power of love 🙂

But every failure has a positive side. My system is now more lean and mean...

i dreamed of breasts last night as the source of all energy

A very subtle point, about the "heart". In thought dominated minds, very subtly, thought also dictates what heart or acting out of heart it. Very subtle.

in every downfall there's a positive side, or so does a wise person see it.

i can still laugh so easily at simple things of life, like i did, when i was a child. delight at the ordinary, my heart job thrill, by seeing beauty, seeing things, like liselotte being a power woman for example. who doesn't like food in sink and wipes the sink that always shined after each use.

trying comes before minding

free the back, free the mind....

I'm not a big watch guy -- I live in a timeless zone :)

Congrats for such a huge transformation of your energy from an ashtray to a forest. Keep it up.

Reza Ganjavi: reminds me of Oscar - or was it Segovia - who told John Williams you have to go to Andalucía and make love to a prostitute to be able to play Albeniz. Good point. But no thanks — I drink cultures in other cleaner healthy organic ways :-)

don't take my <3 as an overloaded German meaning of love. it's universal. has no boxes chains borders commitment expectation ownership drama etc etc attached to it :) . just a pure feeling a child may have for another child :) .

One psychologist I talked to for a friend, I asked her: are you happy? She said "I'm stable enough to do my job". What an answer!!

remember the quality of help you get is correlated to your honesty / openness to let her know the unfiltered facts.

it's very very important to empty yourself -- things brewing in your head make it explode -- do it regularly (write / talk diary)

I love your smile - and your teeth are so cute when you smile 🙂 -- Smile is such a powerful thing -- it opens doors -- when it's sincere and springs from the heart. Smile is an expression of love.

Any song that uses a “record scratching” noise is not worth listening to since it’s very unmusical. I guess DJs who can’t learn an instrument scratch records.

I love honey but it feels sticky to be called that.

I rose in love

"Dear Friend, forgive me for writing you a long letter, but I haven't the energy for writing a short one".

“We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share.This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist ------------ Reza Ganjavi: “Seems some of us are are traveling for work, on a mission, and it increasingly looks like Mission Impossible given infinite human stupidity.”

A flower was made to be adored

Alcohol shrinks the brain so according to Dr. Amen (psychiatrist, California) who's done some 100,000 brain scans alcohol should be avoided or if you really have to drink, maximum 2 a week.

also kind of like lovers -- right ones can enrich your life - play a different note in you - bring out a different tone/color -- and wrong ones, you should avoid anyway! 🙂

An artist brings beauty to the world.

Being nothing, something comes.

Being untruthful is far worse than being stupid.

Carl, talk is easy. Action is a whole different ball game.

Cows love music. They have big ears. Swiss farmers play music for them early morning. I go for evening walks with the guitar and they always respond to the guitar, they come closer, etc. -- once they even made love to the music

Even when you can go outside, also go inside :-) "Your inside is out, and your outside is in" (from a John Lennon song). Inner and outer are the same movement, but most people are educated to only pay attention to the outer world...

fighter for justice

fighting evil is not always a comfortable path!

Friends alright but lovers not!

God said Thou Shalt Not Lie Except About Thine Age.

i developed livia -- i removed the dirt to get to the gold.

I don’t want that chicken soup on me. I’m a vegetarian

I have no trouble w fact of being alone. Seeing couples it’s kind of boring anyway – same as being one but shared – but slower and less agile

I love watching female body – it’s such a marvel of creation.

i'm lucky to be with a woman who's not complicated, who's not always thinking of practicalities, so she can be romantic

If I were a woman I’d never marry.

Lot of things that are big in your head seem like nothing once emptied

if they were willing to understand some things we wouldn't be here today

integrity is very important because we have a lot of power. Lack of integrity means abuse of power.

it's better to be sensitive and have problems than to not be sensitive

Kids give a person a sense of security and hope... since the kids will be alive a long time and one needs to care for them...

love by its very nature can not be confined into a cup -- but it can fill a cup.

Love's often misused word so since I mentioned it & since I know you're VERY understanding... I was referring to the powerful universal force which embraces everything and is the essence of all existence. It's not personal or impersonal, but of a different dimension altogether... it's in present... and in presence ;-)

Naps are a gift from God!

nice thing is love is not exclusive -- it knows no borders or walls... it's universal... but in German it's quite specific in its meaning... I swim in love..

No fool would knowingly invite bad luck.

Nothing is more fun than playing Classical Guitar! It beats everything that's considered fun, skiing, singing, surely sex,

nothing's like having a nice oily meal with a good friend

one of the biggest mistakes in life is to expect another to change.

Only the weak follow a guru

Or to be psychologically simply be nothing, which implies no walls, no separation. But that can't come as an act of will for the "willer" is the self itself and the motivation for being nothing as a way to perpetuate the self.

Persians get their fire once a year before the new year starts by jumping over fire saying "my yellowness to you - your redness to me"

send me a kiss before it's finished [she wrote: Send me the video when its finished😉 ]

Short is fine but long is better -- that's of time -- but we want to zoom into the timeless -- go beyond time -- where there's no long and short... But too short won't be long enough

The art of getting away.

The idea of Enlightenment is a creation of thought, a projection of a final event, in time. It's an illusion. It's moment to moment not a final stage you achieve and you coast from there.

there's no doubt in anyone's mind who's not in the pocket of the industry, or is stupid, or uninformed, that RF EMF can cause DNA damage, cancer, weakens immune system, etc.

This is nice but unfortunately division is a consequence of identification and conflict a consequence of division.

True judges don't have pre-prescribed views. They are not "conservative" or "liberal". They vote for truth, reason, what is good, right, decent.

Truthfulness is a key pillar of integrity.

We are not many - and we're on the same team - but we will move mountains!

We live in a world which is cluttered corrupted flooded by things of the mind. not enough love to go 'round cause its roads and rails are congested with thought

wherever you are in the world, if you smoke, the body is unhappy...

you're an art masterpiece :)

You're more beautiful than anything Picasso could create.

What better than a morning going hiking with x and beatles music

René Blaser, Christina Tina Zimmermann, some people do, some people criticize, please let's see YOUR letter. By the way, I'm not running for office so I don't need to be politically correct and I don't run my life based on what people think.

Ya life can cause cancer, especially if a person is stupid and ignores science.