Protection & Measurement


by Reza Ganjavi

To effectively protect yourself, I would first strongly recommend getting a EMF measuring device so you can see the level of EMF you're exposed to. I like Acousticom2 -- it's very accurate and reliable. I use it all the time. The device is a measurement device and not a protection device. Don't trust anybody who tries to sell you a protection device. They're usually scams unless they're shielding fabric or paint, etc.

It's important to become aware of the radiation. Awareness is key to change. Seeing is believing! Insight is action!

Ways to Reduce Exposure to Carcinogenic RF-EMF: 💚💜💛💪🌏

By Reza Ganjavi

- Turn off your WiFi router at home unless you really need it and then use it and turn it off again.

- Never spend time near a WiFi router or cell tower or microwave oven that's on, or smart meters. Distance is key (inverse square law).

- WiFi routers are worse than cell phones because they're always pulsating but phones only pulsate when in use (plus couple of times a minute with short bursts - no problem - unless WiFi and Bluetooth are on).

- Turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth option on your phone. If you have an iPhone do that daily in the morning, since Apple forces WiFi on you every day. Also, on your settings turn off the automatic network detection otherwise if WiFi is accidentally on, it's going to always be active, trying to tap into networks around.

- Put your cell phone on Flight-mode when you go to bed.

- Don't use your cell phone next to your head. 20 min a day of that increases chances of brain cancer by 40%. Using a speaker phone or headset (get as far as possible from the phone) is safer but still exposes you to a lot of radiation since a phone is heavily radiating when it transmits or receives voice or data.

- Do internet on your cell phone only when you really need to. Use wired internet. Most modern phones can be connected to internet via a cable (e.g. USB-C), so you can do all your online stuff that you do on the phone while the phone is in flight mode and connected via cable. I do all that on a computer instead.

- Turn off your printer/scanner's WiFi option.

- Turn off your television's WiFi option. See RF-meter below. It's essential for helping you "clean up" your area from harmful radiation.

- On public transport, don't sit next to someone who's online or talking on a cell phone. The RF detector (pocket size - see below) shows you where "cleaner" places are.

- Replace your home's wireless phones with good old fashioned wired phones.

- Turn off car's wireless system including Bluetooth.

- Get rid of your AppleTV box. It emits very heavy radiation even when not in use.

- Educate your neighbor. So at least they turn off their WiFi at night, if it's close enough to you.

- Get a good measuring device -- it's a must-have if you care about your health in a world that's highly polluted by carcinogenic RF-EMF (WHO calls it possibly carcinogenic but the people involved in that rating are now saying it should be classified as carcinogenic to humans). Order it here:

This is MUST HAVE gadget for anyone who cares to control the level of radiation one's exposed to. It's priceless. I use it all the time. Best thing I've bought in years. You can order it here (see below). I get a tiny commission that's used for this activism.

- Fight back: don't let them put cell towers in your neighborhood. Many communities are fighting back, despite weak laws, and outdated and inadequate standards that are adopted by industry and regulators.

- If staying at a hotel, and there's a router in your room, disable it. I stayed at a Courtyard/Marriott last year and plugged out the router, and room went to "green" (<20mV/m). It's not always possible. If routers are in the corridor, ask where they are and get a room that's as far as possible. But it's difficult these days, so I would recommend taking a SwissShield wrap with you (see below).

- Shielding material (e.g. products by Swiss Shield) can be used for blocking RF EMF, e.g., on flights, hotels, etc. -- for example SwissShield Ultima is wonderful - you can wrap yourself with it (kind of makes a Faraday cage) while flying -- or even at home, can put a layer under your mattress and a layer above your duvet - if you're getting radiation from a wall-to-wall neighbors and they refuse to turn it off at night... or cell tower -- the material can be used for curtains, bed nets, canopies, etc. -- I don't like the clothing made because it doesn't have the Faraday effect. Even a lighter, breathable material (SwissShield Daylite) can even go over the face.

- Aluminum foil is also very good shielding. But it's important if you want to get into shielding to educate yourself. The comic idea of tin foil hat doesn't cut it and makes it worse, since radiation is multi-dimensional, and when it comes from under it bounces off the foil, back into the brain. Also there's an issue with grounding and interaction with the electric system. A shielded canopy is often grounded.

The shiny part of the alu aluminum / aluminium foil should be towards the room and the matte side should be towards the router. the matte side blocks the radiation much better.

Be careful - one way shielding is potentially harmful. To shield properly you need a Faraday Cage effect. Also alu and other metals reflect all kinds of spectrums of radiation so you can make things worse by not having a faraday cage.

- These last items are desperate measures. The best is to clean your home and surrounding with other ways that are mentioned above.

- Get active. Your voice counts. Let your law makers know of this criminal conspiracy of using outdated standards to push a dirty technology (which has never been tested for safety) on people. Fight back. It's your health. You have a fundamental right (protected by most constitutions and conventions) to not have your health put in danger by radiation that's known to be putting your health at risk.

- Take anti-oxidants when exposed to radiation. Studies have shown anti-oxidants help fight some of the impact since this radiation causes oxidative damage. Vitamin C is an important one. They're mostly found in fresh fruits and vegetables but larger doses are needed which come from supplements.

- There are some paints with metal inside that work, but get some advice. They may need to be grounded.

- Do grounding of your body. e.g., spending some time barefoot on ground - cement and soil and grass work but asphalt doesn't. This helps a bit.

PS -- I use Swissshield for flights, etc. -- it's a great fabric -- bio -- and works great. There are chinese models too but I would not use them -- they have toxins -- also careful about the metal used. Swisshield is the way to go. Also be careful that you're fully covered otherwise radiation can bounce and get worse.