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Réza Ganjavi's BEST SELLING Second Album



Produced by Réza Ganjavi

Reza Ganjavi's second CD: "Dancing Hands" consists Renaissance and Baroque classical music from Europe. It features world-class performers, including Maurice Steger (www.mauricesteger.com). The CD is recorded with top equipment in a wonderful ancient Swiss small village church possessing beautiful natural acoustics. No filters and electronic effects are used. It includes 16 fantastic tracks, a 20 page color booklet, 50 philosophical quotes, and 58 photographs. Hundreds of pages of listener praise can be found on www.rezamusic.com.

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DANCING HANDS track list

Gaspar Sanz (Spain 1640-1710)

1 Canarios - solo guitar; guitar&cello; violin,flute,cello,guitar (3:33)

2 Folías - solo guitar; guitar&violin; guitar, viola, flute, cello (3:22)

3 Pavanas - solo guitar (3:19)

Johann Sebastian Bach (Germany 1685-1750)

4 Minuet in G, BWV 114 - solo guitar (1:55)

5 Bourrée from Lute Suite No. 1 in E minor, BWV 996 - flute, cello, guitar (1:15)

6 Prelude from Cello Suite No. 1 in G major, BWV 1007 - solo cello (2:03)

7 Prelude for Lute, BWV 999 - solo guitar (1:48)

8 Prelude from Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1, BWV 846 - solo piano (1:38)

Domenico Scarlatti (Italy 1685 - Spain 1757)

9 Aria in E minor, K32 - solo guitar (1:24)

10 Sonata in A major, K322 - solo guitar (4:02)


11 Scarborough Fair - recorder & guitar (1:12)

12 Greensleeves variations - solo guitar; guitar&cello; recorder, guitar, cello (4:30)

Cesare Negri (Italy ca.1540-1604)

13 Bianco Fiore - solo guitar (1:32)

Luys de Narváez (Spain ca.1500-1555)

14 Variations on Guárdame Las Vacas - solo guitar (4:28)


15 Secret Seasons -- Greensleeves for viola, flute, guitar (3:15)


16 Italiana - guitar, flute, viola, picollo, cello (2:47)

REZA's Second Album Guest Performer Biographies

  • Maurice Steger – recorder (blockflöte). Born in the culture-rich city of Winterthur, Maurice is recognized internationally as a recorder player of startling virtuosity. As a soloist, Maurice regularly performs with leading orchestras throughout Europe. His recordings have won several awards.

  • Marianne Hübscher – flute, piccolo. Marianne performs with several chamber orchestras including the Bern Flute Quartet, and teaches music. Marianne, her flutist husband Gerhard, and their four adorable children, live in a lovely small farming village outside Bern.

  • Annemarie Dreyer – violin, viola. Annemarie regularly performs with the Bern Symphony Orchestra. She is also the concertmaster of several orchestras, a member of the "Ensemble 7", and a music teacher. Annemarie lives in Bern, with her cellist husband, Markus, and their two beautiful children.

  • Matthias Schranz – cello. Matthias is known in the Bern region as the hottest cellist around. He teaches at the Bern Conservatory and performs both as a soloist and with various ensembles. Matthias also composes, sings, and plays the guitar with a progressive rock band. Matthias is part of the Paul Klee ensemble.

  • Pierrine Käsermann – piano. Another prominent talent in Bern's cultural landscape, Pierrine is a freelance musician and teacher. She studied in Bern and Salzburg. Her musical activities include projects with dancers and sculptors. Pierrine is a passionate mountaineer.

  • Dominic van der Zypen – cello. Dominic plays with the Bern Medizinerorchester and is a candidate for a PhD in mathematics. Here, he plays the cello in Greensleeves.

General Note About Reza's CDs

The price is based on a sliding scale based on what you can afford and like to pay. In CD shops in Switzerland, Reza's CD's are categorized at the top price level of classical CD's. The reason for this is Quality: The productions is first class. Large music companies would never put as much effort/resource/cost into making a CD's, but being an independent label, Reza Ganjavi Music / Ganjavi Classics can do whatever it takes to put out world-class CD's in terms of music, sound/acoustics, graphics, information, and packaging.

  • The guest performers are world-class players.

  • Great care has gone into making sure every track meets our high standards of quality.

  • The recordings are done with wonderful, warm natural acoustics with top equipment and engineering techniques so as to maintain the sound's authenticity while bringing it from the instruments to your sound system.

  • The mastering is done by Dr. Beat Hohmann, the Swiss expert in Acoustics.

  • The historical research for the liner notes is thorough - several scholarly sources have been consulted and cross checked. Top literary minds such as Bob Ashley of Halifax acted as advisors for the texts.

  • Most of the amazing nature photographs which establish an ambience of visual beauty are taken by the world-class photographer Friedrich Grohe (www.kmail.ch). Goran Gasper also contributed his great photography.

  • The CD's contain carefully selected profound quotations by great thinkers of history.