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Réza Ganjavi's BEST SELLING First Album



Produced by Réza Ganjavi

Reza Ganjavi's first CD: "In Friendship" consists of Classical and Romantic guitar music from Italy and Spain. It features the world-premiere recording of "Forgotten Songs" by the great contemporary Italian composer, Angelo Gilardino, based on the celebrated Russian-Spanish Romanza for guitar, in duo with viola, violin, flute, mandolin, cello, oboe, and voice. Reza's duo partners on the record are among the best musicians in Europe. The CD is recorded with top equipment in a wonderful ancient Swiss small village church possessing beautiful natural acoustics. No filters and electronic effects are used. It includes a 12 page booklet. Hundreds of pages of listener praise can be found on

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CD: "In Friendship" track list


1. Russian Spanish Romanza

Angelo Gilardino (Italy 1941)

Forgotten Songs: [World Premiere]

Reza Ganjavi (Guitar) in duo with the following musicians:

2. Recollection – Annemarie Dreyer (Viola)

3. Hungarian Song – Annemarie Dreyer (Violin)

4. Sunset at the Alhambra – Marianne Hübscher (Flute)

5. Nocturne – Duilio Galfetti (Mandolin)

6. Legend – Stefania Veritá (Cello)

7. Remembering a Waltz – Martin Frutiger (Oboe)

8. Star of the East – Franziska Hegi (Voice)


9. Russian Spanish Romanza (Reprise)

Isaac Albéniz (Spain 1860 – France 1909)

10. Preludio (Asturias/Leyenda) op.47, n.5

Joaquin Malats (Spain 1872 – 1912)

11. Serenata Espanola

Francisco Tárrega (Spain 1852 – 1909)

12. Lagrima (preludio)

13. Adelita (mazurka)

Matteo Carcassi (Italy 1792 – France 1853)

14. Studio op.60, n.3 in A

15. Studio op.60, n.7 in A minor

Fernando Sor (Spain 1778 – France 1839)

16. Estudio op.35, n.13 in C

17. Estudio op.35, n.22 in B minor

Mauro Giuliani (Italy 1781 – 1829)

18. Sonata op.15 in C: Allegro Spiritoso

Canzoni Dimenticate Team

  • Annemarie Dreyer, Violin & Viola - concertmaster of several orchestras, freelancer with the Bern Symphony Orchestra, and a member of Ensemble 7.

  • Stefania Veritá, Cello - plays with a number of orchestras including the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra and Camerata Bern. She is a also a cellist with Salon and Flamenco groups including the Ensemble of Nina Corti, and performs with groups that play traditional Italian and South American music.

  • Franziska Hegi, Soprano - teaches at the Bern conservatory, sings as soloist with several groups ranging from classical to gospel, funk, soul, and a-cappella.

  • Marianne Hübscher, Flute - chamber musician with several groups including the Bern Flute Quartet, and teaches at various music schools.

  • Martin Frutiger, Oboe - studied Oboe in Bern Munich and Berlin, and has performed as a soloist with the Bern and Luzern Symphony Orchestras. Martin is currently a English Horn Soloist with the Tonhalle Orchestra in Zurich. His quartet's website is:

  • Duilio Galfetti, Mandolin - concertmaster of the ensemble “I Barocchisti” in Lugano, plays violin and mandolin with the “Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana”, and was a member of the “Il Giardino Armonico” orchestra of Milano for several years.

General Note About Reza's CDs

The price is based on a sliding scale based on what you can afford and like to pay. In CD shops in Switzerland, Reza's CD's are categorized at the top price level of classical CD's. The reason for this is Quality: The productions is first class. Large music companies would never put as much effort/resource/cost into making a CD's, but being an independent label, Reza Ganjavi Music / Ganjavi Classics can do whatever it takes to put out world-class CD's in terms of music, sound/acoustics, graphics, information, and packaging.

  • The guest performers are world-class players.

  • Great care has gone into making sure every track meets our high standards of quality.

  • The recordings are done with wonderful, warm natural acoustics with top equipment and engineering techniques so as to maintain the sound's authenticity while bringing it from the instruments to your sound system.

  • The mastering is done by Dr. Beat Hohmann, the Swiss expert in Acoustics.

  • The historical research for the liner notes is thorough - several scholarly sources have been consulted and cross checked. Top literary minds such as Bob Ashley of Halifax acted as advisors for the texts.

  • Most of the amazing nature photographs which establish an ambience of visual beauty are taken by the world-class photographer Friedrich Grohe ( Goran Gasper also contributed his great photography.

  • The CD's contain carefully selected profound quotations by great thinkers of history.