Stephano D’Silva Thinks His Saying Lies Is Funny

Stephano D’Silva Thinks His Saying Lies Is Funny

By Reza Ganjavi 

I met Stefano D’Silva in the 1990s in Switzerland. He’s from Spain I believe. He now lives in the UK and according to his Linkedin profile teaches at “John Dewey ISC”. He apparently has had some association with Krishnamurti’s Brockwood Park School many years ago.

Internet is a strange place where strange people say and do strange things; where the psychologically inadequate try to find fulfillment in strange ways including poking at people, especially those who’ve achieved something (Tall Poppy Syndrome), all to be somebody because they think they’re nothing and they’re not ok with being nothing and don’t know the beauty of being nothing. And jealousy (rooted in comparison) which is a common lot of mankind and burdens many unrealized minds; and bias and tribalism, and a dirty heart that knows no love, and much more goes into making a person a psychological monster – and throw someone like that in the internet and it gets even worse. That’s an entire chapter by itself. 

I do not know D’Silva except a vague memory that makes me recognize his face, so I cannot judge whether he is indeed one of those psychological monsters stated above or not. But his behavior is very alarming and unethical. 

In response to someone posting an article I had published, which had taken 2 years of work, and which is highly praised as top-notch research and authorship, D’Silva posts a stupid response which attacks me on the basis of, in his dishonest stupid view, that I purportedly never had a job!!

When I compare my resume which involves working for world-class companies for many years as a software engineer, business analyst, solution architect, project/program manager

That by itself debunks D’Silva’s stupid lie. When I look at his resume, it puts his lie in greater perspective. I have 3 university degrees, from great universities, with high honors, and multiple scholastic honor society admissions; D’Silva’s education is:

“Honywood School 1978 - 1982 - Not much”

The man who lies about me saying I never had a job, shows a “job” for 18 years as playing in non-important bands, most of which don’t look like they would be providing a “job”.

His other experience seems to be working mainly part-time for John Dewey Specialist Independent College as a music teacher.

So a guy with that kind of profile accuses me of not having ever had a job. I was an IT professional since age 21.


D’Silva’s lies don’t stop there. He goes on to lie that I had issues with Brockwood in the early 90s and I wanted to be a staff – but both of those are false. I didn’t have issues with KFT back then or ever until 2022 when our findings came to a head and our research report materialized. And I have never applied nor ever wanted to be a staff member at Brockwood. 

There you go, 3 delusional lies from Stephano D’Silva.


I tracked him down and sent him a legal notice:

To: Stephano D'Silva, Islington, United Kingdom, +447780813835 

You are in violation of my rights.

FACT: you posted 3 material falsehoods about me as facts.

WARNING: I've saved these and have a long period to bring a criminal charge against you -- yes you've subjected yourself to jurisdictions where your action is allegedly CRIMINAL, and that's besides civil liabilities. If you think you're above the law think again. I've brought much bigger liars to justice. Respect others' rights. I'm sure you don't appreciate people posting lies about you. TAKE THIS WARNING SERIOUSLY.


You're just making up these lies. 



Whatever your problem is, whether you're on mind-altering drugs, or you're crazy, or you're jealous, or you have a hateful polluted heart, or you're so empty inside that you try to get a kick by poking at others and lying about others on social media, or you're just projecting your own thin resume on me, or ??? Whatever your problem is, that's your problem. You must respect my rights, so STOP lying about me. I will find you and I will bring you to justice - count on that - if you do not STOP. 

Any questions? 

Let me know if you received this message otherwise I'll make sure you receive it in other ways. 

Reza Ganjavi 


He wrote back a silly message telling me I should have a sense of humor and my message was a threat.

Here’s my response to him:

Harassing you??? That's just as delusional as saying I had no jobs. When you post lies about people and they write you to tell you to STOP, you may not like that but that's not legally harassment. I think you could use legal education so you don't dig yourself deep into legal trouble. You can even get free advice by going to your local police office and asking them to educate you a bit. 

Humor? I'm sure you won't find it funny if you find someone posting multiple lies about you. If you think that was funny, you're a sicko. 

"Do not contact me again." -- when you contact someone you should always expect that you get a contact back. I had no reason to contact you but to inform you that you've violated my rights and that you need to STOP.


PS – 

"Actually, it is threatening."

Yes, I sent you a legal threat. 

That's perfectly legal. 

And I did so because you violated my rights. 

Ask the police about that - they will educate you more.


Someone familiar with the situation wrote to me: 

I do not believe in you, BUT I SEE the way you work and this is AMAZING…!!!

I see what you can do with a guitar… I HAVE SEEN YOU… that was enough… you are… just beyond… all this…!!!

The world is sometimes hurting when you are in a LEAD position… and you are a leader not because you want it… it is SO… my friend.

Best regards