Conspiracy Theorists Pollute Minds

Conspiracy Theorists Pollute Minds

By Reza Ganjavi

Conspiracies do exist. But most conspiracy theories are bogus, unfounded, promoted by lower educated or uneducated people, and there's always a THEY up there that's supposed to be planning everything and pulling all the strings, and they believe is some crazy shit.


One guy in Switzerland, Christian Oesch has a Telegram channel and he has some 6000 people following (assuming they're not bought followers as a few pennies can buy Telegram followers) and he's promoted some strange conspiracy theories through various mediums. The list is long. A few off the top of my head:


Idiotic ideas like: FTX collapse was orchestrated by the government (while in reality it was insider incompetence and criminality that led to its collapse); that the Ukraine war is Biden's making to hide bioweapon labs blah blah while in reality it was Putin’s aggression and now there’s an arrest warrant out for his arrest; that Switzerland is a sham democracy – which is not true; that the Swiss Federal Government is run by the Vatican – which is not true; that the Covid-19 pandemic was not a pandemic – which was; and other similar blah blahs.


I do question the sincerity of conspiracy theorists when money is involved; e.g., when they have a better chance of getting donations etc. when they believe in exotic conspiracy theories.


A good example is Alex Jones (see: )


Lesson: as fun and sensational-sounding conspiracy theories can be, don't believe them unless you've independently verified or you rely on highly credible people who have verified and seen the evidence.




She wrote a conspiracy-theory filled message.


My response:


Dear Leslie -- a few tips: be very grateful for the USA being a land of law and one of the best countries in terms of relative integrity of the justice system (despite imperfections and racism etc.), and a strong economy that's the engine of the world. Be careful about conspiracy theories -- Ukraine money laundering bioweapon lab blah blah -- examine and find out things for yourself -- don't follow anybody's thought, especially conspiracy theory gurus which pollute the mind, are usually not intellectual, not too educated, and are weak in believing everything is under control. It's not. The world is a mess. There's no THEY who are controlling everything -- if there were they're utterly incompetent. Your statements are alarming -- when you say for example there is no freedom of speech in America. This is flat-out wrong. Maybe you have one or two examples of first amendment rights being violated - it happens - but to make such a general statement is just wrong and hurts yourself as we think with words. Check and feel free to connect on insta: Best wishes.




A woman invited me to stay with her for a practical purpose related to activism - and I paid her rent for the proceeding nights - and she was so complicated - and stinking of alcohol - and not very intellectually gifted and believed every damn conspiracy theory under the sun including that the earth is flat - and that each of us is worth 250 billion worth of gold blah blah in the eyes of THEM. Who is them? I asked. Vanguard and Blackrock. Oh really? - You forgot Rockefeller and Rothchilds -- she: “Well, they're the same” she said. They're not. And anyway, if I'm worth 250 billion let me have a fraction of it. And the homeless druggie is worth 250 billion in gold. I DON'T think so.


So, my tolerance for BS and endless drivel had limits - but I always smiled and stayed calm and spent most of the time outside.


And one night I think she was drunk, she said so much bullshit and lies that I just left. It's like, I don't need that in my life.


And I think she was disappointed that I didn't want to have sex with her - she was not my type!




Hi Wayne – so-called global ruling elite posts are off-topic in our 5G groups because the entire concept is very questionable and vague. I am not denying it but I'm also not accepting it because of soooo much nonsense I've heard about the topic with no evidence. For example, a woman told me recently in Italy that each person is worth 200 billion dollars of gold to the global ruling elite and is a commodity for them blah blah blah -- ya the drunk homeless guy is worth 200 billion in gold. Give me a break and if I'm worth that much let me have a fraction of it. Then comes the key question: who are they?


And the answers I've gotten are mind-boggling. Sorry about that. Your other posts are great. Thanks.


Oh and she believes that a so-called Tesla machine that they're making is going to solve all problems.




She lured me to Italy for a cause that didn’t turn out to be legitimate. On the couch, she held her legs up in air as she grabbed her knees into her belly to exhibit herself. It was a turn on but I did not want to mix with her because I didn’t know her, I didn’t have good feeling towards her, and there were red flags in my mind about her, which turned out to be correct.


She turned out to be an alcoholic. And an extreme conspiracy theorist. She said crazy things like:


“Each person worth billions and goals Washington London City and the Vatican they are the center of all this s*** that we're going to a case so and then there's that Vanguard and black rock that own everything, they own everything, you've forgot about Rothschild's. Yeah, that's them, that's them, okay so basically these we are storming for them and we have to free ourselves and then in fact Catherine armature she was getting her common law passport because I told her about it to go to New York are we going this way and she's in New York now so she could have used that do you have tics here.”


She's bitching about me being on internet, "These gadgets are not good for us - we shouldn't be doing it - that's what THEY want us to be doing -- THEY -- her stupid brain is caught in this idea that THEY... and if you ask who they are she says it's vanguard and black rock -- they want us to be glued to internet -- and eat bugs for food. GET THE FUCK REAL.


And she thinks Princess Diana is still alive but hiding somewhere so the story that she was killed was just a main-stream media lie and orchestration by Charles blah blah blah.


I do believe Charles may have had a hand in her death -- she even warned about it -- but that she's alive is not a conspiracy theory but insane idea.


And she claims "chemi trails” (chemtrails) are the cause of her not feeling well even on a day when there were no signs of anything in the sky.


She’s a so-called anti-EMF activist. She calls all EMF "Wi-Fi"! That’s how ignorant she is about the topic she’s an activist in.


She believes every conspiracy theory under the sun and some crazy ones and not in-depth...


E.g. That every person is a commodity for THEM (if you ask her who - she says vanguard and black rock -- oh how about Rothschilds? - she: “oh it's the same” - so vanguard/black rock is owned by Rothschilds - and I didn't even mention the other cliche: Rockefeller -- she'd say they own vanguard too... truth is not so important -- she just repeats what she hear it seems...)


Anyway, so each person is worth 100 billion dollars in gold for THEM. Really? Even the drug addict on the street? Makes no sense whatsoever - and if I'm worth 100 billion and didn't know, I'm ready to sell myself for a billion.


Stuff like that, that the earth is flat -- oh really? Where's the evidence? Oh someone said on YouTube - but it defies all science...


And she thinks THEY want everyone to eat bugs as the only food so they've started by putting bugs in kids' cookies. And so on...


I didn't remain quiet and challenged some of these ideas


Oh and sovereignty -- being above the law, taxes, etc. -- told her to look up sovereign citizen group in the US many of whom have a lot of problems with the law. but she says her friends have obtained sovereign passports in the UK - good for them -- I'm too pragmatic... and surely at some borders they won't be allowed to enter with that "passport".


Anyway, a nice kind gentle lady, but very incompatible with my outlook on life and my need to get to truth of things, research things and not believe everything that's sent on Telegram.



To a conspiracy theorist:


While these ideas may be intriguing, most predictions of doom and gloom have failed repeatedly throughout history. A tip: never bet against the US economy. And if you're in the US cherish the democracy. The idiotic followers of the Chronic liar Trump who wanted to overthrow the government and make Trump its dictators were too stupid to foresee that their lives would turn into hell if ruled by a self-serving dictator.