UK's "Full Fact" Fact Checker Is Full Of Lies

UK's "Full Fact" Fact Checker Is Full Of Lies

UK's so-called independent fact checker "Full Fact" Is Rather Full Falsehood And Lies

By Reza Ganjavi

Regarding so-called FULL FACT which I prefer to call FULL LIES – “the UK's independent fact checking organisation” which has engaged in promoting lies it calls facts and shamefully calls itself “Full Fact”!

·      Will Moy - Chief Executive

·      Mevan Babakar - Deputy Chief Executive & Chief Operating Officer

·      Andy Dudfield - Head of Automated Fact Checking

·      Ross Haig - Head of Communications

·      Tom Phillips - Editor

·      Glen Tarman - Head of Policy and Advocacy

·      Claire Milne - Deputy Editor

·      Charlotte Ross - Operations Manager

·      Grace Rahman - Online Fact Checking Lead

·      Cassie Staines - Policy Manager

·      Phoebe Arnold - Partnerships Manager

·      Nicola Aitken - Policy Manager

·      Gill Massey - People Operations Manager

·      Louisa Johnson - Fundraising Manager

·      Rebecca Hill - Policy Manager

·      Ben Weich - Media Officer

·      James Perkins - Social Media Officer

·      Stephanie Young - Philanthropy Officer




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Subject:                             Full Fact = Full Lies / Grace Rahman's Garbage Article


Will Moy - Chief Executive, Full Fact (or rather "Full Lies") 

Mevan Babakar - Deputy Chief Executive & Chief Operating Officer

Tom Phillips – Editor

2 Carlton Gardens, London, SW1Y 5AA

+44 20 3397 5144 / +44 795 0114 013.

Subject: Garbage article by Grace Rahman on Wuhan 5G Coronavirus blah blah

Mr. Moy:                  

You all have the nerve to call yourselves "Full Fact"? That's just as bad as Coda Story's so-called Disinformation channel spreading disinformation.

Your "Online Fact Checking Lead" Grace Rahman apparently fabricated the biggest lies that she fed your readers as facts. Or her so called research was so incredibly superficial, unprofessional, perhaps biased, and outright stupid. If she had spent more than a millisecond researching the subject matter she would have found out that there are THOUSANDS of studies that show non-ionizing RF-EMF damages the DNA. The link to DNA-damage and cancer has been explicitly and clearly established. But "Full Lies" lied to readers, misled its readers, and did so about a crucial topic of public health. Do you realize the level of responsibility that carries, and the moral issue with propagation of such deceptive falsehoods?

Let me guess: your goal is the same as Coda's seemingly goal: to be sensational. And you seem to be willing to say anything to build up a bogus case (just like Coda), even if it's disinformation, and then put a label of FACT on it. Or are you in the pocket of the wireless industry? Do you get any money from the wireless/telecom industry?

Full fact and Coda are in my opinion highly hypocritical for this reason. Hypocrisy in compromising and presenting of facts is a moral issue, and is a negation of journalistic integrity.

Her article is full of inaccuracies related to RF-EMF. Clean up your act. Start speaking the truth. You stink till you do that -- from the foul smell that usually emanates from the moral corruption surrounding the wicked wireless industry.

Here's a small wakeup call for Ms. Rahman. Here's a major wireless industry player ADMITTING TO DNA-DAMAGE which Rahman denies -- DUH!!!


Reza Ganjavi


On 12/26/20 1:05 PM, Réza Ganjavi wrote:

You need to immediately correct your pro-industry lies you're propagating as "facts". Shame on you for portraying yourselves as an authority on FACT yet publish such deceptive LIES!!

I'm referring to your comment about the article on the 5G antennas in Bath (link below). Your pathetically incompetent or corrupt (I noticed Vodafone donated 10's of 1000's of pounds to your pathetic existence -- I have more respect for prostitutes) "fact checkers" (or rather "Falsehood Promoters" FAILED to look at the FACT -- what a joke of an entity you are -- you should shut your doors and stop deceiving the public into believing you're some kind of a legitimate fact checker -- you're not!

Even the wicked wireless industry has admitted that microwave radiation (RF-EMR) damages the DNA at even sub-thermal levels and all current standards are thermal based which means, it ignores thousands of studies that show biological impact.

Before escalating this matter to your donors and trustees, I want to know if you're going to correct your LIES or not.

I'm awaiting for a prompt answer.

Reza Ganjavi, MBA

Certified Investigative Journalist, Computer Scientist, Philosopher, Musician, Writer, Activist


Sent via on 13 Jan 2021 

Hello. I just spoke with Ben and he said you will respond to this. I will wait for a response and I'd like to have Will and Michael's emails please.


Wed, 10 Feb 2021 00:11:50 +0100

Hello. I am still waiting for a reply before I escalate this.


Thu, 5 Aug 2021 00:59:03 +0200

6 months later and still no reply you pathetic mouthpieces of the corrupt wireless industry.

I will take this topic public now if I don't hear from you within a week.


The liars didn’t respond because they were lying and when their lies were called out they could not defend themselves.


Now anytime I see FULL FACT or even FACT CHECKERS on Google News I disable it because chances are some profiteer got the so-called “fact checker” compromised with Money-god or some kind of influence scheme.


Key takeaway: do NOT rely on fact checkers to fact things for you – check things out on your own, you have the power to do it, and be careful about some of the so-called fact chekers. They could be lying to you.