Taming of Cyber Bullies (coming up)

Book coming up on on my experience as victim of Cyber Stalking, Gang Cyber Stalking, Bullying, Racism and Hate Crimes

Cases to be covered include complaints I filed for cyber stalking and alleged violation of numerous other laws, which I was a victim of.


That was an elaborate gang cyber stalking case I was a victim of which started on a classical guitar group and all the defendants turned out to be guitarists, from amateur aspiring guitarist to one who eventually got a PhD in guitar. Motives were typical causeless hatred, wickedness, racism, and jealousy since this all started after the release of my first CD which was a huge success and a best seller.

All the extremely serious attacks that included fraudulent use of my identity and forging my writings to insulting blacks, sympathize with terrorists, etc., aimed at destroying my character in order to oust me from the guitar scene, and other such juvenile crazy motives which the defendants thought they could carry on on the internet, anonymously, thinking they'd never get caught.

At that time cyber law was not as advanced as today. I was one of the pioneers of cyber law litigation and there weren't many lawyers at the time who knew the fields so I had to study it and carried on a major part of the litigation pro-se (without a lawyer, including finding all their identities which was very very difficult but I succeeded in getting them out of the holes they were hiding in, one by one, and into the daylight.

I uncovered the identities of all the anonymous defendants, sued them, and they all settled the case before it goes to trial. Deloitte I dismissed without settlement as it became evident that they were not guilty for their employee's use of their computer systems to carry some of the cyber stalking actions against me. The defendant employee of Deloitte is now employed at KPMG US in Chicago and my website has gotten obsessive hits from KPMG US, as well as someone in Chicago which is probably the same person but I don't care. He can hit my website a million times a day.

Another defendant, known back then as "Cyber Troll of Minneapolis" contacted me not long ago, in violation of the settlement agreement he signed.

Another defendant, William Jennings of San Antonio, Texas, died a few years ago. He was one heck of a complicated guy who also harassed the great God of Guitar, Maestero Angelo Gilardino in some very nasty ways.

One defendant quickly settled as he was smart enough to know fighting it will not pay off. The others tried to fight jurisdiction, and it just cost them a lot of money. At the end, I got all their identities, and got everything I wanted out of them, including removal of the mess they had created. A number of them also wrote public apologies.

The lawsuit started in California Federal Court, and then I sued them in Illinois Federal Court in order to maintain the tolling of the statute of limitation and have them all on the hook given they were in different States (Minnesota, Illinois, Texas), and the Federal Court allowed me to keep them on one hook until things progress (instead of having to fight 3 separate state cases). Just before I file in their state courts, the remainder of the defendants that is -- the most hard-core ones who had carried on the worse of the offenses, all settled.

I was encouraged by cyber stalking and bullying experts / scholars, to write a book since it can help other victims. The book portrays all the extremely interesting (and painful) details of the attacks, and the hoops I had to jump through to get the anonymous defendants identified and taken to court.


Mark Halibron was a cyber stalker who used the screen name "Whiteknight 3" and caused a lot of trouble by stalking me with racist rants, etc. Behind his computer screen he took on a very different personality than it turned out to be in real-life (typical). After much big-mouthed rants while hiding behind his computer, acting like a big bad bully, once he was caught he surrounded because he knew the alternative would be getting convicted by court and a hefty judgment.

Again, the case had very interesting (and painful) turns and twists which will be elaborated in the upcoming book. He settled the case before trial, but later violated his settlement agreement which wasn't a pretty fact for him when I found out about it! That also got settled!

Related cases of stalking and attacks in real world where Mr. Ganjavi was a victim of, that may or not be included in the cyber stalking book. All these happened after Donald Trump became a president and global racism and hate crime indices rose sharply.

  • REZA GANJAVI vs. Native Swiss Racist Attacker 1 whom a biased prosecutor allegedly helped avert prosecution. This case was settled before trial after the bias prosecutor's boss lied through his teeth to Mr. Ganjavi with false promises, to manipulate Mr. Ganjavi into settling the case in favor of the native-Swiss attacker.

  • REZA GANJAVI vs. Native Swiss Biased Prosecutor who helped a racist native-Swiss avert prosecution for almost killing Mr. Ganjavi in a causeless, unprovoked hate crime. The prosecutor lied multiple times on legal documents to help the native-Swiss attacker.

  • REZA GANJAVI vs. Native Swiss Racist Attacker 2 who was a child slave in his younger days and extremely complicated psychologically. A native-Swiss prosecutor helped him avert litigation because of widespread small-minded, biased, Swiss-supremacist attitude in the justice system.

  • REZA GANJAVI vs. Racist Swiss Police a crazy xenophobe Swiss-Supremacist woman called the police because Mr. Ganjavi looked like a foreigner. The police stopped and searched Mr. Ganjavi and of course couldn't find anything inappropriate. Mr. Ganjavi wrote down their names, and everything they said. And some of the things they said were really stupid. One of them called Mr. Ganjavi an "Arab" and made a very nasty racist associated comment. Mr. Ganjavi is not an Arab anyway. Mr. Ganjavi filed a complaint which typical for Switzerland was covered up by authorities who often scratch each others' back. At least the police department and the woman issued apologies to Mr. Ganjavi, but too little too late.