Hardell-Ganjavi Project

Top Experts Challenge Swiss & Martin Röösli (Roosli) & ICNIRP's Lies About RF-EMF Health Impacts

This project was initiated and coordinated by Reza Ganjavi in close collaboration with Professor Hardell, over a long period that involved a lot of work. Christian Oesch (Ösch) has publicly lied about his (last minute minimal) engagement where he interjected himself, to get egotistic glory, and maybe help his woowoo gadget sales by hurting the project which I believe he did hurt. His public lies also include lying about his background to help him sell his woowoo gadget, and lying saying he's working with Dr. Hardell after Dr. Hardell explicitly informed him their (minimal) contact has ended...









1) Letter to: Simonetta Sommaruga

2) Letter to: Paul Steffen

3) Intro for this page (not sent to authorities).

by Reza Ganjavi

22 April 2020



22 April 2020

Dear Mrs. Sommaruga:

I am writing this as an independent and proud Swiss citizen who came to this country as an expert, by invitation from a Swiss firm.

Further to my response (below) to Paul Steffen's reprehensible response to an important letter, please note:

The letter invoked your position as the President of CH / head of Bundesrat -- and not your position as head of UVEK. Therefore, your passing of the buck to BAFU (this seems to be a habit of yours) was a breach of your responsibility to us Swiss people. You should know far too well, if you even bothered to read the letter before shrugging it off to BAFU, that the points raised span multiple areas of the Swiss Government, and not just UVEK. The scope of this critical issue spans multiple Departments, including Department of Health, and Department of Education. Furthermore, the subject is a direct violation of our basic human rights under Swiss Constitution, Swiss law, and international treaties Switzerland belongs to.

Your Paul Steffen can give us "lip service" all he wants -- even having no shame in pretending the Precautionary Principle is followed (which it absolutely is NOT). But YOU have failed us Swiss citizens by ignoring the important points raised in the letter, and passing it to Mr. Steffen to give us an embarrassingly inadequate and out-of-touch response.

Can YOU MS. SOMMARUGA TRY to understand the topic. It's not difficult, even for a person trained as classical pianist.

The entire foundation of Paul Steffen's inept response is the FALSE assumption that standards based on Thermal Effect (which only protect you from not getting burned) (and which TOTALLY IGNORE BIOLOGICAL EFFECT) are adequate. This is a BIG FAT LIE. Its a LIE because all your so-called experts know all about the thousands of credible studies conducted by experts who are not in the pocked of your industry, which shows RF-EMF has damaging biological impact. But it's not to your interest to tell the public the truth. So they LIE to the public, as BAFU and other agencies have repeatedly done, saying current standards are safe. That's a LIE.

When it comes to our health, THERE IS NO ROOM FOR COMPROMISE. We Swiss people are not going to compromise our health, because

· YOUR industry wants us to believe we need faster download...

· and your Department of Education is also driven by the same LIE that the public is told, therefore, it totally ignores teaching people about safe use of technology.

· and your Transportation Department is driven by the same LIE, and has ruined our SBB, national rail service and will make it worse, by having all train wagons be microwaved boxes where people inside are getting biologically damaged.

· and you Health Department LIES to people saying sitting next to a WiFi router, or being near a cell tower is safe, while it admits itself that it's never done a study, nor knows of ANY studies, that show long term exposure to be safe.

So our entire country, under your weak leadership, as head of UVEC, and now as President, is going the wrong direction when it comes to OUR HEALTH. IS YOUR HEALTH NUMBER ONE PRIORITY FOR YOU MS. SOMMARUGA? I BET IT IS. THEREFORE, AS OUR PRESIDENT, OUR HEALTH SHOULD ALSO BE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY FOR YOU.

We're a rich country and don't need to microwave our people NO MATTER WHAT -- even if the rest of the world does it -- we must not.

So PLEASE, live up to your legal and moral obligations and



You can't let the wicked industry run all over you with their incessant lies -- yes we've heard them and their cronies at ETH/FSM, etc. lie to public saying this radiation is safe -- that's like the CEOs of Big Tobacco saying "Nicotine is not addictive"! Despite majority ownership of Swisscom, your PRIMARY FIDUTIARY AND MORAL DUTY is to protect public health. Don't you forget that.

The question of balancing act is relevant only in matters that equate in importance to public health. Faster Download DOES NOT. The Stupid idea of autonomous vehicles DOES NOT. Internet of Things is one hell of a stupid marketing gimmick / business plan of the industry to make money. None of us Swiss people need our toilette paper dispenser to be connected to WiFi! Read between my lines.

So BAFU's utterly nonsense "balancing act" rhetoric is an irrelevant, stupid, cunning, irresponsible stance of the government which has forgotten its duty to SERVE PEOPLE. People are not here to serve you / fund your industry! Don't you forget that! Pay attention to the RECOMMENDATIONS in the Dr. Hardell letter.

Kind Regards

Réza Ganjavi

[coordinates below]


22 April 2020


Bundesamt für Umwelt BAFU

Mr. Paul Steffen, Vice Director

· Copy: Ms. Sommaruga and the rest of the members of the Bundesrat

· Copy: Members of BERENIS

· Copy: GS UVEK, 3003 Bern

Dear Mr. Steffen

I am speaking on my own behalf and not on anyone else's behalf, as always.

Regarding your letter dated 27 March in defense of the indefensible, i.e., the attack on us Swiss people's health by a wicked industry that's on record for lying to people, and their government backers, like yourselves at BAFU, who also lie to public, using outdated, irrelevant standards that go against INDEPENDENT (means not in the pocker of the industry) science.

I can't believe that Ms. Sommaruga once again dropped the ball because she's apparently clueless about the topic -- as far as I know she has no formal education in science. She's a classical pianist. I'm sure she read your response and thought, ok, I can ignore Dr. Hardell's letter. That's the modus operandi of the government when it comes to RF-EMF: counter challenges with lies and garbage arguments, and then discard it. BAFU even has a template for that and sends the same lies to different people who write to it.

I can't believe the falsehoods, and lies you wrote in your letter, in order to protect a rotten status quo which is totally leaning towards YOUR industry (let me remind you that Swiss Federation owns 51% of Swisscom). It's a FACT that the government made ~380,000,000 CHF from selling licenses for an untested, unsafe technology to a wicked industry that is on record for lying and deceiving people about health risks.

Let's call a spade a spade. Your small-minded response, which I assume was written partly or in entirety by Mr. Roosli, is full of ridiculous lies. Your biggest mistake is to assume because the microwave radiation us Swiss people are getting attacked with 24x7 is within standards, therefore it's safe. How many hundreds of scientists is it going to take to get you and your colleagues and bosses to comprehend a simple fact of BIOLOGICAL EFFECT which you standards are IGNORING.

Therefore your entire argument that's based on those faulty, inadequate standards are invalid, and when you say current levels are safe that is a LIE. BAFU should know that it's false because you have been made aware of the independent researchers' work time and again (e.g. www.emfscientist.org), yet BAFU has chosen to ignore that work, and instead, lie to people that getting radiated by 4G, 5G, WiFi, etc. is safe.

Do you ever think of how morally wrong it is to lie to public about matters of public health?! But we're used to getting lies from BAFU and the rest of the top echelon of our government which is heavily influenced by the industry.

But let me remind you, we Swiss people care about our health, and no matter how many times you lie to us about this extremely damaging radiation, we're NOT going to accept it.

If you have any brains you would never let your child sleep next to a WiFi router. But it's ok for other people right? I'm sure you will NOT want a 4G or 5G cell towers near your house, but it's ok for other people right? You'd be incredibly stupid to be ok with being next to a cell tower or WiFi router, knowing what you SHOULD know about the biological damage. I'm sure you're not a stupid person, so the other alternative is, that you've believed the same lies that the government is telling people about safety.

But the large majority of Swiss people are NOT stupid, we see through your lies, and we will NOT accept getting this catastrophe shoved down our throats, no matter how many lies the government tells us.

To conclude, let's look at a few of your most ridiculous statements:

"In our opinion, this bal-ancing of interests has so far been successful in Switzerland."

WRONG. It has been a mega failure. Swiss cities and homes are radiated with some 6 Volts/meter of RF-EMF which is hundreds of times the safe limit. It's only been successful in your opinion because you see it through the eyes of YOUR industry. Don't tell me you're neutral -- that'll be the big joke of 2020. Look at the composition of your Expert Group health subsection and BERENIS. The fact that Mr. Roosli heads both, with no degrees in medicine or biology, and his ties with industry, should say all we need to know about BAFU's impartiality (NOT).

"immission limit values and installation limit values."

WRONG. Those limit values mean NOTHING because they COMPLETELY IGNORE BIOLOGICAL EFFECT !! In case it's news to you, WE ARE BIOLOGICAL BEINGS!

"The immission limit values protect against the scientifically proven health effects (heating of body tis-sues)"

WRONG. Thousands of studies, done by hundreds of scientists, published in peer-reviewed journals have stated that THERMAL LIMIT IS NOT SUFFICIENT PROTECTION. Do you really not understand this? Or you're ignoring this FACT. Therefore, your standards are USELESS, DEFUNCT, IRRELEVANT.

Swisscom itself admits that biological effect happens at sub-thermal level -- in a filing it wishes it never did, because we found it, and now we have proof Swisscom lies to the public.

"majority of neighbouring countries."

WRONG. We in Switzerland are NOT going to compromise our health just because in another country it's worse.

"These are based on the precautionary prin-ciple of the Environmental Protection Act"

WRONG -- That's another HUGE LIE. If Swiss government respected our own law that you refer to, it would have NEVER sold the 5G licenses. Can you show me ONE -- not a 1000 but1, study that shows exposure to any RF-EMF is safe? You cannot. Therefore, your argument is totally irrelevant and false.

"4 to 6 V/m."

WRONG -- 4 to 6 V/m is 200 to 300 times the safe limit that includes biological impact. Your limits are defunct, see above. It doesn't matter if other countries are also using defunct limits. We, the Swiss, will not accept an attack to our health, period.

"In Switzerland, the cantons and municipalities are responsible for the approval and control of mobile radio installations."

WRONG -- YOUR industry has been upgrading 4G antennas to 5G WITHOUT any permission.

"Prof. Röösli"

WRONG -- Mr. Rossli is an Associate Professor not a Professor (based on latest info I had). But getting falsehoods out of BAFU is not surprising.

FIVE (5) paragraphs to defend Roosli!

WRONG -- Mr. Roosli has no degree in biology or medicine, and is part of the industry-biased ICNIRP, and himself is extremely industry biased, and is defended by the industry representatives (we have proof of this). It's a joke, rather a shame for us to have our top two health authorities led by a man without a medical or biology degree who is so pro-industry. Your 4 paragraphs is another proof of that because BAFU is also industry leaning as the whole Swiss government is -- surprise? you're a majority holder in the largest wireless company, and have extensive revenue from the rest of that industry.

"The members of the working group and the thematic subgroups are all listed"

GOOD JOKE! It's stacked with industry people! Even the health working group has industry people in it !!

"most relevant facts on health effects."

WRONG -- Roosli's work that Dr. Hardell called out as misrepresentation of science to you is relevant !!

"The validity of scientific studies about effects occurring below the immission limit values of the ONIR has been discussed in detail by the Working Group"

WRONG -- Roosli / ICNIRP have deemed the most prestigious NTP study as not credible -- not surprising from industry-biased entities. But their argument is full of holes as was demonstrated by a top scientist.

"very similar conclusions."

GOOD JOKE -- Industry biased works supporting each other!

"Working Group concluded, that up to date, no health damaging effects caused by ex-posures below the immission limit"

WRONG -- That conclusion is medically-incompetent, industry-biased, and if you look at the leadership of that committe, an ICNIRP man, you'd know why.

"In view of the scientific uncertainties,"

REALLY? -- Did you dare mention Precautionary Principle. In view of the uncertainties, the 5G licenses should have NEVER been sold. 4G is bad enough.

Get real Mr. Steffen. We're not stupid, and we're not in Disney Land to believe such fiction you're propagating.

"creation of an independent environmental medical NIR advisory centre."

LIP SERVICE -- This should have been done BEFORE the fact not after.

Please STOP these lies. Swiss people can see through these lies and will not tolerate such grave violation of the precautionary standard, and other basic rights that we have, which are violated by radiating us with DNA-damaging radiation.


PS -- Conflict of interest is not just financial. It's also intellectual. A small-minded, myopic belief in a lie, and then identifying with it, which makes one all important, is also a form of C.o.I.. Our government in Switzerland has lied so much about this topic that it's started to believe its own lies. Reminds me of Dostoyevsky who wrote:

“Above all, do not lie to yourself. A man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point where he does not discern any truth either in himself or anywhere around him, and thus falls into disrespect towards himself and others. Not respecting anyone, he ceases to love..."

BAFU and other agencies and their industry-biased cronies have lied so much to Swiss people saying -- don't worry, getting radiated with microwave is safe because its within standards -- that you seem to have gotten used to that lie, which is the foundation of your multi-page rant in response to Dr. Hardell's letter which is solid, honest science.

I also noticed how you ignored the rest of the letter. By the way, the letter was not addressed to BAFU, therefore, you're not qualified to answer it. BAFU's looking at this topic from a myopic, distorted view, and it has a conflict of interest in the matter being majority owner of Swisscom. Therefore, your job as a neutral regulator is not being done properly.

The letter was addressed to the Federal Government. In fact the letter was not just my idea, but I worked very hard at it, from deciding that Dr. Hardell should write it, getting him onboard, and working hard and long on it, with him, including editorial input, research, and even contributing some of the text. I am a Swiss citizen and and am in touch with many Swiss citizens who are disgusted at the lies our government are feeding us. So this letter had a big Swiss element.

Last minute, the project was disrupted by someone who went around me, apparently for his own glory, and did a rushed distribution without a cover letter from a native-Swiss. But I assure you, thousands of Swiss citizens are behind this letter and it has a big Swiss element, so your 5 paragraph defense of Martin Röösli, and ignoring the important recommendations of the letter, and repeating the same lie (standards are safe) is an embarrassment for us!



Réza Ganjavi, MBA, BSCS, BA Phil, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Gamma Sigma



* Sent from my WIRED Internet connection

INTRO (not sent to authorities)

20 Jul 2020

Bundesrat handed the monumental Professor Hardell's letter to BAFU to answer. I believe this would not have happened had Christian Oesch not interjected himself into my project, for strange motives, in my opinion, such as his ego, desire to get glory, desire to associate himself with a great work on which he did nothing until the letter was finished (yet he falsely claimed he had coordinated the letter), etc. [and conflict of interest, since the most EMF pollution, the more gullible people who would buy his Vivipro Ereliefmobil / E-reliefmobil gadget that has no credible scientific foundation] [and he's publicly lied about his experience in EMF and health fields, saying he dedicated his last 20 years to that but in reality he was involved in selling a non-scientific cancer "treatment", tax schemes, and ASD Ponzi Scheme, etc., which debunk his public lies. He's also falsified his association with Dr. Hardell and publicly said he's working with Dr. Hardell in August 2020 when in June 2020 Dr. Hardell informed him that their minimal contact has permanently ended, etc.].

I worked for a very long time from A to Z of this project including content contribution -- just to see the most critical phase of a great project get overtaken into incompetent handling by a man whom I would not have even let be my project's tea-man let alone managing the most critical phase of the project (because based on what I see he has no significant accomplishments on his shallow resume -- which has things like "biotech executive" which is fake because the company he claims to have been a biotech company was run on fake "science" and the product they sold was a fake cancer drug -- these are all well documented online (e.g. look at https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/BX_Protocol ).

His lies and attacks have gone on -- which is a long story -- but in my opinion, aside from lack of track record, the issue is conflict of interest. He is selling a pseudo-science gadget for over 1000 CHF against 5G (where there's no credible scientific trial that it works -- don't get fooled by the microscopic images that are NOT done in a controlled setting of a credible scientific trial) -- so the more 5G the more he is set to profit. His interjecting himself into my project was also with the hope that he would get Professor Hardell to implicitly endorse Oesch's pseudo-science gadget -- which obviously did not happen -- and Dr. Hardell ended up cutting his ties with Oesch (which is interesting for public to know because Oesch has boasted on various occasions, attaching himself to Dr. Hardell, and even falsely so at times (we have proof of this).

So his attacks and lies on me, I believe are rooted not just in strange motives like jealousies, but also because I do not believe he's genuinely interested in 5G ending because he appears to have a conflict of interest.

His disrupting my project had several consequences -- he added a number of risks which became issues. I believe he was too incompetent in this topic to understand that, and, in my opinion, he was too blinded by ego. One of the issues is that we lost track of the distribution. Another one, was that Bundesrat viewed the letter as from a bunch of foreigners (vs. if it was sent with a demand cover-letter by a Native Swiss), which was my idea had the distribution not been put into an overdrive sloppy rushed job once he imposed himself without coordination. That's extremely unprofessional and counter-productive.

So in turn, Bundesrat, hands over the letter to BAFU which is the problem itself; for BAFU to answer. And BAFU wrote a defense of Roosli which as expected is full of nonsense.

I responded to BAFU. And Sommaruga got a copy plus additional notes. [above 2 documents]