Christian Oesch's Web Of Public Fake Claims, BX Protocol "Miracle Drug", ASD Ponzi Scheme, Tax Schemes, Fake Knights of Malta, Conspiracy Theories, etc.

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Web of Fake Claims by Christian Oesch About Swiss 5G Activism, BX-Protocol Fake Cure-all, ASD Ponzi Scheme, Fake Knights of Malta, etc.

Researched & Authored


Reza Ganjavi, MBA

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Réza Ganjavi (MBA, BSCS, BA PHIL, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Gamma Sigma, Dean’s Honors) is a writer, investigative journalist, philosopher, musician, IT expert, program/project manager, business analyst, mystic, human-helper. For more information see

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AUTUMN 2023 ADDED APPENDIX: “List Of Over 150 Lies And Falsehoods Said By Christian Oesch”

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Christian Oesch (“Oesch”) is a native-Swiss public figure (see explanation below) who was or still is an American Citizen as well. He’s availed himself to scrutiny, especially given his public presence, and his public claims. See over a 100 pages of evidence of his extensive public presence :

He spent over 20 years in the USA and most of that time he was involved in questionable engagements such as 

- Christian Oesch established and closed about 20 or more shell companies that were apparently involved in “tax strategies”, “tax protestation”, a Ponzi Scheme, etc.; Most, if not all of these were in partnership with Kenneth Wayne Leaming who is a multiple felon who went to prison multiple times for various crimes. Together they were also affiliated with the anti-government Sovereign Citizen movement / ideology.

- Christian Oesch was a figure in the Ad Surf Daily Ponzi scheme which was busted by the USA justice authorities, and his assets were forfeited, and the founder of the Ponzi Scheme was fined and imprisoned; Oesch tried to retaliate against the judge who ordered the forfeiture of his apparently $54,055 assets (which he later lie in Switzerland saying the US Government had “defrauded” him and “stolen” $4,200,000 of his money). Christian Oesch filed a lawsuit against the Judge, Prosecutor, Secret Service, claiming about $30,000,000,000,000 in damages! The case was dismissed with the Appellate judge ruling that Christian Oesch’s arguments had “deteriorated into ramblings”.

- Christian Oesch was the CEO and COO (and salesman) of the BX Protocol business (“Delta…”) which made and sold an unapproved, unscientific purported treatment for various diseases including cancer. The mostly sugar water and bacteria was sold to dying or suffering cancer patients for some $17,000 starting price. Oesch was apparently the number two person in the company (though he has claimed to have been the CEO), and he was heavily involved in promoting and selling of BX Protocol in the USA, which he also marketed in Switzerland. US justice authorities ridiculed BX as a “miracle cure”. The founder was fined and imprisoned. Oesch still falsely believes BX Protocol was legitimate, and in Switzerland, he has argued that BX Protocol is legitimate, and has promoted conspiracy theories to justify the fact that the bogus, unscientific “miracle cure” was shut down and prosecutor by US Authorities (USA FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations; USA Federal Prosecutors; US Federal Court).

- Christian Oesch continued his modus operandi upon his return to Switzerland where got engaged in politics (unsuccessfully running as a candidate for the National Council), political activism, promoting all kinds of nonsensical conspiracy theories, selling various products (including gadgets that don’t have any credible scientific basis) along-side his activism. He has given talks to thousands of people in person and hundreds of thousands of audiences online, about his nonsensical conspiracy theories, as well as his activism around 5G (which unfortunately he has at times mixed with pushing unscientific gadgets, or pushing unfounded conspiracy theories).

- Christian Oesch has threatened various people with suing them for defamation, when they criticized him. Sorting through the various dishonest, illogical, irrational arguments he has brought to justify his inappropriate actions, it seems that he views the debunking of the lies he tells the public, as defamation and harassment! He has engaged in censoring people’s comments on his association’s website, and he seems disrespectful to freedom of speech -- while he criticizes “main stream media” of censorship. The scope of his apparent hypocrisy is wide. 

- We crossed paths in sphere of activism against EMF pollution/5G where he interjected himself in a most important project I was professionally running with a top professor. Oesch showed up after the project’s main deliverable artifact was complete (after a long period of hard work by the Professor and myself), and he egregiously lied to the public saying he had coordinated the project. This was not the only time. He has tried to adorn himself with other people’s feathers, on a number of occasions. 

- Christian Oesch viciously infiltrated my project by saying a number of big lies to my activist circle. When I fact-checked his lies, he made insulting and defamatory comments about me. Fact checking his lies and fake claims revealed a wide range of dishonest, fake claims, and stating falsehood as facts (even if he unintelligently believed them to be true) that would deceive the public. Addressing his inappropriate public statements required a deeper research into his background, which I undertook, and it took a huge amount of time (which nobody paid me for) which I did as a public service. 

- The fact-checking of Oesch’s misleading public statements about his background in the last 20 years, also verifying the various engagements he claimed on his public resumé. The more stones I turned the more was revealed about the network of his fake claims, including the several lies he said on his resumé. Especially after returning to Switzerland, he falsified his background to deceive the public to believe he had experiences and competencies he absolutely did not have. 

- This book is solely intended to be a fact-based book that sets the record straight, in response to certain public statements made by Oesch. If you see any inaccuracies please contact the author so they can be corrected (via contact page of 

In Summary, Christian Oesch has made public statement which contradict with documented facts. 

For example, he has publicly claimed that he spend the last 20 years of his life/career “in health optimization integrity and electro-smog solutions” in context of marketing his so-called electosmog “feel good” device. He has also claimed to be an expert in the field of “biomedicine” as having purportedly worked in that field since 2003 (which is another big lie).

Research of public records indicate those claims of Christian Oesch (and similar other public claims he has made) are absolutely dishonest. What he was really doing during those periods are stated in summary, in the preceding paragraphs – and in detail in the rest of this book. 


There are plenty in his last 20 years which had nothing to do with EMF or health optimization. These are explored in detail in this book.


This book also researches other public claims by Oesch:



This book strives to objectively fact-check the above, as a balance to Mr. Oesch’s public claims, and provides supportive evidence hereinbelow. Also see “APPENDIX: List Of Over 150 Lies And Falsehoods Said By Christian Oesch”.


CHAPTER 1: Introduction, Purpose, Disclaimers


Christian Oesch “Oesch” entered my life in relationship to EMF-activism, and cunningly interjected himself into a crucial high-profile project I was professionally managing together with a top world authority on EMF/Health, Professor Lennart Hardell (MD, PhD). Oesch decided he wanted a piece of the “action” and after all the hard work was done, he jumped in last minute without coordinating with me and just took over the most critical phase ofhe project, which led to a number of risks that became issues that undermined the project. That’s how I got to know Oesch.

From then on, I noticed in his many public appearances, statements, mentions, that he was saying things that needed to be verified for the sake of accuracy since a public speaker has a responsibility to provide accurate information to the public, otherwise, inaccurate information can mislead the public. Such statements were not only about my project, but also his own background, for example, when he portrayed himself to have expertise that seemed questionable.

Being an investigative journalist, citizen journalist, I began to research his background, only to verify his statements, including claims he made on his résumé. That’s how this book came about. I researched the material objectively, with an open mind, without prejudice, and with absolutely no ill intention or desire to disparage him in any way. I tried to let the facts speak, in response to his own public claims.

One of the roles of media and reporters (including freelance reporters like me) in a civil society is to help interpret and disseminate facts, and at times take on an adversarial roles as challenge to propagated falsehoods, and that is exactly the role I have played in light of numerous lies and disinformation and fake claims Christian Oesch has told the public about a variety of topics.     

I took risks in writing this report. One person familiar with the BX Protocol story warned me that writing this could put me in danger because of the characters involved in the BX scandal – but I trust in God.

One of the key purposes of this research was to find out if what Oesch was telling the public was true, and it turned out that he has said many lies to the public about his background, engagements, competences, and other matters. I believe shedding light on lies that are said to deceive the public is a noble act, and in fact, it is the responsibility of anyone who hears someone deceiving the public, while facts that debunk those lies are objectively attainable. 

If we assume that deceiving the public by stating falsehoods as fact is an evil act, one is reminded of the following quote by the philosopher Edmund Burke: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”. 

This research was partly motivated by trying to understand what Oesch was about because as Einstein said, you can’t solve a problem at the level it was created. Oesch had “thrown some darts” when I called him out on the disruption of the Hardell-Ganjavi project, and there was no way I could respond to him without understanding him. I do not reciprocate lies with lies. Truth matters.

I’m not calling Oesch a fool but the Bible (Proverbs 26:4) beautifully stated a principle I live by: “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him”.

Truth has its own calm yet powerful language. You can’t address someone’s vulgar statements and self-glorifying claims without verifying his claims and understanding his background. Google came handy! I learned a lesson to next time Google a newcomer much earlier.

In professional settings people I deal with are vetted by the company before they’re hired, just as I have to go through stringent vetting before a major Swiss bank for example entrusts me running their sensitive IT Security projects and managing multi-million-dollar budgets (résumé[1], references[2]).

In this case Oesch just showed up, and by default I trusted him, and was initially impressed by his claims which turned out to be fake. In verifying his claims, I came across a huge pile of mess in public records that I sorted through. This book is an attempt to document my fact-checking endeavor.

The purpose of this book therefore, is to help set the record straight by shedding light on Oesch’s public lies, fake claims, misrepresentations, half-truths, falsehoods, delusional ideas which misinform and mislead the public. This was done on my own initiative, and encouraged by some people who were confused and alarmed by Oesch’s behavior and propagating “feel good” devices without a credible scientific foundation, and making questionable claims about his background.

I also felt a responsibility to public to write this book to shed light on the disinformation. This responsibility reminds me of a profound quote by John Stuart Mill[3] who wrote in 1867, with the caveat that I am not calling Oesch a “bad man”.  “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing”. I do not classify people as “good” and “bad” since we all have the light of the Divine within us, but for some it’s sometimes covered with. So, the focus here is not on generalization of character but on specific deeds like intentionally stating falsehoods as facts.

This entire endeavor was not something I’d ever choose to do, but it needed to be done. Now it’s done. I wish Mr. Oesch well in his future endeavors.

Accuracy, Warning, Legal

ACCURACY: Accuracy is assured on best-effort basis and diligent examination of all sources. But as journalism is inexact, if the reader should come across anything that is factually incorrect, please contact the author via the “contact” page of together with evidence to support your claim, and the correction will be made. 

WARNING:  Oesch has been lying about me to discredit this research – with absolutely ridiculous lies like saying I’m jealous of him (which I absolutely have never been) because he (thinks) he’s so successful. If you look at his profile which he’s publicly availed to scrutiny, and look at my profile (see biography/references on the ridiculousness of his claim is quickly evident. He has nothing I’d be envious of!! BX Protocol scandal leaders (with Oesch as CEO) were using the same ridiculous rhetoric to rationalize criticisms of BX Protocolsaying people who pointed out that BX Protocol is a scam were purportedly just jealous of it!!

In terms of success, there’s nothing in Oesch’s background that I would consider to be a success or anything to be proud of. He’s said he’s very proud that he sued the US justice and law-enforcement authorities, so he must consider that as one of his successes; in reality, the lawsuit was totally bogus and was dismissed with the judge stating it “deteriorated into rambling”.

I hate to get into comparison because it’s a shame for me to even compare myself with a person like Oesch but I have to, to address his delusional lie. Here’s my profile:

LEGALITY: Everything that is said herein are facts or opinions based on extensive research to obtain publicly available evidentiary facts. I have consulted with attorneys to make sure no rights are trespassed. Two Swiss attorneys reviewed this document for legality, because I respect everyone’s rights, including Christian Oesch’s. Both lawyers concluded that this document is lawful. Not being a judge or prosecutor, the author is neither accusing nor exonerating Christian Oesch of any unlawful conduct. The focus here is on fact-checking his public claims, and not on legality of his actions, and especially being a public figure, he’s availed himself to public scrutiny of his public statements. See

Christian Oesch is a Public Figure

Christian Oesch (“Oesch”) is a public figure. He ran for Swiss National Council. He has given a number of public talks to large groups in Switzerland. He claims to have been involved in a number political actions. He has emailed large groups in Switzerland and claims to have a large mailing list and following in Switzerland. He has at least one association which solicits donations from the public. He has appeared in a number of broadcasts which were viewed by thousands of people.

In the USA he’s been featured in a major news television broadcast, and their YouTube channel in relationship to BX Protocol and ASD Ponzi Scheme, and mentioned in several articles. He’s appeared on a number of YouTube videos on channels run by Swiss, German media. And in some of these instances he has publicly misrepresented his background, etc

He claims to be the “Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors” of the political entity FBSschweiz which solicits public donations. He has been mentioned on Swiss public broadcaster (SRF), Zeitpunkt, Bürger für Bürger, and several widely publicized media, newspapers, magazines. He has also featured himself in some online publications that have had thousands of readers, including abroad (e.g. an Italy based publication with a large number of subscribers). Plenty of references are provided herein as support for the fact that Oesch is a public figure.

Some of the television and webcast video interviews he’s appeared on include interview with his fellow BX-Protocol-scam-pusher Sherri Tenpenny (see section “Oesch & Tenpenny”); interview with Roger Bittel (Also see Appendix “Oesch Threatening Roger Bittel With Bogus Legal Action To Quash Free Speech”), interview with an extremist Austrian TV (see Appendix: “OESCH INTERVIEW “Switzerland Is A Sham Democracy!””, and numerous other public appearances.

According to his own recent admission he’s given lectures to some 5000 people, and his recent interview was seen 150,000 times.

There is a pictorial document of over 130 pages ( that illustrate how Oesch has extensively put himself in the public sphere by giving numerous public talks, interviews, webcasts, TV broadcasts, etc., and making numerous public claims and statements. Add to that public status, his political activism in Switzerland, and running for national public office; he has therefore availed himself to scrutiny.

Christian Oesch’s Background Per Publicly Available Information

herein referred to as “Oesch”.

(Naturalization Number: 22218851)214

o   Phonebook’s same name/village entry is his father who also lives in Eriz (born 1941).  A “mountain farmer”, who was in Canton Bern Grosser Rat for 16 years as part of the far-right SVP party [refs].

o   Oesch is also known as Christian Oesch Junior, and reportedly by other spellings of his name.

o   According to public records[10], on 17 January 2019 Christian Oesch became the owner of his residence apartment in Eriz (a village in Bernese Oberland). Public records indicate the apartment was previously owned by Anna and Rosa Oesch. Christian Oesch reportedly said his aunt gave him the apartment, and that he may restart the inn/restaurant that was at the same property before. The property's main unit where the inn was belongs to David Rolli and Eveline Marianne Rolli-Glauser, since 2017 (to Rolli Immobilien[11], Aeschi b. Spiez since 2020). Prior to that it was owned by a Mr. Wüthrich for about 20 years. Two other apartments are at the same number, one is owned by Oesch, and one by another person[12].

-       Reliable address in USA before moving back to Switzerland: 8293 S 1170 E.

SANDY, UTAH 84094, USA214.

-   Education: Oesch did an apprenticeship in cooking from age 16 to 19. That is the highest level of his education. 

-       Oesch’s picture is shown in this news video251 as well as here[13].

-   Oesch publicly says he lived in the USA for 24 years. He returned to Switzerland in 2018 or 2019. There are multiple address histories[14] for him in USA public records; most are associated with mailboxes. He mainly lived in Utah.

-   Move to USA: Around age 30 he emigrated to the USA, initially engaged in food business, but got engaged in various activities that are outlined herein. The focus here is on his last 20 years, in order to fact-check his public claims. During the period when Oesch publicly claims to have been engaged in EMF/health research, in reality, he was doing the following:

-   After leaving BX Protocol business (“Delta”) with his title downgraded from CEO to COO, and before the scandal was shut down by FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations, Oesch moved back to Switzerland (I’m not implying causality).

-   He ran for National Council but did not get elected[15] (but he brags about it). He also got engaged in anti-EMF activism as well as sale of a “feel good” purported EMF protection gadget that has no credible scientific basis. Oesch publicly misrepresented his background and expertise saying he dedicated his last 20 years to EMF/health research, and the media put him on a pedestal as an EMF/health expert!

-   Oesch publicly lied about several other things too, including his (minimal) engagement with the Hardell-Ganjavi project which Oesch undermined.

-   Oesch’s public resume and bought “recognition” which he widely circulates contain misrepresentations and eliminations of some key engagements which is a matter of public interest since he has publicly lied about his past and expertise.

-   Oesch has publicly portrayed himself as a “Biotech Executive” among other things but several real biotech executives have confirmed that BX Protocol business (a.k.a. Delta) does not at all resemble a real biotech company.

-   Oesch spent some time as an activist as part of a petition where he reportedly tried to be called the co-initiator while in reality, he was not a co-initiator (similar to his taking false credit in the Hardell-Ganjavi project). The petition’s initiator refused to let Oesch call himself a “co-initiator”, and also rejected Oesch’s self-assigned title Vice Chairman, but Oesch calls himself that anyway.

-   Oesch is a public figure who has run for political office at Swiss national level, and has appeared in many public forums, as documented here. Here’s one recent newspaper article  that included his picture. Several other examples exist, e.g.17. He has also admitted that he has “a large following” in Switzerland (see “strategy” section for his quote). Here’s a pictorial document of over 130 pages that illustrate his extensive public presence:


CHAPTER 2: Christian Oesch’s Misleading Public False Claims About His Experience in EMF/Health


On 5 May 2020, in another public article[17] featuring Oesch, in a highly circulated publication, Oesch promoted himself and touted his gadgets (that don’t have peer-reviewed scientific foundation), and lied about his background, that he has “devoted his past twenty years and career to research in health optimization integrity and electro smog solutions.”. The publisher told me Oesch had written the article himself[18].

In another public statement278 Oesch claims he provides “consulting work for international clients in the health industry”. He’s also referred to himself as cancer coach”, “health advisor”, “health consultant”, “biotech executive”, “biotech consultant”.

That 20-year EMF-health experience claim of Oesch is a falsehood that totally contradicts publicly available information about his background. 20 years means since year 2000. So, we need to look at what he did in the last 20 years to verify his claim. We know as a fact that since year 2000, aside from engagement in the BX Protocol scandal, Oesch spent much time in “tax strategies/protestation” activities/businesses, fighting numerous lawsuits in the USA (related to ASD Ponzi scheme, etc.), and other engagements as per his public resume, which were not “health” or EMF related.

Therefore, his statement is a falsehood knowingly stated as a fact, which I guess was done to impress potential buyers of his products, and to win political clout. He was also engaged in BX Protocol for a long time, and whether that is legitimately a “health industry” company is doubtful since the company was shut down by the FDA and exhibited no characteristics of a normal Biotech company. Anyway, Delta/BX-Protocol had nothing to do with EMF research.


-   Oesch’s background doesn’t seem to contain any positions where he was a “researcher” as it is generally understood in the healthcare industry.

-   Oesch doesn’t have the educational background that most health researchers have.

-   Oesch never worked for a real healthcare or biotech company if we consider the fact that Delta/BX does not resemble any biotech company that engages in regulated research, etc.[20]

-   There’s no evidence, including on Oesch’s own public resume, that he was engaged in EMF research in the last 20 years; and nothing in Oesch’s resume suggests he was ever a researcher in electro-smog “solutions” until he got engaged in EMF activism in recent history and started selling purported electro-smog “solutions”.

-   Note the word “solutions”. To date, the only scientific “solutions” to EMF pollution are shielding, distance, reduction of exposure, but not the “solution” offered by many “feel good” products (including the one Oesch sells) which do not have peer-reviewed, credible scientific basis. Placebo-effect, subjective references are not credible, neither are pseudoscience methods of proving things, or commissioned, bought “scientific” certificates that do not withstand peer-review and experiments that aren’t applicable to humans. See section Oesch’s Gadgetand a review[21] I wrote on this class of gadgets.

To verify Oesch’s claims in more detail, we need to look at what he was doing in the last 20 years, based public information. We also need to look at what he means by “health industry”. The sections below look at his totally non-health-related experience in the last 20 years, per public records – and Oesch’s pseudoscience “BX Protocol” unapproved, purported treatment for cancer and other diseases.

Eleven (11) Proofs That Debunk Oesch’s Lies About His Background

The following are based on Oesch’s own documented statements, and non-private sources, which are fully inconsistent with his lies about his background from year 2000 to 2020, which is the period he claims to have dedicated his career to research around health and EMF. During the said period:

1) Oesch was extensively involved in tax scheme companies which had nothing to do with research on health or EMF.

2) Oesch was a figure in the Ad Surf Daily (ASD) Ponzi scheme, which had nothing to do with research on health or EMF.

3) Oesch was involved in numerous lawsuits in the USA (he did not win any of the ones I saw) that had nothing to do with research on health or EMF.

4) Oesch claims to have been involved in various types of organizational development, which even if true, had nothing to do with research on health or EMF.

5) Oesch was a CEO at the Delta/BX-Protocol business which real scientists think it was not a legitimate Biotech company, had nothing to do with research on health or EMF topics.

6) Oesch was a salesman with his Cayman Islands based entity “Helvetia” while he was a CEO of Delta/BX, selling BX Protocol. Not related to research on EMF/health.

7) Oesch claims that he was involved in a capital management company (another or same “Helvetia”) for 8 of 20 years, reportedly in a number of things that had nothing to do with EMF/health research.

8) Oesch was apparently involved with event planning, seminars, and “precious metal mining” etc., at a purported funding company, that had nothing to do with research on EMF/health.

9) Oesch has said to some people he was in restaurant business during his years in the USA. That has nothing to do with research on health or EMF topics. He was apparently in food business when he first emigrated to the USA, and that was almost before the 20-year window.

10) Oesch claims for 4 years (during that 20-year period) he was doing “vendor capital networking” that had nothing to do with EMF/health research. 

11) We know as a fact he was involved with “HIS” and “HERS” [company name abbreviations] which were apparently tax scheme companies for 6 of those 20 years – and that had nothing to do with EMF/health research!

In the last 20 years, he did a lot of other things that had nothing to do with health or EMF research, therefore, he’s publicly falsifying his background, and that’s done in context of trying to promote and sell his purported “EMF solution” device that has no peer-reviewed scientific credibility. Therefore, we have undisputable proof that Christian Oesch lied to public about his background in a self-promotion / product-promotion article in a widely circulated news outlet.

Evidence for all the above points are presented herein.

“Dangerous Health Tips” 

A Swiss portal listed Oesch under its sects, etc. section and characterized him as providing “dangerous health tips.


CHAPTER 3: Résumé Walk-through


To assess Oesch’s public claims, I had to do a résumé walk-through. The following are facts, impressions and opinions about his resume / experience. Also included are facts which he did not include in his resume but that are significant in debunking the falsehoods he’s said to the public to help his economic gain (money making). This review is in reaction to three factors:

1) His public misrepresentation of his background;

2) His bragging and boasting about his background, and making arrogant, conceited claims of expertise, that call for substantiation/scrutiny;

3) Other lies he has said which require assessing his background to see what he’s about.

Oesch’s Résumé Looks Thin Despite All His Public Bragging And Pretenses

As someone who’s evaluated many resumes in professional settings, in my opinion, Oesch’s resume looks shallow. For the kind of fake claims he has made, and all the pride, arrogance, bragging and boasting he publicly exhibits, he doesn’t appear to have an impressive background in my opinion. Most people of highest levels of accomplishments and education are most humble about it.

I didn’t care to even mention my academic credentials previously, but after coming across Oesch and seeing the kinds of fake claims he makes about his past, and lies he’s said, I started applying my academic credentials because I was swimming in a sea of fake claims.

That also explains why he would pay to get “recognition” (see paid-review section) and his love for big titles of Vice Chairman, Managing Director, etc., and names and nicknames such as “Enterprises” and ‘Stewardship” etc. to depict things that may be far smaller than they sound – all apparently to impress others about an unimpressive profile.

In my opinion, all this could spring from some sense of inferiority and inner insufficiency. That also may explain certain Oesch’s statements that in English is called “pissing matches”: being consumed with comparison and measurement, putting others down to lift himself, and consumed in a network of psychological images of others, of oneself, of others’ image of oneself etc. (which is a common conditioning especially in thought-dominated cultures) -- and wanting and portraying to be better than others, while in reality, among people I know Oesch has one of the weakest sets of qualifications.


Oesch’s only and highest degree is an apprenticeship certificate in cooking he received as a teenager.

Biotech Executive Claim

Most real Biotech Executives have worked for at least one credible biotech company, and most have gone through university. Oesch has done neither. I showed Oesch’s resume to some real biotech experts. They were not impressed, to say the least. It’s ok to have an unimpressive, light resume – but most people in those shoes would be modest about it. Not Oesch. See “Biotech Executive” Claim section for a detailed discussion.  


Oesch brags about the term “professional” and has put others down for being “unprofessional”. I am confident, having been a professional since age 211, that the behavior Oesch exhibited in my project, and various lies he’s said there and elsewhere, are utmost unprofessional, and would never be tolerated in a professional setting. Looking at his real background vs. the façade of his resume helps explain that.

If you spend a large chunk of your career in tax schemes, a Ponzi scheme, and selling an unscientific (purported) cancer treatment with no scientific foundation, you don’t need to have the real kind of professionalism that real professional organizations require, including many I’ve been associated with (list[22]).

Also see “APPENDIX: List Of Over 150 Lies And Falsehoods Said By Christian Oesch”

Self-Assigned Big Titles & Overlapping Big Titles

I have lost count of how many companies Oesch has set up – most of them are not around anymore. He’s also said a lot of lies. In that light, let’s have a cursory look at a mixture of public facts, and his claims, some of which we know for sure some are fake.

Recently, his email signature switched in a short time from Managing Director of one company to Operations Manager of another company, while he maintained the first role. In another instance on his resume, he has overlapping big titles such as “Senior Managing Director” and C-level executive of another company at the same time! I’ve worked with a lot of C-level executives. For example, I managed a high-profile project at a large Swiss multi-national company, and ran the steering committee comprised of several Managing Directors and other high-level executives. None of us had the time to get another job, at the same time, as CEO or COO of another company! But Oesch’s world seems to not be void of unusual things.

Christian Oesch’s Paid Self-Promotion “Recognition”

Oesch touts a “recognition”[23] from “International Society of Business Leaders”. He often has the link as part of his email signature. When someone gets an email from Oesch, and they look at the footer/signature section, they see a link to a page that has a glowing “recognition” about Oesch. The catch is, the recognition is PAID!! Isobl is a paid service: you pay for membership and they “recognize” you! People have gone as far as calling it a scam. See Chapter called: “Oesch Paid To Get “Recognized” - ISOBL Scam” for details.

Self-Assigned Vice Chairman Position of Swiss Petition

Oesch publicly brags about having been a Vice Chairman of a large Swiss petition. Therefore, the topic of his role in the petition is a matter of public interest and scrutiny.

A top Swiss activist started the petition. I personally know her and respect her highly. She’s very genuine and a woman of integrity. She ended all contact with Christian Oesch even before he interjects himself into my project, as she was disappointed and distressed from dealing with him due to similar problematic attitude he exhibited in my project, and the kinds of things he brags about publicly, like calling himself a Vice Chairman of the petition, which she said she never agreed with.

The petition’s owner said that after Christian Oesch got involved with the petition, he wanted to be named as a co-initiator. She denied his request because it was not true. He was not the co-initiator (sounds very familiar – he made fake claims about the Hardell-Ganjavi project). She said Oesch later denied that he wanted to have the title of co-initiator but some people were referring to him as the co-initiator, which she believes got the idea from him since he was apparently calling himself that.

See disclaimer in “It’s really a similar case at it was in my experience with him”.

Oesch then called himself Vice Chairman. Again, the owner of the petition expressly disagreed. But he called himself that anyway and put it on a letter, which she co-signed without noticing his title, but a lawyer told her that that would not mean she agreed to Oesch’s title. That’s the circumstance behind Oesch’s public statements about being Vice Chairman which the real initiator of the petition does not agree with. Oesch has harshly criticized her to various people[24], including myself, including over the fact that she refused to give him access to her petition’s huge mailing list because “she did not trust my strategies” Oesch wrote. I’m so glad that she didn’t trust his “strategies”. He was also boasting about his “strategies” when I dealt with him which I intuitively didn’t take seriously and I was right: they turned out to be mirages and hot air. See section “Oesch’s idea of strategy” 

And after bashing her decision he reportedly turned it around, pretending that it was her loss! She “lost the opportunities getting those contacts transferred and put in our control”, he wrote. Another arrogant delusional idea. And “our control” – “our” as his “enterprise” I suppose. He reportedly asked her to send a link to his “smart sheet” to every 25,000 petition subscriber which they would use to sign up for Oesch’s mailing list. This had absolutely no benefit to the petition or to her, so she did not lose any “opportunities”, and to the contrary it protected her contact list from being used by Oesch’s self-promotion, and marketing of his “feel good” gadgets, etc. She resisted the pressure and said no.

See section “It’s really a similar case at it was in my experience with him” for more info.

USA: Oesch Opened & Closed Many “Companies”

Our focus here is the last 20 years (since year 2000) based on Oesch’s publicly falsifying his experience and expertise. But a walk-through of Oesch’s resume called for a brief check on his claim about his food business when he moved to the USA. Prior to 2000, there’s a public record that for 4 months Oesch registered a restaurant business in Utah: Abiento LLC[25].

In the succeeding 20-year period when Oesch falsely claims he devoted his time to EMF/health research, he happens to have opened and closed many companies (some were very short-lived) – none of which seem to be related to “health” or EMF.

Here are a few of the ones which are associated with his name. Several were registered together with Leaming a double-felon (convicted of felonies two different times) – Oesch said inaccurate things about him in a non-private setting in Switzerland to a large group of people some of whom he did not even know, so it was certainly not a private matter. And Leaming was a close associate of Oesch over the 20-year period in question and fact-checking Oesch’s fake claims about his experience meant dealing with Leaming since he’s a key figure in this drama, from business associate, to co-plaintiff, to purported lawyer of Oesch. And both have Sovereign Citizen sentiments and I guess Leaming may have been Oesch’s mentor in Sovereign Citizen ideology, terminology, etc., which they both heavily utilized in their futile court cases. A web search on Oesch & Leaming is revealing![26]

It seems most of these companies may be related to Oesch & Leaming’s “tax strategies” and tax protestation activities, and perhaps related to the ASD Ponzi scheme as well. Most were registered in Utah or Washington (where Leaming lived) and one in Nevada.

1. Limited International Funds[27] - 12 Oct 2003 – 31 Dec 2010

2. Dynamic Financial Services LLC[28] - 10 Sep 2003 – 6 Jan 2005

3. Global Debt Solution LLC[29] - 9 Jul 2003 – 20 Oct 2004

4. Hot Planet Ventures, Inc[30] - 22 Jul 1999 – 17 Jun 2002

5. 4Axis Inc.[31] - 5 Feb 2002 - 18 Nov 2003

6. Megatrend International[32] - 1 Jul 2004 – 31 Jul 2010­

7. Creations Stewardship Association[33] - 1 Jul 2004 – 1 Nov 2010

8. Stewardship Holding Group - was active in 2004[34] – No company by that name was registered but “Stewardship Holdings” (WA) has Oesch’s name on it.[35] – 10 Dec 2003 – 01 Apr 2014

9. AAA Claims Management Corp[36] - 7 Jul 2011 – 11 Jan 2012­­

10.  Human Economic Resources Solutions (HERS)128 - ­30 Jun 2004 – 10 Jan 2010

11.  Human Investment Services (HIS)129 – ­30 Jun 2004 – 10 Jan 2010

12.  MYHUB Group172 (NV) – 24 May 2007 - ­­­

13.  Asset Protection Monitor[37] - 1 Jul 2004 – 1 Nov 2006

14.  Federal Asset Holdings LLC[38] (NV) – 23 May 2007 – 10 Nov 2011

15.  Federal Asset Holding[39] (WA) – 9 Dec 2003 – 1 Apr 2014

16.  Visual Perfection Corporation[40] (with Kenneth Wayne Leaming, Cindy Burningham, Conrad Cyr, Richard Cyr) – 29 Jul 2008 – 1 Nov 2010

17.  Federal Asset Management Service[41] (WA) – 9 Dec 2003 – 1 Apr 2014

18.  And one going back to mid-90’s, Abiento, LLC[42] – that company lived only 4 months.

19.  Limited Asset Holdings America[43] (WA) – 19 Dec 2003 – 31 Dec 2013

20.  And probably many more…

Note the similarities in the names (sometimes a new company is registered with an extra “s” in the name; and three of the companies that have Oesch’s name went from 2003 to 2014, and apparently none had anything to do with EMF/health research for that 9 year stretch of time that Oesch was also with a bunch of other entities, and that period also coincided with Delta/BX-Protocol. It’s fishy, in my opinion, and certainly does not support Oesch’s big lie about his background.

Here’s a graphic depiction of Oesch’s many companies in the last 20 years when he claims he was dedicated to EMF/Health research. Hardly!

It’s evident Oesch was very busy registering and dissolving companies, and running multiple entities. We don’t know exactly what each of these entities did but there’s enough evidence to suggest that at least some of them were involved in tax schemes, ASD Ponzi scheme, etc. Some of these entities apparently carried on while Oesch was CEO at BX Protocol business and may have gotten involved in BX business which appears just as questionable as the tax protestation businesses. None of these companies are mentioned in his resume. None are health or EMF related – unless you consider BX as legitimate Biotech which in my opinion and opinion of real biotech experts, it wasn’t (no peer reviewed scientific basis, no regulated research, no regulatory applications or approvals…). 

Several of these where Oesch and Leaming were involved are in relation to an entity called “American International Business Law Inc.” – which is reportedly linked[44] to the Sovereign Citizen movement. More on this in the section “tax protestation”.

None of these entities seem to be related to EMF/health research; thus, further debunking Oesch’s public fake claim.

Here’s a link to an OpenCorporates screenshot from a while back[45].

Convicted Criminal Richard Schultz

Also note two other parties besides Leaming who were engaged with Oesch in some of the companies listed above: Richard Schultz and Tom Woodall (e.g., both of them were part of Federal Asset Holding that was incorporated in State of Washington; Oesch was also at a company with the same name but with plural “Holdings”, incorporated in Nevada, so it’s a big maze).

I started looking into Richard Schultz – that was like opening 

a big “can of worms” which I absolutely do not have the time for.

I don’t know if the same Richard Schultz is referenced in these

articles which are about some heavy-duty tax fraud, but given

he was in “debt counseling” business, which is more or less the

line of business Oesch was involved in, I assume it’s the same

Richard Schultz. First two articles are in connection with entities

such as “Commercial Debt Counseling Corporation[46] [47]. Next

are in connection with entities like “National Revenue Corporation”,

and a Cayman Island entity [48] [49] .

“Debt-Counseling Business Owner Pleads Guilty a Second Time for Cheating IRS”[50][51]

Tom Woodall

Tom Woodall is also an interesting character. He’s a lawyer out of Texas who goes way back with Oesch and is an officer in several of the companies listed above. I actually spoke with him once. He made fake claims about his association with Knights of Malta, and is one of the few people who wrote a reference letter for Oesch about Oesch’s time at KOM which also turns out to be fake as per the real KOM. See KOM section for more details on Woodall.

Oesch’s Swiss “Companies”

It seems Oesch has registered a number of companies in Switzerland – again, some no longer exist. An examination of their public registration records again debunks Oesch’s fake claim about his background. Take Lepitus Enterprises (another big title). Its registration says nothing whatsoever about it being remotely related to health or EMF[52].

Again, I don’t want to waste time making a chronicle, but a few I came across in public records that caught my eye:

Swiss Stewardship & Advisory

Lepitus “Enterprises”


Going through Vivipro in detail is uninteresting. Same song and dance. And it’s mentioned elsewhere in this book, but in a nutshell, it’s a company that’s selling gadgets I call “woowoo” which don’t have a credible peer-reviewed, scientific basis. They’re feel-good devices that in my opinion, if you believe they feel good they will feel good – placebo effect, in my opinion. There’s no credible science as to why they should feel good or protect one from EMF genotoxic effect. This is covered in detail in the section: Review of Oesch’s Gadget.

[Update: Oesch told someone he was discharged from Vivipro by Kiontke’s family (Kiontke has died). Vivipro’s About page has been deleted – the page that had Oesch’s name and picture as the “co-founder”, but still exists these coordinates stated: VIVIPRO GmbH Zugerstrasse 70 6340 Baar Schweiz and VITATEC Medizintechnik mbH Am Schlichtfeld 2 82541 Münsing. Oesch is still promoting the woowoo gadgets.367]

Cayman Islands, Panama, Tax, Money, “Helvetia” Mystery

Again, it seems Oesch gave himself some big titles such as “Senior Managing Director” of Helvetia Capital Management which he says was based in Cayman and Panama, while there’s overlap with another big C-level title and at least 12 other companies registered to his name during that period. Most professional CEOs and Managing Directors don’t have time for multiple other concurrent jobs.

Typical for Oesch, this section is also elusive. He says he was at Helvetia Capital Management from 2007 to 2015. Assuming what he says is true, during the last 3 years of Helvetia he was CEO of Delta/BX-Protocol (which he says was COO but we know in that time he was a CEO) – and “Senior MD” and “Dir. of Bus. Dev.” at Helvetia which was an “affiliate” of Delta/BX so Oesch had a CEO role and a salesman role, as well as being engaged in umpteen other entities (in the last 3 years of HCM 5 other companies were registered to his name with active status, and he was CEO of Delta/BX).

-   We know Oesch called an entity “Hevetia Foundation” which Oesch used to sell BX Protocol. Its email address had “Helvetia Fund”. Fund and Foundation are different! A Freudian slip? A “foundation” acting as a “fund”?

-   “A private foundation is a non-profit charitable entity, which is generally created by a single benefactor, usually an individual or business.”[63].

-   A foundation may have a fund or invest in a fund. It does not appear that Helvetia Foundation was a non-profit foundation (I could not find any such registration), and it’s apparently used by Oesch as an agent of Delta selling BX Protocol which is hardly non-profit, charitable at a whopping cost of some $17,000 a year for a non-approved purported treatment.

-   If Helvetia Capital Management was a different entity, where was Helvetia Foundation / Fund established? I have found no record for that fund!

-   There’s indication that they were one and the same – based in Cayman Islands. Apparently, the same entity with different names which fits Oesch’s having registered multiple companies with very similar names (see list above).

-   We know Helvetia was selling BX Protocol which apparently raked in a lot of revenue. See BX Protocol section.

-   It’s safe to assume the revenue from selling BX Protocol, including to American customers, was going to Cayman, Panama. There’s report of prospective customers saying they were told the only way to pay for BX was to wire the money abroad378.

I assume “Helevtia Foundation” that was an affiliate of Delta, was the same Helvetia C.M. that was/is based in Cayman Islands -- and these names are probably shuffled – Oesch seemed to like elusiveness. If what he’s saying is true about the start date of Helvetia, we could assume that it was involved in ‘capital management’. I have more information on this in some offline files[64] that contain additional color on what Oesch was up to, and as expected, mismatch of claims[65]. And none had anything to do with EMF/health so that also debunks his public claims.

When BX Protocol got kicked off, Oesch may have used the same Helvetia, to act as an “affiliate”, selling BX. He says Helvetia ended in 2015, but I think its footprints in BX business existed after 2015. I can’t find any record of registration of Helvetia in Panama or Cayman, nor any way to confirm the facts/dates Oesch claims. We know some BX Protocol prospective customers said they were requested to wire the almost $17,000 to Cayman Islands377 379 for the first year.

See section: APPENDIX: GENERAL INFO ON BX-PROTOCOL for more details on the money trail.

Oesch claims that in 2009 he took an anti-money-laundering course in Cayman Islands, which is interesting since Cayman Islands is well known as a money laundering haven and I’m sure money launderers also want to take that court. To be clear, I am not alleging that Oesch engaged in money laundering, and I’m not saying he didn’t. It would be impossible to know that without seeing banking transaction logs and tax records. And that’s not my job; I’m not a prosecutor, and I do not make any allegations, judgments, accusations of unlawful conduct in this book. From a study[66]: “Cayman Island is the most preferred destination to hide and launder money”. There are 100,000 companies in Cayman Islands; more than there are people!

Delta/BX-Protocol which Oesch ran for a long time as CEO, was listed as being based in Jamaica, Hong Kong, USA, and Panama and other places. We’ll look at that deeper in the BX Protocol section. One Press Release says Delta is a Panama company263, and Panama is a tax-free zone. There are a number of inconsistent statements about Delta’s real whereabouts. My guess is it was operating its finances between Cayman Islands, Panama, Hong Kong, but I didn’t come across any indication that any of the funds were going into an American or Swiss bank.

There’s also a record for a “Helvetia Capital Management & Investment” [67] [68] that was in Zug, Switzerland for 2 years. I don’t think this is the same as Oesch’s entity in Cayman Islands.

“G7”/(fake)KOM same time as HERS, HIS, MYHUB, SHG etc. (missing from Oesch’s resume)

Director of Business Development, G7 (Knights of Malta Hospitallers (O.S.J.)

A claim that the real Order of Malta has formally repudiated[70]. See KOM.

o The title of a video about Smith is “A precious-metal scam from the con-man who brought you the "BX Protocol" cure-all”[72].

o There seems to be some (fake) link between BX Protocol and precious metals. I didn’t want to spend the time connecting the dots of a gobbledygook, which is what Oesch may be referring to when he refers to precious metal mining in relationship to Knights of Malta (which the real KOM has totally refuted), and given Smith also claims he was a key figure at (the fake) KOM, the gobbledygook dots may be connected.


Oesch Made Significant Changes to his LinkedIn Profile After Reading This Book

Apparently after Oesch saw the draft of this book I sent him for review, he significantly updated his LinkedIn profile. For example he’s no longer claiming that he was a “Vice Chairman” of the Stop5G petition in the latest version of his LinkedIn profile that I saw. 

Oesch Deleted His LinkedIn Profile

I do not follow Oesch and prefer not to have him in my consciousness at all. People I deal with – my friends and colleagues have a very different profile than Oesch in terms of character. But people sometimes send me things, for example when they get subjected to the same episodes by Oesch – and they find this report online, they write to thank for the research. In such a case I clicked, and found out Oesch has deleted his LinkedIn profile – which makes sense, given it contained so many fake claims which this investigative report exposed.

Pushing Conspiracy Theories 

I haven’t followed Oesch’s activities since publication of this report but sometimes people send me things that makes me have a look and I noticed he was pushing strange conspiracy theories. See section on his association: “Review of Oesch’s Swiss Association”


CHAPTER 4: Order of Malta Sternly Refutes Oesch’s Fake Claim, and Therefore, Authenticity of Oesch’s KOM-related References


For a more elaborate discussion of the fake Knights of Malta please see APPENDIX: Fake Knights Of Malta

Formal Statement From Sovereign Order of Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem, O.S.J., Knights of Malta

In the process of verifying Oesch’s claims on his résumé especially as it pertains from a “biotech” claim purportedly related to Knights of Malta, so as to fact-check Oesch’s public statements about his background in the last 20 years, I contacted the real KOM. Here are their responses:

“Dear Mr. Ganjavi, thank you for your e-mail. The organisation, the Sovereign Order of Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem, O.S.J., Knights of Malta as well as Mr. Woodall and Mr. Oesch, about which you have inquired have not, and never have had, any connection with the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta, also known as Sovereign Order of Malta, Order of Malta, or the Knights of Malta. This organisation is not authorised to use our name and emblems, which are legally registered as service marks or trademarks in many countries including the European Union, the USA, and the Russian Federation.

Mr. Thomas L. Woodall and Mr. Christian Oesch, never have, and never have had, any connection whatsoever with the Sovereign Order of Malta. Moreover, the Sovereign Order of Malta has never knowingly had business dealings of any sort with these individuals. The Sovereign Order of Malta is more than nine hundred years old and remains dedicated to living the Roman Catholic faith and to the care of the sick and poor regardless of nationality or creed...” Commission for the Protection of the Names and Emblems, SMHO of SJoJoRaoM[77]

“Dear Mr. Ganjavi… Christian Oesch and Thomas Woodall are not members of our Order. We have never had any connection with these persons. Oesch has never been our Director of business development (a role that does not exist in our Order). Moreover, we do not operate financial services, property development schemes of any sort. We are not involved in metal mining and biotech. The letter you sent me is not ours. For more information please read:

I confirm you that Sherri Tenpenny is not a member of the Sovereign Order of Malta. I would like to add, because relevant, that in order to become a member of the Sovereign Order of Malta, one of the oldest lay religious order of the Catholic Church, one has to be very well known by the Order itself. To be a roman catholic in good standing is a fundamental requisite to be admitted into the Order of Malta. Moreover, it is incumbent to collaborate effectively in the charitable and social works of the Order, and to live the life of the Order. The admission process can take years, and it does not necessarily conclude positively.”  Communication Department, SMHO of SJoJoRaoM74

As described in the last section (walk-through of Oesch’s resume/background), Oesch has made a number of fake claims about having worked with Knights of Malta. Here’s a more in depth look at Oesch’s fake claims and how we know they’re fake. 

About Order of Malta & Oesch’s Fake Claims

Also known as SMOM, “Knights of Malta” (The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta), “SMHO of SJoJoRaoM[78] is a very respectable, 900-year-old Roman Catholic sovereign entity without territory except its headquarters in Rome, with around 13,000 members[79]. It has a seat at the UN as an observer (like Red Cross). It’s not seated in Malta since loss of the island in 1798. They ordain highly prestigious people, with credible, authentic backgrounds – fake backgrounds surely get vetted out[80]. Here’s an interesting article on the internal politics of the Order and Vatican’s intervention[81].  

I’ve visited Malta and the incredible St. John’s Co-Cathedral[82] in Valletta which is the most amazing church I’ve ever seen, with a fascinating history, various Grand Masters, and numerous international chapels.

The order has seats throughout the world[83]. In Switzerland its seat is at


Kommende Kommendestrasse CH – 6260 Reiden Switzerland +41 62 758 11 44

Martin von Walterskirchen (

It has three affiliate entities in the USA (NY, West, and Federal). Oesch claims in his resume to have worked with Knights of Malta in the US. I made some calls to learn more about KOM in the US and ask about things Oesch has publicly claimed to have been involved with at KOM, i.e., precious metal mining, and biotech. I also spoke with KOM (OOM) at their headquarters in Italy, and some other branches. The response was a conclusive denial of Oesch’s claims.

They said their charter is to help the poor and sick, and they’ve never been engaged in precious metal mining or biotech etc. as Oesch claims. They also confirmed these individuals (Oesch, Smith, Tenpenny, Woodall, etc.) have never been part of Order of Malta and are completely unknown to them.

However, they pointed out that there are illegitimate organizations that are engaged in issuing fake knighthood, etc., and some of them have been prosecuted. The Austrian branch has a long list of numerous such prosecutions on its website[84]. There are numerous cases of fake KOMs being busted.

I looked deeper into several others, which are listed in the APPENDIX: Fake Knights Of Malta

The extent of Oesch’s engagement with a fake KOM, even if that’s true (since he claims to have been associated with KOM but KOM denies it) is not obvious. My guess is that it was probably non-existent, and surely so in regard to the legitimate Knights of Malta (SMOM).

I came across these legal cases via “Thymian”[91] when I saw a posting on an interesting internet forum on the BX Protocol scandal367, which referenced Mr. Richard Steeb of OOM (SMOM) in Austria. I had good talks with Mr. Steeb who confirmed what OOM in Rome had said, and confirmed that the other so-called purported Orders of Malta are fake.

Ulrich “Kiran” Schmidt

On the BX forum, “Kiran Schmidt”[92] was mentioned as another

fake Knight of Malta who calls himself a Grand Master and a

Doctor. There’s an interesting link to the topic at hand. Kiran

(Ulrich) Schmidt, born 1962 in Stuttgart, markets pseudo-medical


“Relationships also exist with Bill Nelson (born 1951 in Ohio,

alias "Prof. Dr. William Nelson", Desiré Dubounet), a like-minded

comrade who sells pseudo-medical charlatanism products from

Hungary. Schmidt appeared with sham professor Nelson in 2007

 (together with Konstantin Meyl, Fritz-Albert Popp, Hartmut Müller,

Karl Maret"…89

DETOUR: Note: Bill Nelson[93] (now known as Desiré after sex change, was indicted on nine counts of felony fraud in the USA. He fled the country, never to return[94]. Like Donald Trump he claims to be a genius and claims he can cure AIDS and cancer. An interesting article about Nelson’s woowoo device: 

“He rakes in tens of millions of dollars selling a machine used to exploit the vulnerable and desperately ill… Capitalizing on weak government oversight, they have used these devices — some illegal, others potentially dangerous — to drain patients’ bank accounts, misdiagnose diseases, and divert critically ill people from life-saving care.”

“Dubounet developed the pseudoscientific Electro Physiological Feedback Xrroid, an energy medicine device that is considered to be dangerous to health and has been described as a scam.”[95]

Hartmut Müller[96] was a German convicted criminal whose pseudo-science theory are the foundation of the woowoo gadgets Oesch sells. This is discussed in more detail in the Oesch’s Gadget section. Siegfried Kiontke, the inventor of Oesch’s gadget is of Hartmut Müller lineage. Kiontke died not long ago. Oesch wanted to put Kiontke on debate stage with Dr. Hardell (MD, PhD) (as one of the steps in Oesch’s strange idea of “strategy”), I suppose to give Oesch’s woowoo gadgets credibility. Dr. Hardell would never go on the same stage as Kiontke or Oesch. We’re talking “god” of real science vs. promoters of pseudo-science.

Also note that Delta/BX-Protocol’s (pseudo)“scientific” “Dr.” Smith made a fake claim of having been a Medical Director with KOM. Kiran claims he was a Grand Master of "Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller".

There are countless organisations and companies on the internet that use the words "Order of the Knights Hospitaller" and are to be understood as a pseudo-order of knights… Often alternative medical practitioners are members or "knights" of such organisations.

Real Order of Malta calls them all fake.

So, the interesting thing here is a dotted line link between BX Protocol and fake KOM which both Oesch and Smith claim association with. Fake “doctor” Schmidt has the same affiliation. And their connection with other pseudo-science figures, some like Nelson who has become very wealthy.

Brief recap: A number of people who sell pseudo-science gadgets have claimed affiliation with KOM. Why? Because KOM’s “Hospitaller” title which gives fake KOMs a place to make their fake affiliation and claim medical know-how as Delta/BX’s “Dr.” Smith has done? Oesch went as far as claiming biotech and precious metal mining (both of which SMOM rebuked). And some fake claims involved fake Grand Masters. The real Grand Masters of Malta would be rolling in their graves if they knew some of these figures give themselves a “Grand Master”.

BX Protocol’s Sherri Tenpenny’s Fake KOM Affiliation

Sherri Tenpenny[97] is not a medical doctor. She’s been involved in woowoo things like BX Protocol. She lists being a knight (not dame!) as an honor on her resume[98], but it’s a fake knighthood!

“Knighted, Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitalier of Malta (2008)”

I had a short exchange with her in which she said she was knighted in a ceremony in New York. I didn’t spend the time checking the dates but 2008 may corresponds with “Dr.” Smith and Christian Oesch’s affiliations with a fake Knights of Malta entity. Her resume says nothing about her having been an affiliate (salesperson) of BX Protocol but there’s evidence she was.

More interesting findings on Tenpenny’s claim which corresponds with Thomas Woodall’s fake order / knighthood too, in the APPENDIX: Fake Knights Of Malta.

Thomas Lee Woodall’s Fake Knighthood & Fake Reference Letter for Oesch

Oesch’s reference letters is a very small collection comprised of letters – mainly letters from a couple of BX Protocol figures and fake Knights of Malta references. One KOM-related letter is by a Texan lawyer by name of:

THOMAS L. WOODALL, Attorney At Law, 800 Post Oak Blvd., Suite 41, Houston, Texas 77056 Tel: 713-858-6790 Fax: 713-439-1205 (this information is available publicly[99]). Bar Card Number: 21921500, TX License Date: 09/24/1973

In a letter[100] for Oesch dated 30 September 2005 Thomas L. Woodall claimed that he was a Minister Plenipotentiary. He praised Oesch on a letterhead resembling Order of Malta and a title that the legitimate Knights of Malta has claimed as fake. And said that Knights of Malta, O.S.J. will attain nation status in the near future. He said Oesch will be made as a head of a ministry and get diplomatic status in their sovereign nation. At the time, Oesch was addressed as being at HERS (tax scheme) in Utah. We know during that period Oesch was engaged in multiple tax-scheme companies (see section above).

The real Order of Malta has stated that this letterhead is fake.

On 20 March 2019 Woodall wrote a reference letter[101] for Oesch in which he said Oesch worked with the (fake) Order and sponsored events (these may have been tax scheme events since we know he Oesch was doing those in that époque. 

Woodall said he knows Oesch “well over 20 years” which means prior to 1999. Woodall said he’s a Knight of Malta and a Knight Commander. He said Oesch worked for (a fake) KOM in 2005 and assisted the (fake) Order in obtaining (fake) Nation Status. It’s hard to tell how deep-rooted such fake claims are.

The real Order of Malta totally denies any affiliation with, or knowledge of Woodall, Oesch, Smith, Tenpenny. I wrote to Woodall to give him a chance to shed light on anything I may have misunderstood:

 “…We spoke some months ago. You mentioned you're high ranking among Knights of Malta organization. I was talking with them. They say they don't know you. I know there are some fake KOM entities but I talked to the real one. Would you care to clarify what you were referring to? You claimed you are a Knight of Malta in the Sovereign Order of the Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem, and you're a Knight Commander…”

He wrote back saying I was talking to the wrong people! I wrote back:

As far as I know there's only one legitimate one with international headquarters based in Rome: Magistral Palace, Via Condotti, 68 - 00187 Rome – Italy, Tel. +39.06.675.81.1,

Who would be the correct people then if not them and their official affiliates in North America?

He wrote back saying: “You may have been talking with the Military Knights of Malta that are located only in Italy and do not like our order.” And refused to say what their order is, where it is, etc. Interestingly, he refers to the real SMOM as being “located only in Italy” which is false, and it shows how much the fake Knight knows about the real Order of Malta. And funny enough, his fake letterhead has Italy as the address at the footer:

I suspect Woodall may know Oesch’s close associate, “Dr.” Smith and Smith’s fake claim of having been a medical director at (fake) KOM. But I didn’t have time to look into that. Regarding Oesch’s biotech at KOM claim, he said “it’s new to me”! Regarding Oesch’s claims of precious metal mining at KOM, Woodall said:

“We were not involved with precious metal mining but we knew people who had access to precious metals but we never got into it.”

Laughing Out Loud! Sounds like a funny improvised fake explanation. So, he never heard of Oesch’s “Biotech” claim with KOM, but “they” knew precious metal people but never “got into it” but Oesch claims he was doing something with precious metal mining and KOM which the real KOM outright denies. OK!!

He said Oesch was part of the Swiss Olympic team in Utah (which is not true)[102].

A search in the business registry shows Thomas Lee Woodall has a status of "Forfeited Franchise Tax" (FFT) for a company he owned that sounds similar to Oesch’s many “companies”: "GLOBAL WORLD MARINE CAPITAL"[103]. FFT status means it violated one/some of several tax related criteria, such as requirement to pay taxes. Many entities are not permitted to do business with companies that have a FFT status. Forfeited franchise tax status is not a good thing![104]

Furthermore, Tom Woodall was a business associate of Christian Oesch going all the way back to early 2000’s when they registered various companies together. See list above. E.g.

It seems that Oesch’s association with Dewayne Smith[105] was related to a fake Knights of Malta. “Dr.” Smith (who was not a Medical Doctor) was purportedly “Head of Medical Research” for (fake) Knights of Malta (KOM) which is strange given Medical Research is usually led by a person with an advanced degree in medicine. Smith had no degrees in medicine. Oesch was purportedly doing “business development” there. And involved in “project funding” (Vice Chairman of G7-International, a multi-national project funding company”) in relation to (fake) KOM. So many claims of association with KOM, but they are all fake, as per the real Order of Malta.


My last message to Woodall. I didn’t receive a response, and didn’t expect one.

Hi Tom –

Just FYI, I looked into this and discussed it with the legitimate Order of Malta. Your knighthood is fake, and your order is fake. That's probably why you don't want to tell me what order it is. But I already know the name. It's one of the several fake names/orders (some of these fake entities are not even registered anywhere). Funny that as a purported high ranking official and "knight commander" you didn't know that the legitimate SMOM is not just in Italy. It is active in 120 countries.

And your statement that they don't like your order, is probably correct because even if your order really exists and is not just a shell like the website that is established by that name, the legitimate SMOM doesn't like it because your order is fake.

That's what I've gathered through diligent research. I would be happy to hear any facts you may have to the contrary together with a legitimate proof. Otherwise I assume my findings above are correct and SMOM has confirmed it. And SMOM is the only entity in this category that is endorsed by Vatican by the way.

Since you're a lawyer you probably understand that taking a word out of a title that still sounds very much like the original doesn't go well with a judge in an IP case. In fact SMOM told me they've won litigation over that very topic before. But that is not interesting for me since my research doesn't have a legal focus. That's outside my scope. So I am not alleging unlawful conduct. I'm just calling out your assertions of affiliation which is with a fake order.


R. Ganjavi 

More on Oesch, Woodall, Smith, their lies and fake Knights of Malt in APPENDIX: Fake Knights Of Malta.



CHAPTER 5: Christian Oesch’s Tax Scheme Engagements As Further Evidence Of His Fake Public Claims




See CHAPTER 3: "Résumé Walk-through" above under the heading "USA: Oesch Opened & Closed Many “Companies”" for a list of at least 20 companies Oesch was involved with, most of which appear as shell companies during the period he now claims he was engaged in EMF/Health research.


Oesch has publicly claimed to have dedicated the last 20 years and his career to health and EMF related research. Here’s another reason his claim is a lie. There’s evidence that during that time frame, Oesch was extensively involved in tax schemes – similar to Sovereign Citizen type of thinking that sheds doubt on government’s legal authority to tax people.


It seems Oesch was influenced by ideas of Robert Schulz, and in fact he joined his movement, and was involved in a number of entities – probably his own, and surely also in partnership with Kenneth Wayne Leaming. They ran businesses that promoted such ideologies and in at least some of these businesses if not all, they reportedly got money from people to teach them tax schemes – and maybe even got involved with their finances in some capacity, as it seems from reading public record.


Again, I reiterate, I am not making any allegations of unlawful conduct. I’m simply reporting as a good journalist should objective verified facts that I have found, with some clearly stated opinions that are based on facts.

Anti-Taxation Movement: “We The People”

Among other things, the We The People Foundation was accused[106] by the Justice Department in 2007 of marketing “a nationwide tax-fraud scheme designed to help customers evade their federal tax liabilities and to interfere with the administration of the internal revenue laws.”210


Christian Oesch was part of “We The People”[107] [108] a.k.a. “Give Me Liberty”[109] movement which seems obsolete (last post: 2012). The movement was founded by Robert Schulz[110] who was a tax protester.


The Justice Department has described Schulz as a ‘notorious tax defier’”. Schulz was accused by U.S. Government of helping many people defy their tax liabilities[111] and a “campaign to help customers illegally stop withholding, filing and paying federal taxes.”.  Schulz was finally forced (by threat of penalty of $2000 per day) to comply and stop marketing his tax scheme, etc.


Oesch organized a We The People event in Utah[112] associated with Global Debt Solution29 – one of Oesch’s short-lived companies. 

Tax protesters contend that IRS (USA’s Federal Tax Authority “Internal Revenue Service”) has no legal authority. This is a delusional idea because indeed, IRS has an entire enforcement arm[113]. IRS has even put people in prison for not paying taxes. The ideology that IRS has no legal authority, is in line with Sovereign Citizen movement’s anti-tax ideals, and there’s evidence Oesch was affiliated with Sovereign Citizen ideologies (see discussion in Sovereign Citizen section).


Oesch’s email address on the WTP event page109 points to (GDS) domain112 which was Oesch’s company.

Oesch’s Tax/Debt Scheme Company: Global Debt Solution (GDS) | Stewardship Holding Group (SHG), etc.


“Global Debt Solution (GDS)29 112 was one of Oesch’s several short-lived companies. GDS was registered from July 2003 to Oct 200429. The timing corresponds to his reported engagement with “IBC” on his resume or perhaps IBC is just a fake name of GDS (or one of the at least 14 different entities his name is on during that period), given Oesch says nothing about his tax scheme businesses on his resume.


He was also the President of “Stewardship Holding Group” as shown in an August 2004 letter34 which he registered[114] in Washington state, probably with Leaming (registered agent is Leaming’s company, AIBL). The company existed for a whole 6 months!  Established in 30 June 2004, Inactive 1 Feb 2005. But Stewardship Holdings shows up later as involved in the BX Protocol scam:


There may also be some link to his engagement with the (fake) Knights of Malta – since one of the things he purportedly did there (if it even existed) was to organize seminars64. In the We The People seminar that Oesch sponsored in Utah109, he introduced GDS’s “privacy structuring, asset protection, etc”. One of the speakers said “I'm into freedom, so I hate the IRS [US Federal tax authority]In his speech, Oesch called bankruptcy as result of credit card debt as “World War III”!


So, his business marketed ways to get rid of your debt “debt solutions” – which in my opinion sounds as flimsy as his claim about his “EMF solutions” which in my opinion are not solutions at all. The main solution for debt is to pay it off. I have carried huge amounts of debt in my life and always paid the off; that’s a key reason my credit-score is above 98 percentiles of population.


An archived version of GDS’s website[115] has an intro text which resembles Oesch’s writing, in the same, in my opinion: weak English and unclear thinking. It offers an affiliate network (a predecessor to Delta / BX Protocol / Vivipro), promising a 5-figure income from the first month (that’s between $10,000 and $99,999 a month)[116]. GDS also offered off-shore investments, credit repair, etc. It touted “IRS Code Busters”.


Here are some more references on Oesch & GDS in Utah [117],[118],[119].


Oesch Slept With Gun Next To His Bed


This article4 states that after leaving the anti-taxation seminar, a police car followed Oesch and parked outside his home for a while, and Oesch said he slept with his gun next to him (“2nd Amendment”[120] is an implicit reference to guns – it’s the constitutional right to carry arms).

Oesch’s Partner Company: IRS Code Busters’ Tax Evasion Scam


The seminar Christian Oesch organized, included a presentation by IRS Codebusters. Oesch’s GDS touted “IRS Codebusters” which has been called a “scam”[121]. IRS Codebusters reportedly sold to people, in a network marketing scheme, material to supposedly help people evade taxes; and it encouraged people to not file with IRS (not report their income for taxation).


On their website, Oesch’s GDS wrote: “GDS is working with the IRSCodebusters as a team...”[122]. Again, I am not making allegation of unlawful conduct by Oesch, and we do not know exactly what the extent of that collaboration was.


The famous tax scam promoter / convicted tax evasion criminal[123], ex-Judge John Rizzo in response to allegation that he was working with IRS Code Busters said: “I have nothing to do with Robbie Struckman or IRS Code Busters. In fact, I warn people all the time about this scam.[124]


IRS website has an informative section dedicated to tax evasion schemes: Anti-Tax Law Evasion Schemes[125]. Notice I did not call Oesch’s numerous apparently tax-related companies tax evasion schemes but for lack of better word tax strategy companies or tax schemes. I am neither alleging Oesch evaded taxes nor he helped people evade taxes.

Tax evaders sent to prison

A number of people who used IRS Code Busters’ to not pay taxes, were found guilty and had to pay penalty or go to prison. For example, a couple from California who joined IRS Code Busters, refused to pay their taxes, and went through a number of maneuvers, e.g. wiring money to Costa Rica. They owed the IRS $181,000 in taxes for a two-year period, and made fraudulent actions. They were arrested[126] in Costa Rica and extradited[127] to the U.S., and were sentenced to 2 years in prison. [128] [129]


Also, see article: “Anti-tax ideology has price”[130].

Oesch & Leaming’s Tax/Debt Scheme Companies (HERS / HIS)


Oesch & Leaming established two companies on the same date in Washington state, called:





Why they would register two companies, with exact properties and similar name, which apparently did the same thing, is unknown, but fits their history of registering many companies.

Both registered as “18703 1ST AVE CT S #12, SPANAWAY, WA, 98387” as for-profit businesses. Oesch does not mention on his resume that for over six years (June 2004 to October 2010[133]) he was the President of “Human Economic Resource Solutions LTD” (“HERS”) – and co-owned “Human Investment Services LTD” (“HIS”) – during the period he claims he was engaged in health and EMF research – as well as at least 6 other entities during the same time!


HERS and HIS were established in Washington state, together with the convicted criminal Leaming, who is from Washington. Leaming used his partial name “Kenneth Wayne” on the registration documents.


HIS & HERS were apparently another tax scheme promotion company.


· “HIS” is mentioned in a lawsuit against Oesch et al. by Bonnie M. Christensen in context of tax-scheme business.142

· “HERS” is mentioned in Oesch’s motion to oppose forfeiture in the ASD case. Oesch names himself as the President of HERS.210

Nevada Tax Scheme


We know that Oesch’s HIS business was engaged in tax and other financial schemes, since it’s mentioned specifically in the lawsuit by Bonnie Christiensen. A search on the archived version of HIS’s website was revealing.


There are snapshots of www.humaninvestmentservices.com131 from 8 March to 23 Nov 2007 (when Christian Oesch falsely claims he was doing EMF and health research!). I assume this is his “HIS” website since it fits the dates when HIS was registered, and it fits Christiensen report on line of business, and I can’t find any other company with that odd name registered anywhere.


“Asset Protection” that Christiensen alleges cost her $500,000


The 8 Mar 2007 snapshot[134] sheds light on what Oesch’s “HIS” was up to:


-       It positioned itself as providing “Asset Protection & Financial Privacy Structuring” and offered a one-hour free consultation.


-       “Protect your assets against any financial threat. Avoid lawyers, lawsuits, and hassle from those who want your wealth in their pockets. Achieve a lifetime of financial privacy, security and tax savings.”


-       The website snapshot hints at familiar conspiracy theories and slogans in the direction of Sovereign Citizen and We The People thinking.

Fake Testimonial

 Another snapshot[135] from 27 May 2007 has a comment that refers to IBC. It’s a testimonial page. In my opinion, based on what I’ve seen, fake testimonials are a familiar concept in Oesch schemes; so, I don’t trust them especially knowing the kind of web-manipulation BX Protocol guys were engaged in. The one testimonial on that page sounds like Oesch English, and it looks totally fake132.


“IBC” in this context probably means an International Business Center, according to a service that advertises gray passports and offshore accounts[136]. But IBC also rings another bell.


On Oesch’s resume, this entire engagement with tax/money schemes is missing and none of these companies he set up are mentioned there. However, there’s a reference to IBC. He calls it International Business Catalyst. I can’t find that registered anywhere and no trace of it is available online.

IBC as in International Business Center, usually refers to off-shore based tax shelters, etc. 


“Minor children on corporate payroll”

The snapshot[137] that’s most telling is from 25 June 2007. It promotes a Nevada Corporation (which are known to be used as a common form of scam).

“Use your Tax Savings Nevada Corporation to:”

-       “Pay your travel, entertainment, and health expenses.”

-       “Reduce taxes by placing family members - including minor children - on the corporate payroll.”

-       And so forth…

Placing minor children on company payroll doesn’t sound too cool!

Accountant busted for tax evasion

Then it introduces his supposed hotshot CPA, Wendell Waite. A quick search on Wendell Waite reveals a lot of legal troubles for him. Last record I found was he was not fit health-wise to attend trial, as defendant.


Waite’s website no longer exists, but the last archived version[138] is from 2007. Seems it shut down around same time as HIS website that was pushing a Nevada corporation scheme.


There are multiple headlines about Waite having gotten into legal trouble for tax evasion, etc.

A Las Vegas accountant awaiting trial in an alleged multimillion-dollar tax scheme was indicted by a federal grand jury Tuesday with two of his clients in another conspiracy to hide money from the Internal Revenue Service.[139]


They are accused in the 20-count indictment of conspiring between September 2004 and September 2008 to evade hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes and penalties the McCords owed the IRS.


In addition to tax evasion, all three defendants are facing charges of conspiring to defraud the United States and aiding and assisting in the preparation of false tax returns. The McCords also are charged with filing false tax returns.


From 2002 to 2006, Waite was associated with a Nevada company called Asset Protection Group, which was set up to help people conceal assets from the IRS and other creditors, according to the indictment.


Waite had previous legal problems for helping people evade taxes:


Waite and two other men, including former Colorado lawyer William S. Reed, were indicted in July 2011 in massive tax scheme prosecutors alleged took in more than $63 million between 2003 and 2006136.


William Reed’s Asset Protection Group Marketing Inc. was Nevada based[140], and was dissolved in 2005. Reed was sentenced to 108 months (9 years) in federal prison in 2013, and ordered to pay $40,000,000[141]. Reed agreed to cooperate against Waite.


Reed’s sold training to at least 10,000 people for $1,000 each and they became “consultants” who sold the service to others who wanted to hide their assets, and the consultants received a commission138. This idea of network marketing, use of “consultants” whether they’re “health consultants” or what not, was used in selling BX Protocol, and currently used in selling Oesch’s woowoo gadgets with the company Vivipro.


Here’s a quote[142] from Nevada Attorney General:


A couple from Iowa and a Nevada accountant were charged today with conspiring to defraud the IRS of over $700,000 through a scheme in which they allegedly used nominee corporations and nominee bank accounts to hide their income and other assets


Waite is also charged with one count of income tax evasion and four counts of aiding in the preparation and filing of false and fraudulent federal tax returns. 


Waite did not have a happy ending. Around age 77, in 2017, he was dismissed by the court because


Defendant Waite was recently evaluated and determined to lack the mental competency to participate in a trial due to a diagnosis of Alzheimer's dementia and cerebrovascular disease.[143]


Another short-term endeavor shut down

The 23 Nov 2007 snapshot shows Oesch’s HIS website was effectively pulled down[144]

If I had to take a guess, Oesch decided to give this Nevada scheme a try and set up a website to promote HIS in selling Nevada corporation brokerage in conjunction with Wendell Waite. 


We know MYHUB was also established in Nevada with Leaming, and Oesch is listed as the “manager”, during the same 6-year timeframe that HIS and HERS were active, before the BX Protocol scandal begins. 

Potential Links Between BX Protocol & Tax Schemes


Update: I just came across a thread243 which is a big compilation of material on Oesch, Smith, etc. Interestingly it’s linking Oesch’s company, HIS (Human Investment Services) to BX Protocol, a theory that I didn’t explicitly think about, but given the overlap, of BX scandal with 5 other companies Oesch had registered, it’s plausible that there was a financial connection between funds from BX sales, and Oesch’s other companies. We already know his entities like Helvetia were involved with BX. 

Update: Oesch’s Stewardship Holdings has also been linked to BX Protocol. See relevant section herein.

Lawsuit Against Oesch, Leaming’s Tax Scheme Business helps debunk Oesch’s lies


There was a lawsuit[145] against Oesch, Leaming, Oesch’s Washington-based company which was apparently engaged in tax schemes, et al. I didn’t dig into it deeply but public filings depict the story of Bonnie M. Christensen who was in the process of divorce after 33 years of marriage, and her ex-husband saw an online advertisement of tax scheme seminar, and signed up to get help in reducing his taxes etc. and used the money that allegedly partly belonged to her. She alleges, he lost $500,000 of her money.


She describes[146] the tax scheme the husband was learning, was spreading your assets across multiple entities, and allegedly the “enterprise” (Oesch, Leaming etc.) purportedly managed those entities for the “member” (e.g. her husband), took a fee, and paid something on a regular basis “doled out” she calls it, which they said was “tax free” but she doesn’t believe in reality it was tax free.


She contends in 2002 her husband “discovered certain advertising materials of various seminars purported to instruct people to reduce or avoid payment of Federal or State income taxes”. This corresponds with Oesch’s tax-scheme GDS business seminar that’s also dated 2012. Oesch’s HIS was also engaged in tax schemes. She contends her husband learned how to not get caught evading taxes. He also received legal advice from people like Leaming who were not licensed attorneys.

She alleges the “enterprise had “upstream” operations and a network marketing type of model. The scheme was allegedly presented as “asset protection” and tax reduction/elimination. She alleges that the enterprise sold an expensive manual to the members on tax scheme steps to follow.


She contends her husband felt fear if he didn’t go further because his assets were in the scheme, controlled by the enterprise, and there were a number of constraining rules, which she outlines.


She mentions the kind of behavior that has been reported elsewhere, e.g., the notary – as well as the Sovereign Citizen style of filing totally bogus liens and lawsuits, or at least threat thereof.


I am not reprinting her allegations of unlawful conduct but she makes several such allegations in her filings. Here’s an interesting bit that sheds light to what Christian Oesch was up to in 2006 when he claimed to be involved in EMF and “health” research. His resume says he was at “G7”240. Mrs. Christensen alleges that Oesch was running the entities that her husband set up, and other things. None sound like EMF or health related! And neither are his other engagements at that time, e.g. with HERS/HIS.

She contends Oesch showed up at her divorce hearing, sat at the back of the room (while he had nothing to do with the divorce), and then stood in the hallway of the courthouse to show himself. He purportedly wanted to get back the manual that she had.


It’s not clear what became of the case. There are some “certificate of default” filings. And Plaintiff contends some of the Defendants who were served didn’t respond, therefore have allegedly defaulted. Kenneth Wayne Leaming did respond with a super funky filing in style of Sovereign Citizens, and a motion, also in funky SC lingo, basically contesting jurisdiction.


A number of criminal causes of actions were cited but this was a civil case so one would not expect law enforcement to get involved. And the fact that Plaintiff contends so many Defendants defaulted, and Leaming contested jurisdiction, the case probably went nowhere.


The value of this case was to tell us what Oesch was up to during that period, which again, helps debunk his more recent public lies about his background.




CHAPTER 6: Christian Oesch’s Engagement in “Ad Surf Daily” (ASD) Ponzi Scheme, As Further Evidence Of His Fake Public Claims




Oesch was a “member with ownership interest” in the AdSurfDaily (ASD) Ponzi scheme. This further proves he lied to public recently about having dedicated his last 20 years to EMF and

“health” research. This news video254 on BX Protocol is how I found out about it:


It refers to Oesch not only as CEO of Delta / BX-Protocol unscientific, unapproved, purported

treatment for cancer and other diseases – but as a figure in the ADS Ponzi scheme. There’s

more evidence of the level of his engagement as illustrated herein.


ASD billed itself as an online advertising service that paid its members to surf internet ads for a

promised extremely profitable returns – but new members had to pay to join, and their funds was

used to pay off older members and it was a multi-level marketing[147] scheme.


U.S. government prosecutors called it a criminal Ponzi scheme[148], and judge agreed – so ASD is formally considered a criminal Ponzi scheme.


“The Secret Service described ASD as a “criminal enterprise” operated by Andy Bowdoin, a 77-year-old recidivist con man.”200 [149] [150] [151] [152]


Members who recruited other members were paid commissions of 10 percent. Commissions for second-level recruits in the MLM scheme were set at 5 percent. An ASD member claimed he made $1,000 a day from ASD.171


Oesch was not investigated for crimes but apparently the assets he had in the Ponzi scheme were forfeited. A U.S. Federal Prosecutor I interviewed said that in these cases, the government usually goes after the big fish (in this case Bowdoin) and often doesn’t bother investigating lower level people to determine if they knowingly engaged themselves and sucked others into the Ponzi scheme. That makes sense, since the Government achieved its objective of shutting down a criminal scheme, and putting the top person responsible in prison. Bowdoin, was criminally convicted and sentenced to 78 months in prison[153].


“$79 million have been forfeited by Federal Judge's order” read one news article[154].


In 2008, the US Secret Service began investigating the Ponzi scheme ‘Ad Surf Daily’. “The forfeiture motion detailed how Ad Surf Daily offered members a 125% return on their membership fees plus a percentage of fees from any new member that they recruited.”[155]


United States Secret Service was involved because “its agents investigate counterfeiting, various kinds of fraud, and other crimes involving money and currency.”[156]


Some links to documentation on the ASD mess is provided in the endnotes, e.g. [157]


Per court papers, Oesch was involved in it with his company, H.E.R.S. . We know H.E.R.S. was a company jointly owned by Oesch and Leaming, and it was at least involved in tax schemes business. It seems that Oesch used ASD for two purposes:


-   Probably, make money off it by bringing in new people into the Ponzi scheme (pyramid marketing) and putting his own (or company’s) money into the scheme.

-   An alleged victim alleged that H.E.R.S. tax scheme was advertised online. It’s plausible given it’s the same entity that was involved in ASD, that ASD network may have been used to advertise for the tax scheme.

U.S. Government Forfeited Oesch’s Assets


After the U.S. Government busted the ASD Ponzi scheme, it forfeited its assets through legal actions, e.g., an In Rem[158] lawsuit[159] which included properties and millions in bank deposits. Some people involved “intervened”, arguing their part of the assets should not be forfeited. Oesch did so through the court filing which the news video above shows. For the sake of accuracy of understanding, I reached out to Mr. William R. Cowden[160], the Federal Prosecutor at the U.S. Department of Justice who was the Chief of Asset Forfeiture Unit at the U.S. Attorney’s Office (USAO) in charge of the ASD forfeiture case. He kindly wrote me the following email which explains the forfeiture case clearly:


Oesch said in the one he filed that he was the president of the company and was entitled to make whatever contract he wanted to make with Ad Surf Daily (ASD), and that the government had no right to shut down the operation. Judge Collyer agreed with the government that ASD was operating as a Ponzi scheme, and thus also operating as a criminal fraud scheme. As a result of its criminal misconduct, the property $$ of ASD (proceeds it collected from victims and possibly from knowing participants of its fraud scheme) were subject to forfeiture to the government.


Oesch's company did not own the money he said he did because once he gave his or his company's money to ASD (either as a victim of a Ponzi or as a knowing participant hoping to pull more $ out of the Ponzi before it collapsed), ASD owned the money. But because ASD was operating a criminal fraud scheme, under operation of USA law, the government actually owned the ASD money (upon proof of ASD's criminal fraud misconduct). Because Oesch's company no longer owned whatever money it or he may have provided to ASD, he had no legal standing to challenge the government's forfeiture case against ASD, so Judge rejected his effort to intervene in the case and instead dismissed his "petition."


There were multiple forfeiture court cases and court orders that resulted in confiscation of over $75 million in funds, plus properties, cars, jet-skis, etc. [161] [162] [163] [164] [165] [166] 149 that resulted in criminal conviction of Bowdoin, and criminal and civil forfeitures (some states no longer use civil forfeitures and only use criminal law for forfeiture)[167].


In one case, Christian Oesch and others were claimants with Bowdoin (AdSurfDaily), Golden Panda Ad Builder, properties and a $53 million deposit account as defendants.


AdSurfDaily appealed the case but the Circuit Judges at the U.S. Court of Appeals (DC) affirmed the District Court’s default judgement and final order of forfeiture[168]. Oesch appeared as appellee in the appeal case[169].


I don’t have the time to reference all the cases in detail. There were several memorandums of opinion, e.g. denying motion to dismiss[170], denying intervention[171], final order of forfeiture163, and so on. 

Oesch’s Involvement with ASD via Washington and Nevada entities; Link between tax-scheme and Ponzi scheme.


The government never investigated the level of Oesch or other lower level “fish” in ASD since it was enough for them to “fry the big fish”. But how involved was Oesch? We have a few clues:


·      Oesch was clearly a “member owner” who filed a pleading[172] in the USA’s forfeiture legal case, as a Claimant, asking the judge not to forfeit his H.E.R.S.’s assets that was put into the Ponzi scheme.


·      The exhibit[173] Oesch filed included the registration of his company, H.E.R.S., using the address: “c/o American International Business Law” (AIBL) which was a Kenneth Leaming entity acting as its registered agent[174].


·      Leaming was an officer of H.E.R.S. as well.


·      Oesch was a “manager” at the Nevada registered entity: MYHUB which was engaged in ASD.[175]

o   This again debunks Oesch’s public lie about health & EMF research during that period!


o   That address has several businesses listed under the same “suite” number [176] so it’s fair to assume this was yet another letterbox/shell company. 7881 W CHARLESTON BLVD, STE 210, LAS VEGAS, NV, 89117, USA


o   There’s no info on what “Myhub” was exactly other than it was a “hub” associated with the ASD Ponzi scheme, registered in Nevada. Why Nevada? Oesch was Utah based and Leaming, Washington based, and Oesch was in business with Leaming in at least two Washington registered companies (HERS & HIS) around tax schemes. Perhaps Myhub was registered in Nevada as part of a tax scheme.


o   Another clue is that ASD itself was registered in Nevada as noted in the Grand Jury criminal complaint149.


·      Reportedly, some ASD members who seem to be part of Oesch & Leaming’s network received an email171 from MYHUB with a “legal opinion” from “Kenny” (nickname for Leaming) threatening them of legal action if they submit anything to the Department of Justice:


“If you are indeed wanting to eat on the other side of the fence, you must let us know before you submit anything to the DOJ, without causing us potential harm and further damages. In case you were to fail to notify us, we would have a possible claim against you, and that’s not what you want us to do in the first place.” [In the first place?!  What’s in the second place? Beat them up?!]

Oesch’s Delusional Felony Conviction (in his head) of a Federal Judge, et al. 


It’s shocking to see how Oesch, in his filing, condemned Judge Rosemary Collyer[177] who was presiding over the case, and the prosecutors, accusing them of all kinds of things in the most bizarre manner, often using long bolded lines. Here are a few striking lines, as examples of how NOT to talk to a judge!!


-   “Judge Collyer Is Guilty As Charged because…”. So Oesch “charges” the judge, and “convicts” her, in his mind, and declares her guilty – in a petition that asks her for something!

-   “Clerk of the Court and the Judge…both are Guilty of… among other Felony Violations…”

-   “Their refusal to Obey Their Judicial Oath… disqualifies them [as judges]”


But this crazy, delusional idea doesn’t stop there. Oesch later issues a “Notice of Final Determination and Judgment” to penalize the judge et al. (penalty follows conviction by the fake judge, Oesch, in his own mind!), and files a complaint at the Court of Federal Claims[178] to get the penalty enforced!! All without success, obviously!


Oesch claims his company’s money that was forfeited was a sum of $54,055 (perhaps he under-stated it in anticipation of possible adverse next steps – I somehow doubt it).



He finishes the filing which was clearly a desperate attempt to stop the forfeiture of his Ponzi scheme assets but in the most ineffective way, that failed – by threatening the judge and the prosecutors of retaliation:


“Justice is going to be Served either quickly and painlessly or the Hard and Expensive Way”. [Oesch’s threat to the judge]


No shortage of irrationality in this saga: “I member an instance in which one member argued publicly that ASD could not be a Ponzi scheme because the world’s rate of live births exceeded the death rate — and as long as more people were being born than dying, it was impossible to operate a Ponzi scheme... There has been a consistent presence of bizarre or threatening behavior since the forfeiture case…”312


One commenter on an article that mentions Oesch and others who unsuccessfully tried to get the judge to set aside the forfeiture of Ponzi scheme assets:


What latitude does Judge Collyer have to demand that the various plaintiffs in these actions personally appear in her court to present their arguments? I’d like them to put their (travel) money where their pro se mouths are……none of ’em would spend a few thousand dollars chasing this particular wild goose, I’d bet.[179]


Oesch’s partner Leaming made his own threats in response to ASD getting busted:


“One of the calling cards of the “sovereign citizen movement” is what has been described as “paper terrorism”: an effort to clog the courts with baseless or vexatious litigation and legal pleadings designed to tie the hands of public servants and/or courtroom opponents. Leaming, a 56-year-old purported “sovereign citizen,” was arrested by an FBI terrorism task force in November 2011 on charges of filing false liens against at least five public officials involved in the ASD case… 200


Legal basis for denying Oesch’s motion

“Other pro-se litigants whose motions were denied today include Christian Oesch, Jeffrey Robinson and Joan Hughes.”

“Movants here are not the first to attempt to intervene in this case and seek its dismissal,” Collyer said. “The Court addressed previous motions to intervene in a July 16, 2009, Memorandum Opinion, wherein it found that the motions to intervene must be denied because the movants did not have a cognizable interest in the defendant properties, and therefore did not have standing to contest this forfeiture action.”

“The movants here are in the same position,” Collyer said. “Since these movants are ineligible to intervene and seek dismissal, they are not parties to the case and their motions to set aside forfeiture will also be denied.”[180]

And Oesch lies that during all this time, he was engaged in EMF/Health research!


CHAPTER 7: Oesch Publicly Lied About Litigation vs. USA & Accused U.S. Government of Fraud & Theft For Forfeiting His Ponzi scheme Assets!




Christian Oesch has bragged to a large group of people, some of whom he did not know (so the matter could not have been private), about having sued the U.S. Government. And Oesch accused U.S. Federal Government of fraud and theft of $4.2 million from his company’s money, which he says was related to the Merrill Lynch banking crisis[181]. This was said in context of his supposed “activism” in Switzerland. Since lawsuits are public information in the USA, filings are generally available to the public (except judge-ordered sealed filings) and largely on the internet[182], e.g. via Pacer that anyone can obtain access to. So, I looked up the list of lawsuits against the US government with Oesch as Plaintiff.


I came across a number of lawsuits involving Oesch which is fair to mention, given he’s falsely claimed he spent the last 20 years on EMF and “health” research. Fighting lawsuits is very time consuming, especially when done pro-se which is the case with every case I found involving Oesch, in the USA in the last 20 years.


·  I did not find any cases that fit the exact description Oesch gave – but I found a lawsuit against the US government by Christian Oesch and Leaming, related to ASD Ponzi scheme, where reportedly tried to get $29,444,101,000,000 [183] from the judge who ordered the forfeiture of ASD’s assets, and some prosecutors and a Secret Service agent! – that’s $29.4 TRILLION)! But Oesch didn’t get a penny!


·  I did not find any other cases where U.S. Government was accused, or convicted of fraud against Oesch, or for theft of Oesch’s money.


·  I found no cases where any company of his was a Plaintiff; and no other case where Oesch was a Plaintiff against U.S. Government.


·  Several lawsuits he was engaged in are yet another indication that debunk his lie that he dedicated his last 20 years to EMF research and “health” activities.


Oesch’s retaliatory action against judge and prosecutors, etc.


Warning: This is a crazy but true story!![184]


After losing his bid to stop the forfeiture of his Ponzi scheme money by the U.S. authorities, and after threatening the judge with punitive action, and convicting the judge (in the court of Oesch’s imaginations), Oesch reportedly sent bills “invoice billing statements” to the judge (misspelling her name) and prosecutors etc., totaling $29.44 Trillion. When the civil servants obviously didn’t pay, Oesch got his/Leaming’s notary to issue “certificates of default” which he filed with the Court of Federal Claims (COFC) to get the judge to force the hard-working, people-serving government employees to pay up. But the judge obviously dismissed the case.


Oesch called the invoice: “Notice of Final Determination and Judgment.” The bizarre document sought a sum that would more than double the U.S. Gross Domestic Product: $29.4 Trillion… PLUS interest and compounded penalties.”!!!


GDP for the United States in 2009 was about $14.25 trillion, meaning that Leaming and Oesch sought to collect from five public servants a sum that was more than twice the production output of the entire U.S. economy last year.


Leaming and Oesch said they defined $1 as “one ounce of .999 fine silver, or a pre-1964 United States Silver Dollar, whichever value is greater.” The men said they’d accept U.S. “fiat currency” for payment if it was tied to the “spot price for silver as established on the date of tender at London, England.”180


However, there are a number of articles that refer to ASD figures, Oesch and Leaming, having unsuccessfully sued the United States for $29 Trillion, e.g.,  [185] [186] [187] [188] [189], and:


o   Utah resident and ASD figure Christian Oesch — later to join with Washington state resident and ASD figure Kenneth Wayne Leaming in a failed 2010 bid to sue the United States for more than twice the U.S. Gross Domestic Product in 2009.[190]


o   ASD is known to have so-called “sovereign citizens” in its ranks. Two ASD figures — Kenneth Wayne Leaming and Christian Oesch — sought unsuccessfully to sue the government for its actions in the ASD case, apparently seeking the staggering sum of more than $29 trillion, more than twice the U.S. Gross Domestic Product in 2009.[191]


o   ASD figures Kenneth Leaming and Christian Oesch have filed an ASD-related lawsuit apparently seek the spectacular sum of $29 TRILLION from a federal judge, three federal prosecutors and a Secret Service agent.[192]


I didn’t want to pay to get the COFC original pleading scanned (especially having seen Oesch’s past gobbledygook writings), so I’ve only seen the judgment that indicates the lawsuit was to get those claims enforced.  But a lawsuit to demand enforcement of a $29 Trillion invoice is effectively the same as a lawsuit for $29 Trillion, thus a bit of loose terminology.


Notable is the judge at the COFC denied Oesch’s request to sanction the government lawyers, because of the way Oesch talked to them, calling them “unethical” (a favorite Oesch attack line). But the judge sounded very fair, competent, intelligent.190

Oesch publicly lied about the amount forfeited by the U.S. Government


Oesch stated in his court filing in the ASD Ponzi scheme forfeiture case that $54,055 was forfeited from his company by U.S. Government. If we assume that number was true, and his public statement was about this case (no other such case can be found – and see letter), it means he publicly lied this year saying U.S. Government “stole” $4.2 millions of his company’s money! An exaggeration to the tune of $4,147,000! It’s also possible that he may have lied in his claim as proactive measure against possible more adverse events if he had more money in the scheme. He lied in one of those instances.


He failed to substantiate the fiction when I asked him in a recent letter.


Oesch publicly lied that the forfeiture action was a fraud, and theft by U.S. Government


Oesch has falsely accused a number of parties of fraud over the years, including US Government, FNMA, and more recently in some stone-cold lies he said in Switzerland (see Hardell-Ganjavi project section). Under Swiss law, false accusation of criminal conduct (e.g. fraud) is a criminal offence if it is prosecuted and the accused is found to not be guilty. Even if the US government knew that Oesch has made such accusations against it, they probably wouldn’t bother pressing charges – they already tolerated the nasty things he said to the judge and the prosecutors and moved on. Again, to be clear, my research on this topic is not on legality, but moral issues like intentionally stating falsehoods as fact. I am not accusing Oesch of unlawful conduct.


Oesch publicly accused the U.S. Government of having defrauded his company and stolen its money. By his company, he must mean HERS – since I can’t find any other cases that involve any of his many “companies” in a litigation against US Government that fit that description (and match other descriptions he provided, e.g. forfeiture), and he named HERS in his motion in the ASD Ponzi scheme forfeiture case.


·  I looked extensively but could not find any cases where US Government was convicted of fraud and theft committed against Oesch.


·  Even without such conviction, in my opinion, the arguments presented by Oesch to support a fraud and theft claim against USA are baseless. When you go in the kitchen you take the heat. He got involved in a Ponzi scheme; it got busted.


Oesch publicly lied about the reason behind the forfeiture case


Oesch publicly said the purported $4.2 million was because of the Merrill Lynch banking crisis, while in reality, as illustrated here, it was probably because of the ASD Ponzi scheme case. There’s no mention of the Merrill Lynch crisis in the Ponzi scheme case, and I can’t find any other connections, and Oesch dodged the issue when I gave him the opportunity to clarify it in this letter. Therefore, it seems that Oesch lied.


Oesch’s Failed Retaliatory Legal Action For $29 TRILLION Against U.S. Government


After losing the ASD Ponzi scheme forfeiture case, Oesch lived up to his vile threats of retaliation to the judge et al.[193]. Together with Lemming, Oesch billed them / filed a retaliatory lawsuit against the U.S. Government etc. remanding a whopping sum of $29.44 Trillion. To be exact:




Oesch claimed his forfeited assets were $54,055, but we don’t know if that is true. He might have proactively downplayed his engagement to prevent potential adverse next steps, since nobody at that stage knew what would be next.


 “And not surprising to most of us, the "ASD Group" who filed all of those 'Motions to Intervene' in the ASD forfeiture case are now associated with a nonsensical claim filed in the Court of Claims, a complaint by Oesch and Leaming, asking for a penalty of $29.44 TRILLION dollars. I know, I didn't believe it either, but it's true.[194]


Mind you, the U.S. GDP is far below $29 Trillion[195] 196!! Oesch demanded a sum that’s double USA’s entire economy, and the size of the big Bank Bailout[196] [197] which was also $29 trillion. I didn’t find any Merrill Lynch crisis connection despite diligent search.


As expected, the judge[198] dismissed the case, and wrote

that the complaint “deteriorated into rambling[199] which

is not surprising given lack of any solid arguments,

Oesch’s lack of academic credentials, and his apparent

affinity for Sovereign Citizen ideology, where rambling

seems to be part of the culture.


Here’s an excerpt from the U.S. COFC court ruling:


The original pleading is in public domain but is in paper form, and I didn’t want to pay to have it scanned (and that would have made it available to the public, online). Reading the judge’s interpretation that it disintegrated into rambling, was all I needed to know – and that makes sense given the “Sovereign Citizens” style of flooding the courts with nonsensical arguments[200] and nonsensical language (e.g., as the judge pointed out “In Admiralty”) and other such strange jargons233. Oesch’s filing is together with co-Plaintiff, Leaming, who just served a long prison sentence over multiple criminal action – see section on Ken Leaming.


Tina Hall who lost her notary license, was engaged in notarizing Leaming’s bogus liens and claims.  She was coerced by him to notarize things171. Leaming was a co-plaintiff in this case and close associate of Oesch. It’s not known whether she was coerced by Oesch and Leaming to notarize the “certificates of default” which was a crazy idea: trying to get $29 Trillion from authorities who authorized the legal forfeiting of Oesch’s money which was in the Ponzi scheme. 


Another article180 links the $29 trillion retaliatory action to ASD Ponzi scheme civil-forfeiture:


“The lawsuit, which was filed in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, appears to be tied to an earlier failed bid by Leaming and Oesch to demand a payment for the astronomical sum of $29 TRILLION from a federal judge, three federal prosecutors and a U.S. Secret Service agent for their actions in the ASD civil-forfeiture cases filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in 2008”.


Unfortunately for Oesch, he got ZERO dollars from his inappropriate, nonsensical, attempted retaliation against a respectable judge and other officials.


Oesch Was Sued By U.S. Government Entity, FNMA


As stated herein, Oesch bragged publicly about having sued the U.S. Government (though the case was tossed out) and (falsely) accused U.S. of having committed fraud and theft of his company’s money. To assess the validity of his claim (and also as part of assessing his background to assess another public fake claim he made), I looked into public records for cases that might fit his description. The ASD case didn’t confirm Oesch’s claim.

I then came across another case in public domain

involving a U.S. Government sponsored entity,

Federal National Mortgage Association / FNMA /

Fannie Mae[201] which sued Oesch and his wife, 

Becky Lynn Oesch

[202] [203] [204].


The case had an intricate history that I didn’t waste too much time on. It was essentially about a property that FNMA wanted to force an eviction on. What stood out based on documents I looked at in Federal Court filings[205]:


·  Oesch again accused his counterparty, Plaintiff FNMA of “counterfeit Complaint is based on fraud, deceit, coercion…”[206]

·  Oesch again used some Sovereign Citizen lingo.

·  The case took a long time. Oesch must have spent a lot of time on it, especially since he was pro-se, which again helps debunk his public lies.


In his news report, Journalist Patrick Pretty[207] ( Covering Ponzi schemes And Internet Crime) wrote:


‘“Oesch, who once claimed that U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer and other public officials involved in the ASD case were guilty of racketeering and antitrust violations, now has essentially accused Fannie Mae of the same thing.

Oesch went on to argue that “US authorities from the highest level downwards, financial institutions, intermediaries, Intelligence Power operatives and others are gearing up for what they doubtless hope will be intensified racketeering and trading activity with (corrupt) foreign counterparties.

“This behavior is being fine-tuned ‘as we speak’ . . .” Oesch ventured.

He went on to advance a conspiracy theory that involved the “US Treasury, the White House, the US State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency and its subsidiaries such as the lethal Office of Naval Intelligence . . .”’200

Oesch Has Sovereign Citizen Ideology 

Calling himself a “transmitting utility” clearly demonstrates the Sovereign Citizen ideology.

“Meanwhile, Christian Oesch, a Leaming colleague in a failed lawsuit against the government for alleged misdeeds in the ASD case, strangely has taken to calling himself a “transmitting utility” in response to a nonASD lawsuit in which he is named a defendant.

Records in Washington state show that at least two companies that use the phrase “transmitting utility” in their names have a business tie to Leaming through an entity known as American-International Business Law Inc. Other records show that the phrase itself has been linked to the so-called sovereign-citizen movement. “Sovereign citizens” have an irrational belief that laws do not apply to them.”44

Oesch Was Involved in a number of other lawsuits in the USA

During this research, a cursory look at public records showed Christian Oesch was involved in a number of other lawsuits in the USA. I don’t have the time to dig into them. One example is, he was sued by MBNA America Bank[208] [209] [210] [211]and lost his appeal of the arbitration award (assuming it was the same Christian Oesch since he was in Utah, at the same time, and there is no record for any other Christian Oesch’s in Utah[212]).



CHAPTER 8: Links between Tax Scheme, Ponzi scheme; Oesch’s engagements that debunk his public lies; conspiracy theories; pseudonyms



As a brief recap, so far, we saw that Oesch was engaged in tax/debt schemes for a long time via his companies, GDS, HERS, HIS etc. – which he says nothing about in his resume – and which debunks his lie about dedicating his career in last 20 years to EMF and “health” research. Perhaps he was referring to health of his Offshore bank account!

Link Between ASD Ponzi Scheme & Tax Schemes

At some point Oesch got engaged with Ad Surf Daily Ponzi scheme. There is some evidence that indicate the tax/debt scheme and ASD may have been related. An article by an investigative journalist illustrates the link between Oesch’s GDS tax/debt scheme and ASD Ponzi scheme:

A pro se litigant [Christian Oesch] whose filing was docketed yesterday in the AdSurfDaily case used a phone number associated with a defunct credit-repair website [GDS112] that once advertised “Mortgage Elimination,” “Debt Elimination,” “Credit Restoration,” “Asset Restructuring,” “Off Shore Investments” and “Deciphering of Taxes.”210. [I call this “tax scheme” in this document since it sprung out of tax protestation ideas and that is probably its ultimate goal.]

 “Pro Se Filer [Christian Oesch] In ASD Case Used

Phone Number Associated With Debt-Elimination

Firm; Name Linked To Group Prosecutors Called

‘Notorious’ For Defying Tax Laws.”[213]


The “notorious tax defying” group, is We The People (discussed above) whose chapter in Utah was run by Oesch.

Individuals associated with a culture of pro se pleadings and rants against the government [e.g. Sovereign Citizens/Tax Protestors] began to inject themselves into the legal battle ASD is confronting.


A commentator on the article210 illustrated something interesting:


“It looks as if there is another “sub-group” of promoters within ASD – the Tax Defiers. I had never heard of this group of people until the ASD case became public. They sound like a group of loonies who are trying to make tax evasion legal, using the great American Freedom of Speech to do so. I hope Judge Collyer gets rid of all their motions fast and no more time and money is wasted on processing these ridiculous claims.”

Conspiracy Theories About Banks / Financial System / US & Swiss Governments / Medicine

The article210 quotes Oesch’s GDS website:

Learn about what the IRS, the Bankers, your CPA, Tax Attorney or Politicians do not want you to know . . .”.

Oesch filed the ASD motion as president of a Washington company known as Human Economic Resource Solutions” which he owned together with Washington based Leaming315.

“Some people within the ASD organization … were associated with a group or groups who viewed banking in general and the Federal Reserve in particular as a conspiracy”.

An audio file obtained from GDS called “Banking Fraud”, states that bankers control all major media…  


A comment on the post4 about the seminar Oesch as GDS organized states: “the modern day banking system has been designed to put the people in debt, keep the people in debt” blah blah (leading up to the idea I suppose, that if you pay the guy he will teach you magically how to get rid of your debt).


These beliefs sound much like Oesch’s. He has voiced similar beliefs in my limited interactions with him, e.g., an email he sent to my mailing list, many of whom he didn’t know so it couldn’t have been private:


“the Swiss Government is by default the mandate for the Vatican, and those boys hold the entire world on its balls for the secret societies (Rothschild & Co.) that run the global show and systems. They run the banking system, and when you run and control the central banking system, you control and run those countries and their governments. They also run the USA, in case you should not know?”


Sorry I don’t buy this nonsense. Funny how “Rothschilds and Rockefellers” is the ultimate dead-end of most shallow, simplistic conspiracy theories.


The company Oesch ran as CEO, promoted a false, irrational conspiracy theory that the pharmaceutical industry determines whether a doctor can have a medical license or not!!421 See section on BX Protocol.


Recently Oesch has been promoting disinformation / conspiracy theories around Covid-19 [214].

Around year 2022 Oesch was promoting more conspiracy theories around the banking system while making money on the side from that activism. See section: Oesch Told People To Take Money Out Of The Bank And Store It At Home, In Safes He Sells! 

Oesch’s Aliases, “Oesch English”, Anti-America Comments


I read a page where Oesch allegedly post a comment as “Jonny” and someone calls him out as Christian Oesch. By the time I finished reading his comment, I also formed the opinion that at least Jonny (and perhaps another one too) is probably Christian Oesch – same “Oesch English” and some cliché phrases he uses. E.g., in a court filing in the FNMA case Oesch told a debtor: “Please govern yourself timely and accordingly.”222 – “govern yourself” is not a common phrase but it is, in “Oesch English” (I’ve seen it used in multiple places by him). He may have used other aliases to comment there as well.


For the sake of this paper, we assume we do not know who “Jonny” is. The article210 is directly about Oesch. “Jonny” blasts the author and the government’s handling of the ASD Ponzi scheme, etc.


Another poster wrote:


This Jonny guy is actually an alias for Christian Oesch. I would recognize his anti-government propaganda anywhere. That and his slight misuse of the English language because he is from Switzerland.”. 


In his response, “Jonny” didn’t deny that; and his writing sounds just like Oesch. He wrote a long rambling that included a bunch of nasty things about the author and the article, in bad English:


socialist-fascist-communist non-sense of garbage”.


He called the U.S. Government “NAZI”, “bastards”, and


the chaos is just like when Hitler got momentum in NAZI Germany.”


Mr. Patrick Pretty (author of the article) wrote a sensible reply to “Jonny” who is probably Oesch and addressed all the ramblings beautifully. Here’s an excerpt.

How can Oesch and Leaming expect to “prove” the government damaged them when ASD was permitted to continue to show advertisements and chose not to do so? Meanwhile, how can they purport that acts by the government cost them money if they were not investors? The only thing Oesch and Leaming were entitled to was to have their advertisements shown. Just ask Bowdoin. If Oesch and Leaming want to argue they were advertisers who got ripped off, why didn’t they sue Bowdoin for not delivering their ads?”

Any person who describes a case brought by the U.S. Secret Service and the DOJ under court supervision as “socialist-fascist-communist non-sense of garbage” and the work of Nazis and bastards… The government stole no one blind. The ASD money was seized under judicial supervision. The District Court that has jurisdiction decreed it forfeited after analyzing the pleadings and conducting an evidentiary hearing in public in which ASD’s expert witness and other witnesses testified in public, were cross-examined in public and evidence was tested in public.

On a side note, Leaming tried to attach a lien for $9.2 BILLION against a faith-based hospital in Washington state that admitted 6,995 patients, handled 48,363 patient visits to its Emergency Department and received 26,114 outpatient visits during the 2008 fiscal year. Do you know if Christian Oesch is OK with that? It’s spectacularly poor PR to go around trying to attach $9.2 billion liens against a Franciscan hospital that serves entire communities. Leaming saw fit to put his needs before the needs of entire communities. And a $10 million lien against a City Council? Those acts would seem to be inconsistent with a spirit of community and consistent with selfishness — especially since Leaming publicly acknowledged the “Almighty Creator...”

“Rocky”180 and “Hammer”210 are among the aliases that sound like Oesch. Patrick Pretty even calls these two out as the same person180. Quite a discussion on the comment section of that article180, with people calling out “Rocky” and his woowoo theories, and wonder if his attitude is shaped by having made a lot of money off ASD. We don’t know how much Oesch made off ASD. He claimed around $54,055 but any such number in such a legally sensitive case, and coming from Oesch, I don’t trust.

One poster noted about Oesch’s aliases180:

Some more funny aliases that may belong to Oesch:

DouglasHillford[215] -- Swiss IP, Swisscom customer, posted pro-BX[216] on Transgallaxys forum. Sounds like “Oesch English” but people on that forum think it coincided with Chase Oesch (Oesch’s son) who worked for Delta/BX at the time, announcing that he’s going to Switzerland for holidays – during which the message was sent[217]. The post is another (fake) testimonial; this time about BX Protocol.

A reader noted that the same fake testimonial written by “DouglasHillford” was posted on “Dr.” Smith’s blog under the name “M.B.”.

“Rick S.” blasted a reply to an article200 that was about Oesch being sued by FNMA. “Rick” sounds like another Oesch alias, writing similar to “Oesch English” and using phrases I’ve only heard Oesch use (e.g., uneducated terms like “posting defamation, slander and cause libel”), and typical Oesch conspiracy theories, empty accusations, anti-government sentiments (calling US Government Nazi). I don’t know for sure if this was written by Oesch but it sounds like him:


“Patrick Pretty boys and girls aren’t that pretty at all, they are all part of an undercover Zionist Neocon Cabal that is sucking up and making up the World Elite, while supporting their criminal activities and trying hard to make them clowns look good. The real folks with brains have long figured out that the people of America are getting hosed, and that DC is the most wicked town in the World today and so are all those agencies that are part of those false flags and black ops. So Patrick Pretty and its entire team are nothing but paid off sidekicks and working for the Cabal that is exploiting the people across America, then who has time and who is making a living posting defamation, slander and cause libel on the innocent people that take a stand against those NAZI’s running America today!” 200

My take on conspiracy theories, debt and taxes


While some conspiracies are real, many are born out of human weakness that likes to assume everything is under control. That includes financial and governance theories. I disagree with Oesch on his strange ideas that e.g. the Vatican is running Switzerland! (See section: “Conspiracy Theories About Banks…” above).


I think schemes that purportedly help you wipe out debt and taxes without a legitimate bankruptcy case, are bogus.


Taxes must be paid, and debt must be paid. And we should do both willingly instead of dreadfully, if we understand the purpose of taxation – and the importance of integrity in paying off debts. Only a crook would take out a loan with the idea of not paying it back. I respect honest people who tell the truth, and pay their taxes and their debts.


I’ve carried large debts in my life and paid every penny of it off – that’s financial credibility and it’s recognized by the Credit Bureaus which rate my credit as “Excellent”. The trust creditors put in you is financial creditworthiness, which is valuable. My latest credit score is 836 out of 850 (98.3%).

Many Years Later… A Revelation

[I don’t keep this document updated but just came across this by chance].

Many years later, in January 2023, Oesch had an interview with Reinette Senum whom some have labeled as a “conspiracy theorist”    . While he was promoting some fictitious conspiracy theories he mentioned his so-called debt elimination scheme – something convoluted to the effect that if a bank can’t tell you whose account the money you got as a loan was taken from, then it’s “double booking” and supposedly you can keep the loan and not pay it back (or something funky like that which of course he didn’t explain clearly). 

I believe Oesch’s approach is wrong, inept, inappropriate. “Debt Management” and “Debt Counseling” are legitimate disciplines where a debtors is assisted in planning a payment plan etc. – but the flavor that was offered by Oesch and his pal Leaming did not seem legitimate – that subject is covered in detail in this document. 

He went on to state more funny things which showed he doesn’t understand the basics of banking. 

He also said that when people don't pay their debt, even unsecured debt (like credit card) "they come clean out your house" which is not true. Unsecured debt doesn't mean the borrower has no liability, and liability needs to be met within guidelines, and getting your home raided is not legal. You can get evicted if a creditor has a mortgage or lien on it, but not for unsecured debt. So Oesch is completely wrong, again, and is spreading fear based on untrue conspiracy theories. 

At that point I stopped listening to his rant that went on for much longer. 



CHAPTER 9: Oesch & Sovereign Citizen Movement / Tax Scheme / ASD Ponzi Scheme




While researching Oesch’s background to verify his claims about his background (which turned out to be fake), I came across his affiliation with Sovereign Citizen (“SC”)[218] movement in various online publications, e.g.: Oesch “was involved in the Sovereign Citizen[219] movement in the USA.”13


It seems SC for the most part is not an official organization to join via membership and paperwork. It’s characterized as a “loose grouping” and “self-described”[220].


"Sovereign citizens see themselves as answerable only to their particular interpretation of the common law and as not subject to any government statutes or proceedings. In the United States, they do not recognize U.S. currency and maintain that they are "free of any legal constraints.”


There’s report that in one region you could pay to become a SC239.


There’s concrete evidence that Oesch considered himself a part of the Sovereign Citizen movement, and used Sovereign Citizen terminology (e.g. “transmitting utility”) in the same filing where he calls himself a “Sovereign”, and elsewhere212.





Also, some of Oesch’s behavior, court pleadings, ideas, acquaintances, as described below show his SC ideology:


1) Oesch called himself a Sovereign. Proof is in the pudding212.


2) Oesch has used a number of typical Sovereign Citizen phrases[221] [222] [223] in his court filings, e.g.[224], such as “Transmitting Utility”44, “In Admiralty” – terms that otherwise would be out of context. In an eviction case where he was sued by FNMA, he referred to himself as: “Christian Oesch ONE OF the American People inhabiting the Territory of Utah…”[225] this is very typical phrasing of SCs; Leaming also used the same phrasing in his filings and called himself a SC.


3) Oesch was extensively involved in tax protestation/schemes. It’s well documented that Sovereign Citizens are often anti-taxation / tax protestors 225 226.


4) Oesch had a very close relationship and extensive partnership130 with the Sovereign Citizen / convicted criminal / fake lawyer, Kenny Leaming who identified himself as a Sovereign Citizen (see AdSurfDaily and Leaming sections).


5) A company he owned (or represented) was a “team” (in their own word) with an entity that was along the lines of “tax protestors”, and giving tips to people on how to not pay taxes. See IRS Codebusters section. This is not an accusation of unlawful conduct. I can’t find any convictions against IRS Codebusters, but some people who followed their advice went to prison.


6) Also, the manners of filings, “ramblings” as a judge put it, etc., may be considered in the style of Sovereigns.


7) It appears that Oesch has had a disdain for governments. He told me he thinks the banking system is corrupt, that Swiss government is a mandate for the Vatican, and secret societies are running the banking system, USA, etc. One person he had a run-in with210 referred to Oesch as having had “anti-government sentiments”. Same sentiment can be seen in postings of an anonymous person who sounds extremely like Oesch, who posted comments on media reports about him which he perceived to be unfavorable.


8) Oesch’s BX Protocol business (he was a CEO for a long time), and himself, had reportedly links to tax havens such as Cayman Islands (and BX Protocol supposedly had a location in Panama).


9) He was quoted as having possessed a gun. Owning a gun in itself doesn’t mean association with SC, but many people associated with SC are said to have guns.


10) His demeaner as experienced by myself and reported by another person who worked closely with him, fits the SC style.


The reputable SPLC[226] law center (which is a charity I have donated to and recommend – see list[227]) characterizes it as:


“Sovereign citizens believe that they — not judges, juries, law enforcement or elected officials — get to decide which laws to obey and which to ignore, and they don't think they should have to pay taxes. Sovereigns are clogging up the courts with indecipherable filings and when cornered, many of them lash out in rage, frustration and, in the most extreme cases, acts of deadly violence, usually directed against government officials.”[228]


That article also highlights the fact that many who believe in Sovereign Citizen ideologies, are tax protestors. So does a tax protesters forum[229]. FBI characterizes Sovereign Citizens as a threat[230].


An article305 about Oesch’s “lawyer” and co-plaintiff who just served an 8-year prison sentence, describes the Sovereign Citizen movement:


“Members of this group often engaged in so-called “freedom driving,” i.e., driving about without state-required licenses, either for their vehicles or themselves.  When contacted by local law enforcement, members of the group often bombard local officials (from the officer, to local judges, to mayors and other members of local government) with frivolous liens, false claims, and sometimes threats of violence.  Many members of this same group had previously come to the attention of federal law enforcement for engaging in various fraudulent tax schemes, wire fraud schemes.”


Here's a scholarly legal response to the Sovereign Citizen and related Tax Protestor movement [231].

Many ASD Ponzi scheme Members Were Sovereign Citizen Ideologues


ASD Ponzi scheme has been linked to the Sovereign Citizen movement in some writeups, I suppose because some of its members were part of the SC movement310.


Leaming court filings, e.g.[232], in the Christensen case is in style of “Sovereign Citizens” who don’t always believe they’re subject to law. He made a filing asking the court to make sure it has jurisdiction over the case! Instead of arguing if the court does or doesn’t! He represented himself and his many companies including “American International Business Law” which was the registered agent for several Oesch & his entities.


“ASD is known to have members who define themselves as “sovereign” beings who are not answerable to U.S. law.” 182


“Observation about the presence of the “sovereign” movement in ASD certainly seems to be gathering force. A large part of the resistance and denial of the realities of the ASD case is full of characters who are conspiracy theorists, extremist new age exponents, the alternative currency theorists and practitioners of all manner of strange beliefs. They certainly appear to have a vested interest in the failure of the Government to proceed successfully with their prosecutions. The reality? ASD was a Ponzi scheme when it was started up by a felon and was never intended to be anything else but a Ponzi. It was run by an inner core of like-minded people who set about turning it into one of the biggest online hypes of the decade. They got caught – pure and simple.”312


More on Sovereign Citizens


More interesting reading on SC [233] [234] [235] [236] [237] [238].


Citing a Sovereign Citizen, prosecutors said he “filed and mailed numerous harassing and frivolous documents to the court and personnel.” 182


Very interesting videos236 on some Sovereign Citizens who practice some strange parts of the ideology. Fortunately, the police teach them lessons they’ll never forget about having ideologies that clash with reality.[239] In one of the videos, the Sovereign Citizen guy prays to Donald Trump!! But Donny can’t save his car window from getting smashed by the police a minute later. Also: [240].


There are many examples of self-made Sovereign Citizen license plates[241] confiscated by the police.


Terry Nichols, a bomber of the Oklahoma City federal building identified himself as a Sovereign Citizen. "He would carry out his beliefs by having a license plate that said UCC Chapter 9, and thereby think that he was exempt from licensing his vehicle. He would send mail with the U.S. flag stamp upside down to demonstrate his protest against tax laws. There are people who get engaged in this warfare against the federal government … that simply are not well-adjusted. Despite Nichols' association with the movement, not all sovereign citizens support domestic terrorism.”[242] U.S. Federal Prosecutor, Larry Mackey

“When involved in any legal matter, from pet licensing to serious criminal charges, sovereigns are known for filing legal-sounding gibberish, usually pro se, learned from other sovereigns who sell lessons in “law” online. Frequently, they cite the Uniform Commercial Code, maritime law and the Bible.”   (from article:”'Sovereign citizens' plaster courts with bogus legal filings--and some turn to violence”)


Reference to the “sovereigns” in Switzerland


In an article76 Oesch uses the term “sovereign” to refer to people. See section “Conspiracy Theories / Disinformation”.




CHAPTER 10: Christian Oesch’s Dishonest, Fake, False, Deceptive Biotech & Bio-Medical Experience Claims



Examining Christian Oesch’s public claim that he was a “Biotech Executive”.

False Biotech Executive Claim

Christian Oesch was portraying himself as a “Biotech Executive” on his LinkedIn profile.


Oesch has made public claims that he’s been a “Biotech Executive”. It seems his claim is related to his having been the CEO of BX-Protocol business (Delta) which sold an unapproved, unscientific purported treatment for cancer and other illnesses (see BX-Protocol Scandal) – and his engagement in Vivipro which also had nothing to do with biotechnology.


Calling Delta or Vivipro a “Biotech company” is an affront to real biotech companies. On his paid self-promotion page Oesch refers to Delta/BX-Protocol as a “Biotech” company:

I know many (real) biotech executives, biopharma scientists, medical doctors, biotech investors, analyst, etc., and have done consulting for some large Swiss pharmaceuticals and some real biotech companies, and have done professional journalism in biotech. Professional biotech professional would not consider Delta/BX-Protocol as a proper biotech company; it did not have any characteristics of real biotech companies.


All the biotech executive I’ve known had solid healthcare/life-sciences experience in regulated environments that are based on credible science and not some woowoo ideas. And they all have university degrees, often in life-sciences, PhD, MD, and MBA. Oesch’s profile lacks all this. His certificate in cooking is a very atypical educational background for a Biotech Executive.


There’s another vague reference to Biotech on Oesch’s resume, with (fake) Knights of Malta that Oesch portrays as “Precious Metal Mining & Biotech” which are not related fields, and he says he was in Business Development. KOM is a 1000-year-old Catholic charity that focuses on helping sick and poor people. They’ve denied Oesch has worked with them, or them ever having been involved in Biotech and Precious Metals. See KOM. Oesch’s BX-Protocol colleague, Dewayne Smith also claims a KOM connection which the real KOM also denied. But whatever fake KOM they were associated with, if any, might have been the link between the fake KOM and BX Protocol. Their idea of “Biotech” might have been to put out unscientific products that don’t go through the stringent regulatory scrutiny that real biotech companies have to go through.


He’s used the “Biotech Executive” title on a number of places, including series of videos about the Hardell-Ganjavi project which contained false claims about Oesch’s engagement (which was removed later when I pushed back).


Here are just a few examples of his claims:

<see pdf version> 

On 13 February 2020, Oesch held an information event about 5G in Belp, Switzerland. I heard from a significant person in that event that Oesch’s talk was not focused and “he couldn’t stop talking”, and it became a rambling (reminded me of the U.S. Judge who said his pleading deteriorated into rambling) which made the meeting end later than planned. On the event’s flyer, Oesch introduced himself as a “Biotech Executive” followed by Vivipro’s website, whose unscientific devices Oesch pushes – which have absolutely nothing to do with biotech. I think 10 out of 10 proper biotech executives would agree that Oesch’s new company cannot be considered a “biotech” company, and neither is BX Protocol maker “Delta” which Oesch has referred to as Biotech but it was not.


Someone posted a link to a recent video (on or about 6 November 2020) where Oesch reportedly portrayed himself as a “Bio-medicine” person; it was posted this on a Transgallaxys discussion board that is dedicated to calling out BX Protocol for the nightmare scam that it was. There are several postings and comments on that forum about Christian Oesch.


In a new YouTube video Christian Oesch portrays himself as a business man working in "bio tech", claiming he worked in the USA in "bio medicine" since 2003.

LIVE - Im Schatten von Corona - 5G Skandal in der Schweiz


[This channel with over 20,000 subscribers that contained that video was eventually terminated

Listen to the video at about 2:00 minutes.

Searching for the whereabouts of C. Oesch you will find this guestbook entry:”


The above video has been deleted but Oesch put a copy of it on his channel, and other copies are also online. At minute 2:20 Christian Oesch makes the fake claim about having been engaged in biomedicine since 2003! A big lie!


In the above note, Christian Oesch’s email and website associated with Eriz guest book account are posted on 18 December 2005 as:


email address:
web address:


Note the reference to “Human Investment Services” which was one of Oesch’s 20 or more shell companies. See section ‘USA: Oesch Opened & Closed Many “Companies”’ in Chapter 3 above.

False Biotech Consultant Claim

One of the many titles Oesch assigned to himself was a “Biotech Consultant” during his failed campaign for National Council (Nationalrat). Biotech consultants have very different profiles than Christian Oesch who has had no education or training or credentials in biology, medicine, healthcare, or any field of science.

He’s also called himself a “cancer coach”, “health advisor”, “health consultant”. 

My Note To Dr. Hardell


Dr. Hardell and I have continued to this day to maintain our good contact and mutual respect. After Oesch’s undermining of our project, I once wrote to Professor Hardell:


In a 5G talk tonight [given by Christian Oesch], the flyer starts with mentioning you -- and ends with links to Christian's company which sells some kind of a supposed EMF protection gadget [“feel good device” which is not backed by credible science] -- which Christian says has been shipped to "thousands of doctors" but hasn't cited even one (I guess they're not Medical Doctors) -- and link to his past political campaign -- and naming him as a “Biotechnology Executive” (who is hoping to make money from selling this EMF “feel good” gadget, and apparently in a network marketing setup -- he asked if I wanted to sell the gadget but I would not touch that thing. [I’m a philosopher, and philosophy is the essence of science; I would never promote pseudo-science]).


I don't know what kind of Biotechnology he's into. His LinkedIn profile has no details at all about any biotech companies, and some of the other companies mentioned are not in business any more [and/or can’t be verified – and some claims turned out to be fake], and I don't see any biotech, biology, medicine, pharma, life-sciences education [or any higher education] in his background.


… The Mission Impossible has turned into Mission Mediocrity which very likely will not get the result I intended.

Another Oesch Public Lie About His Background


In a program Oesch claimed: “I've been working in biomedicine since 2003”. If you look at his background, as elaborated in Section 3 above, his claim is false. As an example, ASD Ponzi scheme had nothing to do with “bio medicine” and so on and on…[247



CHAPTER 11: Christian Oesch Was CEO at BX Protocol business, promoting unscientific, unapproved purported treatment for cancer and other diseases




Drug, Medicine, Treatment, Therapy 

How was BX Protocol categorized? Officially as a therapy or treatment though therapy was a soft word to get around FDA’s requirement for proper drug testing. However, Oesch has referred to his experience in “bio medicine” and “biotech”. Medicine is drug. Biomedicine is defined by  as:

“A system in which medical doctors and other healthcare professionals (such as nurses, pharmacists, and therapists) treat symptoms and diseases using drugs, radiation, or surgery.”

None of that applies to Oesch or BX Protocol which was not a medicine and wasn’t even a therapy or treatment – it was a scam. “energized” sugar-water that cost desperate, gullible cancer patients, $17,000 to begin with. The “protocol” was ongoing and there were more costs later. 

BX Protocol Was A Scam And Nothing More

“This BX Protocol is so bad that it makes a grade B

horror movie look like an academy award winner.”A real Biotech Senior Principal Scientist with a real PhD.


I have not come across even one scientist or doctor without conflict of interest, who would endorse BX. And surely none would consider it as being based on credible science.


Oesch has publicly boasted about having been a Biotech Executive, and made related claims in “health” field. He’s referred to Delta (maker of BX Protocol) as a “Biotech” company. So, it’s fair that we assess Oesch’s claims about Delta/BX Protocol, using publicly available information.


Oesch has publicly declared to have been a “Biotech Executive”, associated with Delta/BX-Protocol[248] [249] [250]. Therefore, it’s fair that we put the company under microscope using publicly available information. Oesch was the CEO (and COO) of “Delta Institute International Limited”, maker of BX-Protocol, a purported “Medical Breakthrough”[251]. He claims he was also an “advisor to the board of governors"61. I couldn’t find any indication of who that Board was comprised of, or if it even existed.


BX Protocol was a purported wonder treatment for cancer and many other diseases473 It was mainly sugar water. See APPENDIX: BX PROTOCOL for details. It was promoted and sold by “Delta” (which Oesch calls a “biotech company”) under the direction of Christian Oesch as the CEO for a long time. At some point Oesch’s title changed to COO. Later Delta was shut down by FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations, apparently after Oesch left the company. Did Oesch see the writing on the wall?


[UPDATE: Smith’s prison sentencing filings gives us some new information. Previously it wasn’t clear if Oesch and Smith were partners in owning the scam company. It seems from the prosecutor’s research that Smith was the owner, and Oesch was an employee of him, but Oesch was also a CEO for a long time per many pieces of evidence we have, and was an affiliate (salesperson) at the highest commission rate. It’s conceivable that as business was going down since it was getting more known that BX was a scam, Smith fired Oesch, or Oesch stepped down if he saw the writing on the wall. Smith went on to try to push BX outside FDA jurisdiction after FDA shut the operation down. See updated section on Smith below for more information about his imprisonment, etc.]

The other key figure at “Delta” was “Dr.” Smith who could improvise impressive / scientific-sounding jargon that had no credible scientific foundation. See section below for more information about Delta/BX-Protocol. “WTAE TV Pittsburg” created an investigative news story[252] [253] [254] [255] [256]on BX-Protocol titled “Expensive cancer treatment pushed by man with diploma mill doctorate”, featuring Delta’s top two executives: “Dr.” Smith and Christian Oesch:


Reporter: “The CEO of the Delta Institute, the organization

that’s selling BX Protocol, is Christian Oesch.

And it shows a picture of Oesch at minute 2.04[257]

It is for sure, the same Christian Oesch that I unfortunately

met a couple of times.


The reporter mentions the filings associated with the Ponzi

Scheme forfeiture case and subsequent retaliatory demands

from the judge and prosecutors. The “militant

anti-government man” was Leaming who was Oesch’s

business partner. Leaming was convicted multiple times of



The news video shows the company had made quite a buzz. So, I assume, given the very expensive price-tag of BX Protocol and apparently very low overhead (no credible formal regulated clinical trials, etc.) that they raked in a lot of money.

Oesch was the CEO of “Delta” (BX Protocol) much longer than he was a COO


As much as Oesch likes big titles, he doesn’t mention the fact that he was the CEO of Delta much longer than he was the COO. It’s uncertain what led to the title change. It might be because a COO carries less responsibility that CEO – perhaps he saw the end coming and wanted to leave with a COO title which he uses on his resume/LinkedIn61 and his paid self-promotion23. The video above mentions him as the CEO. There are many other pieces of evidence that Oesch was the CEO of “Delta” for a long time – possibly 5 years. There’s a public capture[258] of Delta’s website available from September 2017 that shows Oesch as COO and Smith as CEO. So, I assume somewhere around Sep 2017 Oesch switched titles to COO.


Oesch’s name was stated on Delta’s website as CEO[259] [260].

Mr. Oesch serves as Delta Institute's CEO…”257 [261]


On the “About” page[262], and Meet The Team[263]


Another capture from 2017 shows Oesch as CEO[264]:


In a (failed) take-down demand letter Oesch wrote to YouTube, he identified himself as Delta’s CEO. His attempt failed.


This capture is from a Delta diagram[265] that showed the money-flow. It was posted on a public website.


It again confirms that Oesch was the CEO.


An earlier CEO title confirmation is from a “Press Release”[266]. Sounds like “Oesch English”:


The CEO of Delta Institute International, Christian Oesch, is very excited to announce that the entire methodical and thought-out execution plans…”.

Oesch says he left Delta in June 2018. If we assume it’s true, it could have been because BX business model may have been falling apart as indicated by new product marketing attempts at much lower prices, increasingly negative reviews which the company tried to quash. He may have seen the end coming.


However, based on timing of his reference letters, he may have been at Delta till Q1-2019.


I suspect he demoted his title to COO a couple of quarters before leaving. There’s indication that the latter part of 2018 and early 2019 till the company was shut down by FDA, they were trying different product marketing tactics to generate revenue from lower cost offerings, since I assume not many new cancer patients were willing to cough up ~$17,000 as a start, for a $30k+ treatment course that didn’t have credible scientific founding, and the word was getting around about it being a scandal.

Oesch Was Also A Delta “Affiliate” (Salesman) / Cayman Island Account Connection


BX Protocol was sold through a network of affiliates[267] (who got sizable, tiered commissions), and that included Oesch himself, who was also driving the BX Protocol business as CEO, and at the same time was engaged in getting new customers to sign up to the BX Protocol promise. Oesch was an affiliate through one of the many “companies” he’s set up, “Helvetia”[268] [269] [270].


Notice the email address is, and he calls his company “Helvetia Foundation”, yet the email is “helvetiafund” – a Freudian slip perhaps – a “foundation” which is really a shell “fond”? The domain was registered on 2009-7-6[271] in Switzerland.


There’s indication that Oesch’s Cayman Island Helvetia Capital and Helvetia Fund / Foundation which was an affiliate of Delta may be related (wiki[272]; see video description[273] which also contains a link to a public record background check page14 that reportedly has more info on this topic).


One of the many affiliates that Oesch signed up with his “Helvetia” affiliate, was Gary Teal from

Utah, New Hope Wellness Centers, Freedom Church Of Revelation.[274]