Genotoxic Forest Antenna


Urgent moral plea to cancel Pfannenstiel forest antenna

To: CEO of Sunrise Communications Switzerland

Cc: Board of Directors of Sunrise and Liberty Global

Dear Mr Krause

I visited the wondrous forest where Pfannenstiel Recycling Center in the Community of Männedorf is a part of. The forest is enchanted and flourishing and vibrant with life. The fragrance of the vegetation is drunkeningly beautiful. There is so much life in this ecosystem that is thriving, and contributing to the community, the whole region, the canton of Zurich and our great country.

Sunrise's interfering with that ecosystem by placing a mega 5G antenna at the heart of it that constantly pulsates ultra high frequency microwave radiation, is morally wrong. It is legal since you fought the community and the court as usually sided with you because they myopically rely on the safety standards which are wholly thermally based. But legality and morality are entirely different.

The cell masts will ruin the forest and its entire ecosystem. It will dumb it down, it will damage its DNA, cause excessive, unnecessary oxidative damage and long array of biological issues which are entirely ignored by the industry and government regulators.

So please put on your  moral hat, and stop this project, and spare one of the last natural areas in Switzerland that has not turned into a microwave hell.

I have provided a long list of reasons why this project should be cancelled in previous emails, so no sense in repeating it.

Thank you for your kind consideration -- I'm sure cancelling this project will not make a dent in your bottom line, but it will be hugely celebrated by the forest, its living beings, and humans who visit that forest regularly who have sufficient cell coverage. Nobody goes in the forest to do low-latency mobile gaming and driverless cars have no place there. You have nothing to gain from this project, and it's a huge blow to so much life. Please spare the Pfannenstiel forest.

Many thanks and best regards
R. Ganjavi

Swiss Citizen


To: CEO of Sunrise Communications Switzerland

Cc: Board of Directors of Sunrise and Liberty Global

Dear Mr Krause

Thanks for the email you sent me via your respected colleague, Mr. Rolf Ziebold (Senior PR Manager). I'm very disappointed at the level of self-deception. It's hard to believe that you really believe what you told me given your level of competence and position within the industry. I assume you know where science stands about this subject of safety. What you said in your email were typical excuses that the industry brings in order to ignore science. What you wrote me was not about science but it was mythology. A 30 year old myth which the industry loves which has nothing to do with truth. And the myth being that safety standards are sufficient protection for living beings.

The missing piece of that deceptive statement is that the standards totally ignore biological effect. As an industry veteran you should know that very well, but you repeat the industry line that is not the truth, and you should know it. It would not be enough to say you believe so -- as a CEO your beliefs should be rooted in facts and not myths, i.e., blind beliefs.

The little missing fact (biological effect) from the myth makes a world of difference. So if I may revise what you wrote, the massive 5G cell masts that you plan to install in the middle of a magnificent forest which is currently at zero RF-EMF level, is thermally safe which means it will not burn anything; but it is biologically unsafe because what you consider as safety threshold is only thermal and biological threshold is hundreds of times lower.

Your cell masts are going to turn that forest into a microwave hell that constantly pulsates, 24x7, at hundreds of times the biological safe limit up to 6 V/m and if you're using adaptive antennas we're talking even much higher levels -- while the biological safe limit is to the tune of 20 mV/m which is some 300 times lower. Remember, we're now not talking legality, but ethics and morality, decency and care.

When the radiation gets above 20 to 50 mV/m it starts damaging the biology of living beings and you know this very well and that's probably why you don't (and shouldn't ) let your children, if you have any, spend much time near a Wi-Fi router because you care about the integrity of their DNA.

So I am asking you and leadership of your parent company to seriously consider pulling out of that project and sparing one of the last forests in Switzerland which is not yet ruined by biologically damaging high frequency pulsed microwave radiation. Your antennas are thermally safe - but not biologically. We're talking biology and chemistry and not physics.

All those people who event went to court to oppose this antenna lost because the judge is also using this same defunct standards that the industry uses -- but remember what is legal is not necessarily moral.

This is not a matter of law but a matter of morality, therefore I am asking you all to spare that life in that forest including people who take refuge in it for rejuvenation and contact with a happy nature and not a microwaved hell. They don't go there to do low latency gaming, and they don't drive in it with driverless cars. The antennas from a distance provide plenty of coverage for basic needs. There is no need for your antenna, except, your need for more money that might trickle in if people are happier with more coverage and pay you more but that's a long shot. You're not going to get more business from that vicinity. And the usecases I mentioned are defunct anyway -- what happened to the driverless cars behind the 5G push? They have vanished as more people are realizing smart cities make them more dumb, and carriers are not finding the great profits they expected from rollout of 5G which has ruined the country in terms of RF levels.

From a karmic standpoint when you turn that forest into a microwave hell consciously, knowingly, and you know it now if didn't before, it has consequences because everything we do has consequences. Your decision to negatively impact such a large ecosystem will not bode well for your future -- it is not a good thing to do -- it's an irresponsible action however legal it may be. You should stop that project, and you can do so with one phone call. The responsibility and karma falls on the shoulders of your entire company's Board and Liberty Global's board.

The profit potential for you, and increase in your salary and bonus is nominal, probably non-existent, so you have nothing to gain, neither does Sunrise. More intense coverage in itself is not an asset especially at such a huge cost to living beings.

It's a moral question that you should look at deeply, within yourself, and if it's something you want to live with, with your conscience, as long as you don't fool yourself into believing the myth that thermal standards mean biological safety. It is not so, therefore your antennas will negatively impact that magnificent area and take it away from Canton of Zurich and its inhabitants, in terms of the quality it has had for thousands of years. Stop the Pfannestiel project please.

Thank and kind regards

R. Ganjavi



Dear Mr. Krause and Sunrise / Liberty Global Board

Sunrise has obtained the legal right to build the massive cell masts on the Pfannenstiel recycling center in Männedort / Oetwil-am-see in Canton Zurich.

But you should cancel this project as it will absolutely ruin the magnificent Pfannenstiel forest.

Why can't sunrise spare this great forest?! MONEY

Hardly anyone lives in that vicinity, but you still want to have strong coverage at the cost of damaging the DNA of the numerous creatures of that forest who have no voice to speak up. The posters are up that in spring there are the newborn dears, etc., and you can see them around, and all the important creatures for this eco-system that you cannot see, and all the trees who've been here years before corporate greed.

JUST REMEMBER THIS: If you build that antenna, for eternity you will be responsible for damage the pulsed microwave radiation will cause to the forest, its trees, its bees, insects, birds, deer, rabbits, and so on. If will be YOUR responsibility. Every DNA that is damaged will be your fault. And your names will go down in history as people who did not even spare a forest due to corporate greed.

The forest is now a place of rejuvenation for humans, and has long been known as the lungs of Zurich. "Sunrise" is now about to "shine" extremely damaging radiation with their cell masts right in the middle of that forest (which is where the recycling center is) and turn a magnificent forest into a microwave hell. And that will all be your fault.

PLEASE have some conscience, some morality, some sense of responsibility for integrity of life and PLEASE SPARE THE PFANNENSTIEL FOREST. Thank you and all life in that forest will thank you for sparing it.



From: Reza Ganjavi, MBA, Swiss Citizen, Phone: +1 213 207 6535


To: Mr. Mike Fries, CEO, Liberty Global, Mr. André Krause, CEO, Sunrise


Copy: Board of Directors of Sunrise and Liberty Mutual


Plea to Sunrise GmbH and its parent company, Liberty Global to STOP Sunrise’s push to install a giant genotoxic 5G antenna in one of the most precious forests in Switzerland which will significantly impair the forest, its ecosystem, insects, animals, plants, and human visitors



Dear Messrs. Mike Fries, André Krause


Liberty Global is the parent company of Sunrise so it’s fair to assume Sunrise should abide by some of the same ethical policies of Liberty Global, including:


·      “Uphold the highest ethical and legal standards”


·      “Engage in honest and ethical conduct.”


It has been demonstrated to Sunrise time and again, that deployment of cell towers/masts should be minimized and done with utmost responsibility, as the pulsed microwave radiation generated by these masts can result in a host of biological impairments, as indicated by numerous studies. Regarding being near a cell mast, see And thousands of studies show biological effect of exposure to pulsed RF-EMF in general, since the thermal standards the industry cherishes were established decades ago. Current safety standards completely ignore biological effect.


You must already know that the scientific community that is not funded by the industry is very worried about the biological impacts of pulsed RF radiation exposure, as voiced by numerous petitions such as the





You must already know that ICNIRP is mired in conflict of interest and funding from pro-industry entities. Here are some important documents on a Swiss member of ICNIRP who has been instrumental in influencing Swiss policy:


·      Top Experts Challenge Swiss & Martin Röösli (Roosli) & ICNIRP's Lies About RF-EMF Health Impacts:


·      Health risks from radiofrequency radiation, including 5G, should be assessed by experts with no conflicts of interest


Sunrise has maintained that its cell towers are safe!


·      What about the observance of cognitive decline in students near cell tower study? “Mobile Phone Base Station Tower Settings Adjacent to School Buildings: Impact on Students’ Cognitive Health. Mao SA et al. American Journal of Men’s Health.


·      What about blood cell abnormalities? The Zothansiama et al found significant increase blood cell damage in those living within 80 meters of a cell tower versus those living greater than 300 meters from a cell tower. The author concluded “The present study demonstrated that staying near the mobile base stations and continuous use of mobile phones damage the DNA, and it may have an adverse effect in the long run. The persistence of DNA unrepaired damage leads to genomic instability which may lead to several health disorders including the induction of cancer.”


·      What about Wolf and Wolf study which found the rate of cancer incidence was 129 cases per 10,000 persons per year in those living within 350 meters of a cell tower versus a rate of 16-31/10,000 in those living greater than 350 meters from the cell tower.


·      What about the Eger study which found an increase in the development of new cancer cases within a 10 year period if residents lived within 400 meters of a cell tower. Their results revealed that within 5 years of operation of a transmitting station the relative risk of cancer development tripled in residents near the cell towers compared to residents outside the area.


·      What about the Dode study which found a highly significant increase in cancers in those living within 500 meters of the cell tower.


·      What about the Ghandi study which used comet assays to determine genetic damage in those living in the vicinity of mobile base stations. Genetic damage was elevated in the sample group.

Sunrise’s competitor Swisscom even admits that RF exposure is genotoxic!

The list of evidences is long. Exposure to pulsed microwave is unsafe. Let’s set aside the fact that there’s hardly any place in Switzerland where people who do not want to have their DNAs damage by RF radiation – or are sensitive to it – can escape to. Rarely there are spots like the Pfannenstiel forest, but Sunrise wants to build an antenna there too!

Please spare the Pfannenstiel forest and its trees, birds, insects, and humans who enjoy its peace and tranquility – historically the place is known as a spot where Zurcher people go to to recuperate. Currently the level of RF-EMF is at a biologically safe level (under 20 mV/m). If that antenna is installed the level will rise to 6000 mV/m which is extremely unhealthy. Sunrise has nothing to gain from this antenna except some money. The sole reason for wanting to install it is to provide service to an extremely small number of people who live around there who don’t want this antenna anyway, but Sunrise is currently fighting them in court in order to impose its will on them.


Please abide by your own ethical guidelines, and have some heart for at least those trees, bees, and birds. They cannot write plea to you or else you can be sure they would. People have pled, but it’s fallen on deaf ears. Please listen again, and stop this antenna project at the Pfannenstiel forest in Kanton Zürich (Winterhaldenstrasse, 8618 Oetwil am See) on ZSA property.


Many thanks for your kind consideration.  

Best Regards

Reza Ganjavi, MBA – Swiss Citizen

[ This was sent to:  Amy Blair ,  André Krause , Andrea Salvato , Baptiest Coopmans , Bryan Hall , Charlie Bracken , Daniel Eberli , Duncan Macdonald , Elmar Grasser , Enrique Rodriguez , James Ryan , Jany Fruytier , Jason Waldron , John C. Malone , Manuel Kohnstamm , Marcel Huber , Marisa Drew , Mike Fries, CEO Liberty Global , Miranda Curtis CMG , Richard “Dick” R Green , Rick Westerman , Robert Redeleanu , Severina Pascu , Tobias Foster , Matt Beake ]



In German and English

Letter to André Thouvenin, President of City of Männedorf, Switzerland

- by Reza Ganjavi



Has André Thouvenin forgot why he has this job?

To: André Thouvenin, President of Geminde Männedorf

Copy: Daniela Halder, Erich Meier, Giampaolo Fabris, Jürg Rothenberger, Roger Daenzer, Wolfgang Annighöfer, Nadja El Hemdi

Hello Mr. Thouvenin (& members of the Geminderat)

I am a Swiss citizen who cares deeply about our beautiful country which is increasingly being ruined by a dishonest, wicked wireless industry, which is on record for lying to people about safety of their technology. I do not belong to, nor represent any groups, but I help activist groups throughout the world in fighting this biggest evil that is set to cripple the world, and ruin our country. There’s hardly any space left which is not ruined by toxic RF-EMF pollution. Pfannenstiel forests are considered as the lungs of Zurich. You’re set to ruin them by turning them into a toxic microwave horror.

Currently the forest of Männedorf has undetectable (zero) RF-EMF radiation. Once the antenna on ZSA Pfannenstiel is installed, that magnificent forest will radiate at 300 times the safe limit (real limit as set by the Bioinitiative Report – and not the irrelevant limit used by BAFU and the cronies of the industry such as ICNIRP). It will significantly damage the birds, wildlife, trees, and people who go to that forest for recuperation and enjoyment. Their DNA will be damaged by that evil tower that Sunrise wants to build a few meters from the forest. Not to mention its biologically damaging impact on people.

Mr. Thouvenin’s job

Something very disturbing has been brought to my attention about you. That you said that you're just doing your job, and your job is to approve cell masts (antennas). This is the biggest and lamest excuse I've heard, by an authority who's engaged in approving these "cancer sticks" or "death towers" as some call it. So, it's not really your fault, you’re just doing your job! Wrong!

Perhaps you've forgotten why you have this job -- or perhaps you have your priorities mixed up.

1.     You are put in that office, by people of Männedorf. Don’t forget that. They’re your primary constituent. If a company wants to pollute the area pays more taxes, it does NOT make it a more important constituent. The Geminderat is made up of PEOPLE, and not company representatives.

2.     Your first and foremost duty, as a representative of the people of Männedorf, if their health, because for people of Männedorf, their health is number one priority, and their most important asset. Don’t forget that.

3.     Your job is not to be a puppet of the industry or cantonal or federal governments (which is what your statement implies). In my opinion, by saying “my job is to approve antennas” is to say “I am a puppet of the (wicked) industry, and their government backers” – which is all about MONEY. You have a moral duty much higher than the realm of MONEY.

So, you seem to have your priorities wrong. Fix that. That’s the first step.

Then, please get yourself educated about the topic. Just because the wicked wireless industry and BAFU and BAG say that RF-EMF at current limits is safe, it doesn’t mean it is. As an intelligent human, you should look into those claims and not sheepishly accept them as facts. In fact, they are not facts. They’re falsehoods, propagated to benefit the industry for one reason alone: MONEY.

Don’t try to tell me people of Männedorf need faster download. That’s a fake need propagated by the industry. Or that they want to get around in a self-driving car. None of them are so stupid to want that because that car will be a live Microwave oven which will fast-track them to cancer. So, let’s establish, this is all about MONEY. BIG MONEY has decided to maintain the standards which are very profitable for it.

So you need to decide, when you go to bed at night and think to yourself (that’s if you have a conscience), if you want to be a puppet of BIG MONEY or you want to abide by important moral values such as caring for your constituents’ health.

You’ll quickly find out that they’re lying. In a patent filing by the industry, it claims that WLAN can cause DNA-damage and cancer at sub-thermal levels. Standards cherished by the Industry, BAFU, BAG are all thermal (physics). They ONLY protect you and your loved ones from getting burned, and NOT against DNA-damage, etc. (biology).

Today’s standards do NOT protect us from getting biologically damaged. This is VERY SERIOUS and VERY TROUBLING. You need to understand that before you sign away those cell tower applications. You owe that to yourself, to your family, to decency, to morality, and to your constituents. You can’t sit there, approving antennas that cause DNA-damage and cancer, and pretend you have no responsibility in that. You will be held accountable by all entities affected by these antennas.

As you do your research, ask if you let your kids and grandkids sleep next to a WLAN router? The answer should be NO. Would you let your child take a medicine that has never been tested for safety (and thousands of studies show that it’s not safe)! Having a cell tower radiate inside your house from a distance is exactly the same problem. The radiations are the same class of waves: RF-EMF.

If you follow blindly what the Federal Government and Canton tell you, without challenging it you are as good as a robot. As a (hopefully) free-thinking human, entrusted in a position of authority by people of Männedorf, you have a MORAL responsibility to look into this matter, to not accept the lies that the industry and their government friends tell you, and stand up for the rights of people of Männedorf. Being a lawyer I’m sure you understand that the right to not have your DNA attacked is a very basic human right.

You should also abide by the Precautionary Principle. You are NOT able to show even one study that shows exposure to RF-EMF to be safe. Therefore, you need to take precaution and put a moratorium on this antenna until safety is established.

Your first and foremost duty is to protect people of Männedorf from abusive practice of the industry. But you’re failing to do your job if you think your job is to help approve those disastrous antennas.

Look at this letter (German) by the top EMF/cancer professors/researchers in the world, which unveils the lies that BAFU tells us about health impacts of RF-EMF exposure.

Look at these top scientists talk about the health impacts of RF-EMF which the dishonest industry doesn’t tell people (instead they’ve funded FSM, at ETH, for example, to help them brainwash people into falsely believing their biologically damaging technology is safe).

If you’re interested in facts, there’s a lot of awakening that awaits you. If you prefer to be a robot, a puppet of the industry, and think your job is to approve biologically damaging antennas, history will not forgive you.

Here’s a list of common lies the industry and government tell people. If you repeat these lies, you’re also lying to people. At least now you know the facts, so the lies will be intentional.

I hope the rest of the Geminderat is not as closed-minded as you appear to be. You all have a responsibility to say NO to this antenna when the application is returned from Canton Zurich. They found lies in Sunrise’s application. You need to KILL this project. People of Männedorf don’t need this antenna, and neither do the birds and the trees in that magnificent forest which you’re about to ruin with microwave pollution.

Here are some important organizations that can provide good info for you in German:






Réza Ganjavi, MBA, BSCS, BA Phil, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Gamma Sigma








An association was set up to fight a massive 5G cell tower by one of Kanton Zurich's most precious forests which is currently has zero RF level. I was so happy to find out about them, and attended the first meeting where they discussed setting up the association. A group of some 20 people and they've had trouble finding someone who wants to be the President -- very typical of Swiss passive mentality, as limited as stereotypes are. They asked me to be the President but I said look I don't mind but my German is not strong and it will not work. They said don't worry we'll help you. A young guy, Robert Resch said he could be President and it's good for his resume (curriculum vitae)!

I was happy someone else volunteered but he didn't have the experience needed to take on such a monstrous task.

A lady whose house is right next to the cell tower was nominated as treasurer and a retired pediatrician, Rolf Wälli was to be the VP. This meeting turned into a drama because Rolf for example couldn't handle the facts. The painful facts of dishonesty by some parties in the government. It's very unSwiss and it seemed to shake up the core of the Bünzli mindset (not saying Rolf is one, I don't know him well enough). But he failed his responsibility to write a fair minutes of the meeting, and wrote his conditioned reactions to what I had said about the dishonesty int he industry and government, instead of just reporting the facts - that's not how you write minutes. I've written 1001 minutes in professional settings.

We talked about it later and he sent a correction and apology to the group.

Alicia (the treasurer) and I saw eye to eye about the urgency of this project and saving the forest, and the caliber of effort it would take.

I was absolutely not keen to be the president and the only reason I accepted their nomination was because nobody else was fit to do it. Over time it became very clear that Robert did not have what it takes for this huge task. I would have much preferred someone more qualified and experienced, and most importantly with better "can do" attitude take on the job. Someone like Angela Brögli who's a dermatologist in Rappersville. Very nice lady but she always wanted to be in the background (it may be a Swiss conditioning which is not the most assertive, forefront culture!)

Robert meanwhile started lobbying in what appeared to me to be a nasty stupid way -- for example, he was trying to capitalize on the issue that Rolf had created by his distorted meeting minutes. And I didn't care at all to not be president -- so it was absolutely nothing I would fight for. I was there to fight for those birds, bees, deers, trees who can't talk for themselves, and I had zero interest in ambitious political bullshit.

Robert became the president and I was relieved that I didn't have to take on that role because to be a president of an association in Swiss German community you have to have a top level of German which I do not. My German is only conversational. My experience in running Mission Impossible project is very applicable here but strong German is a must for a leadership role. This is in fact also the reason why I didn't want to take on leadership role in the Swiss anti-EMF fight.

So we had a meeting with Robert Resch, Ben Riedweg (a very nice level headed fine man), and Alessia Donatsch in the forest, by the proposed cell tower. Robert was incredibly rude -- once I almost walked away (or rather told him to take a hike LoL) -- but Ben, the VP of the association, and Alessia were very receptive as I passed on ideas to them. Robert even made a fuss about having to put his cell phone offline for this meeting which is about fighting a cell tower! You can't be so dependent on a cell phone and then try to fight a cell tower.

It became evident that Robert has the wrong attitude, already projecting unreasonable burdens and all this frinkin "can't do" excuses like his estimate of the cost of litigation which was way way higher than anyone has ever had to bear, even when they go to Supreme Court.

Anyway, they said we already had this and that on our list blah blah.  MONTHS later it turned out they hadn't done any of those things. Just as expected. And lots of excuses, as expected. Before my time and after my time so much that needed to be done was not done. I was the one who contacted the Kanton to get a status and found and talked to the very lady who's in charge of the approval. The Geminde's informing of the public was a complete joke. I estimated only 1% of the residents knew about the antenna. So much could have been done in the months that the association lost in doing nothing about the antenna.

I met Ben months later and he asked me if I know if someone is opposing the cell tower! Here's an officer from the association set up to fight the tower (help/organize/facilitate the fight) and they have no clue if someone is going to oppose it or not!! Also Kathrin Luginbühl, one of the top activists who cares about this forest asked Angela but got a no-response, which says a lot! With a leader like Robert, and an organization where the real leader is Angela but she's not -- I'm not at all surprised. Any management expert would tell you such a set up is recipe for disaster.

Enough said.







(EN) Letters sent are in German (and English). German versions below the English versions here.

Dear Members of Männedorf City Council


There are lots of studies that support this fact that the wicked industry and its backers like Mr. Thouvenin like to ignore:

Phone masts located in their living areas are irradiating continuously some species that could suffer long-term effects, like reduction of their natural defenses, deterioration of their health, problems in reproduction and reduction of their useful territory through habitat deterioration. Electromagnetic radiation can exert an aversive behavioral response in rats, bats and birds such as sparrows. Therefore microwave and radiofrequency pollution constitutes a potential cause for the decline of animal populations and deterioration of health of plants living near phone masts.

If you vote YES to the Pfannenstiel Hell-rise (Sunrise) antenna, God / history / universe / goodness / will never forget you.

Kind Regards

Réza Ganjavi, MBA, BSCS, BA Phil, magna cum laude, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Gamma Sigma

Swiss Citizen


Dear Members of Männedorf Geminderat

I am writing to you because in my opinion, the association that was set up to educate you, inform you, lobby you, and influence you to vote NO to the Pfannenstiel Sunrise Antenna at ZSA has shirked its responsibility, and failed to carry on so many actions that it was set out to do; because of its passivity and small thinking.

Your decision about the Pfannenstiel Sunrise Antenna at ZSA is one of the biggest decisions of your lifetime, and the consequences of which you'll have to live with for the rest of your life, if you have a conscience, and if you are able to think for yourself, to investigate and inquire for yourself, and not blindly repeat the canned falsehoods dished out to you by the wireless industry (in this case Sunrise), and their backers in the government, including BAFU and BAG. They are all a part of one of the biggest scandals in Swiss history because: 1) Over 70 studies show being near exposed to radiation from a cell tower has serious biological consequence. Sunrise, their puppets at ETH's FSM, and their buddies at ASUT, BAFU and BAG tell you otherwise, but their excuse for this Big Lie is the standards which were last updated over 25 years ago and completely ignore biological effect. The standards only protect you from getting burned (thermal effect). 2) Government and industry therefore lie to people about safety of exposure to pulsed microwave radiation. 3) They do so because of money; the ultimate goal here is enrichment of the industry at the peril of people's health. As government, if you sell people's DNA integrity to Big Money, you've participated in this major scandal. 4) People are not educated about the topic. 5) The industry is not regulated as it should be to protect people against abusive, dishonest behaviors. Your decision is especially crucial because that massive 5G cell tower will ruin "the lungs of Zurich" as Pfannenstiel is called. Currently that forest is at zero RF-EMF level. Once that cell tower comes the forest will be ruined and will be exposed to gentoxic radiation 24x7 at hundreds of times biologically safe limit. That will hurt the trees, the insects, the bees, birds, deer, and all wildlife as well as humans who would be too stupid to go there since the therapeutic effects of that forest will be replaced to genotoxic effect.

·  Multiple studies have shown being near a cell antenna caused cognitive decline in students, blood cell abnormalities, and genetic damage, and an increase in cancer rates.

·  For example, the Egger study: “cancer development tripled in residents near the cell towers compared to residents outside the area. Dode study: "highly significant increase in cancers in those living within 500 meters of the cell tower".

·      There are about 70 studies that show harm from proximity to cell towers.

Swisscom admitted in a patent filing RF-EMF is genotoxic and hurts the cells at sub-thermal levels. Now they lie to people saying it's safe. All of these are well documented. If you need the references you can email me. I urge you to think for yourself. Rely on your conscience. Put people's health first. And think about those trees, birds, bees and other creatures in that magnificent forest who are pleading to you to spare them! Say NO to Sunrise's application. Reject it, and fight it back. Your kids and grand kids will be proud of you. Otherwise your name will go in history for parties responsible for ruining one of the most precious forests in Switzerland by selling out its peace and magnificence to wireless industry, and thereby, turning it into a genotoxic hell.

Kind Regards

Réza Ganjavi, MBA, BSCS, BA Phil, magna cum laude, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Gamma Sigma

Swiss Citizen



The association that was set up to fight this tower has let the people and the forest down. It dropped the ball, and did not do many of the things it said it would do. Therefore, it lost months of time that it could have used to carry on so many important tasks to fight the 5G tower.

It's almost too late but this letter is a shot in the dark.

I am so disappointed at this "can't do" association with its "can't do" leader Robert Resch that I just removed him from this group. His "can't do" attitude was exactly the wrong attitude for a leader of an association. He couldn't handle putting his cell phone on flight mode even during a 30 minute meeting. He had no idea what "art of persuasion" was. He had a list of important tasks that the association should have done but they dropped the ball. The first newsletter of the association didn't come out until months after establishment, and it contained excuses for all the things they could have and should have done to save the magnificent Pfannenstield forest, for example, active education of people, rallying people, getting the geminderat fully educated, and lobbied. Even the one flyer they distributed was soooo passive and poorly designed that it made me want to puke. I do believe they were extremely small scoped and ultra passive, for the fight they took on and Sunrise must love them! For Sunrise it's like fighting against cotton!


Dear Mr. Laubscher

Many thanks indeed for your kind and clear answer. I fully understand.

I hope you do what's in your power to make the commission know that this antenna will ruin the forest and people around it and its visitors due to genotoxic effect that's even admitted to by Swisscom.

Here's a list of studies about health problems with being near a cell tower. Please pass it on.

From a letter to Salt CEO:

        You wrote: "there is no scientific evidence of health-damaging effects of mobile phone antennas."

That is an outright LIE. How could you lie like that? You see, false big lies like that -- such gross dishonesty -- in my opinion is the foundation of your business practices which are under question here.

·      What about the observance of Cognitive Decline in Students near cell tower in the 2018? “Mobile Phone Base Station Tower Settings Adjacent to School Buildings: Impact on Students’ Cognitive Health. Mao SA et al. American Journal of Men’s Health. December 7, 2018.

·      What about blood cell abnormalities? The Zothansiama et al (2017) found significant increase blood cell damage in those living within 80 meters of a cell tower versus those living greater than 300 meters from a cell tower. The author concluded “The present study demonstrated that staying near the mobile base stations and continuous use of mobile phones damage the DNA, and it may have an adverse effect in the long run. The persistence of DNA unrepaired damage leads to genomic instability which may lead to several health disorders including the induction of cancer.”

·      What about Wolf and Wolf study which found the rate of cancer incidence was 129 cases per 10,000 persons per year in those living within 350 meters of a cell tower versus a rate of 16-31/10,000 in those living greater than 350 meters from the cell tower.

·      What about the Eger study which found an increase in the development of new cancer cases within a 10 year period if residents lived within 400 meters of a cell tower. Their results revealed that within 5 years of operation of a transmitting station the relative risk of cancer development tripled in residents near the cell towers compared to residents outside the area.

·      What about the Dode study which found a highly significant increase in cancers in those living within 500 meters of the cell tower.

·      What about the Ghandi 2015 study which used comet assays to determine genetic damage in those living in the vicinity of mobile base stations. Genetic damage was elevated in the sample group.

There are at least 70 other references which prove you wrong. Here's one good source on the website of a group of medical doctors:


Many thanks and best regards

Reza Ganjavi




Letter to Robert Resch, President of the Pfannensteil Anti-5G Association


Dear Robert

What you're proposing is a tested and failed approach. One of the key figures behind that line of thinking just bit the dust after years of insisting on that failed approach, which finally was proven to be a failure.

You call that failed approach the Swiss approach -- in a way I agree with you because of the prevalence of certain conditioning that causes people to live in a La La Land ideologically. That takes me half a book to explain. As it pertains in this topic, government and industry are abusing it. You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig. I'm not calling Swiss pigs, but the conditioning (that naturally has exceptions -- I'm not talking about all Swiss people) to believe "we are the best", "everything is perfect", "if something is done wrong it's someone else's fault", "government can do no wrong", "SRF only speaks the truth", "I believe everything I'm spoon-fed to believe", and the dire lack of ability to think big. One French author attributed the latter to prevalence of mountains and resulting small skies for people living in the valley. Physical small horizons can impact the mind. A native-Swiss friend of mine was in UK country-side and told me afterwards, if she had grown up there she'd be Goethe.

And this movement has been negatively impacted by that kind of mentality.

One extreme but prevalent idea was to "love Swisscom and they will change". Of course they didn't. They're laughing their ass off at people who think that.

Your fried Rolf Wälli was so upset at hearing the fact that factions within the Swiss government/industry outright lie to people. I know that's a very un-Swiss thing to do but they do it, it's a reality. A great philosopher said seeing what-is is key to change.

Regarding your remarks on the video:

I'm glad you liked it and thought it was factual. I hope you didn't watch it on your iPhone over wireless network. That would defeat everything you supposedly stand for by being the President of the Pfannenstiel association. You also wrote to me with your iPhone. Same thing. I hope you're using wired internet, but I recall in our meeting at the forest, you were making fuss about the request to go on airplane mode.

You have no idea the kind of effort it took to do this -- so to sit back and say it could have been done this or that way (without really providing anything specific -- no substance -- just generalities) -- clearly without yourself having every produced anything like this -- makes me smile :-) And I disagree with you anyway. What I said which you even admit to have been factual -- and the delivery -- was exactly as I intended it -- and the response from people who understand that has been remarkable. I've had feedback from all over the world including some of the top professors and scientists with whom I never had contact before, writing to thank me.

In terms of approach, again, you're like a few years behind the clock, in my opinion. That's not referring to over 6 months or so your association wasted by not doing all the essential things it should have done in the fight against the Pfannenstiel antenna.

But this all makes sense. It portrays the exactly the wrong kind of mentality for leadership of such an association -- and trust me, I am not for a split of second jealous of that because I would never make a good President for that association because my German grammar sucks.

You also had no idea what persuasion was -- and no idea of the difference to manipulation -- and now you're lecturing a master in this art (I have the track record to prove it).

When I said you're behind the clock, it's because all those things you said have already been tried. What tone do you think was used by many activists I know in talking to the Bundesrat? Certainly not an "in the face" approach. It became an in the face approach because that was what was necessary. Whether it yields results or not is secondary because in my opinion Switzerland is a lost cause due to a number of factors including the very mentality you're portraying. One turns the other cheek to a thug, he punches one in the belly. So this brings us to the Art of War, which I assume based on knowing you to a certain extent, you have no clue about :-)  It's not in your blood either, in my opinion, as it's not in most Swiss people's blood -- and you probably have never had to employ it, given you're running your father's company and probably never had to wrestle with crooks who wanted to destroy you and your company. I have that kind of experience and I can tell you, the biggest gift you can give to your enemy is to send them kisses.

I'm not calling the Bundesrat the enemy -- I'm talking hypothetically. However, one could argue, that an entity that sells licenses to radiate people with genotoxic radiation while lying to them about safety, and not educating them, is not particularly your friend. The industry I do consider as the enemy and I'm not ashamed of saying that. Some of the woowoo "Love Swisscom" activists were not even willing to admit the fact that building antennas near people is a direct assault on their health since we have over 70 studies that show direct relationship to an array of health effects.

But this video was a finale for me -- I have called Switzerland EMF fight a lost cause. We've had some success but overall industry hands down has the upper hand and there's hardly anywhere to go in our beautiful country where you don't get irradiated with genotoxic radiation. That's in the face of tremendous opportunity we had to bring fundamental change in a small near-direct democracy. So many aspects of this field was mishandled and when there was big ideas it was dragged into mud by small-mindedness. There's a whole list of fuckups which could have been avoided.

Best wishes





Reza Ganjavi, lawyer for the birds and wildlife 


Lawyer for the birds


I never get depressed. My mind has learned to uproot sorrow and hang it upside down. But the last 2 days I was living in inner chaos. I was depressed about a cell antenna that Sunrise Communications wants to build near a magnificent forest -- the last forest in Kanton Zurich which is not polluted by the wicked industry's DNA-damaging microwave pollution.


I was depressed because it was too overwhelming -- the case seemed out of control -- a 10x Mission Impossible. I've successfully executed a various Mission Really Really Impossible projects. But this wave just crushed me, because the local government told me there was a 20 day public notice period which passed and nobody complained!! Are you serious!!


Over half of all cell tower applications are opposed by public but in this case, nobody complained?


The village has 11,000 inhabitants. How did you inform them? Did you put it in the newspaper? How many people actually knew about it?


The answers I found were pathetic. The Commune told me that the Canton ordered them NOT to put the subject in the newspaper, and only put it on their website. And people who are signed up to receive notice would get it. How many? I asked various Communes for the size of their mailing list. Conclusion: 1%. Of 11,000 people, only about 100 people found out. And most were probably average person who’s duped by the government and industry lies.


In fact two key people I talked to both repeated a key lie. So I enlightened them. I wish those lies were true. I wish the matter wasn’t settled. I wish there were doubts about biological damage of microwave radiation. But the matter is very clear. The verdict is in. It’s biologically harmful. The standards don’t even consider biological effect.


One of the industry shills who was in a public meeting in Baden together with the industry ASUT mouthpiece Christian XXXXXX said “INCIRP will be incorporating biological effect”. Big Fat Lie!   The ASUT guy tried to defend Martin Roosli by responding to my statement

[that Martin Roosli is not a medical doctor, he has no degree in biology or medicine, so he’s not qualified, in my opinion, to be leading BERENIS (and the BAFU EMF working group)]


by saying are you a doctor?! Duh!?! I’m not heading BERENIS or health working group that will decide the future of the country when it comes to public exposure to toxic / DNA-damaging radiation. That’s how stupid the thinking is around this topic – and how the industry tried to protect its allies (ICNIRP). Martin Roosli is part of ICNIRP. See (HARDELL LETTER which was a project started and managed by me until last minute it was derailed by foolish egotistic action of Christian Oesch).


The birds cannot write opposition letters, but we can. Therefore, I am a lawyer for the birds. Unfortunately my resources / time is limited so I can only do so much – so if you want to help out let me know.


I was so depressed and overwhelmed for first time in my life, that I went to bed very early – and slept 11 hours.


I hadn’t given up – but motivation letter was very small. Another ant vs. elephant fight. I’ve fought these before, and won every one of them. But this one seemed literally impossible because the deadline had past and in Switzerland the system is freaks about deadlines. Switzerland must have the stiffest mindset about most things, of all the almost 80 countries I’ve been to. Rules are treated as words of God – especially in the German part, especially by the strict class, also known as Bünzlis who live for the rules. And their favorite line is if something is allowed or not allowed.


The world is black and white, binary for many, and life is somewhat robotic. Of course, there are exceptions. And there are other members of society, a minority, who are awake. Often those who have travelled or are culturally aware and have more open minds. Those who are unafraid to think for themselves – to THINK BIG. But this gets off topic.


So the country is freaks about rules, details, quality, safety, and this has a positive aspect. But when it comes to BIG MONEY of Wireless Industry these values are thrown out the window.  Suddenly safety doesn’t matter. Suddenly people’s health doesn’t matter!


Despite all the pessimism, I had a game plan. Rule #1, Don’t give up easily.


Idea was to put a taskforce together and at the very least make life hell (legally) for Sunrise, the building next to the forest where the antenna will (NOT) be built on, and also to plea to their conscience if they have any. Etc. – but first I needed to get to all the facts.


Today, a couple of volunteers showed up.


And I drove to the forest area again and talked to the supervisor of the antenna site. He was duped and fooled by the same lines the industry / government says. I enlightened him.


I also talked to a number of people in the forest and made them aware – planted seed in their minds. Most are educated to not complain / to accept / to be a good hard-working, tax-paying introvert entity. But you never know.


Then I had a couple of great talks with the Canton.


The details I will keep secret at this point but let’s just say I have hope.


Key takeaways:


Canton caight Sunrise’s “mistakes” (I bet it was intentional and they hoped to get away with it). Good job Canton for catching it. So the application is back in Sunrise’s wicked court. Once they come back and if they fix it, then it goes back to the Commune. In Kanton Zurich people can file legal opposition only after the commune has approved the application. But you need a form which can only be obtained during the initial review process.


She said someone must have gotten the form. I doubt it. The commune told me nobody opposed it (when 100 out of 11,000 people may have known – not even sure of that), no wonder.


I wasted no time. Went there and schmoozed them and got the form.


The big boss also repeated industry/government lies (not knowning they were lies). I enlightened him.


I am a lawyer for the birds. We have to save that forest which is one of the only uncontaminated forests in Switzerland – so those birds, trees and wildlife can live their magical sacred life without getting their DNA damaged because some jackass is foolish enough to believe industry lies that he needs faster download, or he’s stupid enough to want to sit in a driverless car which is a giant microwave oven – or want Internet Of Things so his whole house is one big DNA-damaging, cancerous microwave oven. “Smart Cities” is a LIE of the industry, which produces Dumb Humans. The choice is clear for the wise.


Now I am motivated again. Lots of work to be done still – with time that I do NOT have – but help will come from the universe – at least for the sake of our friends in the forest – the birds and the wildlife.


Next steps is to build the task force – there are a lot of tasks to be done, before the big day comes. We have a lot of doors to knock on – and a lot of hearts to appeal too (if they’re not robots) including the top management of Hellrise (Sunrise) who might just spare this forest. There’s a tiny chance but we can’t spare any chances. And for sure, a legal action will at least give the birds some years of happy life -- before / if -- hell downs on them by the wicked industry.





Sound of Birds


Pfannenstiel Birds Whose DNA Integrity Is In Your Hands

Dear Geminde Maennedorf: I visited the magnificent forest recently. With spring, the forest is enchanted by sound of birds. Here's a little audio I made on my phone (in flight mode). The integrity of the DNA of these birds and all wildlife in that great forest is your hands. Are you going to sell it to Sunrise and live with the moral obligation of such wrong decision for the rest of your life?  Sunrise's antenna is absolutely unnecessary. It will absolutely do no good but will ruin that forest which has taken millions of years to build, and turn it into a genotoxic hell for the wildlife and humans who visit it. And you will be responsible for that if you approve that antenna.

Make the right decision and say NO.

Kind Regards

Reza Ganjavi, MBA


Suggestions To The Association

Dear All

Here are some humble suggestions. You can take them or leave them :-)

It was a pleasure meeting Ben Riedweg for the first time today. He's a fine gentleman who has the right attitude, skill-set, aptitude, and familiarity with the subject matter, to drive this project. I put attitude first, because that determines approach, mindset, which are key in these challenging projects. He also has project management experience, which really helps. He should be made the president of the association as soon as possible.

Also, good to see Alessia again -- she should remain on the Board for as long as she can -- she's very talented and very intelligent.


In my opinion, the current president is missing some key skills that are essential in successfully executing this high profile project, e.g., sufficient persuasion skills which he falsely believes to be the same as manipulation! Manipulation is unethical and wrong. Persuasion is an entire powerful topic which plays an essential role in all big things, including some of my suggestions below. It's as important as empathy. They both play key roles in marketing and sales. "Sales" is a big part of your agenda. Sales not for money, but selling ideas. Nice thing is you're selling truthful, sincere facts to people who've been tricked and duped into buying lies, sold to them as truth!


Over a month has passed since the President was elected, but not much progress has happened. It's important to sense the urgency, which is one of the key points I tried to covey today (and over a month ago). Sunrise or Kanton Zurich don't go on summer holidays; the process continues. The association has been established. The website is being built. Some progress has been made in looking into the initiatives. Many artifacts are missing which are essential for these types of projects, e.g., a draft project plan and a communication plan.

Management board should not expect to do everything themselves -- but without planning and delegation, things don't move.

Also, these projects need to be ACTIVELY MOVED FORWARD by competent project management, otherwise nothing happens (or happens at snail pace). Management cannot count on association members to push things forward.

A CAN-DO, forward looking, agile attitude is absolutely essential. I see that in Ben and Alessia.

You need to kick this project into high gear and treat it as urgent.


You should NOT assume the Geminde is a lost cause. The Geminde President may think his job is to approve antennas but you should absolutely try to win the vote of other Geminderat members -- including the Geminde President by carefully and strategically (applying art of persuasion), educate then and bring them on board. This includes making sure they understand their liability to any damages, if they approve the antenna, its impact on them, etc. etc. -- this is a 'sales' and persuasion job, absolutely worth doing.

If you get your Geminde to vote no -- like they've done in some other Gemindes, that's a big win.

Part of both the education and persuasion effort is to understand the mentality of the subject. In most cases they believe the big 5G lies (Google "reza big 5g lies" and you get the list of the lies people are told. When I spoke to the Geminde it was clear they believe these lies too).


You need do your homework, including finding the right resourceful contacts. Yes I can recommend some contacts, for a lawyer, and people to talk to, but that info is out there and you could get it -- but it requires "driving" of the project, having clear tasks, assigning to resources, etc., etc., which have NOT happened -- as the expression says "the buck stops at the top", the President.

Even then, to talk to contacts, you need to have the right attitude. I recommend Ben or Alessia to make the calls (or someone they nominate) because they both have good people skills, communication skills, attitude, to make such calls. If you go into something with a CAN'T DO attitude, you might as well not waste anybody's time and not make that call!

Current attitude is: we don't have the contacts and don't know what to do. That's because it was not put in the task list weeks ago and assigned to a resource -- another example of how things don't move if you don't move them!

I will pass on some key contact names in the next days to Ben and Alessia -- but even this meeting was my idea -- I guess the inertia would have continued, taking your time -- but this project needs an attitude that your life depends on it. The life of that forest depends on it. It is known as the Lungs of Zurich -- and Sunrise is set to ruin it with RF-EMF.


You also need to have the goal of educating the entire adult population of this community. Think of how... e.g., a very carefully designed flyer with key messages which must include 1) health issues and 2) must absolutely, bluntly make people aware of the lies they're being told by the government -- and so on. 

That's a kind of shock effect you want to wake up a passive, misinformed population which has been generally (with exception) educated to not question things and accept what the government is telling them. That trust is being abused by the government. They need to see that they're lied to.

Also, both Ben and I have experienced that people are very receptive to the topic -- but the story needs to be told -- and that requires preparation, thinking, planning -- some things take time to develop so that ball should have been set in motion weeks ago -- it already may be too late.

The content of the flyer is absolutely key. Every word has to be said strategically. I'll be happy to review the draft.

The posters should be bigger than the last ones which were A4. The old posters are still on the walls -- these should have been removed weeks ago (another ball dropped). People are being sent to a non existent, failed campaign.

Volunteers can distribute flyers easily to the community.


A lot of people in neighboring Gemindes will be effected by this antenna. They use the forest, and the radiation also reaches them. You should include them in your fundraising. A lot of millionaires live in these Gemindes.


You need a well devised active fundraising campaign. Passive campaigns often fail. You can think of hiring a professional consultant for some hours, or look for a volunteer, or educate yourselves -- but that's a ball that should have been set in motion weeks ago (at least planning it). Your opponent is a professional. You have to have a top notch approach.


You may want to file a lawsuit like many other Gemindes are doing. They're not thinking, "what if we lose" - they do it because it's the right thing to do. And you're in a position to learn from other cases, e.g. a recent case in Zurich where the judge makes an incredibly big mistake.  You have to think outside the box in your pleading -- knowing the holes in the judge's arguments.

I recommended an expert lawyer who's fighting a case himself. Ben and Alessia will have the number shortly. The president's pessimistic and exaggerated projected expense, is the wrong attitude. You have to first be clear in your minds that his is important - and then research it with an OPEN MIND -- to gather all the facts, study the other Kanton Zurich cases, talk to the experts. This is another stream of work which should have been placed in motion weeks ago.


The existing FB group for this community should be utilized. It contains over a 1000 members.


You need to keep in touch with Ms. Vogel who is the case manager to know exactly where the case is at.


You need to understand clearly who are the representatives from the various Gemindes who serve on the Board of ZSA. And try to persuade them to give up the license to Sunrise. It's well worth trying, if you can apply the right persuasive skills.


A please should be sent to Sunrise to spare the forest. Their response could be used against them in the court case. Like the response I recently received from Salt's CEO where he lied about cell tower safety.

You also need to understand the details of the antenna -- technical specifications, etc. -- does it contain 4G masts as well or only 5G masts.


The education campaign (and website) should briefly provide info on other harms of RF-EMF (e.g. WiFi in schools -- Schutz vor Strahlung's last president is now in charge of that topic) -- and info on local and national initiatives.


Angela is the founder of this group. She's obviously an essential part of the management team but for whatever reason (her business perhaps) she doesn't want to be an official part of the association. It's important that her role is acknowledged -- that she's part of the management team in reality -- and participates in decisions. Ben said there's a good working relationship. I'm happy to hear that. Just warned about it since I've seen this model be problematic, if not close coordination.


The little research I did (with Robert's help) over the weekend indicated there's no minimum number of people required. Also auditors are required if large money is booked. This verein has 3 officers and multiple auditors. Just FYI.


I am trying to wind down my engagement in this topic but am happy to help you -- Ben and I both saw that I could help as a consultant on as needed basis (I've held professional management consultant roles before). I'm not short of things to do, and have my hands in many Swiss and international endeavors around this topic. But I'm trying to move on to other things.

Good luck

Best wishes

Reza Ganjavi, MBA