By Reza Ganjavi

Vishwananda who gives himself godly titles, is a faker in my opinion because he pretends to vomit golden eggs, and he fools people into believing he materializes rings for them out of thin air, and other such deceptive acts. I personally met a young woman who said Vishwananda materialized a ring for her (which of course he did not -- it was nothing but trickery to deceive and manipulate the young woman into believing in him). I saw the ring too, a cheap, worthless ring that's a dime a dozen. 

Just looking like Yogananda is not enough. Vishwananda shamelessly even calls himself Paramahamsa.  His deceptive website says "Paramahamsa Vishwananda is the Revolutionary Master of our time." Nonsense! He's just a fake "master" in my opinion.

There are so many reports of issues with this fake guru. I wanted to see it for myself. So once when I was in Germany, I stopped by at his ashram during one of these so-called love festivals "Just Love" on a campus that was extremely polluted with RF-EMR emitting from a cell on their roof in an otherwise zero RF-EMR nature area. The cell mast was blasting genotoxic pulsed microwave radiation, and most people were not using it anyway -- after all, they should be enjoying the fake guru circus, and you had to pay to use the WiFi.

I met a girl there, with her father, who are followers of the fake guru Vishwananda who sealed her blind belief in him by deceiving her into believing he had materialized a ring out of thin air for her -- similar to what the fraudster "Sai Baba" used to do, which is well documented, e.g. Sai Baba pretending he materialized ash while slow motion videos show his assistant hands him ash pills; and Sai Baba faked that he materialized watches and jewelry (necklace, ring etc.) which in reality he was hiding behind his cushion, and faking that he vomited golden eggs which was just a trickery that Vishwananda has also done to deceive people into believing he's some kind of an extraordinary master blah blah - and numerous other issues reported by various people. 

I looked at the ring that Vishwananda had "materialized" for the teenage girl. It was a cheap Chinese looking 50 cent worth of a ring that the fake guru probably buys on e-bay for a dime a dozen to manipulate gullible followers into believing he has extraordinary powers.

Vishwananda pretends he vomits golden eggs (see pictures below where he shamelessly brags about that fake act as a reality, to deceive people. That is so wrong. It is against his hypocritical quoting of scriptures which are based on truth. His fakings are acts of dishonesty and deception, which no scripture would ever endorse. All that is in my opinion of course.

I was utmost unimpressed by the presence of the guru. First, he was waaaay late, so the chanting went on and on. Why was he late? Probably because he has nothing of substance to say and do, and he's probably bored by his own boring puja that he performs (interacting with some statues, splashing them with water or pouring oil or whatever, and people bow to him as though he's god. I saw on a video that he encouraged a person to kiss his feet!! 

One of his fanatic, brainwashed followers told me "he's the only one who knows how to get to true happiness".

The fake guru seemed bored and tired of his fake role, and having to continually put on a facade and pretend to be some god man while apparently inwardly lacking substance, else he would not need to pretend he vomits golden eggs and materializes (cheap, worthless) jewelry.


I just walked in and nobody asked any questions or asked for a ticket. I don't even know if there were tickets but surely I would not go in if I had to pay -- I would not waste a penny on that fake guru but many gullible followers waste their money on him, in my opinion.

What an abuse of the word "Love". At the entrance there was a big sign saying "your way to love... this way" where a fake guru pretends to materialize cheap rings and vomit golden eggs.

It was also shocking and alarming how many security guards were there. They were called "crowd control" while in reality there was not much of a crowd at a size that would require "control" -- it was more of a sign of how fearful this fake guru is.  The so called "Just Love" festival was full of "crowd control" men that depicted "Just Fear" by the fake guru. 

It felt more like a military camp with these guards surrounding the audience too -- than a so-called spiritual, so called love gathering. Calling it "Just Love" was a hypocrisy it seemed. They should have called it Just Security Guards or Just Fear. 

Why does a purported god man (in reality a faker) have so many security guards? The grand sage Jiddu Krishnamurti whose books have sold millions of copies and is very credible (see ) -- had no security guards in public talks to thousands of people. Fake guru Vishwananda's security guards occupied the campus and surrounded a group of a couple of hundred people. That says a lot by itself. Falseness likes protection in case its falsehood is called out!

Large majority of the people were older women. There seemed to be more men security guards than men participants. The guards were constantly vetting people by staring at people to check them out, I guess to see if they could be one of many people who have seen that this fake guru is fake! These "crowd control" guards seemed vicious and aggressive in their energy and so contrary to the pretentious "just love" nonsense that the fake guru promotes, which is an abuse of the word "love" in my view. A crowd of perhaps 100 people were mostly older women didn't need "controlling". I suppose there were as many "crowd control" for these mostly older women, than in a heavy metal concert! 

They kept saying he's coming, and he was 45 minutes later than scheduled, and he comes to a euphoric audience who have been mesmerized by the very loud music that kept playing over and over again, and he shows up, and doesn't say a word, because he has nothing to say because he's a fake guru and the speeches of his I listened to were mundane, superficial, lacking any insight, repetitious, boring, pretentious. 

I took a short video and left. What a waste of time. But it was good that I got some first hand experience of this fake guru. 

Vishwananda's talks are sooo boring and lacking substance. He does not sound educated or insightful. He can't talk proper English (I heard grammatical errors in his speaking), and his knowledge of scriptures seem to be shallow and superficial. He tries to read them but sounds like a 3rd grader trying to reading Hegel. Yet I guess he does commentary on the scriptures because gurus are supposed to. For example, look at his video of reading "Shreemad Bhagavad Gita Verse 7.14".

Yet another egotistic person who deceives people into believing he's something special. And there is no shortage of gullible people in this world. If it weren't for the gullible people who get manipulated by tricksters, Rajneesh (Osho) wouldn't end up with 100 Rolls Royces. 

Tagesanzeiger reported that Vishwananda stole relics from 25 churches and monasteries with the help of two women who were his disciples. I don't know if this is true, but if Tagesanzeiger can report it, I feel it's reliable enough that I can quote it. 


I spoke with one of the previous cult victims who has published some of her statements via online videos. She survived the cult, and broke away from it. A very strong, insightful woman. She had some very interesting things to say about the Vishwananda cult. For example:


Here are some YouTube videos that shed more light on the fake guru Vishwananda who deceives the public with his stupid magic tricks.




"Most his followers believe he's God" Annabel.

I have a friend who was really into Vishwananda. One day she woke up to the fact that he's a fake guru and walked all over him, and walked out.

He even has the nerves to call himself a "Parmahamsa" - piggy back riding on Yogananda's title because he looks a bit like Yogananda, and gullible Westerners fall for it.

I went to an event. As is the case with most "spiritual" circles and circuses, the music was fun. But the worship of this guy was ridiculous.

Oh he also purports to vomit golden egg -- like the conman Sathya Sai Baba who was caught with defrauding his gullible audiences (this is well documented).

Vishwananda's movement is called Bhaktimarga. I went to their event when I was living in Switzerland, and I didn't see anything special or original in it. Just some basic Hinduism influence that in this case looked more like entertainment and blind belief, than anything serious -- and an alarming personal worship of Vishwananda as some kind of a saint or holy man, which I do not believe that he is. Talking the talk and wearing the robe doesn't make a person a holy man, in my opinion. Ego is the crescent of unholiness and he's got plenty of that: anyone who allows others to worship him, is not a humble person, and humility is a prerequisite of holiness, in my view.  

Vishwananda Scandal Exposed - Vishwananda Vomiting Gold Fake Miracles:

Several videos that I saw a while back have been pulled down from YouTube. For example, one was called: "VISHWANANDA FAKE DANGEROUS GURU A TESTIMONIAL BY ANNABEL"

A friend of mine was a devout follower of this fake guru. I tried to warn her but when some people are in a fanatic mindset they don't listen. She said on this video that his experience with him and Nityananda whom she said was even worse. They made her not believe in humans anymore. "If you want something real hang out with a dog or a baby and they can teach you what love is". She has direct experience of him lying to her, she said. 

Some internet pages people set up, regarding sex related reports have been pulled down since last I worked on this article a while back. Therefore, I will avoid the topic.  

Hello devotees of Swami Vishwananda [Letter by Reza Ganjavi]

3 Jul 2018

I am doing some research on him and would appreciate some answers from any of you:

How do you explain his engagement in the topic of vomiting golden egg?

Sathya Sai Baba did this as well as other funny things like pulling ash out of the air but these things were exposed as fraud to fool gullible, fanatic followers who blindly believed him. I wonder if they could think for themselves.

I heard some devotees of Swami Vishwananda say he gains nothing from what he does and all he does is selfless work. How do you explain the apparent huge ego boost he gets which is so obvious as he seemed / appeared to like it that people were kiss his feet, and in one scene he even seemed to give them the permission in a prompting manner, in my opinion, for example.

How do you explain his lack of clarity in speaking of some philosophical / spiritual topics beyond employing canned, bumper-sticker style standard phrases which are overused? It reminded me of the fake guru in the great and very funny Hollywood movie (starring Jimi Mistry) called The Guru?

Why is there often music played in the background in the few interviews and talks he has on YouTube? It seems to be a distraction and trying to mystify something that otherwise would be pretty shallow and mediocre. I listened to several videos of talks by him and the level, the logic, etc., left me unimpressed.

I do respect that some people who have not known what love is, could want to use someone who triggers their heart open. It's sad, as love is our birthright, and it's only brutal societies that turn people into machines who can't love. Even if used as a trigger, which is respectable, why dependence? Dependence is a kiss of death. You put your happiness in another person who portrays himself as a God, and you say goodbye to your freedom.

Does Guruji have any formal education?

Some devotees say that he's the only true happiness? Do you realize such a projection and dependence is a denial of your own freedom?

Would appreciate some answers.

Kind regards

Reza Ganjavi




Hello. I did. I met him personally. He is fake. A faker who's enjoying having gullible people follow him. He's below ordinary, in my opinion, has nothing to offer but fake tricks to fool people into believing he's got supreme powers. He's powerless. The Supreme is clean, honest, sincere. Vishwananda is a fake. A Yogananda wanna be. He tricked a girl I met at his ashram with a fake cheap ring you can buy a dime a dozen, as something that he pretends to have manifested from think air. Look at videos of Sathya Sai Baba and how he's caught in those kinds of tricks to fool people. Wake up and smell the roses.

If he's real why does he need so many bodyguards? Why does his circus require such an incredibly large number of security guards? And I noticed how late he came on stage, because he has nothing, he doesn't have any words of wisdom, any insights, anything original. So he lets the music go on and on and shows up late and does some silly ceremony that even a 5 year old can do. So what's special about him? Nothing  -- just a claim -- and loads of gullible people who are so empty inside, so much in search of meaning and hope that someone else has the answers -- instead of standing alone, relying on their own mind and heart and intelligence and senses and and body to find truth instead of following a trickster, and paying him, and getting impressed with his charade that he purports to be real: vomiting golden eggs for example. You've got to be crazy to believe that as reality. That's also well documented in the case of Sathya Sai Baba whose purported vomiting of golden egg was nothing but a charade.

Best wishes




A former devotee of the fake guru wrote: 

"I have never been there for Just Love because I was brainwashed from October-November till March-April and by June I was already out. In May I got attacked energetically. This is what this <> does to those who get out (un-brainwash themselves).

... with crazy devotees who believe they are in the presence of "incarnated" Krishna, who is also incarnated Shiva (like Nithyananda [pretends to be] ), at the same time Jesus (to satisfy the Europeans) etc... This Russian singer Sati knows everything (what he does), but still promotes him in Russia because she is known there. All the insiders know everything, but they just stay there....They are partners in <> for sure."



This video of Sri Swami Vishwananda – a guru living in Germany – “vomiting gold” in front of an ashram of crazed Western devotees became even more horrifying when it came to light in 2008 that he had been using his brahmacharis (novice monks)...


Vishwananda Vomiting Gold Fake Miracles

"Vishwananda most popular Magic trick is vomiting gold like his guru Satya sai Baba. Watch Satya Sai Baba Gold Vomiting and cheat all busted By bbc here "


Dr. Joseph Dinchuk: It is no wonder that the World of humanity is in such trouble if people will believe that someone can produce a golden egg out of thin air. Reminds me of that magician called "The Regurgitator" on Britain's Got Talent in 2010. Nice trick if you've got the stomach for it.

Reza Ganjavi: The spiritual charlatan, Sathya Sai Baba did both: regurgitate -- and -- hold in handkerchief and make the dumb followers believe he vomited the golden egg.

Here's my page on Sathya Sai Baba:



Standing Up to Cult Leader Rapist Bullies! Girl Talk with Annabel Ko, Survivor of Swami Vishwananda 

I got out testimonial English "Guru" Annabel

Meine Geschichte mit einem "Guru"

Annabel Italia Guru


Visham (Vishwananda) reportedly tried to make inroads with the Muslim community, especially Sufism, but never really succeeded. Reportedly he attended a Sufi music event and as a gift he gave each musicians a key chain with his picture on it!!

One of the musicians said he was very astounded about this vanity of a "spiritual master", which he viewed as a confirmation of his doubts, that the so-called guru is not genuine. True religious or spiritual persons are not dominated by a sense of self, ego, I, me, "how great I am"... 

Vishwananda is the opposite of a self=less person. His entire gig seems to be based on self-promotions as a god, a master, a guru, a paramahansa, blah blah. 

People have the right to self-promote. But it becomes unethical, immoral, in my opinion, when they deceive others to believe they are what they are not. Vishwananda surely did not vomit any golden eggs. That was entirety a trickery, to deceive gullible followers to believe he's some kinds of a super human. And unfortunately many fall for his lies. 

But a few wake up. There's even a group of Facebook for former victims of the Bhakti Marga, Vishwananda's cult. One wonderful, courageous lady, Sarah Stephanie Landry holds very interesting podcasts about this topic and more. Her channel is:

I said courageous because I know some Bhakti Marga / Visham / Vishwananda former followers are afraid, of him and of his fanatic, brainwashed followers to hurt them, at least energetically. But they need not fear. Keep your energy / body / mind and heart pure, do exercises including pranayamas, and you get energetically strong; and don't forget there are guardian angels! 

"Swami" Nityananda 

I watched some Nityananda talks where he is mesmerizing people into believing he's some kind of a superman. Typical for so-called gurus, he uses a lot of koans to impress the listeners. I have not researched him deeply but know some former cult members of his. Given he has been associated with Vishwananda, I thought I'd include some links in this article.

Brainwashed by Nithyananda; Now I'm Speaking Out About his DANGEROUS CULT! :

Sri Swami Vishwananda visita Paramahamsa Nithyananda:

Escaping Nithyananda: Lanie Talks About the Cult:

Excuses & Nonsensical Kōans 

The reason that he cannot read blindfold, it is because when he closes his eyes or put on the blindfold. Then he concentrates on his third eye and he goes into somebody and he sees the whole universe and not just little parts like a book that you try to read blindfold and he said that is the reason why he cannot read blindfold.!!   I say that’s just a lame excuse.


He keeps talking nonsensical paradoxes like there is only one reason for all problems, but for each problem, there are multiple reasons blah blah blah.

The ‘Sex Contract’

The most appalling section of the 10 page contract included in the charge sheet reads:

“Volunteer understands that the Program may involve the learning and practice of ancient tantric secrets associated with male and female ecstasy, including the use of sexual energy for increased intimacy/spiritual connection, pleasure, harmony, and freedom. Volunteer understands that these activities could be physically and mentally challenging, and may involve nudity, access to visual images, graphic visual depictions, and descriptions of nudity and sexual activity, close physical proximity and intimacy, verbal and written descriptions and audio sounds of a sexually oriented, and erotic nature, etc.”

One of the former cult members said that Nityananda said there is no such thing as a rape. That when you get raped, a part of you at some level always consents !!! If I heard someone say that it would give me the opinion that the person is criminally minded to be rationalizing rape. I am a rape victim myself by the way.

Nithyananda (Arunachalam Rajasekaran, Nithyananda Paramashivam or Paramahamsa Nithyananda) founded Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam. "A number of mainstream news outlets, inside and outside India, and a TV documentary series on Disney+ have referred to the organisation as a cult, its leader as a conman, and his micronation of Kailaasa a scam...". There are reportedly warrants out for his arrest in India and France, for fraud, rape, abduction, etc. He's been in hiding since 2019.