Various Letters on Swiss EMF Pollution, Dishonesty, etc.

All these were also sent in German or French. Click here for the German version.



- by Reza Ganjavi, MBA

To: Economiesuisse / Fédération des entreprises suisses / Verband der Schweizer Unternehmen (

To: Dominique Rochat, Kurt Lanz, Lukas Federer et al.,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Your article regarding 5G myths is misleading, and contains grossly and materially FALSE information to deceive the public about the dangers of 5G, and downplay those dangers. For example, you state that the opponents "sometimes rely on erroneous assertions and misleading arguments". But you just did that yourself -- you made an erroneous assertion and a misleading argument because you conveniently "forgot" to mention the truth about the HEALTH RISKS. In fact you continue to lie:

"There is no conflict between the protection of health and the easing demanded by the business community."

That's a flat out lie. There's a HUGE conflict. Only entities and their puppets who want to make it look like everything is ok as they shove carcinogenic radiation down our throats think otherwise. If there wasn't a conflict why would so many scientist appeal to the UN and EU? Have you seen these documents? I bet you have but since it doesn't fit in your agenda you failed to mention the health risks and even lied about them.

"countless studies have been conducted on the effects of mobile phone and laptop radiation on health. No systematic risk has been demonstrated so far."

You "forgot" again to mention that large majority of studies that are not funded by the very entities you try to protect, have shown damage. Thousands of studies show biological damage. The recommendation of WHO doesn't count -- it's based only on PHYSICS and decades old studies. Look at the scientific videos / and summary of this site for some enlightening info that shatters your lies.

In terms of need, nobody needs faster downloads. This is a fabricated, fake need of the industry. And nobody needs driverless cancer cars which are zapped at several Volts/m of HF-EMF.

STOP lying to people. Read these and get yourself educated and SPEAK THE TRUTH and not what's profitable for your agenda. Also, since you wrote this article, National Toxicology Center has released results from a 20 year study that debunks your lies. Sorry for you! -- --

By the way if Swisscom is your member, we caught them lying to public. Shame! Here's the proof:

Reza Ganjavi



Another example of Swisscom/Sunrise dishonesty

Swisscom tricks at construction applications for new 5 G Antennas

New 5 G Antennas are to be approved at the fast train pace. Swisscom and sunrise are playing with tricks and illegal methods. This is shown by the example of the Bernese Municipality of aarwangen. The upgrade of the aerial antenna to 5 G was a major change, made the swisscom. That's why no approval needed. In Overdrive, the antenna should be converted. But the population has successfully resisted, as this report shows:



LETTER TO Christoph Aeschlimann (Swisscom)

19 April 2021

To: Christoph Aeschlimann (Head of IT, Network & Infrastructure business division at Swisscom and member of the Swisscom Group Executive Board)

Copy: Urs Schaeppi, CEO Swisscom

Regarding article in Le Temps

Christopher: You forgot to mention to LeTemps, which I suppose is acting as Swisscom's shill (what else is new) to help brainwash people in Geneva and elsewhere in Switzerland to accept a technology that is genotoxic. What WHO / IARC or ICNIRP or standards say is irrelevant. They're all cut from the same rotten cloth which ignores science.

I have news for you:

1) Swisscom itself has admitted the radiation you're propagating is genotoxic. If you want the link to your own patent filing let me know.

2) Your own CEO Urs Schaeppi is caught lying through his teeth about safety of RF-EMF. This is very unSwiss to say the least, but then again, dishonesty in your industry seems to be somehow expected because truth seems contrary to the industry's profit motives.

3) There are thousands of studies that show biological harm - none that show long term use is safe. And standards completely ignore biological effect (they're thermal). If you need a list of studies let me know.

Lastly, if you're so worried about people of Geneva (you mean just worried they won't spend money as much as you want for your business), why don't you lobby the government to educate them better so they don't overload the networks! Your industry and its government backers are against that because it's unprofitable. They don't mind to see people's DNA get damaged, and their being and experience of life gets screwed up, as long as they spend money and give your industry profits. Therefore, it's one rotten, immoral, unethical business, in my opinion.


Reza Ganjavi, MBA

A Swiss citizen



[sent in French]

Mr. Marc-Olivier Buffat

Membre du Grand Conseil

Place du Château 6, 1014 Lausanne

Tel. 021 311 98 23 , 079 252 78 20 , 021 316 05 00

Dear Mr. Buffat

I read your comments in the discussion about 5G today at the Grand Council of Canton of Vaud.

I can't believe you think the Green party's assertions about health impact are fear-mongering. That is NOT the case. Have you seen the actual studies? Or have you gotten your news from Swisscom (which is on record for lying to people)? The results of the studies are scary!

I am an independent Swiss citizen who doesn't belong to any political party. I have three university degrees including in Philosophy with high honors, so I'm not a kind of person who would fall for any fear mongering. I also have a degree in science, and have reviewed the studies that we have directly. HAVE YOU?

Did you know that the standards that you're so proud about COMPLETELY IGNORE BIOLOGICAL DAMAGE as result of high frequency electromagnetic field (RF-EMF)?

Did you know that not a single study has shown long-term exposure to RF-EMF to be safe?

Did you know that thousands of studies have shown RF-EMF to be BIOLOGICALLY damaging?

Did you know that the current standards only guarantee people don't get burned (thermal effect), and ignore sub-thermal cellular/DNA damage?

Swisscom knows that. But they lie to Swiss people about safety. Did they lie to you too? Did you independently verify their statements? If not, this article may help you. In it, Swisscom admits to DNA and other biological damage as result of RF-EMF, and also there's evidence to show they lie about it and say it's safe. This is dirty, nasty, dishonesty and NOT Swiss at all. We're supposed to be honest!

Do you know the background and affiliations of Martin Röösli who's unfortunately heading BERENIS. He should be removed from that position. But I'm sure that's not what you want.

Did you know that FSM (part of ETH) which has been helping the industry lie to people is funded by the industry? Most people don't know and believe them, because Swiss people are conditioned to accept authority and trust that the government and universities are working in their favor, to protect them.

Most Swiss people have NO IDEA that our entire beautiful country will soon be covered with antennas that are generating toxic radiation. If you're not scared of this, there's something wrong with you -- or you're ignorant of the facts -- or you've fallen for the lies of the industry.

Wake up!


Reza Ganjavi




Frau Sommaruga says people are against 5G, the industry funds a survey, probably designed to get the result it wants (I had marketing reserach in Master's program) -- from an uninformed sub-section (majority) to hit Frau Sommaruga's objection in the eyes. These are professional strategists who are determined to manipulate the Bundesrat vs. people who are politely playing by the rules. Eistein said to solve a problem you can't approach it at the level it was created.

Réza Ganjavi


Magna Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Gamma Sigma, Dean’s Honors

<adr> <email> · ·

12 NOV 2020

Hans Wicki-Hess, Roggerliweg 7, 6052 Hergiswil NW, 041 630 39 06 -- FDP-Ständerat

Shame on Hans Wicki-Hess and FDA party for ignoring science and biological effect of RF-EMF.

Mr. Wicki-Hess

I was disgusted from reading your ignorant comments in Blick in favor of 5G expansion. I can’t believe someone who serves in the highest level of Swiss legislature should have such small-minded ideas.

I will try to put this in a layman term – so that perhaps even you can understand it – since so far, despite all that you have known, you’ve chosen to ignore the facts – or have you never even listened to the facts because the industry’s songs of lies have deafened you?

Who paid for the research? Who is funding Chance5G? Let me help you: THE INDUSTRY.

How well informed were the people who were surveyed? Let me help you: VERY POORLY INFORMED. Why? Because the industry you’re batting for, has been lying to people about safety. We have proof of that on record. You can look at the Letters page of and search for Swisscom. Furthermore, we have evidence that the government regulators have also been lying to people about safety. Their excuse: STANDARDS. But that’s not a valid excuse when you know – and you should know that THE STANDARDS DO NOT CONSIDER BIOLOGICAL IMPACT. Perhaps you’re just physics but the rest of us are physics + biology!!

Thousands of studies show biological harm from RF-EMF exposure. 5G is a form of RF-EMF. Standards in use today were set decades ago and only protect people against burning. You should really educate yourself about this topic, because you sound extremely uneducated about the facts. You are promoting something which is bound to further damage Swiss people’s DNA than the terribly polluted environment in Switzerland is already doing. Already, Swiss cities and villages are polluted at hundreds of times the safe limit. And you are pushing to make it even worse. STOP.

You’re on a very wrong path. There is more to life than money. We cannot sacrifice the population’s well-being because the industry thinks that people need faster downloads (which nobody does), and other such foolish ideas. You and your friends in the industry are helping brainwash people with the kinds of comments did you make.

What’s we need is not higher limit values. We need to lower limits values. And we need higher level of education. As a member of the Parliament you should be ashamed of the legislators who have not pushed for a substantial level of education of the populace, on safe use of technology. Our trains used to be wonderful to ride in. Now they are hellholes of microwave pollution because people are not educated to know that there cell phone was never meant to be at cinema, and when they stream videos they expose themselves and people around them with hundreds of times biological safe limit of microwave radiation; and they overload the networks.

People are not taught to use wired internet at home which is much safer faster and more secure. Instead of educating people, you’re pushing to make this problem worse. This is very very stupid. It’s the wrong way to go.

I read a member of your party, perhaps it is yourself, who made the most stupid argument, that people opposed the trains a long time ago. The reason of this analogy is so utterly stupid is that back then there were not thousands of studies that showed trains were harmful. Today we have thousands of studies that show getting exposed to high level of microwave radiation is biologically damaging, it damages your DNA, it thins out your blood brain barrier, it weakens your immune system, and so on and so on.

If you are so uneducated about this topic you can visit one of the several websites like or

You need to be honest. And you need to demand honesty from the industry and the government regulators. You have a huge responsibility in your role, and that is to serve the people, and care for people’s well-being, and not merely repeat industry lines and lies. We are Swiss. We’re supposed to be an honest country. Ask your friends at Swisscom. They will tell you that 20 years ago they knew perfectly well, and they still know perfectly well that RF-EMF causes DNA damage at sub-thermal levels. WAKE UP Mr. Wicki-Hess.

Kind Regards

Reza Ganjavi

Swiss Citizen






- by Reza Ganjavi, MBA

We have proofs of several instances of the Swiss Federal Government lying to the public about health impacts of RF-EMF. For example, "BAG" Bundesamt für Gesundheit (Federal Office of Public Health FOPH / OFSP) is on record for telling the public that radiation from WiFi routers and cell towers is safe, whilst this is clearly not the case. Using outdated standards as an excuse doesn't count.

Same with the "BAFU" Bundesamt für Umwelt (Federal Office for the Environment FOEN / OFEV) which again has misinformed the public using form letters and bespoke communications. In a recent email exchange with BAFU, BAFU representative stated that "there are many studies that show long-term exposure to RF-EMF is safe". When called out, BAFU failed to cite even one single study.

Here's the email conversation:

17 Dec 2019

Dear Dr. <snipped>

Chapter 6 of the report is a complete joke -- which is not surprising given the Working Group is stacked with dogmatic, intellectually dangerous, morally challenged industry people who don't seem to have any reservation in lying and propagating falsehoods in order to further their financial agenda. They've taken dishonesty to a new level. I've heard some of them speak.

I do NOT believe you take this issue seriously at FOEN/BAFU. BAFU like in other countries seems to be dominated by the industry it should be regulating. If you were serious about this matter you would not follow ICNIRP which is morally corrupt because it has consistently manipulated science in favor of industry and ignored biological impact. You either are ignorant of the facts or are wearing a big Elton John style pink colored glasses, or are just parroting the lies of the industry. You also falsely claimed in our conversation that there are many studies that show long term exposure to RF-EMF is safe -- this is FALSE! And when your lie was challenged you failed to provide a single example of such a study.

Average Swiss person who calls the so called trusted Regulators gets the same lies. Just as they get lies when they call the industry. We have Swisscom and Sunrise on record for lying to people, And BAFU as well. Citing some irrelevant, outdated, joke of a standard is not an excuse for covering the lies. In the case of Swisscom we also have proof that it KNOWS RF-EMF can cause DNA DAMAGE and CANCER.

I suggest you get a more respectable job because in this role, parroting the rotten industry lines (I exhibited them in my last emails), and misinforming and misleading an already ignorant public, is not right.

Your remark about monitoring health effects is also a complete joke and complete nonsense because if you cared about health, you would consider biological effect instead of the rotten standards you're using, and you would NOT sell 380mm CHF of licenses of a biologically damaging, unsafe technology to your own industry!! (you own majority stake in Swisscom). This story sounds like a joke, a fantasy, a fiction - but it's a tragedy, a major failure in judgment by the Swiss Federal Government which should have NOT sold the licenses. Does Swissmedic allow companies to put out untested drugs which have even been shown to be toxic?!

It's your duty and responsibility to make sure Simonetta Sommaruga is aware of this catastrophe that is happening on her watch, so please forward my messages to her or tell me how I can do so myself. Tell her it's time to stop forwarding people's letters to BAFU to answer with a canned set of lies. It's time for her to wake up and see the facts and clean up this miserable organization's act.


Reza Ganjavi

-- a very concerned Swiss citizen who thought we are an honest country!!

12 Dec 2019

Dear Dr. <snipped>

Thanks for the reply.

The list you refer to does not have what you mentioned, i.e., a study that indicates long term exposure to RF-EMF is safe.

Let's be very clear about the rationale here:

- You said BAFU has authorized deployment of 5G because not just one but multiple studies exist that show long term exposure to RF-EMF is safe (5G is a type of RF-EMF) -- so any studies that apply to 4G, WiFi, etc. would qualify. Never mind that 4G and WiFi are also not shown to be safe, and are shown to be unsafe.

- I asked you to show me such a study -- which you said a number of them exist -- but you didn't -- which means your statement was not factual -- it was fiction -- a wish -- but not reality.

- So this proves my point that Swiss Federal Government sold 380mm CHF of licenses for a technology that has NOT been shown to be safe. The rhetoric of money-worshiping industry and their puppets like Roger Federer don't count. In the 50's there were doctors advertising smoking too!

- You understand the importance of scientific dignity, integrity -- which is grossly missing in Swisscom & Co.'s lies, misrepresentations, propaganda, which is designed to brainwash people to believe an untested, unsafe technology is actually safe.

- To make things worse, your colleague Martin Roosli who's treated like a Guru, is going around the country misinforming and misleading people, by singing the industry's song, singing the ICNIRP cartel's song which is very false and distorted. ICNIRP has grossly mis-characterized science in favor of industry and Roosli has the nerve to echo that to the unassuming Swiss who are educated to trust authorities and not question things.

- Let's call a spade a spade for God's sake. You're doing the exact same thing the wicked industry is doing: lying to people. You told me the studies exist but they don't. BAFU, BAG, etc. say a number of lies (see my last email and your latest reply is another proof). When the government lies, what can we expect from Industry? And we're supposed to be an honest country!

I'm sure you're a fine person but do you see how you're sucked into perpetuating falsehoods because it's the nature of the beast: your ideas seem dictated by the industry and money and the morally corrupt ICNIRP. You, the Federal Government Regulators are supposed to protect people -- you are there for people and not people there for you and your industry! Your bosses have forgotten who's the real boss here (Swiss people).

What is a reliable way to reach Ms. Sommaruga? Can you forward my two emails to her (this and last)? Is she sleeping or wearing rose colored glasses like you? Do you see the seriousness of this matter? And if so, what are you going to do about it? Defer it to Berenis led by an ICNIRP guy?!

I sense a circular motion of moral corruption and lies at the peril of us Swiss people's health! Please don't give me this line that "we take this issue very seriously". That's another lie. If you took this issue seriously, you wouldn't stack the "expert group" with industry people some of whom are chronic liars about this topic -- they've lied so much about it they can't even tell the difference between lie and truth. When a person gets paid to lie, he starts believing his own lies. That's moral corruption too.

Does Ms. Sommaruga have the power to stand up to this massive moral corruption? Or is she smothered by industry special interest?!

Frustrated Regards

Reza Ganjavi

Swiss citizen

10 December 2019

Dear Dr. <snipped>

Thanks for your time today. I'm sure you're a fine person but you've been a spokesperson for a very troubled organization, so don't take this personally.

Key takeaways from the talk:

· Because 5G is running at same frequency as 4G, it's safe. You didn't seem to know that 4G is not safe either! This is one of the many big lies that Swiss people are being told. The other ones being, e.g., that RF-EFM only hurts people who are sensitive to it, and that current standards are sufficient. Here's a Legal Opinion that you should read, and please send it around to your colleagues who are following industry lies/lined -- as a wake-up call about a truth they already know but have chosen to ignore.

· You told me there are several studies, independent of industry, that show long term exposure to RF-EMF is safe. When I asked for one example, you said read the report. I read the report and the only references I found are the paragraphs below, which may as well have been written by the industry!

· Therefore, I ask you to please send me just ONE example of the many studies that you mentioned as stated above (I'm not even looking for proof -- indication is enough) -- and keep in mind, industry's line about studies that show har vs. safety are fundamentally, philosophically flawed. Swissmedic requires to see safety profile of drugs it approves. I am eagerly waiting. To save you time, you will not be able to find one, because non exist. Which means BAFU is not doing its job in regulating the industry (is it related to the Federal Government owning majority stake in Swisscom?).

· This means, the Swiss Federal Government sold licenses to wireless industry, biggest being the company it owns majority stake in, for a technology that has not been tested for safety, and you cannot even cite one single study that indicates safety to any RF-EMF (WiFi, Bluetooth, 2G 3G 4G 5G, smart meter, etc.). Which naturally implies Swiss people are being treated as Guinea Pigs, without our consent. If you disagree with this please tell me why, and provide evidence to back your argument.

· Regarding lack of clarity in current studies that you mention, that is unfortunately also an industry lie/line. I'm sure you're a fine person, but this subject is a very dirty, dark, ugly, evil, wicked business practice which your organization is supposed to REGULATE -- but BAFU is not doing its job. It seems to be played like a fiddle by the Industry. FACT is, current studies are very clear, and very clearly show biological damage. ICNIRP is a morally corrupt organization which has consistently ignored highly credible studies that show biological damage, in favor of Industry. So BAFU saying the studies are not clear, is a lie. How do you get your info? From BERENIS which is supposed to review the studies? Head of BERENIS is part of the ICNIRP cartel, and has no background in medicine or biology.

· The victims here are we the Swiss people, who are lied to by the industry (see proof:, are not educated about safe use of technology, and are manipulated with help from people like Roger Federer (for Sunrise) to make us falsely believe we need this dirty, untested, biologically damaging technology. How Swiss is all this? Let's call a spade a spade dear Ms. <>. I know Ms. Sommaruga has handed over letters on this topic to BAFU and BAFU gives canned answers repeating the same lies about standards and safety. So please go to her and wake her up. You're a biologist. You should understand this topic. Help her grasp the gravity, and urgency of this topic.

· The industry has just manipulated the government to get time during which it will ruin our beautiful country with 5G cells. It's already ruined it with 4G because the lazy, morally corrupt UN did nothing about the 2015 EMFScientist call (see And if you think the studies are not clear, look at some talks here by real medical doctors and scientists who are not in the pocket of the industry. Ask Ms. Sommaruga to wake up to how morally wrong the current approach is. You cannot microwave Swiss people, call it safe when you know it's not safe, and even push them to believe they need to be microwaved, and have their DNA damaged, and get cancer, because they really need to have faster downloads. This sounds ridiculous but it's the fact. Wake up Dr. <>. Stand up for what's right. Wake and shake the rotten status quo around you, or walk out and stand up for what's right, instead of echoing the lies of ICNIRP cartel and the wicked industry.

Kind Regards

Reza (Ray) Ganjavi, MBA, BSCS, BAPhil, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi

PS -- From the Management Summary of the so-called Expert group (which is a joke given how it's stacked with industry people, or people who are in the pocket of the industry, plus a few good people)

The working group determined that to date, for the mobile radio frequencies currently in use, no health effects below the guideline values of the international radiation protection commission ICNIRP, on which the immission limit values of the ONIR are based, have been consistently scientifically proven. The ICNIRP confirmed its guideline values of 1998 in the 2018 revision and essentially left them unchanged.

[RG'S NOTE: Because the guidelines are all THERMAL (physics) and completely IGNORE biology]

I was going to list the rest of the ridiculously faulty "scientific" assessment in the report but the report is attached and you can look for yourself.


The so-called expert group (working group) is stacked with industry people who put MONEY first. They also have people like Martin Röösli who's had a questionable past in terms of misinterpretation of science, and affiliation with the industry, and the morally corrupt ICNIRP which has consistently ignored studies that show biological damage, in favor of industry.

See the letter by a group of independent EMF scientists exposing Röösli, BERENIS, Working Group, etc. [coming up]



Via Post & Email

To: Stefan Häberli of NZZ

Copy: Dr. Felix Graf, CEO, NZZ Mediengruppe

Neue Zürcher Zeitung AG

Leserservice NZZ


8021 Zürich,,

Letter to Stefan Häberli of NZZ -- by Reza Ganjavi

Mr. Haeberli:

I just read the stupidest article of my life, written by you, about 5G. I see in your biography that you have no formal education in the topic. Your article shows it. Your article also doesn't show any great skills in critical thinking, logic, sound reasoning. So without the subject matter expertise, and without the analytic touch, your article can be considered as horse manure, which is a polite way of saying Bullshit! Utter BS.

Before we go into the reasoning, let me disclose that I am the person who wrote the line you quoted, from the supposed 5G citizen group, which I'm not a part of, if it refers to the esoterically driven group who put together the weak demonstration in Bern. But I did help them a great deal for 6 weeks from grounds up, and the line you sloppily ridiculed, and quoted, is from me, i.e., that we need a moratorium on 5G deployment until...

"...there is a sufficient number of independent scientific studies that confirm the safety of this technology". Actually what I wrote was not even "confirm" but to "show". It got lost in translation. "confirm" and "prove" are much stronger than "show". We'll come back to that, but I'm not sure if you'll understand it.

So you call the above "nonsensical" -- but your argument shows itself to be the real nonsense. Here's your argument. For anyone else reading this, please fasten your seat as this might cause a stupidity jolt!

Stefan Häberli wrote (using rough translation -- and the original):

"It is nonsensical and misleading. Why? Whether electromagnetic radiation is a health concern depends on two factors: frequency and strength. Whether the waves originate from a 4G or a 5G antenna is irrelevant to their biological effect."

NO KIDDING! So all you just said is that frequency and strength matter. Of course they do -- so what?! Who said 4G is safe? Your masterpiece continues:

"Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt bought the frequencies... the three mobile operators together paid nearly 380 million francs to the federal treasury."

SO WHAT? What difference does it make how much money was paid, if what was traded is biologically harmful?!

"You have to know that these frequencies were previously used for decades for mobile radio or the transmission of radio and television signals."

That's one big fat stupid deceptive statement. Regardless, SO WHAT? Even if you're right, which you're not, does it make it any better if something toxic was used for years? Does it make it less toxic? Your stupid argument is just like saying, because people smoked in restaurants for decades, smoking in restaurants is ok for your health! DUH!!!

How many 4G and 5G cell towers did we have in Zurich 20 years ago? 30 years ago? The answer is ZILCH! ZERO! But you, are making Swiss people, your readers, falsely believe that they have been exposed to 4G and 5G for decades, and so it's just fine! Shame on you! Even if 5G masts are starting at current limits (which are very unhealthy), the fact that they can be "turbo-boosted" makes them even more dangerous.

Who's going to control an industry which is on record for bluntly lying to people, and the government itself can't be trusted to protect people, and when measurement devices for higher frequencies is not something an average person can afford. So deployment of these masts adds to an already huge problem. Yes, 4G is already a huge problem because it's based on outdated, irrelevant standards (see below).

I won't bother quoting the rest of your drivel. But basically, you're wrong time and again in your stupid logic. We KNOW about those temporary limits. We still want a moratorium because even within those limits, the exposure of humans, animals, insects, bees, birds, trees, etc., are WAY TOO HIGH.

This is something that you're either intentionally ignoring for the benefit of Big Bad Telecom/Wireless -- or you're ignorant about. If you're ignorant, you shouldn't be writing this article -- blind can't blind!

Did you know that the current standards you so much boast about are decades old, are based on physics, and totally ignore biological damage. Ha?! All they protect us from is burning -- heat! Science, via thousands of independent studies, has shown indisputably that BIOLOGICAL DAMAGE happens at sub-thermal level due to exposure to RF-EMF at levels much below you're exposed to. Just ask Swisscom. They know all about it -- but they still lie to people. Go to and click on "industry lies". Or Google: "proof swisscom lies":

So Swisscom is basically discarding your stupid argument by admitting DNA damage, cancer, etc. happening at sub-thermal levels, which modern science confirms -- in other words, the current standards used by BAFU, BAG, you, and your masters, don't have ANY relevance and do NOT protect our health.

That is why we need to put a stop to this travesty NOW.

The excuse of faster download, driverless-cars (nobody with a brain would want to be in one of those cars which fast-tracks them to cancer), are all fabrications of a greedy industry.

We do NOT need 5G -- it's unsafe, untested, and unnecessary. You can lie all you want, and use stupid arguments -- but I hope your readers are smarter than you and are not duped into accepting to live in a microwave oven just because someone wants their money!

Mr. Häberli, I don't know you but my guess is you're not a stupid person. But if you get too much exposure to RF-EMF (e.g. WiFi, cell phone, 4G, 5G), studies show that it can lower cognitive function (i.e., make a person stupid). So lower your exposure to this toxic radiation, and maybe your next article will be bit smarter.

And while you're at it, have a look at what these top scientists are saying about the toxic radiation you and NZZ are promoting. There's more to life than money. You and NZZ have a social responsibility that you're not living up to by publishing such deceptive nonsense.

Lastly, have a look at these links: hundreds of top, specialist, peer-reviewed, published scientists who are not in the pocket of the industry, disagree with you: -- look at

You have my permission to publish this response, but I'm sure you won't because it's against your apparentagenda.



Letters to Dogmatic Government of Widen (Aaargau) About Cell Tower Safety

The following are some of the letters that went to Martin Graf, Gemeinde Widen, Leiter Bau und Planung, Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung, Bremgarterstrasse 1, 8967 Widen, Tel 056 649 29 39, /

Mr. Graf obstinately and dogmatically repeated falsehoods said by industry. DF went heads on against those lies - with help from Réza Ganjavi. First letter below is by Reza Ganjavi, more follows below.


Dear Mr. Graf

I am writing as a Swiss Citizen who is aware of your conversation with a member of the Widen community, and the arguments you used in defense of a cell tower.

In my opinion, based on seeing your response to the member of public, you failed to addresse the challenging questions that were posed to you. You also failed to subtantiate your statements. You also failed to demonstrate even one single study that shows long-term exposure to RF-EMF is safe, yet you tell people that it is safe.

I want to make sure that these FACTS are very clear -- because you have an ethical, moral responsibility to care for the well-being of people of Widen, and, to tell them the truth.

When you tell people a statement that is false, and they demonstrate to you that it is false, you ought not repeat the same falsehood to someone else. And you ought to correct your statement to those whom you said it to. As far as I know this did not happen. Have you made progress regarding this inquiry? Have you seen the light? Or are you still repeating the lines/lies of the industry that the exposure to microwave radiation is safe?

How do you know it's safe? Because Swisscom tells you? Because BAFU and BAG say so? Have you challenged them to show you ONE study that shows long-term exposure is safe? You haven't. And if you did, they would fail to show it because a) it doesn't exist b) they follow inadequate, defunct, obsolete standards.

You were clearly informed that microwave radiation has biological effect which the standards do not consider. Which means (unless you've changed your mind meanwhile, that you're putting people's health at risk of biological damage, and telling them it's safe!! That is not acceptable.

These lies are told to us at the highest levels (see attached letter to Bundesrat). Your responsibility at a local level is to side with the people and their well-being, and not the industry — especially when you have not independently verified what the industry tells you.

Kind Regard

Réza Ganjavi, MBA, BSCS, BA Phil, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Gamma Sigma



Proposed Email to Graf -- From Reza Ganjavi to <Frau DF>

Dear Mr. Graf

Thank you for your letter.

· I repeat my question, which you have not yet answered. Please let me know if you're going to answer it. You stated : ("If the emission limit values for mobile phone radiation are observed - also for the 5G standard - there are no harmful health effects to fear"). I would like you to provide a study (just one is enough) that shows long term exposure to 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, any G, WLAN, to be safe. If we have one such study, then we can have some confidence that your statement above is correct. Otherwise, we have to assume your statement above is not truthful.

· You refer to NISV ( Do you realize that you're quoting an ordinance from 1999? Can you please provide information on whether the NISV exposure limits have been updated to include biological effect? You cannot because the answer is NO, the guideline still 100% based on physics (thermal effect). Therefore, the guidelines you're using to impose this radiation on people of Widen are inadequate, faulty, inapplicable, and do NOT protect us from biological damage due to exposure to this radiation.

· Are you aware of the large number of studies since 1999, that show biological effect? Are you aware that the standards you're quoting as holy grail do not include biological effect? Do you realize by doing so, you're telling people of Widen that your health does not matter? That you would effectively be saying:

We just protect you against getting burned (which is the only protection NISV provides). If your DNA is damaged or you get cancer, or when your children's blood-brain-barrier calcium channel gets thin due to this radiation, that is your problem.

· Do you realize that acting according to paragraph 2 above is a violation of Swiss law (the Precautionary Principle) which states where there is doubt about safety, precautionary measures must be taken. If you are taking precautionary measure, please let me know what they are. I cannot find any such reference in any of your emails.

· Are you forgetting that you are in your job to serve people, and not the industry's interests which is the only reason those standards have not been updated?

· Your statement that "Die Anlagegrenzwerte der NISV sind Vorsorgegrenzwerte." is absolutely false. You can call a dog a cat but it doesn't become a cat. You can stand outside in the sun and say it's night, it doesn't become night. There's NOTHING precautionary in the NISV exposure limits. The safe exposure limit is 0.02 V/m. Even 4G radiates people at 50 to 300 safe limit. How could you call that precautionary? Please explain your statement and back it up with evidence. Otherwise it's as good as calling a dog a cat.

· Do you notice how strangely HEALTH is missing from your sentence: ("have been determined on the basis of technical, operational and economic criteria."). Please answer my question: Does the health of people of Widen matter? What is more important, our health or technical, operational and economic factors?

· On the topic of economy, what evidence do you have that imposing this toxic technology on us has economic benefits? Do you think people are Widen are stupid enough to go for the fake "needs" created by industry? To let you cover our beautiful country with cancer causing technology so we can have cars without drivers? Or do you think people will accept putting their health and privacy at risk by having the industry collect data about every little move we make ("Internet of things"). Come to your sense Mr. Graf. Do you let your child sleep next to a WLAN router because NISV or BAFU or Swisscom say it's safe? Did you know that Swisscom's statement that WLAN is safe is a public deception line. In reality they have admitted it causes DNA damage and cancer (biological effect) which your NISV does not consider whatsoever, despite highly credible independent science.

· Your following statement is contrary to your own stance. Therefore, you sound confused. That's good actually. It's better to be confused about this topic than to blindly believe what the industry and government regulators are saying to be true. You state:

"The exposure limits are not based on medical or biological knowledge, but have been determined on the basis of technical, operational and economic criteria. As a result, they are not safe and compliance with them does not guarantee that any health effects can be excluded."

That is exactly the problem.

Then you state:

"Conversely, it does not mean that negative effects occur if the system limits are exceeded."

NO NO NO. You're using a "dog is cat" logic again. How could you say that. You just stated that the exposure limits do not protect health. That means, it is the case, it they are exceeded or NOT exceeded. But you turn around and call the dog cat by your most irrational, illogical statement above.

Reason, logic, basic educated, non-manipulative thinking interprets your first paragraph as meaning current standards do NOT protect health. Voila! No if but then or else. How could you say the limits don't protect health and then say it's not sure that health impacts will happen if limits are exceeded. Health impacts occur, there is a huge risk of it, and there's solid science to demonstrate that -- even withing the standards, forget exceeding the standard. Therefore your statement sounds intellectually dishonest.

· "To date, there is no scientific evidence of complaints related to high NIS exposure to antenna systems."

That is a flat out lie -- sounds like something out of Swisscom playbook. That is such an outrageous lie that it leaves me speechless. I can only advise you to instead of blindly following industry lines, do some research on your own. You will very quickly come to realize how false, deceptive, ignorant your statement is.


In this email DF asks for even one study that shows long term exposure to RF-EMF is safe. Mr. Graf fails to provide such study (because it doesn't exist!).



By Reza Ganjavi

18 Dec 2019

Herr Peter Spring (FDP), Herr Beat Suter (CVP), Herr Gabriel Lüthy (FDP), Frau Louisa Springer (CVP), Herr Beat Giger (parteilos),,,,,

Herr Martin Graf: Leiter Bau und Planung, Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

Gemeinderat Widen

Bremgarterstrasse 1

8967 Widen

We are a group of thousands of Swiss citizens who want to keep our government honest. It has come to our attention that Widen has engaged in misinforming people / lying to people about safety of high frequency electromagnetic radiation (wireless pollution). Lying about matters of public safety is morally wrong. We expect that you fine people should do your own research and not blindly follow industry lies, or even Federal Government lies. Swisscom for example, is on record for lying to people. Here's the proof:

BAFU is on record for lying to people about the same subject:

If you did a bit of independent research, or even read Swisscom's own admission, RF-EMF (5G, 4G...WiFi, Bluetooth, smart meters, microwave ovens, etc.) cause DNA DAMAGE and CANCER and a host of other biological issues. Current standards are only based on thermal effect. Please get yourselves educated. You're responsible for public health and when you install those "cancer sticks" in Widen, you're responsible for the consequences.

Here are a few sources to watch -- real medical doctors who have no ties to the industry:

Here are important appeals to read:

Just say NO to 5G. 5G is a catastrophe -- everything you're told about it is a lie. See the Big 5G Lies here:

Your email to public includes some of the lies in the Big 5G Lies file, including:

(If the emission limit values for mobile phone radiation are observed - also for the 5G standard - there are no harmful health effects to fear).

That is 100% FALSE !!



Reza Ganjavi



About Swisscom/NZZ (Neuen Zürcher Zeitung), Etc.

By Reza Ganjavi


Organized deception of public and propagation of misleading info by Swisscom, NZZ, etc.

Throughout the world, the Wireless industry is engaged in deceiving the public about health issues with high frequency wireless radiation. In Switzerland, which is supposed to be an honest place, this deception is also very prevalent.

The key reason behind it is MONEY. The basic idea is, a technology which is absolutely not needed needs to be shoved down people's throats, so people they have to brainwashed into believing they need faster downloads and autonomous (cancer) cars, and that the radiation is safe (which it's not) and on top of that people will have to pay for something that they don't need and is unhealthy for them.

That's a tough job to pull off by the industry alone -- so NZZ and other mass media need to come to its help -- 20Minutes gets a LOT of money publishing absolutely ridiculous propaganda for this dirty technology.

Luckily Swiss people have internet and can check facts for themselves and don't have to rely on the stupidities that NZZ and Big Money, Big Wireless try to feed them. I don't know what NZZ thinks, that people are stupid? In their last terrible article which is a disgrace to our health, they say such cunning things as "no studies show harm". This is a deceptive statement when it does not also state that there are no studies that show lack of harm! Studies don't need to show harm. There are no studies that show lack of harm! That's key. AND, there are lot of studies that show RF-EMF is harmful. And so on -- I will draft a letter to the CEO of NZZ soon and call his bullshit out.

What NZZ and similar tools do, is the same as newspaper in 1940's saying, oh, doctors smoke cigarettes, and cigarettes haven't proven to be harmful. Swisscom know the dangers of RF-EMF. They put it in their patent filing. I'll dust it off and post it here. The 4G they've blanketed our streets with is extremely bad for people, and they know it. Industry knows the harms. But they tell people it's safe.

Central Zurich is unbearable, for example. Same with St.Gallen, etc. etc. -- yesterday I got a reading of 3 V/m in central ZH. Safe limit is 0.02 V/m. HELLO!

The tough part of this war they waged on our health is the government is in on it. They just had revenue of 330M CHF, and their regulators are busy telling things to people that do not have current scientific grounds. They always refer to the standards that are no longer applicable and are superseded by better, more current science.

So this is the toughest war of our lifetime -- war of science, truth, goodness, health vs. big money, deception, lies.

We need to win this war, and together we can do it. When Swiss people wake up to the facts and stop buying the nonsense that NZZ, Swisscom, Salt, Sunrise, BAFU, BAG, etc., are telling them, nothing can stop us.

See for some great scientist videos, studies, etc.




- by Reza Ganjavi, MBA










Letter to Andrea Rytz, CEO of Schulthess Clinic about EMF Pollution


Reza Ganjavi, MBA

To: Ms. Andrea Rytz (Director, CEO, Schulthess Klinik, Zurich, Switzerland) ,

Dear Ms. Rytz

I have received treatment at your finw clinic due to a foot injury. Despite your great doctors, being in your clinic is for me like torture, because of the level of DNA-damaging, cancerous, high-frequency electromagnetic radiation pollution emitted from the infinite number of WiFi routers, often placed in double, and in few meters from each other. The entire Clinic is a EMF-smog cesspool of biologically damaging radiation. How can you do this to your doctors, first and foremost -- who are there every day -- and then, the patients who are there short-term?!

I have measured in 3 to 6 Volts/meter of RF-EMF throughout the buildings, in the cafeteria, in waiting areas, in doctor offices.

This is exactly like smoking in the 1940's where even doctors would smoke in the hospitals, and advertised for the wicked tobacco industry. Now we have Federer advertising for the wicked wireless industry.

Just like tobacco, back then the industry knew the health risks but hid it from the public. Same same, different decade. We have proof of Swisscom for example lying to public about health risks. And the Federal government is a majority owner of the industry, and the watchdogs (regulators) are in bed with industry and lie to people about safety using Standards as an excuse.

The standards totally ignore biological impact. See

In a way, the government is blamed for not having educated you about these risks -- but given you're a medical community, PLEASE educated yourselves. Here's a site I set up -- there are many other good resources:

See here some of the world's top experts uncovering Swiss government's lies about RF-EMF dangers: (German version: ).

See here top experts give lectures on the topic.

Thousands of studies show biological harm -- ZERO studies show safety from long term exposure to what you're putting your doctors, staff and patients to.

You have a moral and legal obligation (Precautionary Principle, Constitutional Rights) to NOT do that.

You should significantly reduce the number of wifi routers which you're spread all over your property like candy with ZERO consideration for their health risks. Get rid of 4/5 of the routers. Ideally, provide WiFi zones in protected areas (like smoking section). And also provide waiting area for patients who don't want their DNA to get damaged. And get rid of routers next to doctor offices. They have wired internet already.

Also, I strongly suggest getting this device so you can SEE what I'm talking about:

Please let me know your thoughts.

Best Regards

Réza Ganjavi

MBA, BSCS, BA Phil, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Gamma Sigma

Swiss citizen

PS -- Your clinic's use of WiFi is out of control. You have double routers every few meters. The levels are extremely unhealthy. Here's a proof of Swisscom lying to people -- and -- in this patent filing admitting that WLAN can cause DNA damage and cancer at sub-thermal levels (all today's safety standards are thermal and totally ignore biological damage).

Here are a couple of letters from to scientists, exposing the conflict of interest and misrepresentation of science in Swiss government's approach towards EMF pollution:

* Sent from my WIRED Internet connection




(Permission granted for 5G antenna in the church tower - despite almost 200 objections)

Mr. Rohner, Mr. Elsässer, Mr. Bertschi [,,]

Geminde Lengnnau, Zürichstrasse 34, 5426 Lengnau

Shame on Lengnau for allowing the wicked industry to hide a 5G antenna in the church's tower. Your excuses are not good.

5G, 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth are NOT safe. They have not been tested for safety. Standards used by the government only protect you against getting burned. They completely ignore biological impact, because this is one big bad dirty ugly rotten morally-corrupt business. Look here for more details about government and industry lies. And see what scientists who are not prostitute to the industry and are not otherwise morally-corrupt, are saying:

You CANNOT put the health of people of Lengnau ahead of Big Money. You as a local government have power to stand up to central government and fight it. You have a moral obligation to put health of people of Lengnau ahead of Big Money's wishes. You don't need the Federal Government to spoon feed you with reports to understand that this radiation is biologically damaging. Do some research for yourself.

A government that is on record for lying to people, a government which owns 51% of Swisscom , a government which relies on a guy with no medical or biology degree to leads an experts commission about radiation health impacts, cannot be trusted about safety of wireless equipment. That's why 200 people asked you to STOP, but you still granted the permit, which is a way of shoving something down their throats. They don't want it and they don't need it. Stop this catastrophe before it's too late.

On the same site you can also see proof that Swisscom lies to people about safety of RF-EMF (5G, 4G, ...), and the Federal government lies to people about the science.

At the very least you have the obligation to inform the neighbors and church goers that while they're nearby or attending the church of God, an evil antenna is overhanging their head and is microwaving them, damaging their DNA, and fast-tracking them to cancer.


R. Ganjavi, MBA, BSCS, BAPhil, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi

Swiss Citizen

Swiss Stop-5G:

Global Stop-5G:

* Sent from my WIRED Internet connection



Réza Ganjavi, MBA, BSCS, BA Phil, magna cum laude · Dean’s Honors · Phi Kappa Phi · Alpha Gamma Sigma


- CH Media – Tagblatt, Neumattstrasse 1, 5001 Aarau, +41 58 200 58 58,, 052-728-3204, 071-272-7272, 071-272-7888

- Gemeinderat, Kanzleiweg 4, 8536 Hüttwilen

  • Bruno Kaufmann

  • Christoph Isenring

  • Daniel Bauer

  • Evelyne Hagen

  • Hanspeter Zehnder

  • Mario Poletti

  • Mike Fritschi


Regarding Tagblatt’s article / cell tower in Hüttwilen

Mr. Samuel Koch, Tagblatt; Mr. Hanspeter Zehnder, Hüttwilen

Did Tagblatt get paid by ASUT, BAFU, Swisscom, ICNIRP, or another party which has been lying to people, to lie to people?

Your statement: “Es gebe bisher keine wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnisse, dass Mobilfunkstrahlung gesundheitsgefährdend sei.”

Is either an utterly ignorant view, which disqualifies you from writing such an article (a journalist cannot hold his head in the sand), or an intentional cold-blooded lie. Neither case is ok.

You have a responsibility as a journalist to report accurately. Your statement above is MATERIALLY FALSE.

FACT is there are numerous studies that show RF-EMF to be harmful to health, even within current standards. Why don’t you take the burden of proof and show us ONE study that’s not funded by industry that shows long term exposure to RF-EMF is safe. You can’t

Where is your due diligence Mr. Koch?

I looked into your idea that this is a journalistic technique. In my opinion, it’s a very uneducated one. I went through 9 years of university, and never seen this way of reporting where a journalist utters a false statement that is said to him, and makes it seem like it’s his own statement – or – is trying to be cute, and says it without quotes for special effect, but does not bother to research or understand the topic to know that what he’s quoting (without quotation marks) is a big bad lie (that the wireless industry and government and even some legistlators like Edith Graf-Litscher (SP-Thurgau) whose behavior resembles an industry lobbiest (see letter to her here:

@MR. HANSPETER ZEHNDER (Gemeindepräsident, Hüttwilen)

“«Deshalb kann ich dieses ins Feld geführte Argument der Gegner nicht nachvollziehen», sagt Zehnder”

Mr. Zehnder, you are WRONG. You are either intentionally lying, or ignorantly repeating a lie that the industry and Federal government has fed up. Have you looked into this topic yourself? If you had, you would not have said such a wrong, foolish statement.

People of your villate who are opposing this cancer-tower, are intelligent. They’ve researched the topic. But you obviously have not. Your responsibility is to protect their health and well-being, and not to repeat industry lies.

If you need some links to help you with your research, let me know. Until you do your research, STOP spreading false info. There are thousands of studies that show RF-EMF exposure within standards are biologically harmful. Lots of studies that show cell towers are harmful. The standards are outdated and defunct, and only benefit the industry. The standards completely disregard biological effect. EDUCATE YOURSELF.


Ganjavi – a Swiss citizen who is sick and tired of Wireless industry lies and their government and media backers.



We are three families who live very close to the planned <>. We are farmers, carpenters, naturopaths and social pedagogues. We run a full-time farm with sensitive animals such as bees and chickens. We grow cereals and vegetables 100% for direct marketing to the population of <> and the region. We keep our animals in accordance with their nature and manage our land with the greatest care. So that our children and fellow human beings can also stand on healthy and fertile soil in the future. We are responsible for the health of our soil, environment, animals and people. As long-time residents of <>, we pay taxes and elect our political representatives, who we expect to make our well-being a top priority. We understand that you have received about 40 signed objection forms from people living near this antenna. We ask you to pay attention to our application and the applications of all those who have lodged objections. You have a moral and ethical obligation to take our applications seriously and to inform yourself about the issue.

The level of RF radiation in our neighbourhood is 20 millivolts/metre, which is biologically harmless (according to the Bioinitiative report). If this antenna comes, the genotoxic radiation around and in our house will increase 300 times (6000 mV/m), to extremely dangerous levels. FOEN and Swisscom say it is safe, but we do not think it is safe when thousands of studies show that levels above 20 mV/m cause genetic and cellular damage. In a patent application (WIPO: WO 2004/075583 A) Swisscom admits that "the genotoxic effect of electromagnetic radiation is triggered via a non-thermal pathway. It has been shown that mobile phone radiation can damage genetic material, especially in human white blood cells. Both the DNA itself is damaged and the number of chromosomes is changed. This mutation can subsequently lead to an increased risk of cancer.

"FOEN and Swisscom speak of "standards" / "limit values" to convince us humans that the antennas are safe. However, the standards are more than 2 decades old and completely ignore biological damage as they are only thermal. However, thousands of studies have shown that biological damage also occurs at sub-thermal levels. In addition, there are numerous studies showing that living near a cell tower poses serious health risks. The risks are well documented for this entire class of radiation. These range from DNA damage to oxidative stress to autism to depression and many more. The Egger study, for example, says: "Cancer development tripled in residents near cell towers compared to residents outside the area. The Dode study showed: "highly significant increase in cancer among those living within 500 metres of the cell tower". See

So if you vote for the antenna, you have approved that our bodies and those of our children and animals will be irradiated with microwaves around the clock, which can massively endanger our physical and mental well-being.

If you approve the antenna, please write back to us and justify your decision in light of the points we have raised.

Please vote NO to the cell tower and spare us this terribly dangerous and risky addition to our neighbourhood that we don't need and don't want. This is not just another vote. It is about a big, long-term, moral and ethical responsibility.

Thank you and best regards