Reza Ganjavi's Personal References


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I started logging these references because I've been subject to much bigotry, racism, jealousies, defamation, character attacks -- by people who can't stand a happy, free, fearless person who calls a spade a spade. 

"I have known Mr. Reza Ganjavi for many years as a personal friend. He conveys an unfeigned simplicity and innocence, a strong sense of altruism, a passion for truth, a concern for the well-being of all including those with whom he may engage in issues of concern, and an indifference to the slings and arrows that such a disposition may entail, this based on his lack of malicious intent, and a reverence for truth, in the pursuit of excellence."  

“Dear Reza, Wonderful! It's very impressive that you are so diligent and committed in all respects. It seems that hard work and persistence are critically important. Thank you.” 

"Reza, The importance and value of your work cannot be overemphasized. Your work is of the utmost importance."

Your passion, sincerity (in its true sense), deep concern for the purity and authenticity ... are a source of encouragement..."


"It is an honor to write a letter on behalf of Reza Ganjavi. When I think of Reza the word that comes to my mind first and foremost is depth. In a world where depth in one's character is scarce and inconsistency is domineering, Reza is a rare commodity. Reza is Real and the most virtuous person l've had the pleasure of knowing. He is highly educated with many academic degrees but he hasn't lost his humbleness. His humility is truly hypnotic. Reza's simple nature and devotion to good deeds all stem from his humble gorgeous heart that attracts everything it touches and I find myself lost in admiration differentiating between Reza's character to that of the well-liked and perhaps one of the greatest novelist, Charles Dickens, who wrote, "Whatever I have tried to do in life, I have tried with all my heart to do well, whatever I have devoted myself to, I have devoted myself completely; in great aims and in small I have always thoroughly been in earnest." Reza's character holds a strong resemblance to the earnest character of Charles Dickens and I've yet to encounter the same traits in another soul.

Reza possesses an infectious integrity but knowing his parents makes perfect sense. Reza's parents are symbols of integrity and class. The honorable Judge Ganjavi, Reza's father was a great Judge for many years and was my father's dearest friend. My father tells me Judge Ganjavi was a man of principle and possessed the highest level of integrity of anyone he knew. Reza inherited his father's integrity and it shows in everything he sets out to do for others. Honestly, it's truly mind-baffling when I heard about the absurd accusations about Reza's character in this case. As long as I have known Reza, he has been most respectful to others, and nothing short of being considerate and compassionate."  

Dr. Nazanine Choobak, PhD, Professor of English Literature


"I have known Reza Ganjavi for many years, since he immigrated to the United States from Iran as a 15 year old.  Given the length of our friendship, I feel uniquely qualified to speak about his character.  Over the many years that I have known him, I have always found Reza to have high integrity, loyalty, intelligence, intellectual curiosity, and a strong sense of right and wrong.  He has a warm and social character, with genuine positive regard and concern for people in his life.  He is friendly, easy to get along with, and very generous with his time and his resources in the service of others. 

Reza has also proven himself to be highly adaptable to his environment. I was able to witness this quality first-hand when he first immigrated to the United States.  Imagine arriving in a new country and culture as a 15 year old and the challenge that would represent – new language, new culture, new social norms, etc.  Rather than holding on to his past, Reza adapted and assimilated into the new culture, quickly making new friends and forming strong relationships which have endured over almost four decades.  I have also seen this positive quality when Reza moved to California, and afterwards to Switzerland.  The keys to his adaptability are his openness, honesty, positive energy, and his strong interest in the people around him.  He is friendly, easy to get along with, and a great conversationalist. 

Over the years we’ve stayed in touch as Reza and I have both moved around the world. My friendship with him is one of my longest-standing relationships and one that I truly value. I can unequivocally speak for his integrity, honesty, generosity, and courageousness. "  

Mr. Christopher Hood, MBA, President North America, Kellanova (Kellogg's)


"I have known Reza since my college years. I have known him to be a trustworthy, dependable and reliable individual. He is one of my most trusted friends with great deal of integrity and respect for others. I have trusted him on many occasions without failure. I will vouch for his great moral character at any time."

Dr. Mehrdad Amirhamzeh, M.D.


"I have known Reza Ganjavi for the past 8 or so years through many, many interactions and consider him both a friend and compatriot.  I have a lot of respect for his work ethic, forthrightness and honesty along with his sense of community and service.  In my estimation he is a very intelligent and multi-talented individual that I would trust to a high level. Sincerely, Joseph E.  Dinchuk, Ph.D., Senior Principal Research Scientist (retired), Bristol-Myers Squibb (Genomics and Drug Discovery), May 4, 2024"

Dr. Joseph E.  Dinchuk, Ph.D.


"I found it and was very impressed with your approach and civility. I would be interested in buying your book when it is published. It is nice to see the good guys win once in a while." Dr. Joseph Dinchuk


"Mr. Reza Ganjavi, a guitarist, came to me as a student of classical guitar about 25 years ago. As a professor teaching in an Italian State Conservatory, I had no room for him in my class, but I taught him privately for a while, giving him lessons of guitar technique and interpretation. Then, for the good of his activity as a player, he commissioned to me a series of guitar pieces, which I wrote and he recorded on CDs.


In all my dealing with Reza Ganjavi over the years, I met a kind, sensitive, careful person, honestly devoted to music and good causes. He always acted respectfully to me and to everybody whom I saw him dealing with."

Angelo Gilardino, Composer, Grand Master of Classical Guitar


"I Philip Maynes have had the pleasure of knowing and being friends with Reza Ganjavi for over 40 years. One could not find a truer or more loyal friend, both to myself and my family. I have known Reza to be steadfast, highly intelligent, caring, generous, public minded and fun person.

A passionate student of a broad swath of subjects who relishes sharing his knowledge and passions.  I’ve seen many examples of his deep musicianship and philosophical studies. Reza is a truly rare person I feel honored to know and call my friend.


Philip Maynes, Guitar Master, Composer, Producer


"I am a flautist and met Reza Ganjavi through a good friend, Annemarie Dreyer (violinist). Reza Ganjavi and I have worked closely together on several musical productions. I got to know Reza Ganjavi as an extremely nice, absolutely reliable and courteous person. I really enjoyed working with him. He has visited my family several times over the years and has always been very warm and friendly. I very much hope to be able to show you with these few lines that I have full confidence in Reza Ganjavi. With many thanks and best regards"  [Translated from German]

Mrs. Marianne Schertenleib-Hübscher, Classical Musician


"This is a personal reference for Reza Ganjavi. Reza is an honest, helpful, trustworthy and friendly person. I entrust him with my apartment keys during my absence. His behavior has always been very conscientious and correct."  [Translated from German] 

Dr. Sandra Kaspar, Doctor of Oestheopathy


"I came across this sentence today: 'Name a book that changed your life.' Suddenly this crossed my mind: 'Name a person that changed your life.'

I can admit with 100% certainty that Reza Ganjavi is the person who changed my life in very many positive ways. He is definitely one of the best things that happened to me. He helped me overcome many challenges I’ve been struggling with for a long time in my life, most significantly, 'the application of thought in different aspects of our lives', 'how to overcome jealousy', 'how to live a meaningful life', 'how to take good care of the body and the mind', 'how to have self-confidence (specially for a young girl as a new immigrant who was facing many issues)'.

During the past years that I’ve known him, he has proven to me multiple times that he is a caring, helpful, knowledgeable, reliable and honest person. A true friend whom you can count on. A person who really cares about others and their well-being. I feel blessed and thank god every day to have him as a great friend in my life." 

Ms. Parinaz Gharagozlou, Senior Network Engineer 


“I know Mr. Reza Ganjavi personally: he is a serious, educated, man of integrity and extremely honest. He is deeply committed to the truth and fights falsehoods and misinformation. I got to know Mr. Reza Ganjavi as the initiator of the group Stop 5G Switzerland and was allowed to support him in some of his projects and in his tireless fight against disinformation and lies as well as attacks on his personality (which he was able to expose, committed to the truth). Reza is exceptionally educated and cultured - for example, he is an excellent musician. He also impresses with his spiritual and philosophical side (see his countless interviews and conversations e.g. with Krishnamurti etc.) Reza is a strong and enriching personality in many ways: I consider myself lucky to know him personally.”

Mrs. Maggie Speiser


"Mr. Ganjavi is a highly respectable and highly intelligent person (to my knowledge the son of a former supreme court judge). He has absolute integrity and has lived in this house for 13 years."

"As I have known Mr. Ganjavi for a very long time, I would like to comment here on this naturalization: 1) I have known Mr. Ganjavi personally for 16 years....  2) He has been an impeccable tenant for the entire 16 years: He was always correct towards the administration and the neighborhood. He has always fulfilled his financial obligations to the landlords correctly and punctually. As the tenant with the longest tenancy in the building and as a very intelligent man, he always knew how to create a very positive atmosphere in the building and among the tenants, as the real "good soul in the building".   3) I also had very positive personal experiences with Mr. Ganjavi: until my retirement as Deputy State Clerk of the Canton of Zurich, I had the opportunity to have numerous professional contacts and experiences with fellow citizens and also with foreigners for decades. In the light of this wealth of experience, I can now give Mr. Ganjavi a very good report. I have come to know him as an upright and capable man, and in the numerous conversations I have had with Mr. Ganjavi I have never been able to detect any strange or extreme remarks, quite the contrary."

Dr. Walter Scherer


"I have had the pleasure of meeting, and getting to know Reza Ganjavi in various situations. He is not my lover or boyfriend, but he is a person I truly trust, appreciate and respect. We have lived together, travelled together, and spent time in creating music. 

I know Reza Ganjavi as a very sincere and honest person, who always tells the truth. He is always ready to help, give wise advice when asked, or find together a solution for any problem. I appreciate a lot his emotional support and help in many situations, like looking for a job, practical or administrative life issues, relationship issues, or any difficulties. He can dedicate much of his time if somebody needs it and does his level best, to help and solve the problem. He definitely cares for people around him, as well as for animals (he is a vegetarian), and nature. 


I know him as a helpful person, who responds to situations where somebody is getting hurt, or laws are being broken, or someone violates his rights or rights of others who cannot stand up for themselves. He is a brilliant, smart, well-educated, creative, peaceful, empathetic person, who can speak politely and openly, in a very kind way, with any person. He is very open minded, and his curiosity and tact enables him to relate effectively with people of all walks of life, regardless of their nationality, religion, race, and lifestyle. 


I am grateful to him for his support in many situations, for his understanding, kindness, patience, and generosity. He is an angel, warm-hearted and compassionate, and I’m happy that he came into my life. I can definitely say that I could trust him with my life. Best Regards,"


Justyna Soszka - Master of Science in Production Engineering


"I am a 75 year old Swiss woman. I know Mr. Reza Ganjavi through my brother who lives in the USA. Mr. Ganjavi is a very reliable, honest man with integrity and I trust him completely. I even trust him with my house keys." [Translated from German] 

Mrs. Liselotte Becher


"I have known Reza Ganjavi for almost 15 years as a very pleasant, open and generally very correct and helpful person. During all this time I have always been invited to his home to exchange ideas. His calm, level-headed and fundamentally friendly manner has always impressed me and is, in my opinion, exemplary. With kind regards." [Translated from German] 

Mr. Markus Schmid


"I lived for 7 years in the same building as Reza Ganjavi. Here I got to know Mr. Reza Ganjavi. During this whole time I experienced Mr. Ganjavi as a nice, friendly and calm person. Mr. Ganjavi was always courteous to the janitor, the other residents as well as to the neighborhood. Dr. Walter Scherer, the owner of the property, also had nothing but praise for Mr. Ganjavi." [Translated from German]

Mr. Marcel Lenzin

"Mr. Reza Ganjavi has been my client for many years, and over the years I have come to know him as a reliable, trustworthy, honest person of integrity."  [Translated from German] 

Mrs. Brigitte Summer

"I know Reza Ganjavi as a very pleasant, helpful, friendly and honest person. His qualities as a person are really good and Reza has never had any bad intentions. Reza Ganjavi had a positive impact on my life, so I really appreciate that I have met him in my life."  [Translated from German] 

Kind regards"

Ms. Livia Herrmann


"I have known Reza Ganjavi for many years. I've always found him to be a very polite, considerate and friendly, open-minded person and I really appreciate him for his helpfulness, likeability and good humor."

Ms. Alice Fiedler, Master of Fine Arts


"I have lived in the same building with Reza Ganjavi for a long time. I got to know Reza Ganjavi as a nice and kind person, and a gentle person and as a friendly and respectful neighbor. I am concerned about the negative health effects of the WLAN router, which is located too close to my unit. I also think that the security camera used to monitor tenants is a violation of our privacy. I support Reza Ganjavi's efforts regarding these issues." [Translated from Italian]

Mr. Marco Cardamone


"I have known Reza Ganjavi for many years! Reza is one of the most peaceful, loving, friendly, respectful, reliable, trustworthy and caring people I know. He is a friend that's always there when you need him and I am always grateful for his friendship."

I have known Reza Ganjavi since we were in kindergarten together, and we have kept in touch ever since. Reza is one of the most peaceful, loving, friendly, respectful, reliable, trustworthy and caring people I know. My knowledge of him is through years of interactions, including his staying with us for a prolonged period while he volunteered in Michigan a few years ago. My family had a very good experience with him. My family had a very good experience with him. As my guest, there were never any problems, and he was respectful and kind to all of us. He is a friend that's always there when you need him and I am always grateful for his friendship. A few years ago when my young son visited Europe, Reza was kind enough to show him around, and taught him a lot of great lessons.


Reza Ganjavi is a very good man, and is very aware and respectful of others’ rights.

Sincerely Yours"

Mrs. Sholeh Veiseh, Entrepreneur 


"I got to know Reza Ganjavi as a pleasant and friendly neighbor. His friendly, courteous and cheerful manner was an essential part of the good atmosphere among the neighbors.

Kind regards"  [Translated from German] 

Mr. Martin Egloff, Architect, and Politician


"I am a native Swiss citizen. I have known Reza Ganjavi for over 25 years. He is one of my trusted friends. He has always shown a high level of personal ethics, dignity, honesty, responsibility, care, kindness and respect for others. He has also helped us in many instances, especially with technical problems, and he never asked for money. Sincerely"  [Translated from German] 

Mr. Ulrich Brugger, Educator, Entrepreneur 


"My name is Elvira Gargiulo, I am Italian. I have a degree (MSc.) in Geological Sciences with a specialization in Volcanology, and I have been working for more than 30 years as a technical consultant in various Courts both Civil and Criminal.


My father was a Senior Praetor with both civil and criminal functions and Judge Monocratic at several Courts in Campania.


Reza has been a close friend of mine and my family for many years, has traveled with us and has been a guest in my home many times, both in Italy and Spain. I can say that he is really a nice person, of culture and very open mind, and has always been very helpful, friendly and respectful of others. Reza really has a great interest in Italian culture and appreciates very much our way of life, language, food, art and the warmth of the people of the south."

Elvira Gargiulo, Geologist, Volcanologist


"A very friendly person, and I appreciated his kindness, gentle and respectful manners, and interest in diversity and other cultures, e.g. India, where he's traveled throughout. Reza also contributed to the nice interactions we had in the social time and exchanges we had in the culturally diverse house. Reza is a very intelligent, good, sensible, emotionally mature, and peaceful person."

Anurag Jhalani, Msc Mechnaical Engineering


"I have known Reza Ganjavi for 37 years. I can attest to his good character, integrity and honesty. He has stayed with me many times for various amounts of time over the entire time that I have known him and I have seen him in many social situations. He has always been respectful towards others, and a friendly and caring person."   

Mr. David Forsyth, MBA, MSc Physics

Mr. Forsyth also rated Reza Ganjavi as "Outstanding" in the following categories: intellectual ability, maturity, personality, written/oral skills, creativity/imagination, self-confidence.


"I met R. Ganjavi in 1993 in England at a center of philosophical studies. We kept in touch over all these years and many times he came to visit me in Italy, where he was a guest in my home. He greatly appreciates the culture, the traditions, the scenic beauty of my country. He is a person of great sensitivity, with a special aptitude for interpersonal relationships and an exceptional spirit of observation and understanding. He often delighted us with his guitar and his passion for music. He always showed himself available in any of my moments of difficulties, also showing a great spirit of service in friendly relationships. He was an outstanding and respectful guy when I met him; today he is a man and an indispensable friend." [Translated from Italian]

Mr. Elio D'Aquino


"I am a psychologist specialized in psychotherapy FSP. Reza Ganjavi is my neighbor. I find him to be a very nice and friendly neighbor who is always in a good mood and communicative.  He is a caring person and I never had any problems with him." [Translated from German]

Dr. Andrea Steiner, Psychologist