Reza Ganjavi's Personal References


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Reza possesses an infectious integrity but knowing his parents makes perfect sense. Reza's parents are symbols of integrity and class. The honorable Judge Ganjavi, Reza's father was a great Judge for many years and was my father's dearest friend. My father tells me Judge Ganjavi was a man of principle and possessed the highest level of integrity of anyone he knew. Reza inherited his father's integrity and it shows in everything he sets out to do for others. Honestly, it's truly mind-baffling when I heard about the absurd accusations about Reza's character in this case. As long as I have known Reza, he has been most respectful to others, and nothing short of being considerate and compassionate.

Dr. Nazanine Choobak, PhD, Professor of English Literature

Reza has also proven himself to be highly adaptable to his environment. I was able to witness this quality first-hand when he first immigrated to the United States.  Imagine arriving in a new country and culture as a 15 year old and the challenge that would represent – new language, new culture, new social norms, etc.  Rather than holding on to his past, Reza adapted and assimilated into the new culture, quickly making new friends and forming strong relationships which have endured over almost four decades.  I have also seen this positive quality when Reza moved to California, and afterwards to Switzerland.  The keys to his adaptability are his openness, honesty, positive energy, and his strong interest in the people around him.  He is friendly, easy to get along with, and a great conversationalist.

Over the years we’ve stayed in touch as Reza and I have both moved around the world. My friendship with him is one of my longest-standing relationships and one that I truly value. I can unequivocally speak for his integrity, honesty, generosity, and courageousness.  

Mr. Christopher Hood, MBA · President North America · Kellogg Company

During the past few years that I’ve known him, he has proven to me multiple times that he is a caring, helpful, knowledgeable, reliable and honest person. A true friend whom you can count on. A person who really cares about others and their well-being. I feel blessed and thank god every day to have him as a great friend in my life.

Ms. Parinaz Gharagozlou, Senior Engineer